2007-10-08: Oh Cursed Spite


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Summary: At the pharmacy area of the Walgreens, Mandy wreaks havoc to get to what she needs while Lukas and Jeremiah run interference in front of the store.

Date It Happened: October 8th, 2007

Oh Cursed Spite

"Oh, the play is out of joint, oh cursed spite, that ever did I die to set it right!"
— Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5

Walgreens Drug Store, Somewhere in New York City

It's getting on in the evening now. The sun didn't set too long ago, but it's not quite late enough for the vast majority of people to be home in bed. Still, it's at that point where bad things can happen under the cover of darkness.

A drug store might seem like a weird place for a raid, but there's a reason for it. Not that it's immediately obvious when three people enter the store just like any other - right through the front. The woman is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, walking slowly, deliberately, back toward the pharmacy, taking her time as she goes. Picking a couple things up, glancing at a watch… After a few minutes, she squeezes her hand closed over the plush toy she has in her hand - a cow - and places it back in its little cardboard display. It slowly starts to dissolve, though the average joe probably wouldn't be on the lookout for something like that.

With a look back, Mandy hopes that the other two are ready, because she's just about ready to go in guns blazin'. Still, there's some hesitation as she approaches the pharmacy counter. There's a lot of people here, and she's wounded.

Oh, well. The more there are, the more trouble she causes. That's fine with her!

It's approaching five o'clock in the afternoon, and the local Walgreens in downtown New York is full of customers. With October rolling around and promising colder months ahead, it didn't help traffic that the flu shot clinic had been opened up in the store's pharmacy for this particular day. There are a lot of people about, others just to buy over the counter medicine or whatever else they need, and some who are actually there so they can be prepared to face the colder months germ-free. There's a bit of a line stretching into the pharmacy, of people waiting to get their shots - but thankfully it's not too bad. There's currently five people in line, a mother with two children, a middle-aged gent, and an older, portly woman with a bright peacock hat on her head - the kind that people would associate with Neville Longbottom's grandmother.

There's a staff of five pharmacologists working today, having anticipated a line due to the flu shots available. However, they're not the only Walgreens in the city, so thankfully the demand for getting flu shots early is a little spread out over the city.

Sharon wanted to get her flu shot taken care of, and so she's come back here to do just that. She had planned on doing this earlier in the day, but she got tied up with some other projects. Her job requires the flu shot, given the environment she works in, just in case. She does frown a little bit at the line though. That's one seriously long line, and the lady with the hat looks to be disturbingly out of a book. But, Sharon settles in to wait in line, crossing her arms.

The pharmacy is the last stop on a list of completely mundane errands for the mother and wife that is Niki Sanders. As such, she's carrying a few shopping bags and a shopping basket. It's just one of those times that every little thing around the house runs out - which just so happens to be one of those times that everything is about to go horribly wrong. Nothing new, right? Presently oblivious, she's in the aisle that houses your run-of-the-mill painkillers like aspirin, nothing fancy, trying to figure out the difference in name brands with an expression that's neutral — at best, bored.

Mandy bypasses them all now, trying not to look suspicious, pressing a hand to the solid lump around her middle. It's wrapped well, there's no dampness or warmth from blood, nothing can be seen, but damn, does it ever hurt! Again, she looks at her watch, and as she turns to see if her partner is on schedule, she sees Jeremiah out of the corner of her eye. Good.

The woman smiles, pulling the hood off her head. There's nowhere to go now but forward.

She passes Niki Sanders, skirting around the woman. As she approaches the counter, there's an almost amicable nod for Sharon, for the others in line, as she walks right up to the pharmacy without respect for the order in which people have arrived. Plopping her butt up on the counter, she swings her legs over and into the pharmacy proper. That's… Probably not supposed to happen.

After a long day, Kitty knew she needed to come and get her flu shot because getting sick is so not cool. Dressed a black top and blue jeans and black boots. She readjusts her shoulder bag and as she gets into line she pokes Sharon in the back, "Hey there" she smiles faintly, that is until she sees Mandy walk in front of the line. Her eyes widen as she instantly recognizes the woman. "Sharon! That's the woman from the dream!" she whisper fiercely to Sharon as she eyes Mandy.

That was unexpected. When Mandy leaps over the counter and lands behind it, the lead pharmacologist looks over at Mandy, frowning. "I'm sorry ma'am, but this area is for employees only," she tells her as she moves to approach the other woman. "Please go back to the main storefront and we'll assist you through the counter." The other pharmacologists look at the confrontation for a few moments, but then they start going about their work. One of them moves to assist the mother and two children who are in front of the line.

