2007-03-03: Off The Record


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Summary: Xander questions Ling on the deaths of a few mob goons, and then goes off the record about something more sinister.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Off The Record

Ling's Penthouse, Parkview Estates

It's late evening in her penthouse suite with the Firebird Suite playing softly in the background. The music has just reached the climax, and she closes her eyes, directing her own imaginary orchestra while waving a hand back and forth. A few moments later, she opens her eyes and heads on over towards the window, pulling the curtains to see the rather majestic view of New York City.Currently, she's dressed in a simple yet elegant red silk robe with her hair tied up in a bun that's held up with a pair of chopsticks. "Today's been good.." she muses softly to herself as she lets out a soft and content little sigh as life has treated her well thus far. She's going to get her tattoo redone and she made a man melt at her command..all is good.

Late evening though it may be, it wasn't -too- late in the evening. It was early enough for Alexander Weston Marx to pay a visit to the crime lord. Crime Lady would have been more accurate, but semantics later. The Lawyer managed to get himself allowed past security. Nothing a little sweet talking would hurt. He soon steps into he lounging area, and spies Ling at the window, and watches her for a few moments, before saying, "That is an excellent view, isn't it?" The woman may remember Xander from previous visits.

"Mr. Marx.." Ling says with a congenial smile curling onto her lips as she heads on over, "Should I have known that you were coming, I would've gotten dressed..or perhaps not.." letting out a soft chuckle of amusement in the end. "Would you care for something to drink? Scotch perhaps? Or is this not a personal call? I know how you look at me afterall.." she says in her own little special vain way while heading over to the liquor cabinet, showing off her wares so he can decide if he wants to partake.

The lawyer was most definitly here on business, and he wasn't going to fall for this woman's tricks. Xander coughs a moment to clear his throat, before replying, "I'm here strictly on business, Miss Ling, just like the previous times." He takes a moment to set his briefcase on the table, and pulls out a file, and begins to open it, "I take it you've been keeping yourself busy since the last time I visited, so I'll make sure I don't consume too much of your time." He takes a moment to look into the file once more, and asking, "Are you familiar with Aleksandr Keppenrus or Gennadi Melekhin, by chance?"

"Oh..what a shame? You keep on trying to say I do this and I do that, but as I repeat myself every time, I simply dont know what you're talking about.." Ling replies with a wry grin curling onto her lips as she pours herself a glass of scotch. "Really Mr. Marx, you are a very attractive man, and I'm sure we could have lots of.." and she pauses for a few moments, "Fun, under the right circumstances.." she says with a light hearted laugh in the end.

Once he gets to the question about the two men, she quirks her brows and shakes her head. "Why, my dear, I have to say. I've never heard of those people. Are they friends of yours?" she asks curiously before taking a sip. And she isnt lying in this case. She didnt know the names of the men she killed.

Xander is not particularly amused by Ling's feigned ignorance of each incident, and he supposes the woman wasn't change her ways this time either. "Afraid not. Those are the names of two men associated with the Camparelli-Zukhov families. They were found dead in the East River. Autopsy reports show an increased level of heroin in their blood stream, high enough for an overdose. I probably ought not to have come bothered you, save for the fact that they were found with their heads cut off. It's a good thing their hands were still on, or the police wouln't have been able to identify them. I don't suppose you would know -anything- about them, would you?"

"Oh! That is awful!" Ling says, actually doing a decent job of gasping in terror at such a thing. She's a genteel and sophisticated woman afterall, not some sick sociopath..at least not in front of company. "Do send my regards to Boris, I'm sure he is simply crushed.." she says sighing a little while making her way to her couch so she can ease on down.

Anyone who knows her alleged history would know that the Tong chow and the Camparelli-Zukhov organizations do not get along, so if anything, her wishing to send her regards to the head of the rival family would simply be gloating more than anything else.

Upon hearing that they were identified from their hands, she hrmms, making a mental note to just incinerate future victims. Less mess. Less fuss. "And of course I do not know anything about it. I am a businesswoman, Mr. Marx. A genteel one at that.."

Xander hmmms for a moment, before shrugging a little, and closing the file, "I suppose that's true… No way a businesswoman such as yourself could possibly be connected." He doesn't hide the fact that he suspects Ling of the many crimes that she's been accused of, but there's little he can do without hard evidence, and he was certain Ling knew it. He takes a moment to step back over to his briefcase, and sets the file back inside, "I suppose I don't have any reason to overstay my welcome…" He pauses for a moment, before thinking of something, before looking back to the Triad leader, "Actually, come to think of it, there is something I'd like to ask.."

A wry smile curls onto her lips as she seems satisfied, especially since she thinks that he has absolutely no evidence to tie her or even closely associate her with any of the crimes she and her followers have committed. Then at the question, Ling simply arches her brows and cants her head as she looks curiously towards him. "Yeeees? What is it?"

Xander takes a moment to think about how to word this question, his hand rubbing onto his forehead, as he begins, "Actually, I was hoping for a bit of a favor. Do you know anything about the company known as Primatech?"

Well that's a rather odd question to ask and she just stares blankly at him for a few moments. "Primatech, you mean the paper company? I know they offer scholarships to students at local universities here, but that's all on their website.." Ling admits ruefully.

Xander nods a little, folding his arms across his chest as he listens, and remarks, "Yes, that is what they say they are, isn't it?" His London accent taking on a disbelieving tone. "I was hoping to find a little more information about what's going on beneath the surface." Ling wouldn't have to read too deep into what he's saying to know what he wants.

"You think Primatech has some shady underbelly? are you trying to bait me, Mr. Marx?" Ling asks with an amused chuckle escaping from her lips while shaking her head a little.

The Lawyer is actually quite serious about this. "Now why would I try to bait you, Miss Ling? You're just businesswoman, a genteel one at that." Twisting words around is always fun. However, he shakes his head, "In all seriousness, though, yes, I do believe they deal in shady business, and I need to know what they're truly up to. You should have enough connections to help me figure out what it is they're up to."

"Off the record.." Ling says, her gaze becoming icy as she looks over towards Xander once more, "And I mean off the record, if Primatech was involved in anything involving drugs, racketeering, money laundering or other such activities..I'd know." Hey..they all know she's more than meets the eye. "On the record, I know nothing.."

Xander allows himself a bit of a smirk. A reaction that was something other than mocking amusement. It was good to know that the woman could be brought down a peg. "Off the record, then, you can do us both a favor then, and help me find out what's going on there, because there's something about them you obviously don't know." The lights in the penthouse flicker furiously for a few moments, before stablizing again, as Xander smiles, and replies, "On the record, I'm sorry to have bothered you, Miss Ling. Please have a good evening." He nods and turns about to pick up his briefcase, and make his way towards the door.

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