2009-11-27: Of Music and Ethics



Date: November 27, 2009


Gene goes to Imago to seek out Quinn while Sydney goes because she needs some time away from her apartment.

"Of Music and Ethics"

Imago Cabaret NYC

"You sure you don't want anything to drink… According to your ID, you're old enough and we have some of the best…" the waiter states to the man he is trying to serve.

Gene, however, waves off the man. "I know, I know, you want to get a nice tip and all I've had is a salad and some water. I'll give you a good tip, just keep the stuff coming," Gene states as he looks at the empty chair in front of him. He promised a few people who he'd have his first drink with and until they are there… He sighs to himself before drinking the second half of his third water. At least he's keeping himself hydrated. The young man is currently watching Gene Kelly, smirking as he looks at the person. Figures.

Andra glances around as she makes her way into the club, she figured it was about time to checked this place out and why not tonight? She lifts a hand pushing her glasses back up on her nose some while she moves onwards towards what looks like a free table. Her gaze drifting this way and that as she peers towards the stage curiously as she hears the music and so forth. A smile offered at the song selection, which is one she knows and likes actually.

Imago is literally blocks from Sydney's house, work, and school, yet she's never been here before. In her little black dress, peacoat, and red stilettos she hesitantly peeks into the Cabaret, raising a single eyebrow as she peers about. She knows nothing of this place or what would be appropriate to wear, but the dress is a good standby for all occasions. Pressing her lips together, her gaze finally falls on Gene. She undoes the buttons of her peacoat as she pads up to his table, half-smiling, "Is this seat taken?"

As the song moves to the first chorus, there is the distant sound of thunder, and then the spattering of raindrops on the stage, coming from.. somewhere. There's puddles that, as Gene twirls and moves through, splash, but no water actually moves past the stage.

The young geek is dressed in a simple white button shirt and some black dress slack, clearly not going for anything fancy… Just enough to get him through the door. "Oh, hey, Sydney… I didn't know you were coming. Good to see you." He gets up, really not taken in TOO much by the show (having seen it a couple of times before for reasons other than entertainment), trying to pull out the seat for Sydney. After all, this is a nice place, might as well try and be a gentleman. "All yours." As he does, he tilts his head to the side. Is that… Andra. He is curious to see her here, wondering if there is a special reason. He doesn't say anything to her yet, though she might notice him staring.

"How are you, Gene?" Sydney asks as she sits in the proffered seat. "I actually didn't know you were here. Just live close and needed some time… away from the craziness. It's good, just haven't lived with anyone for six years or so." She shrugs a bit. "And I saw you… but if you're expecting someone… I can go— " She begins to slide the seat back.

"Been better, been worse," the young man replies, scratching the back of his head as he remembers events that happened earlier. "It's okay, enjoy having the company… I was planning on talking with the person after the show. I'll need to have some time alone with he-erm, the person after the show, but it shouldn't be too long. Business stuff. You know how it goes."

The young man turns his attention to the show when Andra seems to have other stuff distracting her. He takes his seat, still speaking to Sydney as he watches. "So, I take it that it's a challenging having them all there?"

At the comment, Sydney slides forward in her chair again. "That's very… vague." The therapist in her wants to probe, but she manages to keep her mouth shut on that topic. "You know him?" she asks as she glances at the stage. "Quite the performance." Furrowing her eyebrows she studies the puddles, "Curious." She wrinkles her nose, "What kind of business..? Unless…" Frown. Obviously the kind of business that involves SAVING THE WORLD.

"It's a challenge having others in my apartment. Like I said, I've lived alone for six years. A person gets used to the quiet after awhile. And I really didn't have many visitors either," she shrugs. "So it's been an adjustment. And I'm learning to be very careful about touching things after Lena… or really touching anything in the apartment…"

Quinn slides across the stage, crooning about 'Singing, and swinging in the rain…' and as the lights dim, then go up, Gene is replaced by a tall, slender red headed woan, and even the clothes have changed, and the stage.. dry. She stands in her own spot, taking her bows.

"Vague is the best you'll get out of me. I admit I don't understand too much about this person myself, but when it comes to my business, beggars can't be choosers," Gene states with a sigh, deciding to focus the conversation on everything but himself. The Company was a massive organization with resources, people, a system. Gene is just… Gene, assisted by whoever is kind enough to give him assistance. "I can understand the concern. I really think she needs to get it under control. It's getting out of hand. She shouldn't have to live that way and neither should you. Now, if she WANTS to live that way…" The genius doesn't have time to finish, the performance ending and the response of the crowd prevents him from finishing.

