2007-10-21: Off The Hook


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Summary: This is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen.

Date It Happened: October 21st, 2007

Log Title Off The Hook

Club DNA's

It's been wow.. what a week. A person spends a few years with a bachelor's, trying to break into their chosen field.. a resume gets sent out, forgotten about and you get a call back.. Not only did the dream gig get landed, but the CEO covers past college loan debt and current tuition? What in the Hell does a person do in response to all of that? Why celebrate of course. Bert's doing what she likes to do.. only tonight she can spend a little more money at the club. She feels a little guilty about it deep down. She's not used to the extra funds and now this huge weight of debt is off her shoulders. It's liberating, but it feels /weird/. So here she is, at the club, dressed up, trying to wind down, or at least burn off some of the energy she's built up!

What are the chances of the New Boss waltzing into the same club as the New Employee in a city as big as New York? Pretty good when the New Boss has people watching the New Employee. Not in a stalker type manner, but in one of those ways that are overprotective and just wanting to get himself the info needed so that he can make moves. Being both Jaden Cain, CEO and Jaden Cain, lead singer of Jaden & The Chipmunks, the Bossman has no trouble getting into the club. He even stops to sign the cleavage of some drunk fan. "40 DD. Am I right?" is tossed at the girl, before he ends up smiling in the midst of her squealing. Yeah, that measurement guessing is definitely a cool gift.

Bert has no clue she's being watched. Although, she should have a good idea about it. The Cain-man checked out her financials, and wow.. just.. seriously. How do you handle finding out a stranger has taken care of your schooling debt? She's gonna have to have some words with him about that! Not wanting to dance yet, Bert heads herself to the bar to get a drink to start the evening with, unaware that Jaden has entered the club.

Jaden manages to break through the small crowd around him, so that he can start making his way to the bar. He actually leans right over it to kiss the bartender on the cheek. She's hot, okay? And they go way back to when Jaden was just a poor slacker. Anyway, "Y'know what? I'm pickin' up the entire club's tab tonight." Jaden says, just to be showing off the richness that comes with being such a rich person. He hasn't even really noticed that he's about two people away from Bert.

Bert gets her drink, and when she raises the glass to her lips to take a sip, she chokes a little. Brown eyes widen incredulously at the familiar sounding voice. Oh no way. "Mr. Cain?" Yes. The bossman earns a 'mister' from her. It's the way she was raised, okay? Grabbing up a napkin, she dabs at her mouth and grins a little crookedly as she shifts around the people in between her and Jaden. "Is this a habit of yours?"

"What? Buyin' people drinks?" Jaden has answered before he spins around to lean back against the bar. And that's when he realizes whom he's talking to and his eyes bug out of his head for a brief moment. "I mean uh…" Stammering for a moment because of who it is. "I um." Quick! Think of something! "Hi?" Jaden coughs a bit, trying not to sweat bullets and then frowns. "Heeeeeyyyy. What a second. I thought I told you to call me Jaden…" Did he or didn't he? Doesn't matter, so long as the subject gets changed.

Bert grins widely up at Jaden, her drink in hand. "Hi yourself, Boss. And yes.. Buying people drinks. Not just people, but a whole club worth of people? You're incredibly generous with your money.. which.. is something I want to talk to you about." She's a little forthright, but she's not sure how casual to act around her new boss. "My tuition and loan… and no. You didn't.. but if you want me to, I will."

"Yeah, call me Jaden. Or Pimp Mastah J-Rock 9000." Jaden's laying on the dorkish charm about as thick as he can. Just to make sure that she knows that he knows that he's a big dork and he's proud of it. With a shrug, he just gives a wave of his hand, before reaching to get his own drink. Long Island Iced Tea, baby! "Eh. It's just money. What else am I gonna' do with it but spend it, right? At least, this way, I'm spending it on something that benefits mankind." Wow. That's almost a logical explanation.

"I think I'll just call you Jaden.. but it's Bossman or Darth Cain when I'm on the clock," Bert says with a grin before taking a sip of her drink. Her red brows lift, almost skeptically, as she regards Jaden. "Wow… How in the world am I supposed to argue with that logic? I mean.. designing games is beneficial. Hand to eye coordination.. social skills." After all, games aren't just for nerds anymore! "You /have/ to let me find a way to pay you back. I'm grateful that you stepped in for the rescue.. I mean, the job alone!"

"Eh. Don't worry about it. Just make some cool games for people to play and we'll call it even. It's not even like I paid for everything. It's more like… uh, an investment. Yeah,. that sounds about right." Jaden is too busy shrugging to actually know what he's even talking about. And even with the sipping of his drink. "I just want you to have the best experience possible working under me." Pause. "For me."

Bert looks amused and puzzled at the same time. "You are so not what I pictured in a CEO. Or even a boss for that matter. I know I've read a few articles in the paper about you, but still!" Finishing her drink, she sets her empty glass on the bar. "I hope I don't let you down with the designs!" She moves to lean up against the bar as she talks to Jaden, "I think there should be more women designing games anyway. We have a special insight into what guys like and providing them what they want in a game." Speaking of which, she's too busy amused by Jaden's words to be offended by the .. was that a slip?

