2007-03-09: Of Debates And Debacles


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: A brief lunch turns into a debate on genetics and revelations of a darker sort

Of Debates and Debacles

Downtown, NYC - Noodle Heaven

Stefanie figures its Sunday and a good enough day to witness paranormal phenomenon, like last week. She's about two-thirds through the Activating Evolution book, which she holds under her arm as she makes her way inside. She places the book at an empty table and heads to the counter to put in her order for something vegetarian.

Still recovering from that hell of a vicegrip from Niki, Claudine looks down at her arm, pulling up her sleeve as she heads in. It's all gross and purple with a handprint in her arm and just sticks her tongue out, wincing in its grossness. She quickly pulls the sleeve back down and heads on over towards the counter, ordering the pesto chicken on tomato focassia before taking a quick glance around. Oh, there's that girl from before..and she's reading 'Activating Evolution'..well isnt that curious. Most people think Suresh is a crackpot afterall..

Stefanie puts in her order and turns while it's being prepared and notices Claudine. She smiles and nods to the girl, then looks to the floor, half expecting it to start rumbling, judging from what happened last time. Her sandwich is made and handed to her as she walks back to the table with the book.

No rumbling this time. Claudine's learned quite a bit since the last time she was in the store, and control of her powers is probably the biggest thing. She heads on over and smiles, after receiving her sandwich of course, and says, "Hey..dont you know that book is written by a charletan?" wrinkling her nose a little at it.

Stefanie raises an eyebrow. "Excuse me?" She looks to the book. "You're familiar with Suresh's work?" Stefanie has no control of her power but it's not exactly something that needs control. "And you know enough of genetic research to deem him as a fake?" She tries not to sound confrontational. Everyone has an opinion and has the right to express it.

"My professors claim that he's a charletan. He cites the Gaia theory of evolution, which has been proven to be false. There's a couple of logical falacies here and there, but other than that, it's a nice little fantasy, right?" Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders, definitely playing devil's advocate for now.

Stefanie shrugs and offers the seat in front of her. Nothing wrong with a good debate. "I think that's a bit closed-minded. That, and I'm surprised his work is being discussed in colleges here in the US. I got this book by accident in a New Age bookstore. I don't know enough of genetics to say whether he's right or wrong. The theories alone are something to make you think. As I'd told someone else, Suresh is either an unparalled genius or a complete nut, but even complete nuts can be geniuses. Look at Einstein." She shrugs. "What are you studying in school?"

"Biochemistry..and I've done a bit of reading on his work. It's reasonable..and would've probably have been considered to be a breakthrough if
he didnt cite disproven theories of evolution.." Claudine says matter of factly while idly running her fingers through her hair. "Mind if I join you?" she asks curiously in the end.

Stefanie sits at a table with a book and her male in front of her. A pleasant enough early Sunday afternoon. Sun is shining despite the chill in the air.
Sitting across is Claudine as they discuss the book at the table. "Disproven theories of evolution? How can you disprove evolution?" She shrugs. "Unless you're into creationism, which is cool if you are… but I don't think science is a field to go into if you are."

"It goes into Gaia theory of evolution. Not accepted as there's no experimental evidence for it. There's different types of evolution that people
have proposed over the years.." Claudine explains as she eases on down and crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable in her chair. Then, furrowing her brows a bit, "Unless, you have direct proof..like if you knew someone with powers or something like that.." making the last part barely above a whisper.

GAME: Stefanie has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of AVERAGE.

Stefanie raises an eyebrow.. Dads didn't raise no fool and this woman is fishing for something. Her intentions are unknown, so it may be prudent to keep things to herself. "You haven't seen the reports? People all over the world are experiencing stuff like this. A nd in third-world countries, no less. You can't be completely closed-minded into thinking this isn't possible. What do you think the next step in human evolution is? We have to go *somewhere*."

"That's pretty arrogant to think that humans have to go *somewhere*. We might be at the top of the foodchain, but it doesnt mean we're the most superior animal on the planet. Who knows though..maybe something else is evolving and we're too busy hoping and looking at ourselves to wonder..why havent we done something new? Technically, we're just advanced primates, right? From a completely non-scientific point of view, it just seems that it's more wishfulfillment than anything else. And I'm just saying that his book would've been better if he just cited natural selection." Yeah, Claudine's still playing devil's advocate. Sometimes a healthy debate is good for the soul.

Claudine quickly adds, "Oh, and it's un-PC to say third world anymore.."

Stefanie blinks, surprised to see somehow who's supposedly in the science field be so closed minded. "Change is the only constant. Humanity isn't superior. Everything's evolving. It doesn't mean that we as a species have to stop." She looks, really starting to get a negative opinion of the woman, which she doesn't like getting into. "Whatever, you know what I mean." She shakes her head, taking a bite into her sandwich, suddenly remembering it's there. "Humans only use 10 percent of their brain capacity. That's a well-known fact. You don't think that there's any room for improvement? Look outside at everything going on. You mean to tell me that *THIS* is the best we can be? This is the most we can offer? It can't be. I won't accept it. I don't know if Suresh is on the ball or not, but at least he has it rolling in the right direction."

