2007-03-11: Oddly Mature


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Summary: Everyones fave couple breaks up.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Oddly Mature

{Greenwich Village, NYC - The Troll Cave}

Spending his sick leave sitting around his apartment in a t-shirt and boxers, Anders drinks coffee, pops advil and watches terrible television programmes. Of course, being Anders, he is currently watching The Daily Show whilst cleaning an assault rifle on his living room table. The bandaged head and ribs aren't /that/ odd, given the assault rifle.

And then there was a knock at the door. Knock knock.

Anders' first stop, the closet, there to grab a pistol, second stop the door, there to peer through the peephole, "Pizza?"

"It's me. Open the damned door, Anders," comes Angie's voice from the other side.

The latch gets unlatch, chain unchained and the door opens, Anders smiling at the girl in the doorway, "Good afternoon, Angie, how are you doing?" he asks, "Did you see the pizza guy on your way up, hes been thirty five minutes now.." The man then turns, puts the pistol down on the shelf beside the door and heads, hobbling slightly, back into his apartment proper.

"No. Look, here." Angie's standing there in her usual garb. In her hands is a six pack of the beer Anders' likes best. She holds it out to him.

The man stops, mid turn, to look back at Angie, eye the beer and raise an eyebrow, "I am not recovered enough for a night of lovemaking, Angie," Anders says, with some mild disappointment, "Though the beer is a nice touch."

"I'm giving dating a second try," Angie says, eyeing Anders. She sets the beer down just inside the door. "Heal fast. I'll see you at work." And then she turns away, heading back down the hall.

"Uhh, good luck with that!" Anders calls after Angie, slightly baffled "I'm still here if you decide you just need a hump. Thanks for the beer!" Of course this is when the pizza delivery guy (or girl, in this case) shows up, to give Anders the oddest look, "You're late, heres your tip, give me the pizza.."
Transaction complete, he grabs the beer and heads back in to his apartment.

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