Mandy sighs, looks back over the counter, and looks back at the pharmacist. Pressing her lips together, she says, "Nope," takes another look around, and pulls a note out of her pocket. "Vicodin. Where do you keep that? And… Bactrim. I'll need some of that, too."

Sharon nods to Kitty silently and pulls her phone out. What, is she going to beat Mandy down with a phone? No, nothing like that. She just starts casually sending a text message. Her face has gone unreadable as she works on texting someone. Oh hi Peter. Text for you, since you told her you already ran into her once. Mandy isn't causing trouble yet, and might not be planning on it. But Peter will want to know where she is, based on the loose plan they discussed yesterday. The text is going to be quite fast though, and the phone will get put away afterwards.
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As Niki settles on the cheapest aspirin on the shelf, she barely glances at Mandy. Yeah, she got a description from Peter, but until the woman starts burning through things, she could be anyone. Done with the pharmacy as far as she's concerned, and unaware of the danger unlike Kitty and Sharon, the woman heads for the counter.

Kitty blinks and then throws her hand out as Niki walks up to the counter, "No wait!" she says loudly and holds her messenger bag tight against her body. She looks to Sharon as if to say, 'Give me a little help here!' but instead she says, "Oh woe is me, I feel like I'm dying, someone help me please!" she says and fake staggers against Sharon and then points to Niki, "You! Please me help" while whispering to Sharon, "We need to get her away from the acid woman" she then goes back to fanning herself and looking sick.

"Ma'am, please step back to the customer area and we will assist you," the lead pharmacist says firmly as she reaches out to try and take Mandy's elbow gently. "If you are in pain and need antibiotics we will assist you as quickly as possible, but please, you can't be back here." With that, if the pharmacologist manages to touch Mandy, she'll try to steer her back towards where she came from, gently. She's here to help, after all!

Another pharmacologist at the counter looks up and smiles as Niki approaches. However when Kitty pulls off her act, he just…. blinks. "Miss are you alright?" he wonders, looking a little alarmed.

There are a few hushed comments in the line when the lead pharmacologist confronts Mandy. "Mommy what's going on?" a tow-headed little boy asks, tugging on her mother's skirt.

"Excuse me!" the mother says, sounding impatient. "But you can't just cut the line, dear. You'll have to wait for your turn like the rest of us."

Smirking, Mandy looks oover her shoulder, rolling her eyes as Kitty 'faints.' Wonderful, take the attention off her, and this will be all that much easier. Subconsciously, a hand raises again to rub at her side; the dark-eyed woman winces a little as she's hit with yet another shiver of pain. Yeah, time to get to that Vicodin.

Mandy grunts. Touching her right now is a really bad idea, as the pharmacist will soon learn upon touching her. It's slow, since she's wearing long sleeves, but the acid will soon burn through the clothing and onto the skin of the poor woman attempting to lead her back to the other side of the counter. Just in case the point doesn't hit home, Mandy also reaches for the woman's hand, lying it atop it for just long enough to cause corrosion. "As I was saying. You'll help me, or I'll kill everyone in this store."

Looking at the mother who just had to open her yap, the brown eyes travel down to her son. "Starting with the brat there."

Little too late for that, Kitty. "No see here, there's no need for threats," Sharon says as she moves to shift Kitty up and, if Kitty lets her, shift the younger woman behind Sharon. The escrimador takes a couple steps forward. "I think that getting her whatever she asked for and putting this behind us is the best way to proceed". Sharon doesn't want to see any bystanders hurt, and if the woman just really, really needs Vicodin…that's not worth a fight over. Plus this might buy them some time. Of course, if Mandy is just looking to slaughter people, then it probably won't do much. We'll find out!

What the— ? Niki turns quickly, alright, on Kitty's cry - and proceeds to stare at the young woman blankly. "I'm sorry?" The reason doesn't hit home until Mandy's lack of subtly kicks in. That gets her attention pretty fast. Her first reaction is to gape, with a flash of fear; slowly, she puts everything she's carrying, save for her purse, on the floor - the bags, the basket, the boxed bottle of aspirin dropping in with a jostle, and hold up her hands defensively. Harmlessly.

