2007-02-09: Of Dancers And Lawyers


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Summary: Cecile is running late to class, while Xander is early to speak at Columbia University's School of Law. On top of that, there's a purse snatcher trying to make a grab.

Date It Happened: February 9th, 2007

Of Dancers And Lawyers

Columbia University Campus

Columbia University. It's actually a pretty big place, with a pretty big campus. You have to remember that when a University spans portions of a city, it's not very hard to get a little lost, particularly when you yourself don't actually ATTEND the University. That, at the moment, is the case of Alexander Weston Marx, an Englishman who, despite having been in New York for a good six months, still sometimes gets pretty lost. Right now, he's meant to find Columbia University's School of Law, scheduled there as a speaker in the next couple of hours, but trying to get there ahead of time. And quite frankly, he's a little lost.

Cecile does not attend the School of Law, but is a student at Columbia University, and therefore can often be found running around its campus; those darn professors being rather fond of scheduling classes in such a way as to ensure any two classes which are spaced 10 minutes apart are as far away from each other as possible.

Therefore, Cecile is currently rushing towards her next class, with a large blue purse strapped along her left shoulder. Though her running isn't quick, it is of note that she has an…unusually graceful quality to each step she takes, in a way this player hasn't quite figured out how to describe yet, but is noticable.

Well that's nice and all, the very much graceful gracefulness, but the prosecutor wouldn't particularly notice. Mainly because he's lost, and not so graceful enough to step right in front of the path of the rushing Cecile, and turns his head just in time to see the oncoming girl collide with him, if she does so at all. Of course, the chances of a collision increase further increase when the attnorney tries to move out of the way. It just happens, you know.

Cecile does not, in fact - collide with Xander. As he steps into her path, and she tries to step out of the way - and he tries to step out in the same direction, she moves in precisely the right manner to allow herself to miss him, making the most efficient use possible of each and every single movement, eventually pivoting on the ball of one foot (err, shoe) - to slide around him to his other side.

"Oh dear my. Are you alright?"

Well, needless to say that Xander, our attorney, is left unharmed from the near collision, though he is a smidgen dizzy from spinning around to try to keep an eye on Cecile in order to NOT crash into her. However, since he is, in fact, fine, Xander shakes his head undizzy, and replies speaking in his English accent, "Quite alright, actually… Quite nimble, aren't we?" He smiles a little, before looking about, "From the looks of things, it looks like you're in a rush to get to class, so I'll try not to hold you for too long… Do you know where the Columbia University's School of Law is?"

Cecile smiles and nods her head, pointing to a nearby building. "Actually, thats it right there. You'll have to walk around to get to the entrance though." She doesn't respond to the nimble comment, except to say, "I'm running late for ballet."

Xander blinks for a moment, and turns his head quickly towards the building in question, blinking for a moment, before replying, "Ah… Of course. I just feel right foolish now." As he looks back to Cecile, and tells her, "Well, Thank you for that. Like I said, I won't hold you long, so… Off with you to ballet then. Break a leg, won't you?"

Cecile shakes her head. "I hope not, that would end my career." She tilts her head, "But I appreciate the thought." she says with an airy laugh.

Xander stiffles a laugh, and shakes his head, "Figure of speech, love, figure of speech." He pauses a little in his thought, now that he's got an idea of where he's got to be in a couple of hours, before telling Cecile, "How about I escort you to your ballet? I've got plenty of time before I have to be where I need to be."

Cecile shrinks off slightly, glancing towards the ground a few times. "Oh, thats fine - its just a class, practice really - nothing I havn't seen before." She looks at Xander's shoes for a moment, before glancing his suit up and down. "Are you a law student?" Early thirties wouldn't be a terrible age for one; she's seen older students on campus.

Xander shakes his head a little at the question of whether he was a student or not, scratching the back of his neck a little, "Well, no, not really. I'm actually a prosecutor. I finished my schooling a few years ago in Oxford. I'm just here as a speaker." He takes a moment to extend his hand, "How rude of me. Alexander Weston Marx."

