2009-12-07: Oh, You Mean Those Trains!



Date: December 7, 2009


A front-line freedom fighter is introduced.

"Oh, You Mean Those Trains!"

New York

What's new in George's life this week? It's busy, but then it always is. And it's high-stakes, but then it always is. And the stakes include his own life and liberty… okay, that's a new one. Now to find out whether those seemingly random hiring instincts of his were good ones after all.

Up to this point, his fledgling team had just dropped in from time to time, but now they're going to need a decent place to touch base with each other and with their counterparts in DC. To that end, he's hanging out at his office space in New York, overseeing one of the rooms being cleared out and refitted with empty desks and phones.

She didn't call, she didn't text, and she didn't make an appointment. She also didn't care. To that end, after she was released from the hospital, she made a phone call to one of her best friends. No, not Emily, Alex. They wouldn't allow her out of the place without an escort and she didn't feel like bothering George. Until after they left the premises. "Hey Alex, do you mind if we stop by to see George?" Of course she was fine, but while she counted the numerous bags that she is carrying, she realized that she's missing one of them. "Not again…" whimpers the little blonde.

During the cab ride to the Congressman's headquarters, the petite blonde retold the story of the attempted kidnapping to her equally petite friend. Minus a few details… like how they managed to escape. That part was left out as per the request from her rescuer. It's because she didn't make an appointment that she dutifully waits in one of the reception chairs out in the main lobby of George's New York headquarters. Eventually, he'll come out and notice her. Until then, she's quite content to just relax in the general din of the office, making polite conversation with her friend.

Alex patiently trudges along with Hallis…who's pretty fortunate that she was able to help her out; Alex had just gotten back from a trip overseas on business, to meet with international collaborators. International travel is never good with her, since she doesn't fly well; she purposely drugged herself with sleeping pills to make sure she didn't…wig out on the flight, and was actually able to get on and fly in the first place. So, long story short, she's off for the rest of the week, and getting readjusted to NYC. "So what is this about?" she's asked Hallis several times, but really hasn't gotten much in the way of an answer, just that Hallis wants her to meet George for something.

The office refurb seems to be going well enough, to the point that George is just getting in the way now. Taking a hint from the look the contractor is giving him, he heads back to the front, picking up a fresh cup of coffee along the way. "Oh, hey!" he calls out, spotting Hallis and heading over toward her. And then he catches the look in her eyes. That is not a good look. "…Hal, you doing okay?" He shoots Alexandra a quizzical look, but waits for one or the other of them to offer intros.

Nodding, Hallis gives George a brief peck on the cheek and then turns to Alex. "This is my friend Alex, I wanted you to meet her." Then she turns to Alex and licks her lips, she didn't really explain the ulterior motive to their meeting. Of course, she wanted to see the congressman for a variety of reasons, but to kill two birds with one stone. "Alex, this is George, my boyfriend. I thought…" Looking around, the petite woman waits for any extra ears to vacate the office before speaking again. "George wants to help with that problem with the trains. I thought maybe you could help him."

"The…trains? What do you mean the….OHHHHH, the trains," Alex finally manages to piece it all together. Alex stands up from her chair, and offers a hand to George. "Y-yeah, I guess that's a problem I could help with. I mean, I have no idea what sort of stuff you're planning on doing, or how much you know, but I should be ok to handle it." Makes you wonder what a girl just as teeny as Hallis can actually do. Superspeed might be the case. Or maybe one of the mental powers.

George picks up on it pretty quickly, it's just recently been on his mind after all. Alas, the quiet room isn't exactly quiet enough just yet, so he settles for leading the two newcomers down a nearby hallway so they can talk freely. (No one bats an eye at this; there's enough things going on at once, no one else pays much mind to just one more.)

"I'm afraid I don't know as much as I'd like to, Alex," he says, once they're more or less alone. "Some of us are close to the right place, we just need to get someone on the inside so I can find the shutdown switches."

Hallis is a third wheel in this conversation, she knows it. "George, if you don't mind do you thnk I could just sit down? I won't make any trouble or get in the way…" Then she looks at the massive amount of shopping bags she carried into the office, "…much." She turns to him and gives him a quick smile, then nods toward Alex, pointing to the solitary chair behind the desk. "I'll be right over there if you need anything. Okay?" Really, she just wanted to see the man. After her horrible day, it's enough to just sit in the same room as him for a while, even if she isn't the focus of all of his attention.

"Ok," Alex says, giving the nod to Hallis, with a little smile. But really, her attention is pretty much on George. "I don't know a lot myself. I just…well, you probably know that I helped out on a train rescue some time ago. Busted a lot of folks out of some government transport train. I…haven't been more involved. Work's been a real bear lately." She nods to what George says though, understanding the idea…just not necessarily equipped to be the one to go on the inside and do much.

George arches a brow. "No, I didn't know that— I've been finding out about all this pretty late in the game, I think. I think Hallis may actually have met more people with abilities than I have." He pauses, slipping his hands into his pockets as he thinks. "I wouldn't ask you to go out on the front lines again - someone might recognize you - but anything you can tell me about what you saw there would help."