When Mandy's threat is made, Kitty stops her 'act' and glares at Mandy from behind Sharon she lightly puts her hand on Suzie Q in her bag, she isn't bringing her out though! "Just give the woman what she wants, so she can leave" is all Kitty says but the look she gives Mandy says that she hates the woman without even knowing her at all.

There is a pause, the lead pharmacologist trying to manhandle Mandy out of the pharmacy area….when something seems dreadfully wrong. Searing heat and pain suddenly eats into her hand. Her cry is sharp, and sudden, and the lead pharmacologist tries to yank her hands away from Mandy, backing away. "Wh…wh…what did you just do to me?!" she exclaims, clutching at her wrist and watching her flesh melt right before her eyes. It eats away through several layers of skin.

"….what the hell is going on?!" the temperemental mother cries, but when Mandy does what she does and threatens her son, she yanks her boy back to her protectively. "What do you think you're doing?! You can't just threaten children like that!" Especially…well, her children.

Nothing seems to be happening in the front of the store yet - no sounds of chaos, yet, to those who might be thinking about running away that may very well be like a good thing…maybe. But with the lead pharmacologist threatened the way she was, one of the other ones, who is emerging from the back with a few syringes for the flu shots, slows upon seeing the scene before him. Dropping the needles, the burly looking man, who looks more at home in a football field than behind the counter of a Wallgreens, moves forward in an attempt to grab Mandy, and lift her up if he manages to get ahold of her.

"Alright, missy," he grunts. "Stop scaring the nice people and get the fuck out of my store."

Well, no one robs a store this early if she's not interested in slaughtering people. This is much easier to do at night, when the store is closed and everyone's gone home. One way or another, people are going to get hurt. The feeling of rotting and dissolving skin just feels too good under her fingers to pass up. The escapee's not sure who yet, but for several people, their journey through life is ending tonight.

So people were bound to notice. That's the whole point, right? Looks like it's about time for a meat shield; Mandy's well aware that she's not the only one with an ability in this world, and because there are people out there who can fling electricity around like it's as plentiful as the U.S. deficit… Well.

She smiles.

Again, she looks over the counter, at the mother, at the child. There's no answer from her as to what she did or what she plans to do. As the oaf attempts to pick her up, Mandy's hand goes to his face, fingers digging into his eyes - and his face will start to corrode away. "No," she says, the sickly-sweet smile dropping away. Hopefully with the man's face feeling as if it's on fire, she grabs his shirt and keeps him in front of her. Meanwhile, she points at the lead pharmacist. "Your friend here's about to outlive his usefulness." HINT, HINT. "You, there." She gestures to Kitty. "You get back here and help me. Now."

"Let go of him, and you'll get what you need," Sharon says, risking another couple steps closer. She's quick, and she knows what's likely to come. Kitty gets a glance from the woman, but no words are spoken. There's no way to convey any plan verbally, but she's hoping to establish herself as more of a problem than the man. She's not making the first strike, though, instead trying to get her to leave the mundane alone and come after the mostly mundane woman instead.

"Oh God…" Niki whispers through a single, horrified breath, transfixed on Mandy and the pharmacist who is rapidly losing his face. She can burn things… melt things. Acid, she remembers being told. She's nervous about how close she is to the counter and how close the counter is to Mandy; the mother and child who were targeted a few moments ago are eyed nervously and, moistening her lips, the blonde steps closer to them, solidly in front of them. She goes, slowly, for the black purse that's slung over her shoulder, fingering its clasp.

Kitty's eyes widen and she shakes her head slowly and then bites her lip and begins to walk over slowly. She looks to Sharon and with her hand still in her bag she walks up towards the counter and Mandy. As she comes closer she looks to Niki and nods to the other woman. "Son of a bitch" she mutters to herself and sighs. Then since nobody is in front of her, the mother and children out of the way she looks at Mandy and stands with her legs slightly apart. "Make me" she says to the woman and tilts her head. If she can get Mandy to come after her, maybe the other people will be able to get away. Kitty is scared shitless, but her face doesn't show much of that.

It burns. It burns. The effect has the unfortunate consequence of melting the man's eyes within its sockets. The rest of his face follows, flesh melting away from the touch. The big man screams, staggering backwards and clutching at his face, only for Mandy to grab the front of his shirt and yank him forward as a hostage. Corroded flesh can be smelled from where he is, blood dripping onto the floor as what typically happens when several blood vessels are ruptured….