Cecile extends her hand. "Cecile." she doesn't offer a last name. "I'm a student, major in dance, minors in drama and astrophysics. Do you work for the…whats the word…for the district attorny?"

Xander nods a little, "Not directtly, but essentially yes, I'm at the District attorney's disposal." He tilts his head a little and looks back towards the direction in which Cecile was running, and asks, "Are you sure you're fine with not continuing your rush to class?" Just a bit concerned that he might damage her grades.

Cecile shrugs. "I'm fine. I…should probably get going though, I guess. I'm not concerned with being late, really - but I hate standing around…" She does a pirouette, whirling around on one leg. "I like to keep moving."

Xander nods quickly, "Of course. Can't keep a budding star from trying to fullfil her destiny." He takes a quick glance at his watch and says, "You'd best get moving, then. I've no right to keep you from from your class after all…"

And of course, because this is New York, there are jerks who like to try to make a quick buck. Today, a youngish man, decides to dash in between Xander and Cecile, and satch Cecile's purse, and make a break for it.

Cecile begins turning her head just a moment before her purse is grabbed, pivoting her entire body in the direction the purse snatcher is headed. Moving very efficiently, quickly, and gracefully, with her right hand she darts out (before the snatcher has gotten more then two steps) - grabs his wallet from his pocket, and puts her other hand back on the strap of her purse.

Sadly, she can't pull it out of his hand because his fingers are latched around it, but he isn't going anywhere for the moment.

"Hey, thats mine!" A pause, as the snatcher tries to shove at her (missing) - and yank the purse away (which he has more luck with, pulling her a foot in his direction though she simply isn't letting go). "Hey! You dropped you wallet, creep!"

All in all, the fact that Cecile was able to hold the Snatcher for a while, gives Xander enough time to put step around behind the snatcher, and brings his hand up to the snatcher's back, and drives his palm of his hand into the small of the jerk's back. This results in the creep tensing up, shuddering and then collapsing to the ground when Xander pulls his hand back, and out of Cecile's sight while grumbling and kicking the guy while he's down.

Cecile takes a step back, pausing a moment. "Interesting. Martial arts, or…" She pauses again. "Taser?" She looks contemplative.

Xander blinks for a moment, before replying, "Yes… A taser. It helps in this city. You'd be surprised at how many muggings I've managed to foil because of it…" He takes a moment to pry the purse from the snatcher's grasp, and tells Cecile, "I do believe this is yours. The color doesn't suit him anyway…"

Cecile takes her purse back. "No, it…doesn't suit him." She glances down at the mugger. "Beige would." she says with a slight smirk. "I really ought to get to class, I can't possibly be /this/ late."

Xander takes another moment to glance at the time on his watch, before replying, "Ah, yes. Defintely far too long to be late." He then takes a moment to reach into his jacket pocket, and pulls out a business card, telling Cecile, "Here, in case you run into any problems, I know people who can provide you legal assistance… Just in case. You never know when you need a lawyer's help."

Cecile takes the card and shoves it in her purse. "Thank you." She glances into the muggers wallet briefly. "I wonder what happens to him."

Xander turns his glaring eyes back down towards the mugger, and mutters, "Hopefully he'll learn a lesson from this, and go on his way, and lead a better life… I don't really deal with such drivel, so he can consider himself lucky…" He then looks to the dancer, and tells her, "Well, Cecile, you'd best run off. You're late enough as it is."

Cecile nods her head, and runs off. She still has the mugger's wallet, actually. "Seeya - it was nice meeting you!"

Xander smiles and gives Cecile a wave, "Take care…" He then pauses to glance down towards the snatcher, and then proceeds to chuckle, "She still has his wallet… There's justice, for you…" He mumbles, before turning and heading towards the School of Law, so he can get ready for to speak for the students.

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