"Humans only consciously use ten percent of their brain capacity. Neurobiology has shown that most of the brain is still used for memory capacity, control of the autonomic nervous system and other such things. I'm not saying that humans arent evolving..I mean, that's why there's cancer..that's a result of a mutation gone wrong, but it could still be seen technically as 'evolving'. The theory of macroevolution has withstood the test of time..this guy though..he's proposing microevolution on large scales. I think it'd take a bit more time before you see people who could fly..in fact, I think pigs would do it first.." Claudine says with a hearty chuckle under her breath to just add a little bit of brevity to the conversation. "My point is..dont believe smoething until you've seen direct evidence for it..that's how I see the book anyway.." and considering her situation..yeah..

Stefanie nods and smiles, chuckling at the pig comment. "I'm not expecting people to go all Superman and such.. It has to start somewhere, you know?" She smirks and gets up, borrowing a live plant that the proprieters have set up by the counter to help liven up the place. She brings it to the table and looks to Claudine, as the plants grows about 6 inches in height and leaves grow full and green. She chuckles.. "It's not flight, but it's a start.."

Its roughly then that Anders (himself a decent argument both for and against evolution, the big ape) walks into the sandwich shop. Apparently set on a cheese-steak baguette, its not until after hes ordered that he looks around, bottle of rootbeer in hand, and spies Claudine. Figuring he may as well
make friends with the newbie, he grabs his sandwich and heads over, all smiles, "Hello, Miss Salonga, Miss Salonga's friend." Thankfully, hes just that moment too late to notice the little display of power.

Her eyes widen at the little display and seems rather impressed, feigning utter and complete newbieness. "Wow.." and she's about to say more when she sees Anders. Not wanting the girl to get taken in by the big burly man, Claudine smiles and motions for him to take a seat, "Hey Anders..this is.." and she looks back to Stefanie, as she looks slightly embarassed. "What was your name again?"

Stefanie looks up at Anders as he arrives. She smiles, friendly, then her eyes widen as recognition hits. "Sleeping Man!" She says, possibly a bit too loud as she hushes embarassedly. She notes the man as Anders, then looks to Claudine. "Stefanie… Stefanie Pratt." She smiles, proud of herself. "So.. he's not completely insane. He may have his time-table off.. We could be centuries into seeing heavy stuff, but we're on the way."

"Sleeping ma-" Anders is about to ask, before shaking his head and sitting at the table, "Heavy stuff?" he asks, instead, looking between the two. "Pleasure to meet you, Stefanie." gets added, more or less an afterthought.

Now she's in a moral dilemma. The girl doesnt seem to be capable of harming others, and she seems to have a decent amount of control, or rather more control than herself had when she first started using her powers consciously. To turn her in, or not to. That is the question. Claudine mulls this over and lets out a soft chuckle and waves it off, "Nothing to worry about.." before raising her brows a little towards Anders, "Sleepin..what now?" as she turns her attention back to Stefanie. For now, she'll keep mum about it.

Stefanie looks.. "Oh! Last week.. at Oldcastle? You had a bit of narcolepsy?" She asks, trying to jog the man's memory. "Your friend with the curly hair got up and left after that. I hope he at least covered your portion of the bill." She takes a leaf off of the plant and, with an apologetic look to the plant, pulls it off. The leaf itself starts to grow, an entire second plant nearly growing from the cut leaf.

"Oh," Anders replies, frowning, before the frown becomes an open glare, not at Stefanie, but at Claudine, "Miss Salonga, have you been encouraging this?" he asks her, indicating the plant. "It is not in our best interests that open displays occur, Miss Pratt, please refrain from .. making more plants," he adds, fingers at the bridge of his nose, "I presume Miss Salonga has informed you of our facilities?"

Shit. Well that little display just throws her little moral dilemma out the window, now doesnt it? Considering it's a bit more obvious this time, the people around look over and their eyes widen, not really knowing what to think, and some of the people preparing sandwiches drop some dishes, and even cut themselves at the sight.

Time to play spindoctor. Claudine rises from her seat and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath, "It's just some new special effects..it's all
fake..nothing to see here folks..yeah. It's ya know..a magic trick..an illusion. She's just a really good magician and we're all on candid camera.." not really knowing if that show is even around anymore.

She then sits down and looks over to Anders, her eyes widening at people just not being discrete. "I didnt say a thing about the facilities. I was just debating with her whether people could possibly have powers or not cause she was reading that.." she says in a hushed tone pointing towards Stefanie's copy of 'Activating Evolution'. "This is so not my fault.." she emphasizes while shaking her head.