"I'm all for more women. I happen to love women. It's almost like a hobby of mine." Jaden realizes how that must sound and quickly brings a hand up to wave away any bad connotations that may be developing. "Er, what I mean is that, I'm always looking to help women advance their careers. I don't think -any- business should be without some eye candy." Oops. Try again, Jaden. "I mean… guh. Oh look. A drink!" And he's starting with the guzzling. Why is he word-fumbling?! He never does this! Gah!

"Oh really?" Bert has yet to be offended by Jaden's verbal fumbles. It's kinda cute. Other women might have slapped him or thrown their drink in his face. Jaden seemed more poised during the unconventional interview, so what gives? Not even the eye candy bit is found offensive. "I'll try extra hard then to not disappoint, and to show that I'm more than a pretty face." She has some self-awareness there, but she's also got the brains and talent to back it up too. "Relax. I'm just an aspiring employee. Okay?"

"Relax? How can I relax when I'm having a drink with the prettiest girl in the room?" The words just come out and Jaden doesn't even realize it. But he does realize that she's no longer with drink. "Hold on." He waves his hand at the bartender and motions towards the Bert, so that he may have her getting another drink sent her way. "We can't very well toast to you being the best thing to happen to EvoSoft in at least a week without you having a drink in your hand, now can we?"

A blush stains across Bert's cheeks at Jaden's words. "Oh now you're just making things up," she says with all honesty. That blush continues as Jaden works on fetching her a fresh drink. "Now I don't know about that sir, but I'll take the compliment." Now she's back to composing herself after being briefly thrown for a loop.

"The only thing I ever made up was my seventh grade book report on To Kill A Mockingbird. I said it was about Sylvester Pussycat and life after Tweety. It didn't really go over too well." By this point, the bartender (with her fine Coyote Ugly self) slides over another drink for the hotness that is Bert and Jaden is already raising his glass. "To uh… my new favorite employee! May she spend lots of time in my office showing me her… designs!"

Bert laughs out loud, not sure if Jaden's making all of this up or not. Is this guy for real? For now, it seems like she's sided with the opinion that Jaden is just being funny and outlandish and she's going along with it. Hefting her own glass after picking it up, she toasts in return, "And to my new favorite boss, may he realize that I am in fact, not all eye candy!"

"Believe it or not, you're just what I… EvoSoft's been looking for. So you have nothing to worry about on that front, Bert. Trust me." Jaden finishes off his drink and sets the glass down on the bar, before drawing himself into a more quiet state, peering around the club for a few moments. Just to keep his eye on things.

"Riiiight.." Bert says, sounding a bit skeptical. Now she's starting to feel a little doubt here. Did this guy hire her and pay off her debt just to hit on her? Or did he really like what he briefly saw on the resume? Does all of that even matter? It's a /job/. Singular. Not working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, but an honest to God job that'll turn into a career. She'll just.. dwell on that later. For now? Her drink is tossed back, empty glass set on the bar, and she's reaching for Jaden's arm. "As for what I'm looking for? A dance partner. Tag, you're it!"

"Uhhhh… if you want to keep a very cool impression of your boss in your mind, then you don't want me out there." Jaden is trying his hardest to not be a spoilsport, but the fact of the matter is that he's never really been comfortable with his own dance moves. Could have something to do with the fact that he's white. "I mean, I'm whiter than Casper. And we all know what that means, right?"

Bert plants her hands on her hips and flashes a mock pout. "What are you trying to say about me then? I'm white, half-Jewish. It doesn't stop me!" Then again, she has boobs and red hair, so who's going to tell her differently?

"Everybody knows that Jewish girls got a little bit of soul in 'em." Yes, this is Jaden stalling to see if he can't talk his way out of this crazy mess. And it looks like he may be able to. Maybe. Possibly. "Besides, the last girl that asked me to dance ended up with a broken toe. I dance like I got four left feet…" A lie, but whatever works, right?

"Oi.." Bert says with a slight eye-roll, but she's still smiling. She delivers a playful punch to the man's arm, without any power behind it of course. "Fine, fine.. You're off the hook. For now. But only because you're my boss, and you're cute." Pause. "We're off the clock, so I can say that without being sued for sexual harassment."

"For the record, I'd never sue. I'd just get even." Jaden's even trying to stick to being the calm and collected type, but there's a reason why he's looking away and that's to hide the manly blush that comes creeping up on his face since she's decided to give him an actual compliment. He doesn't get those often… or at all.. unless it's his Mom. Who just happens to be awesome.

Bert is unaware of all of that, being a stranger and a newbie. "Oh good. That's more fun, and more American. It brings forth a challenge!" Flashing a wink up at Jaden, she catches brief sight of the blush. Aw. That's just adorable. "Y'know? You're alright. Just be yourself. If you change your mind about the dance, I'll be out on the floor." She gives his sleeve a playful tug before moving away and towards the dance floor.

Smiling, Jaden hands his card over his shoulder to the bartender, who is ready to check things out and he takes a nice chunk of damage to the platinum. But then again, when doesn't he? After all is said and done and signed, he hooks the bartender up with a Ben Franklin and is already working on getting himself out of this bar without being noticed. Hopefully.

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