"Alright! Alright!" the lead pharmacologist cries, swallowing. She doesn't know what's going on. All she knows is that whatever the woman touches MELTS. This is…going against what the woman knows of mundane science. "The…the vicodin's on one of the shelves…but…the antibiotics are at the back…they're LABELLED! Just…just please let him go." Oh god. Oh god. He was blind. The woman gapes at Kitty at what she says. Was she crazy?!

"Oh my god." The mother, terrified now that she sees what Mandy can do, holds her children tight. Frozen in place, in fear of what the woman would do to the man she holds if she even moved an inch, all she can do is turn her children to her and hug them to her body, her face ashen. She doesn't want them to see this. Though when Niki moves in front of her, she can't see as clearly anymore, but she does look at the younger blonde gratefully.

The others in the line are frozen, perhaps sharing the same thoughts as the mother. If they move, someone dies. And no one wants that in their conscience.

Let it not be forgotten that Mandy has a bullet wound in her side. She's hurting, there's an upcurl of her lip, a wince; the most she has in her at the moment is way too much extra strength tylonol. It helps, but it's nothing like what she really wants. She can feel a warmth against her skin, between the gash and the bandages, where she's popped her self-serve stitches. The escapee is not doctor, but she knew she had to do something.

She notices things. People stepping in front of others. Heroes in the making. After she kills the brat, Sharon will be next, then— Niki. "What are you doing," she demands of the blonde, her eyes narrowing as she peeks around her meatshield.

She's been doing this for awhile.

"Make you?" Mandy asks. Recklessness runs in her blood. Surely the medicine can wait, and surely she can take care of a few problems before she stuffs her pockets with the Good Stuff. Her attention off Niki, off Sharon, she reaches her hand up to her shield's throat and squeeeeeezes. As she stated before, he no longer has any use. And now he's got a corroded carotid. SURPRISE!

Mandy isn't new at this. While the man's still 'alive,' she throws him forward onto the counter, feeling her side complain with every single move she makes. She cries out with the effort, but that doesn't stop her from reaching over the counter for Kitty's face now.

Awww, crud. Sharon sees that punch coming and does the only thing that the woman can do. So, there's only one thing to do. Sharon calls on her athletic training and, Kitty is probably familiar with this before, as it's the same level of endured strength she got to deal with during the escape from the cafe. Sharon darts around, reaches out to grab Kitty, and attempts to pull her the crap out of the way of that acidic face punching. "Keep those hangs to yourself!" Sharon yells as she makes sure to keep a clear line of sight for Niki to the action. She saw what the woman can do in the dream, so lets hope she has a trick up her sleeve.

Slipping her hand into her purse, Niki doesn't take her eyes off of the dark-haired escapee - even with all the horror unfolding, the gruesome fate of the blinded man. Her breath catches, but she's seen worse. She starts to shake her head, to say she's doing nothing - but the sudden carotid spray stops that. "No!" she screams sharply and launches forward, but doesn't go very far, hesitating as Mandy, Kitty and Sharon have their altercation; then, she rushes ahead to try to grab the man off the counter and pull him forward. It's probably too late for him, but…

Kitty gasps in pain as Mandy's fingertips graze the right side of her face, even though lightly. The little touch burns the side of her face badly. Gazes open up and she screams as they bleed. In anger, Kitty quickly draws her gun and fires a bullet in Mandy's direction. "Bitch!" she says and she looks to Sharon as she breaths deeply, "Thanks"

"No!" the lead pharmacologist cries in horror, watching Mandy burn through the man's throat, and send her colleague over the counter. She stands up, and moves, perhaps in an attempt to do something….but there's suddenly a gun and shooting! She shrinks back, along with her fellow pharmacologists.

The man jerks back, and falls….only to be grabbed by Niki even as she screams. Dragged over the counter, the heavy man sprawls at Niki's feet. Blood runs down his mouth, and his throat, the somewhat high-velocity spray that is typical of ruptured arteries making its marks known on the blonde by a fine spray on her clothes. But his burned-through eyes are staring up at her sightlessly. He's still alive, but not for very long. He has to bleed out first.

The mother screams when the gun goes off, and what she sees happening to the man. She shrinks back further against the wall, clutching her children to her. No way. She's not sticking around. The man was probably dead. So she does what any woman with children would do, and that's she turns and flees, carrying her children. She needs to run out of there. She needs to protect her babies.

