2009-09-25: Oh No She Didn't



Date: September 25, 2009


Oh yes she did.

"Oh No She Didn't"

Building 26 - NSA Listening Room

Footsteps draw the great man known as Senator Ivory Wynn off towards the Listening Room. Which is where he's going to meet up with one of his biggest fans. Not to mention she's damn cute too. He reaches for the door and slides himself inside, without too much hesitation. "Bert? Babe, you around?" He's not even sure if she's here or what. But he does have that pile of papers she gave him the other day, which he's ready to return.

Bert is hovering over one of the master work stations that monitors the drones in the office. "No, the algorithm is off. Here, adjust the formula this way…" And she reaches down to tap a few keys on the board for one of her underlings and.. "Voila, see? Isn't that running more efficiently? You use too much code and it just gets messy." When the lovely senator slides on in, she bolts upright and puts on a smile for him. It's a bit disconcerting how it's like turning on a light when she's in the same room with Ivory. The rest of the time, she's more herself. "Senator Wynn! So good of you to come down here and see what we're doing!"

"You know I only have eyes for you." Ivory quips, flashing his charming smile and sliding off in the general direction of where Bert has bolted upright. "I don't know half of what goes own down here. I just keep trying to find excuses to come on down." There's even a wink attached to that final statement, before Ivory swings up the folder. "Brought these back. They look to be in order. You're doing great. Thought you should know that."

Bert raises a hand to subconsciously adjust the buttons on her blouse as she gazes upon Ivory with a look of utter adoration. Collecting herself, she takes the folder and smiles like the devoted subject she is. "Oh sir, you're just saying that." You're not, right? "Did I tell you how wonderful you were on O'Reilly? You had him eating out of your hand!"

"I did okay. Tracy really helped me prepare, though. She's something too." Ivory's looking off to the side now, remembering the assistance he got from Tracy and completely oblivious to the unbuttoned buttons on the blouse that's on the Bert. He's just a little bit too preoccupied right now, because he's thinking about Tracy and her untrustworthy ass. "And I'm not just saying that. You're awesome." Wynn sounds as genuine as possible.

"Speaking of that lying tramp," Bert says and grabs for Ivory's hand. "Come with me to my desk!" She's oblivious, damn enthrallment! "I was testing out a prototype that I've been working on implementing along with the tracking software.. I used it to tap into the surveillance you already have existing on Strauss, and you aren't going to /believe/ what I found."

Senator Wynn was so not expecting to get yanked off in the direction of the cute techie's desk. Not at all. So he's stumbling for a step or two before he figures out he should be walking with her. And then they're both over there and that's good for the moment. Solid ground. "Uh oh. I'm almost afraid to look." is muttered, even if his eyes are widening at the moment, as he's getting himself ready to see whatever greatness has been found!

"Oh no you aren't! You'll /love/ this," Bert says with great enthusiasm as she plops into her seat and unlocks her computer screen with a complicated password. Her fingers fly over the keys and maneuvering the mouse through several programs and files as she pulls up some rather juicey information. "She's having an affair with Malden," Bert cheerfully announces, without the remorse one would normally show when outing a person's illicit behavior. "I haven't caught any actual evidence of the acts mind you, but this information? I don't know how she can deny anything. Would you like it on a flash drive or DVD?"

"Both, actually. I like to have multiple copies of things." Ivory's grinning like a Cheshire Cat at this very moment, since there happens to be some juicy information within his grasp. Which, of course, is going to really help him stay in control of this crazy chick that's too addicted to Malden to fully crossover to his side. He'll show her. "I thought maybe they had something going on, but with proof…. interesting."

Bert flashes a wink up at Ivory and her hands fly over the keys again and she queues up copying over to the drives. "Oi, Chet, toss me one of the spare 4 gig flash drives!" She rises up from her seat and catches the drive when it's tossed her way. Files are encrypted, copied and ta-da! She gets up from her seat, and tucks the small drive into the senator's breast pocket. Slipping it in like some dark little secret. "I knew she was up to no good. I could tell. Think she'll blow everything we're working on?" Not that Bert really has the specifics of what she's doing.. just that she'll do /anything/ Ivory asks of her.

"She won't get that chance. Thanks to you." Ivory has no qualms about this girl being in his personal space. A lot of chicks tend to like to be all up on him like this. And who would he be if he denied them this opportunity. It just wouldn't be right. "Think you can hold on to a couple of copies down here. Just in case?"

"Senator! Who do you think you're talking to? Of course we have hard copies on the hard drive, and we have backups. What kind of agency would we be if we didn't maintain records?" Bert says, giving Ivory a little pat before settling back into her chair, crossing one leg over the other. It is of course, rather damning to keep records of everything. It's a paper trail of liability, but she's not going to question Wynn. "It's housed on a separate storage drive from the surveillance video in the building."

"You're a doll." And then Ivory's leaning in to plant his lips to Bert's forehead in a thankful kiss. "You don't know how much I appreciate this. Now if only I can get some confirmation on the actual act itself…" And that's the part he's going to leave up in the air.

Bert flashes a smile that would light up an entire room, "I'm in the NSA, you've got her under tabs. We'll keep monitoring. Something's off about her, and I'll find it." Still smiling up at the senator, she says, "Now, if we could get a warrant and authorization.. we could do the same for Governor Malden, as well as intercept his current security."

"We'll just keep it on her for now. You're doing more than I bargained for, Bert." And that's when he's looking at his wrist. The expensive watch is telling him that he's got somewhere to be in an hour. "Ah. I've got a meeting. I should hit the road. Lunch? You and me? Soon, yes?"

"You just say when, and I'll drop what I'm doing for you." Bert should be disgusted at herself. She's /never/ been this way in her life! Yet none of this feels weird to her.

"You're the best." Ivory says, stepping towards the exit. He does, though, manage to give Bert the greatest body language ever created: The Wink and The Gun. And then, with a smile, he's disappearing out of the door. Back to boring Senatorial stuff.

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