Stefanie blinks…….. If there was ever a look that could be described as 'Oh Crap', it would be on Stefanie's face right now. "Facilities?" She looks to
Claudine… That's what she was fishing for, and she fell for it, hook, line and stinker.. "Damn.." She says, the second plant withering back to the original leaf, and taking a second to place the leaf back on the stem, 'healing' it, as if it hadn't been ripped off. She smiles and bows to people. "David Blaine, eat your heart out." She says, to the audience. She didn't even think she needed to hide her abilities. "Next week, I'll have roses grow out of the ventilation shaft." She places the plant back where it was and walks slowly back to the table, debating whether running out the door is an option.. No.. an animal would run at the first sign of adrenaline. A human stuck in a trap would endure the trap only to face her captors. She slowly sits down with a wary look on her face.. "Who the hell are you people? Have you been following me?"

"You haven't..? You should inform her then," Anders says to Claudine, before taking a bite out of his sandwich, "Rookie mistake, now she'll be terrified that we are some kind of Men In Black, or X-Files outfit. I would make a good Mulder."

"Oh puhleeze. Dont get your panties in a bunch, and there are people with more dangerous gifts or ones who have it out of control. Those are who we want in the facilities, so just because you have powers..blah blah..doesnt mean we're following your every move. I just wanted a healthy debate and got this mess instead." Claudine says with a bit of disdain, rubbing her temples a little as she lets out a little oye under her breath. She just happened to find another evolved, but as people say..everyone is linked..or something like that. "Look..we both work for a Company that helps people like us. I enjoy debating the existence of powers cause well..I think it's healthy that people have a bit of skepticism. If the general populace knew about us, we'd all be screwed. Now..as for the facilities..we help people gain control over their powers and help them realize their potential. I was in one not too long ago, and so yeah. And we're not Big Brother, we arent the MiB, we're just people trying to protect our own.." and that's how she sees it.

Stefanie blinks, a bit naive and Pollyanna at the same time. "Why screwed?" She looks around, excited. "Do you know what we could do? I alone could put a major dent in world hunger! No one would evenr need to go hungry ever again." She shakes her head.. "I can't see how these could be considered a BAD thing." Wait… proof of others. "You mean there's… more out there? I knew it was possible, but…" Her world is officially spinning. She swallows.. "So, where do we go from here?" her sandwich completely forgotten at this point, along with her appetite.

"Conversely, you could /accidentally/ return New York to primordial forest," Anders interjects, in-between bites, "Unless you had control." As to commenting on the others, he leaves that to Claudine, as this is a good sandwich.

"Yes..your powers probably could help people in countries where agriculture is not that developed, but at the same time, reveal it to the general populace and they'll be having you do it so much that you could kill yourself from exhaustion. Bad thing, right?" Claudine says with another shake of her head. "A person is smart..people are stupid. They'll misinterpret our gifts and soon they'll be using us as their miracle cures for all the stupid things they've done to this planet. I dont ever want to see that happen and so yeah..dont grow plants again in front of others. While we're not all MiB-like there are others out there who are.."

Stefanie looks like someone hit her in the stomach with a sledgehammer. She never once thought that her powers could be used for something bad. She's near tears. "I.. I won't. I'm sorry." She says, swallowing, trying to stop the public display of tears. She doesn't think of Claudine's wanring.. She's too busy thinking of how she could possibly ruin everything. Yes, she's self-centered. Comes with being a ditzy teenager.

"Miss Salonga, has Miss Pratt been tagged?" Anders asks, "She'll probably come along quietly, since she does not want New York to be a forest." Anders, ever an arsehole, smiles at Stefanie, "And there is no need to cry, Miss Pratt, it doesn't hurt, just a formality, really."

Oh great, tears. Claudine facepalms a little and shakes her head, "I dont think so. Didnt even think she had powers till earlier.." she says matter of factly before looking over to Stefanie. "Miss Pratt, if you could please come with us..and ignore him..he's just more special than the rest of us.."
yeah..short-bus special. With that she eases on up and offers an arm to the girl, hoping that she'll just come along quietly.

Stefanie looks between the two of them.. "Tagged? Like some animal?" She doesn't like it, but if the man is right….Then she definately needs to learn more… and hopefully her fathers won't know anything untoward has happened. "Will it
take long? I've got shift at my market in a few hours."

Nodding, Anders chuckles at Claudine's insult, "Not long, you'll barely notice it, in fact." but he seems more than willing to eat his lunch and let Claudine do her job.

Claudine blinks blankly as she looks towards Anders as he's not even going to help her with this one. It's her first bag and tag! Gah! She harumphs a little and pulls out the cellphone, calling the other line, "Yeah..I got one. Complete accident and Anders is being mean.." she says pouting in the end. "Okay..see you soon.." and with that, she leads the girl out.

Stefanie is a bit dumbstruck and very deer-in-headlights, blindly following Claudine.

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