Away from the pharmacy panic explodes, the faint yelling of something about a gun reaching the people at the back. No shots, however, are fired in that direction, but there's a mass panic with people trying to get out of the store all at once.
Now Mandy is covered with blood. They made her go get herself all dirty!


As Kitty pulls the firearm from her bag, Mandy's eyes momentarily widen, and she steps to the side quickly, hindered only by the fact that she has a shotgun hole in her side. Ow. Of course, it's remrkably hard to dodge bullets… This one bites into her shoulder, a little more than a graze, a little less than incapacitating. That makes her mad. Medicine. She needs medicine.

She needs to kick the everliving snot out of Kitty.

Back over the counter she goes. Time to get rid of that gun before it does anymore damage. Given that she can melt just about anything she touches, she imagines it's not going to be to hard to destroy this little thing! After all, she's friggin' Mandy Larson. Everyone will be cowering in a few moments! Her other hand reaches for the closest person - Sharon - even as she watches the mother flee with her kids. Let them run. If Jeremiah's doing his job, the doors are already locked, and there's no escape.

Sharon dodges off to the side as the woman tries to grab her, even though the attack wasn't as good as it could have been on Mandy's part. Sharon then brings her steel-toed boot (after her talk with Peter last night, she learned that a steel-toed boot would be a wise thing to wear around town) up in a strong kick at the woman's face. "I said to keep your hands off of people!" she yells, trying to take the woman down in a single hard blow. And it's a nice kick, too. Sharon would be proud, if not for the fact she's trying to NOT DIE here tonight.

Niki instinctively shuts her eyes - in shock, horror, disgust, take your pick - as she's splattered with the stranger's blood. The man falls helplessly at her feet and there's nothing she can do. She sees that, now, as he lays there dying. Cutting … his losses (not without a pained look of remorse), the blonde backpedals until she bumps lightly into a display of vitamins (now in raspberry!). By her anxious, pointed glances behind her, she's thinking of making a break for it, too, or maybe look for some kind of weapon, but for now, she's frozen in the chaos.

Kitty yelps as Mandy almost touches Suzie Q and destroys her. Kitty's eyes narrow and she exhales. Her father bought her that gun and if Mandy had melted it. Kitty would have been livid. But for now she is just angry that she even tried that. She blinks and looks to Niki, "Get out of here!" she yells, "Get to your son!" and as she says that she gets clear shot at Mandy and opens fire again. Kitty is so glad that the innocent bystanders are out the way.

"Everybody into the back, quickly," says the lead pharmacologist, cradling her bleeding hand and reaching one of her younger colleagues, who's hunched and pressed against the wall crying with fright. She'll try to get the three others with her to start moving for the door to get away from the crossfire….not the front, of course, since there seems to be chaos happening there too. But they can possibly go to the back and barricade themselves if they find something strong enough. But how can they barricade themselves against someone who can MELT things by touch? Still she'll try, trying to herd her colleagues to a place of safety.

The man Niki tried to help twitches in his death throes, until the last gurgling breath leaves his body. His face is turned to Niki, staring sightlessly and a thin trickle of blood running down the side of his mouth.

Not as flexible as she could be, Mandy starts to dodge, only to take Sharon's boot to her shoulder, instead. That's better that her face, but it still hurts, and it has her screaming a rather foul expletive that will be heard even at the front of the store. She makes a grab for Sharon again, this time for the chest - a mere swipe of her hand in order to cause pain if she can manage that, which will leave bubbling, corroding tracks across the girl's chest if they hit.

By now, there's a hint of red starting to stain the sweatshirt she's wearing. Unfortunately, she's even started to burn through the bandages that are wrapped around her, exposing a definite weak spot in her armour, so to speak. She can't keep this up.

Backing away from Sharon, from Kitty, breathing heavily, even though she should hardly be winded, she notes the other people here. Deep brown eyes look again to Niki. Mandy killed her first meatshield, and now it's high time for another, and to that end, she'll cover the distance to Niki with a few quick steps, making a grab for the woman's shoulder. Unwittingly, this causes her to mercifully avoid being struck by more bullets as she aims to pull Niki in front of her. As of yet, her touch isn't painful, but that can change…

Sharon reaches over to grab a mop from behind the counter. It's long enough that the stick fighting style of Eskrima works in some of the styles. Though Sharon expects the acid woman to burn the 'staff' apart easily. But, Sharon swings with the blunt end of the mop like one would a longsword, coming down at Mandy's head. However, it's a feint, not meant to actually strike, and the actual attack is going to be another kick to the head, steel-toe boot included free of charge in this case. It's referred to as a chain of hand fighting style because of how the moves work both armed and unarmed, allowing free movement if necessary.

