2007-03-08: Oh Obliviousness


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Discussions of earth power, right and wrong, and Captain Planet. Claudine checks out the man behind the flyers.

Oh Obliviousness

Bitchin' Stitchin', New York

The fliers are definitely interesting. Not being on assignment about it, but still curious nonetheless, Claudine has decided to find the address and stop on by this fine weekend evening. As such, she's dressed rather comfortably in a pair of snug fitting jeans, her Columbia hoodie and her usual navy peacoat when she comes upon the store and peers around curiously. "Hello?" she calls out, trying to see if Jeremy is around while holding the flier in her hand.

It's pretty empty, really. Jeremy is in the backroom - insofar as a room can be called separate with only a curtain of beads between it and the front desk - and alone, apparently having some difficulty with a jacket. When Claudine's voice rings out, he's quick to abandon his work, snatching his glasses off his face. "Hi!" he calls out. "A moment." Making sure his sewing won't come undone in his absence, Jeremy heads to the front of the store, pushing the beard curtain out of the way. "Can I help you?" he asks politely, before his gaze drops down to the flier the young woman is holding. "Ah, looking for me?"

"Well, if you're the one who put out this flier, than yeah.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she cants her head to the side, definitely sizing him up. She cant say she's too surprised about his appearance, but oh well. "So um..what makes you think all this kind of stuff is possible? Like anyone would have powers..bah..they'd have to be schizophrenic of delusional, right?"

Jeremy gives her a considering look, then a bright smile. "Not necessarily," he says, then moves to part the beaded curtain. The back workroom has desks with sewing machines and seems to be strictly professional, but a couch and chair are pushed up at the opposite wall. "Did you wanna sit down? And yeah, I'm Jeremy, it's nice to meet you."

She thinks for a few moments upo giving her name, but decides against it, coming up with an alias instead. "Lea.." introducing herself while extending her hand out towards him for a hand shake. Once that's done, she eases on down on the couch and crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "I'm a biochem major at NYU, doing a project on 'Activating Evolution' by Dr.Suresh. Since your fliers were of a similar theme, I thought I'd come speak with you." Yeah..this whole lying thing has gotten easier it seems.

Jeremy pulls up a chair opposite her, and his eyes positively light up at the mention of the book. "That's great!" he enthuses. "It's a book with a lot of controversy, huh? Spun everyone out, when it got published. It's part of why I started making those flyers, you know? There's something to it. What did you think of it?"

"I dont really believe it. I mean powers? This isnt the comics..or a tv show.." Claudine says matter of factly with a healthy bit of skepticism in her tone. "It's not like anyone can prove that people with powers can exist..unless you know of people with powers.." she says, wrinkling hernose a little.

"Well, I should really be confidential about who comes to see me," Jeremy says, chin lifting a little, though a smile plays out on his features. He's used to skeptical. "But really, the only people that can prove powers exist are the people with powers. And I've met a few, that I can tell you."

"Really?" Claudine says, her eyes widening, rather interested in that. "What sorts of powers have you seen then?" she asks curiously, chewing on her bottom lip as she pulls out a notepad fromnher purse and starts scribbling down some notes. "Any of them seem particularly dangerous?"

Jeremy looks vaguely hesitant when the questions begin, but in general, he's not a suspicious person. And really, even in New York? It can be hard to strike up a conversation about this kind of thing, and Jeremy takes the bait. "Dangerous… well, a pair of scissors are dangerous if someone bad is holding them, you know?" he says. "So I guess there's some danger. I mean, a met a guy who… he didn't turn invisible, but he could sort of become unnoticeable. Scared the hell out of me, I'm telling you."

"Someone who wasnt invisible, but you couldnt notice him? Sort of like hiding in plain sight?" Claudine asks curiously, her brows raised as she jots that down, slightly concerned about that one. "Could he control his power? cause I mean..it must suck if you cant and you're trying to raise your hand in the middle of class. But at the same time..if you wanted to do something..criminal..it'd be an ideal power..dont you think?"

"I guess it would," Jeremy agrees, with a slight, fluttery nervous smile. "But yes, hiding in plain sight, that's a good one. He seemed to have pretty good control over it, he could choose when I noticed him and when I didn't. He made sure everything sharp and pointy was moved away from me before he got my attention, too. But… I mean you have to trust people won't always do the wrong thing with their abilities, and that's sort of why I'm doing this. I know if /I/ had a power… I'd use it the right away."

Claudine takes all this down, slightly concerned that someone has this power, but until she finds out whether that person is dangerous or not, she'll keep mum about it. "Right and wrong can be subjective.." she comments, crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "What's right for you, might be wrong for someone else. But, if you did have powers..what would you do? Let's say..you could somehow control the earth under your feet.." giving the hypothetical example of her own abilities.

Jeremy raises an eyebrow at this example, and glances thoughtfully down at the ground. "Like rock and earth and all that?" he asks. "Man, that's an obscure one. I guess… well maybe if I had that, I could stop earth quakes, or secure fault lines. You know, if one was that powerful. You could make things safer, sort of. Fix the earth. Literally." He gives Lea a toothy smile. "Not the flashiest of powers but it'd be pretty handy."

"I dont think a person with that ability should be messing with thingsthat much. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction afterall. Close a fault line somewhere, and another will open somewhere else..it's not like the Earth's crust can handle such stress afterall..that's why there are earthquakes.." Claudine says softly, definitely having learned a lot during her stay with the Company, especially with allthe books she was provided, but she makes note of it anyway. "And you never know, it could be pretty flashy if you were creative enough.." smiling back towards him.

Jeremy looks a little disgruntled when she logics his ideas out of the water, but not too unhappy, almost enjoying the debate. "Well, I think it'd be worth a shot, all the same, especially if you were /really/ careful about it. You'd have to know what you were doing. I get it could be pretty flashy, especially if you've ever seen Captain Planet." And who hasn't. "That was a pretty great power, right there."

"Yeah..it's pretty sweet.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle under her breath, before idly running her fingers through her hair, more out of habit than anything else. "Look..if you happen to run into others with powers..think you can give mea call? I'd really like to learn what sorts of things are out there.." she says before jotting down her cellphone number on a separate sheet on her notepad before handing it to him. "It's sort of a project.."

Jeremy looks about to protest, but he holds a hand out for the piece of paper, anyway. "I can't guarantee all of 'em will want their name passed on," he says, almost apologetic. "But certainly I can give them your number, and if they want to, they'll get in contact. God knows there just aren't enough people to turn to with this stuff." Oh, obliviousness.

She hrmms, for a few moments, debating whether or not she should tell him he doesnt have to give her the information, but since he volunteered it, she'll let it be. "Well, I can understand them wanting to keep it confidential, but even if you just tell me their abilities that would be good enough…" Claudine says with a bright smile as she eases on up. "Well, I better head out of here..have to go and study and all.." she chirps before shaking his hand. "Thanks Jeremy! I'm sure I'll be seeing you around.." cause well, it's better that he see her instead of Elle or Anders. They're not gentle..

"It was no trouble," Jeremy says, standing up and moving to see her out. "Drop by any time, let me know how your research goes. I can probably give you some good titles to look into for it, if you'd like." He opens the door for her, with the intent to lock it behind her as the hour grows late.

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