Sydney hrms but nods anyways. "Well I'll help where I can. I'm not particularly useful, I'm afraid." She shrugs a bit and claps as the performance comes to a close even if she hasn't been watching and has only just come into the Cabaret. "I don't have to live that way. I was the one that invited them to live in my apartment. I care. I can't help it." She doesn't always want to care, but she does.

Quinn takes her bows, smiling as she waves to the dancers and orchestra. Declining an encore, lights go down as Quinn heads back to her dressing room, bracing herself to make rounds and shmooze with the audience.
"Of course, you don't, Sydney. It's your house, you have the right to make rules. Wear the pants, you're the one paying the bills," Gene states with a faint smile. "As for the help, I promise if I need assistance, I'll ask, okay. I know somedays, it looks like I'm really having a tough time… Just give me a hug, send me on my way and that will be that. As for being useful, you're an attractive lady with useful gifts, some of which that may get really powerful in time… If you really are interested in making them so."

Gene pauses from his conversation to see where Quinn goes. She should be coming to the tables soon if he remembers it right. Turning back to Sydney with his smile back in place, he asks, "You want anything to eat or drink? My treat."

"I'll remember that," Sydney grins. "I like giving hugs anyways. And I don't get to give them often because it's not considered professional." She tilts her head, "Do you actually think they could? It just seems like my talent is… lame compared to others." She shrugs and then smirks, "Well I'm not really hungry, but I could have a diet coke. I mostly came just to get away from the chaos…"

Quinn comes out a fairly short time later. She's wearing a sharp white dinner jacket with black dress pants and bow tie. She starts moving through the room, talking to customers, laughing, diverting questions until she gets to Gene's table.

After Gene flags down the waiter and orders the diet coke, he speaks to Sydney after he's sure the server is out of earshot. "It's possible. For obvious reasons, we can't talk about it here… But we can later if you really want. I think the longer you put off respecting what you have and seeking to use it the worst off you're going to be. After all, there is no telling if there is more to the gift or not."

Of course, this is when Quinn comes over. "Hey, great show as always… I was hoping to talk with you when you were done greeting the guests. I had a favor I was hoping I could ask you about," Gene says as he dons one of his larger smiles that he can muster.

Nodding a bit at Gene, Sydney responds, "That would be good. It's just… hard to figure out how to use." But then she's only known about it for just over a month. So control was never a question. She nods at Quinn, "I didn't see much of it, but it really was phenomenal." Her grin is warm, broad, and easy.

Quinn's brows go up. She talks to Sydney first, "Thank you. I always loved that song. We do try to switch things up, so come back, and you can get the full effect." she looks to Gene, brows raising as she glances from him to Sydney. "What sort of favor?"

"Not in public… We can either talk about it later tonight, or just another time." After all, if this woman has been using her powers in public, there is a slim chance there is government here, waiting for the time to strike a chance to find evidence that Quinn is Evolved. With that said, he merely smiles toward Sydney, clearly letting the two women discuss the preformance for as long as they choose.

"It really is a phenomenal song! I liked the effects too. It almost adds a layer of meaning to it all," Sydney beams as she leans forward. "Have you bee performing here for long? Do you use different songs every night?" Her lips twitch a bit, "I'm sorry, I sound like I'm interrogating you. It's just… I live a few blocks away and this is the first time I've ever actually come in. I like it." Her cheeks flush pink.

Quinn nods, glancing to him, "Good idea." then she says, "Different songs every night. I take requests too." she grins, "The special effects?" she shrugs, "Smoke and mirrors. Amazing what you can do with lights and the right backdrops. Our sound and lights men are real.. wizards."

Gene merely takes the time to eat the salad as the two talk, capturing a couple of pieces of radish and eatching them. He listens quietly, for the time being have little to put into the conversation at hand. He does look around from time to time, making sure there isn't anyone around that seems out of place.

"Well it really is phenomenal," Sydney grins with a nod. "I'll have to remember to come back in the not-too-distant future. Like I said I work and live really close to here." She glances from Gene back to Quinn. "I… I think I've seen you before…" Her lips curl into a grin. "… last month when I convinced a friend to come to Club DNA's…" And Syd sent good vibes into the room. "I don't think we've met though. I'm Sydney," she thrusts her hand towards the other woman for a handshake.

Quinn takes the hand, "I'm Quinn Lyons. Yeah.. I think I remember seeing you. Though I didn't stay long." she said wryly. "Turned out to not really be my kinda thing." she pauses, "I should, probably, find out what this guy has in mind…"

"We have some time," Gene points out with a small smile. He waggles his lettuce-filled fork toward the illusionist. "Take as long as you need, you both seem to be enjoying one another's company."

