2010-04-08: Of Heroes, Gods, And Oracles



Date: April 8, 2010


Kitty and Micah talk. She gets him better than he gets himself, it seems.

"Of Heroes, Gods, and Oracles"

Rooftop — Kitty's Safehouse, New York

It's been a relatively easy day for Kitty. Ever since Tracy took some of her refugees, she's not been having to deal with as many problems as she has before. She's been gearing up for it all. The end. No vision of the end has come to her but it's just a feeling.

Sitting cross legged on the roof of the warehouse that houses her refugees, the young seer's head is tilted to the side as she meditates. The wind blowing through her hair. Dressed in a pair of loose dark jeans and a black tank top, the woman takes a deep breath and exhales. "Been a while." She says to the air, she hasn't opened her eyes but she knows he's there.

Lately, her ability has been hyper sensitive. She can rarely turn it off and the new effects of her ability.. are becoming more natural to her. She didn't have a vision of the boy coming to visit to her but she did get a huge whiff of his smell. Announcing his presence.

"What?" Micah says as he sits next to her on the roof. "How…?" his eyes narrow as he sidles next to his mom's friend. His blue track jacket and blue jeans just make him blend with the rest of the world, normally anyways.

He's not afraid of the roof. No fear of heights here, not anymore. In fact, there's little he fears other than a cage these days. He stares down at the world below. "Looks… different from up here."

A mischievous smile crosses Kitty's features and she slowly opens her eyes, returning to their normal coloring from the white color they just were. The woman is silent for a moment before she speaks to Micah. Brown-eyed gaze landing on the boy.

"Makes you feel like a god," she says as she puts one hand behind her to lean back on. "But we are not gods. We are not invincible." The young CEO gives Micah a look. "Abilities or not.. we are mortal." Kit looks back over the cityscape.

Mortality. Not exactly the kind of discussion Micah was aiming for tonight, but he runs with it. He shifts next to Kitty, tilting his head at her comment, not entirely sure how to respond. "I'm not a god." He stares downward, "I'm a hero."

"If we were — gods, that is, then… mom and dad would still be around. No, I know I can die." His lips purse. "But death isn't that scary is it? I mean there are worse things, right?" Like being used as a weapon and hurting other people — orphaning other children.

"Yes, a hero. Like your mother would have wanted." Kitty says softly and then she's looking up towards the sky. "Death is what you make it." She shrugs softly and looks back towards Micah. "But would Rhea have wanted Zeus to die to overthrow Cronus?" an eyebrow is raised as she asks Micah this question.

"Remember the support you have.." Kitty's hand goes out to be placed on Micah's shoulder. She thinks of Micah like a nephew. Her siblings are too young to give her nieces and nephews. Niki was the closet thing Kitty had to an older sister.

Thoughtfully, he considers this point. His mom never liked his or Cam's heroics or his obsession with becoming the fantastic four, but then, it was like training for this. For his life. Micah runs his tongue over his lips and a hand through his matted curls. "But the needs of the many have to outweigh the needs of the few. If we're going to shoulder what's happening — to live through it — I have to take risks. I can fight." And he has been, in a way.

"I…" his eyebrows furrow. He hasn't felt supported much through any of this. "Do I have support?" His eyes reflect a weariness normally reserved for the very old or the very busy. "Half of the adults who know what I can do and have been doing constantly tell me to stop. The other half aren't really there. Not really. Except when they specifically need me to do something for them…" He shifts. "I'm glad I have Cam though," at this he smiles just a little.

That hand that was once, one of a loving aunt becomes the chiding hand of an older sister as Kitty baps Micah on the back of the head. "You are 14. And you shouldn't have to deal with this." The older woman smiles softly and shakes her head as she chuckles. "Stubborn, a good and bad thing. But your heart is in the right place. Niki would be proud."

"They support you, but they are also afraid for you. You tread those dangerous waters, the ones that have the inky dark depths. Like the river Styx. Be careful."

Then the city is given a thoughtful look, as if it itself had just talked to her. "When this is over," she sits up straighter and puts her hands in her lap. "You and Cam will be staying with me. School, a relatively normal life. Understand?" she asks with a look towards Micah. "You can keep my younger sister, Fox company."

"Hey!" Micah exclaims as he instinctively raises a hand to the back of his head. "Ugh. That…" almost "…hurt." He shoots Kitty a small scowl, although he's not upset, really. He frowns a little as he adjusts in his spot next to her. "Mom would be angry," he counters softly. "Many times over."

Chewing his bottom lip, instinctively he leans back, resting his hands behind him to keep him propped up. "And maybe proud. I…" his eyes burn a little, but he doesn't let tears fall. "…I've changed. I made compromises I never thought I would. I did things that I shouldn't have. I was so angry once — angry that they killed mom and dad that I almost — " he cuts himself off, dwelling on his past emotions does nothing to relieve his current mood. Staring at the skyline again, he isn't sure how much to say. "Being a hero isn't what I thought it was. I mean… I'm me. I believe that all people are good, but this…" It's rocked him, and how couldn't it?

"Can there be anything normal after this?" he asks quietly. "I don't know if we'd be allowed… Dad has — had — family in New Orleans…"

"Your anger controls you, mistake." She says and then she's smiling widely at Micah. "Whatever you choose, I'll make sure that you do what you must. Normal will come.. that much I promise." Kitty stretches out and yawns.

"There is more work to do, are you ready?" she tilts her head, hair falling into her face. "For the final acts.." the woman stands and her loose pants ruffle in the breeze.

"I'm so tired," Micah virtually whispers. "So tired." But he nods anyways. "I need to keep trying. I know what they're doing and am working towards stopping it. And I'm doing my part." Even if people are afraid for him. Despite what anyone else thinks, Micah is aware he's in over his head.

"I'm ready enough," is the resolved reply. "Did I… did I tell you they are responsible for Mom and Dad — ?" he can't remember. He's told so many people.

Kit stands and looks down at Micah. "I know." She says softly and then she's making her way towards the door leading down into the safehouse. "But remember, revenge comes with a deadly price."

Before she opens the door she pauses and looks over her shoulder at Micah. "My parents were killed.. a year ago. In a fire, murder or accident?" And then she's leaving Micah to think on the roof. Because there is a lot he must prepare his mind for.

"Heroes don't seek revenge." The comment is quiet. "I — " is all Micah gets out before Kitty disappears. It's now that his eyes finally well with tears. Laying down on the flat rooftop he stares up at the sky. "Why? Why are you gone?" he whispers to the empty air. "Don't you know I still need you? Don't you know how alone I am? I know I have Cam, but what about you? Where are you?" Tears run down his cheeks.

"I'm no hero…" he whispers to the nothing.

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