"Well…uh, they were big armored train cars. A bunch of guys dressed in all-black, with big guns. I dunno a lot more. They looked like they were in the military." While she talks, she sort of wrings her own hands, remembering what happened the night of the actual rescue. "They had kids and adults captive, I think. And as for being recognized? We were all covered up, and wearing gas-masks and everything. It'd be hard to recognize anyone that was involved…good or bad."

George nods. "Sounds like the type of black ops team they'd use for that sort of thing." He makes a sour face at the mention of children - not that he doubted it, between Jamie's video and Ivory's between-the-lines admission - but doesn't dwell on it out loud. "How'd they have the captives restrained? Fear of being shot is nice and direct, but I'm guessing there are a few abilities that could mess with that pretty well…"

"That I don't know. I didn't go inside. They left me outside to keep a lookout." And trash some Hummers, but she doesn't say that. "I didn't see much after they got out, either. I was…kind of saving my own skin, as it were. The military guys started running, and thankfully they decided I wasn't worth it."

Swinging around in the chair to put her back to the window again, Hallis gives the pair a small smile. "I'm glad they ran and I'm really glad that they didn't catch you. I couldn't imagine what kind of horrible torture they had in mind for all those poor people on the trains." The reality of the situation had been spelled out to her by Rebel already. Normal people were put in prison and had their possessions confiscated, people with abilities went someplace special and were probably never heard from again. Her eyes flit to George, full of confidence and faith in the man. "George will put everything right again, I know he will."

At that, George smiles faintly: Hallis's confidence is heartening, but yet to be backed up. "I don't know that it's that bad, if Ivory felt he could live with it at first… but I suppose someone could've been keeping him in the dark, too. Depends who's really pulling what strings. Speaking of, how'd you guys get tipped off about the trains in the first place?" Did he mention he's been playing serious catch-up on all this?

"Uh…I actually met a guy in the park who told me about all this. But there was this texter too, named Rebel. They, whoever they are, got ahold of me once or twice, mostly after the thing. I think they were coordinating the whole event." Really, she's in the dark on a lot of it too. She just went and smashed some stuff and then got rescued to Germany for a while.

"I've heard about Rebel, I think," George replies, "is he the one that that video said to contact? Hallie, I need to get in on it next time you talk with them." Could be a man or a woman, and with them using a pre-teen girl in the footage, who knows… "The guy in the park, are you still in touch with him? Sounds like he was on the early part of the curve, too."

"Well…uh, I think he got captured or something. I got another text message regarding him from someone else, someone not named Rebel. Owns a book store here, I think. I went looking for her there once, and she wasn't to be found. But then I had work commitments, so I didn't follow through on it." While she stands there and talks, she starts to look a little fidgety, recalling all this stuff she's put out of her mind quite a while ago for the sake of her job. "So really, I don't know too much. Sorry!"

"I talked to Rebel the other day, well texted him slash her." Hallis interjects, once again having something to input into the conversation. "I don't think they're hiding in the United States. Which is a good thing, I think. They can't be touched wherever they are, but they can't really be protected either. It's a toss up… Isn't it?" The idea of protection causes the blonde's eyebrows to furrow together as she glances toward George, "George, is there some kind of protection being offered at all?"

At least George isn't blaming Alexandra, he's had plenty of job stuff on his plate too - even after finding out about the abductions. It took a guilt trip from Sydney to prod him into working on it, despite his lack of obvious resources. "Mmm, I don't know… they did say 'domestic terrorism', but the type of people who would sign on for a mission like this? I don't think going outside the country would be out of the question for them. And if there are any deals being offered— well, I don't know if you could trust those anyway. This smells like it's being run out of ignorance and fear— that doesn't lead to honestly dealmaking."

"Yeah, I don't know exactly who they had, or where they were abducted from. I do know they were pretty coordinated, and well-equipped. The folks that were being rescued seemed groggy, so maybe they had something they were doing to make them unable to use their abilities. Like I said, it was kind of overwhelming…and exahausting." Crushing two vehicles, soldiers inside will do that, ya? "But if you have anything planned, count me in, I guess." What the heck is Alex saying? Even she doesn't really know; just seems like the right thing to do.

Hallis gives Alex a big smile as she offers her aide in whatever counterstrike George may be planning to get the government back on the side of good. "I'll be right on your side Alex, I don't think George could keep me out of anything if he tried." She's good at getting into trouble that way, it's always best if he's around to curb her enthusiasm.

George smiles as well, more brightly now, offering Alexandra a hand to cement the deal. "Thanks, I really appreciate it… we need everyone we can get for this. I don't know exactly how we're approaching it yet, but as soon as we work something out, I'll be sure to let you know."

Alex takes the offered hand, and shakes it firmly if not vigorously. "Sounds like a plan then!" she exclaims with a smile, worried though it may be on her face.

Hallis looks between the two and finally rises from her chair with a smile. She drifts over to George's side and slips her hand into his. "George will put it all to right, trust me. With you helping him, I can't see it failing at all." With his pull, Alex's knowledge, Hallis money, and their combined contacts the little socialite has the utmost faith in the system again.

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