"Yes, of course. I'm sorry for keep you," Sydney nods a bit. "Well I stayed for quite awhile. Just blowing off some steam. Sometimes dancing is just the way to do that, you know? It like frees the mind and just gives people that space." It's at this moment that the waiter returns with Syd's diet coke. She expresses her thanks before he attends to other patrons.

Quinn glances from Gene to Sydney, nodding to her comment. "I understand. I do a bit of dancing myself." with a hint of a grin. "Just to different music, and in a different crowd."

"Makes sense. This seems like a different crowd than Club DNA's." Sydney suppresses a chuckle. "Well I can see why you enjoy what you do. I don't get much opportunity to engage in activities like dance, I'm afraid." Grin.
The Geek God considers something for a moment. Sighing, he pulls out a PDA and begins to type into it. After he types in it for a few moments, he looks up, seemingly following the conversation still. "Well, hopefully in time, you'll be able to enjoy stuff like that again. It's important to relax when you can."

Quinn rises and sighs. "I really should get to the other guests." she looks to Gene, "And then I'll be free to talk somewhere else."

"It's hard to imagine a day when that'll happen again," Sydney thinks out loud to herself more than Gene. "Did I tell you I met the blonde? Like from the restaurant…" She blinks, "Seemed… odd. I thought she was going to invade me." It's the truth. She shrugs a bit and then states, "But I'm still here, right?"

"You met Emily? Yeah… I ran into her too when I wasn't in my get-up. I was able to convince her that I was just a pawn of a much more powerful man. If you ever get in trouble with her, just tell her that you serve Prometheus. It should cause her to warm up to you or at least prevent a possession. Hopefully, she'll be much better behaved. We'll see," Gene states with a thin smile. "I'm sorry that you had to be frightened like that. Glad you're okay and you're still you though."

"Yeah, she recognized mine and Hallis' pictures on the front of this tabloid that insisted I was … never mind. Regardless, she tried to grab Hallis' hand and I held onto it. I think Hallis might think I'm attracted to her now…" Sydney stifles a chuckle. "Unbelievable. If someone sat on my couch in my office and told me they had the kind of two months that I've had… I wouldn't believe them." She shrugs. "But it'll make me excited for quiet days again." She tilts her head a bit, "How're you holding up with everything?" Her eyebrows furrow with concern.

The young genius goes on about the plan. After all, that's the easier thing to talk about. "I'm getting information… The next stage of the game is going to be more dangerous. I tried to get our friend the senator to set things straight. According to him, he can't do anything now. He was drinking stupid last I saw. Miss Strauss is with him, maybe she'll whip him back into shape. If not, I have my own plans…"

Gene taps his fork against his salad bowl as he thinks. "As for Emily, if she switches bodies, the original body is left without a person in it and as limp as a sack of potatoes, so if you have to, use that for your advantage. While not as powerful as she's like, it's a nice body, so she might be worried about losing it and it's a sign she hopped over. Hopefully, it won't ever come to that."

"Ugh. I hate the senator," Sydney scowls as she sips her coke, but she manages to recover from the scowl shortly thereafter. "Why was he drinking stupid anyways??" She frowns a bit, but leaves the subject alone. "You didn't really answer the question though…"

"Well thanks for the tip. I'm afraid of her. I kept sliding away from her on a park bench in central park and slid right off the bench… and then she helped me up, but I'm still me. So that's good at least."
"As I said, he thinks he can't do anything for the nation. At least point, I believe him," Gene states firmly. It seems if there was some mojo worked, something went wrong or Gene resisted because his feelings on the Senator reman the same. "Question?" The one word is followed a couple of blinks. "Plans coming together, that's about as good as I can get," Gene replies with a weak smile.

"It's not all that bad is it?" Sydney quirks a concerned eyebrow. "I know I don't know everything going on, but…" She frowns as she drums her fingers on the table. Her lips then mould into a smile of determination. "You need to do something fun. Something you enjoy. One hour a day. Everyone needs that." She tilts her head, "Besides what's the point in saving the world without it?"

"You don't think I enjoy this? I'm not really keen on the prison stuff, but I'm doing what I need to, what I am suppose to do. I know a lot of people aren't into the Fate talk, but this is what I was supposed to do," the young genius offers with a weak smile. There an odd mix of joy and sorrow in his eyes, maybe not entirely buying his own thoughts on the situation. "Maybe I'll be able to see this through. If I can, I'll take it easy for awhile. If not, I'll rest happy knowing that I did everything I could. Until then, I'll just store up my hours."