Hey, hey, hey, back up just a second! How did that girl know she even had a son?! Niki glances around to see if the mother and son who fled are still anywhere in sight, but no - Kitty was looking at her. "Wh-what did you— " And Mandy is coming toward her! Let's never mind the stranger knowing more than she should and focus on getting away from the woman with the acid. Niki scrambles deftly to the side, jostling the display behind her, stepping into the aisle and knocking bottles off the shelf in her hurry. Giving said shelf a thoughtful glance, she gets a look of determination and grabs its edge with both hands, tearing it from its fastenings with a harsh squeal of metal. Medication crashes to the floor, rolling every which way, and the woman wields the shelf — more defensively than anything else, at the moment, with so much happening at once.

Kitty gaps and looks to Niki, "The hell?" she says, ok maybe the shelf was loose?? Kitty blinks and then turns her attention back to Mandy, waiting for the woman to make a move.

The lead pharmacologist is able to make her fellow colleagues run, still cradling her burned hand as Mandy now focuses her attention on the three other women. Ushering the three others inside the back room where the antibiotics are, and where windows are located, she closes the door and, with the aid of someone else, drags a heavy table right in front of it. The male pharmacologist who had been manning the counter earlier moves to try and get to a window, opening it to try and escape the horror with his other coworkers who are still alive. They miss Niki's miraculous shelf ripping and wielding, thankfully - their day's been weird enough!

With the middle-aged gent and the mother with her children having bolted, the peacock-hat lady is left, frozen against the wall and gaping at Niki ripping a shelf with her super strength off its fixtures and wielding it defensively. And then, the escrimador launches her attacks, while the gun-toting crazy kid is staring wide-eyed at everything. Much like she
's doing. There is, clearly, only one thing left to do.

She removes her hat, and THROWS the gaudy, feathered thing at Mandy, and runs like hell.

Well, this isn't going as well as she expected. As the mop descends, catching her off guard, she attempts to get out of the way of that, only to receive a bop on the head for her efforts. As if that wasn't enough, that boot comes up to kick her under the chin, sending her sprawling with a loud crash into the nearest shelf, and Niki the She-Bear has just given her a fanTABulous idea. GRIN.

So. It's about time to fight something that can't fight back.

She reaches out for the front of the shelf - the endcap, as it were, closing her eyes, putting all her energy into this, and draws a line across the front. This line starts to melt and corrode, a hiss emitting from the damaged steel, as the products on the shelf cause the whole structure to become unbalanced. The whole thing starts to buckle, and a whole lot of products are now falling toward our happy heroes as Mandy spits out blood.

Pushing herself to her feet, she's well-aware of the fact that she should get out of here. Not without her drugs, though.

The look she gives the others is simple. Catch me if you can.

This time, she doesn't even bother jumping over the counter. She's too damn sore, so she burns through the door, leaving the pressboard and metal dripping onto the floor underneath. This is when she starts shoving whatever looks good into the pockets of her sweatshirt. Vicodin she has. Now, antibiotics… She's being pelted by a hat.

WELL THEN. There's only one thing to do! Glaring at the retreating woman, Mandy picks up that hat, and…!!!


Sharon tries to shift and push the shelf out of the way of the group, but she can't get a good grip on the thing, and yeah. That isn't going to be fun as it ends up catching her on the legs and making Sharon crash to the ground with a thud. But, she's in one piece it looks like. Just the stupid shelf caught her legs, and she can't see if anyone else got nailed by it yet. "Nnnngh," the woman says.

With a cry of surprise, Niki backpedals in high-heeled boots away from the corroding shelf, but it buckles and falls too fast for her to get out of the way entirely - she's too close. She's bombarded by a slew of pharmaceuticals and the falling shelf itself, including the one that she drops when she hits the ground, legs sprawling. But the woman's not down for long; grabbing onto it with both hands, she lifts the debris off of her enough for her to kick and shove her way out from underneath, probably not without some serious bruises to show for it later. It falls with a clamour after she lets go and stands up, looking around frantically. No Mandy. "We have to get out of here. Go!"