"Enjoyment and rest aren't exactly the same thing," Sydney counters as she crosses her legs. "I'd just hate for you to crash and burn is all. It's a huge strain on your mental health — and it's concerning…" In a way she's projecting her own fears for herself onto Gene at this moment. Pressing her lips together she considers all of this. "Everything seems so touch and go right now."

"Enjoyment and rest aren't exactly the same thing," Sydney counters as she crosses her legs. "I'd just hate for you to crash and burn is all. It's a huge strain on your mental health — and it's concerning…" In a way she's projecting her own fears for herself onto Gene at this moment. Pressing her lips together she considers all of this. "Everything seems so touch and go right now."

"Trust me, Sydney… While this is bad, I've been through worse. I almost died of a brain tumor a year or so ago, so yeah," Gene states as he shrugs off the matter. He lets a pause linger for a moment before his eyes meet with Sydney, trying to meet hers own gaze with one of slight confusion. "Touch and go?"

Frown. "You have a brain tumor?!" No one tells Sydney anything! "Is it operable? What stage?" Her eyebrows furrow at the notion as she continues to frown. "Well everything is crisis management now. I used to plan more, but now I'm just reacting… there really isn't enough time to think through things before action… Trying to manage my professional responsibilities weighed against ethics of a different sort. Trying to figure out what I do and don't have control over. Just crisis management."

"It's fine, I got it cured," Gene states as he leans over to place a hand on Sydney's shoulder to swiftly try and calm her down. After all, he doesn't want to deal with being extra jumpy for the time being. She seems to handle it on her own though, so he just takes his seat. "What do you mean by 'ethics' of a different sort?" Gene states as he leans back into his chair a little, sipping his water.

"Oh," is Sydney's response as she sighs, visibly calming from both the words and hand on her shoulder. "Well, I'm glad your okay." She offers him a weak smile and then she hrms. "Well, an ethical therapist wouldn't have invited Tiago and Lena to live with her, even if it was for their own protection. Nor would she continue to speak to both Lena and Hallis. An ethical therapist would've referred one or the other on, especially once putting the entire hoodie situation together. An ethical person, however, does what they thin is right, even if it means breeching other codes of conduct." Her jaw tightens, "Beyond that a good therapist wouldn't get distracted by a senator's smile and forget her responsibilities…" Suddenly her coke is the most interesting object in the room and so she stares at it intently.

The young man rubs the back of his head as Sydney explains her troubles. "The world we're in now is… different than most people's. People usually only have to worry about being drugged when they don't watch their drinks, not when in the presense of someone. Most people don't have to worry about people hunting down people just because they are different. Now, maybe there was something better for Lena and Tiago then living with you since it doesn't seem to be doing well for your well being…" Gene pauses for a moment to give a grin. "Save the lap sitting and all that… But you're doing the best you can. I mean, do you think you've learned from your experience?"

"It's not their fault though. I haven't lived with anyone for a long time, and last time — well it didn't end well. So… just closed life off for awhile to figure myself out and piece my life together. Irony of all ironies, I'm only just beginning now." Sydney smiles weakly. "I suppose life is unique for us then. But then to what ethics does a person ascribe?"

"Well, considering Lena's gift, having her go around in shorts is maybe not the greatest idea. Yeah, I know, it isn't flattering, but until she gets herself in a better shape, she's got to be responsible for keeping ther stuff together. I'll be talking with later… Actually, I've got to get up soon. After last time, I think I've put off that talk for long enough. But enough on her, more on you…" Gene flags the waiter, telling him he wants the cheek before looking back toward Sydney, leaning on the table and resting on his elbow. "Well, I suppose I'd say 'the right ones', but my grandfather made me go to Sunday School until I got the job here in New York, so my 'right' is not your 'right' if you're one for post-modernism."

"But even then… who makes people own up to their own actions when little can control them? I don't know." Sydney finishes her diet coke before running a hand through her hair, "I thought everything was black in white. That any kind of manipulation is wrong, but then I talked a guy off of a roof earlier today… and I think it had more to do with my ability than my words…" She hmmms as she slides her chair back, "I think I just… need to go for a walk. Need to clear my head of everything going on." Forcing a weak smile she adds, "Thanks for the chat and the coke, Gene. You're a good egg."

"Well, having x-ray vision doesn't change what is right and what is wrong… It just means that Superman has to know when to use his ability and when he doesn't," Gene admits. Comics make everything easy to explain! "I'd say do everything you could to avoid using your ability. If you have to in order to save a life or stop some suffering, well, that's the right thing to do. But in the end, it's up to you. Take care, Sydney. If you need anything, just give me a ring whenever, alright? Not having a nine to five really frees you up for friends in need," the young man admits with a small grin.

"I'm not in need Gene. Just… processing," Sydney observes before padding to the door and into the night.

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