Kitty gasps and just barely escapes the falling debris with a cry she falls onto the floor and then looks to Sharon and Niki as she climbs back to her feet and hisses in pain as the burns begin to hurt her, "Do you think Peter can help me?" she says softly, the question directed to Sharon.

The pharmacy's supply of Bactrin is through the door where the pharmacologists have barricaded themselves and are now trying to get out through the window. By the time Mandy burns through the obstacles in her way to the precious antibiotic, she would see the lead pharmacologist trying to boost the last of her co-workers out the window. She whirls around, and stares at Mandy when she sees her. Oh god. She was dead.

"Go! Go!" she cries, angling her shoulder and tries to boost the younger girl out the window. With a cry, the girl vanishes from the window, a dull thud indicating that she's left sprawling on the ground and probably helped by her coworkers that are helping her on the other side. Then, the older woman leaps up to try and grab the sill so she can try and make an escape. All around Mandy, she'll find that the woman had been telling her the truth earlier, the prescription drugs are all stocked in the back room where they are, and all are labeled neatly.

Let them go. Let them run. Mandy's not having fun anymore, and she's in some considerable pain. The store is in ruins, and as she looks behind her to see the others starting to run away…

She'll get them. Eventually, she'll get them. Mandy never forgets a face. Sneering, she tries to remember where the pharmacist told her the antibiotics were. In the back, yeah? Well, then. Pulling open the bottle of Vicodin, she hungrily devours one, hoping for quick relief. She'll get it… Eventually. "JEREMIAH. LUKAS!" she calls toward the front of the store, or wherever her partners in crime are located. She's got about all they need, it's time to get the hell out of here.

And just in time, because someone from the front of the store has called the brass. Sirens can be heard wailing from a distance…and getting closer.

Sharon glances to Niki, getting out from underneath when the woman shoves the shelf out. "I advise we all get out of here," Sharon says. And she's going to gesture to the door and, if Niki and Kitty get moving, she's heading out as well. She has NO DESIRE to stick around when the cops ask about the acid burning lady.

Niki bends down to pluck her purse out of the shelf-carnage, eyeing the room Mandy disappeared into - and yells from - apprehensively all the while. She makes a run for it with the other women, but comes to a near-screeching halt before getting very far. "Wait," she hisses. "There's more of them. They could be out there." Which means she advances more slowly, more carefully, the way she came when entering the pharmacy. When this was a normal day. (No such thing.)

Suddenly, Mandy drops from the ceiling and tears out Niki's jugular, before ninja-vanishing into the sunset.

Kitty blinks and rubs her arm as she puts Suzie Q back into her messenger bag. "Do we wait?" Kitty asks and looks around and blinks as she sways some. "Ok, this /really/ hurts." Kitty's face is bleeding but not to much.

"I don't know if the pain relievers here are going to help. Even the extra-strength Tylenol," Sharon says. "But we'll get you to a medic soon," Sharon assures Kitty. Though a look is given to Niki and she follows with a nod, glancing at the door. She's ready to move when Niki is, but she'll follow the strong woman's lead. Though she does glance at the back where Mandy burned through. "Or we could go that way," she adds. Mandy is gone now, so it should be relatively safe!

Niki stalks down an aisle cautiously until she gets a glimpse of what's going on at the front of the store. "…I think they're gone," she says, although she doesn't sound completely sure about that. Reassuring, right? Then, she promptly in her tracks and stares ahead, gaping, blue eyes wide at what she just witnessed. Whatever it was, it must not spell more imminent danger, because she starts jogging toward the front. Back way might be more inconspicuous, but who's to say Mandy's really gone? At least there's no screaming.

Kitty nods, "This sucks, remind why I play hero again? Oh that's right, because I don't like to see innocent people hurt," Kitty says to no one in particular. And she follows Niki and Sharon to wherever they go.

"Then lets get out of here," Sharon says, and she's following after Niki. "And get you somewhere that we can get your face looked at," she adds to the woman, intending to be behind Kitty and Niki in the line of people exiting.

When Niki peers out, she'll find a man (Jeremiah) dashing out the door, followed by a strange couple on the side. One seems to be bleeding. Both don't seem to notice Niki when there is a sharp crack, and they're both…just suddenly gone. But the door seems to be wide open, and the store looks to be empty save for a few, quivering employees hiding behind the cashier counters. However, the sirens are still wailing. The other women manage to leave before police cars come squealing to a stop in front of the Walgreens, while Niki stays behind to at the very least point the authorities in the right direction.

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