2007-05-04: Okay To Be Worried


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Summary: After a long night rescuing, healing, overloading and recovering… Peter heads home to see his girlfriend a little later than he told her he'd be.

Date It Happened: May 4, 2008 (early morning)

Okay To Be Worried

Peter Petrelli's Apartment


You dial the number 283-4658. It begins to ring.

The other end answers, "Hello?"

Peter sounds a little tired, "Hey." It's late by the time she gets this phonecall. Well after dark. His phone's been off since he called in the early evening to say he had to take care of some family business and he'd call her back when it's handled. "How you doing?"

Elle makes a "mmph" noise. "So-so. My head is killing me tonight for some reason. You? Family business all handled?"

Peter is speaking in whispered tones, as if calling from a hallway and worried someone might hear him. "More or less. I'll likely be staying the night at the mansion, or leaving in a couple hours to go back to the apartment."

Elle sounds concerned. "Is there trouble? I can meet you over at the mansion." "Can" in this case sounds less like an offer and more like a swap-out for "I want to".

Peter hesitates, while sounds of movement can be heard, and a door closing, as if he's ducked into one of the rooms. He speaks a little louder at this point, "It's nothing like with— nothing Sylar or world ending. Just— some guys kidnapped Heidi, that's Nathan's wife. We handled it and got her back, I just need to stick around and make sure everyone else is okay before I can leave."

Elle sounds more tense. "And that they don't come around. I'll meet you at the mansion."

Peter sounds worried, "No, Elle, they're not going to be coming back, and the house has guards… These were normal guys, they weren't anything that needs extra protection."

Elle sounds doggedly determined. "Then there's no reason for me not to come."

Peter seems to hesitate even more. It seems like he's thinking about how to handle this, and possibly what he's going to do, "Would it be okay if… about you meet me over at my apartment in about an hour instead?"

Elle's voice goes a shade more towards angry. "Is there a problem?"

Peter sighs again, "Everyone here is asleep or stressed out. The boys don't even know anything happened. I just need to take care of one thing and I can leave. Was only going to stay the night if I was too tired to go home when I finish what I need to do."

Elle snaps "Fine. Your place. 1 hour."

The phone call has been ended by the other person.

An hour and ten minutes later…

Elle is waiting outside, looking vaguely annoyed and impatient. The blonde is leaning against the wall. AngryBlonde.

AngryBlonde is not a good thing to greet when he gets home, especially not after the night he's had. At least Peter isn't pale and horrible looking right now. His skin has a healthy flush from running into the building and to the elevator, and then finally doing the manly thing and taking the stairs when the elevator failed to respond fast enough for him. So he's quite winded when he reaches the story his apartment is on, hurrying down the hall and putting his hands on his knees to catch his breath, "Sorry." His clothes look a little odd, as if they're not quite the right size for him, and a carrier bag hangs from his shoulder.

Elle's only initial reply is a nod. Oh, that's never a good sign. The silent treatment. She taps her foot, waiting for the door to be opened.

Yeah, not the best sign. Peter reaches into his pocket and pulls out his key and opens up the door. There's not even an energetic greeting from his puppy, which is curled up on one of the chairs in the front room, sound asleep.

Elle waits. Once they're both inside, and the door is closed, then she lets him have it. Verbally, not electrically. "And you're going out trying to get yourself killed without telling me because…?" she says, angrily.

Once she's inside, Peter locks up the door and puts his keys away. "I wasn't trying to get killed. And I told you I was going to be gone to take care of family business… I'm not hurt."

The blonde seems dubious at the claim. "And your stuff isn't your stuff because?" Leave it to Elle to notice matters of clothing.

There's a sigh as he steps into the front room and sets down his bag. "Technically they are my clothes, just from when I was younger. They're some left over clothes that I never took back here," Peter explains, but he does reach into the carrier bag and pull out a shirt… a ruined shirt, which he tosses towards her. Dark blue pull over up, with around a dozen bullet holes in the back of it, and blood already dried. There's also a mysterious bloody tear at the arm, which isn't from gunshots— and signs of garbage as well. "Didn't go in there expecting to get shot at."

Elle frowns. "Dammit, Peter! You should have -called me-." She says. "What if you got yourself killed?"

"She was only kidnapped a little after dark tonight. There wasn't much time," Peter says softly, reaching up to rub his forehead. "We flew straight there as soon as we found out where to go. And I didn't get myself killed."

Elle moves, rather quickly. She's pulling something from the pocket of her windbreaker, and unless he prevents it, her hand comes clear, with gun in hand, aimed at his forehead.

In another situation, Peter might have been able to do something to stop this, but with her… he doesn't. He stares at the gun she's pointing at him, and then past it right at her. "If you'd have been there… I would have been more worried about protecting you than protecting myself."

Elle replies "And if they'd had someone like me, you'd have been dead right now." She moves to put the gun away, her point made. "Dammit, Peter, you're not indestructible!"

"These guys didn't hesitate to fire on us. They just didn't know where to shoot me to keep me down," Peter says softly, turning away from her and running a hand over his face. He trusts her not to actually shoot him to prove a point, at least.

Elle nods. "They don't have to know where to shoot you if they get a lucky shot." she says. She's tense. And frustrated.

"I'm not going to stop trying to help people, Elle. And this was my brother's wife," Peter says softly. "I don't go into these sitautions believing I'm indestructible. I go into them knowing that other people could die if I don't try to do something."

Elle frowns. "I don't ask you not to. But Peter, you can't lock me out." She looks upset. "What if you'd gotten killed. Would I even have known?"

Turning away, Peter walks over to the couch in the front room, sitting down and letting his head drop into his hands, his elbows on his knees. "I don't know… I can't… involve you in everything. I would have gone alone if they would have allowed it…" he adds. "If anything would have happened to you… To any of them… if it was something I couldn't /fix/…"

Elle moves over. She moves to sit next to him, and says "Think about how you felt when you found out what happened to me. That's how I'd feel if something happened to you. I'd rather KNOW, Peter." she says, reaching out and resting a hand on his leg.

"I didn't know they were going to shoot at us," Peter says softly, defensively. "I was hoping we could just walk in, grab her and leave… invisible if possible." Then he looks up towards her, before he asks quietly, "Are you going to tell me before your father sends you on a mission?"

Elle looks back at him. "If I can, yes."

"And what would you do if it's something that sounds dangerous and I want to go with you?" Peter asks, sounding very serious now.

The blonde takes a couple moments to think that through. "If I don't have orders to the contrary…and if I don't think your being there will jeopardize things…sure."

There's a small nod, a loud exhale, before Peter lifts an arm up to go over her shoulder and pull her close. The other hand reaches over to take hers. "You used to dislike the fighting part, you know. We had a couple of fights… Well, you thought they were fights, at least." He seems to have some disagreement with that, though.

The blonde holds him tight. "Well, I still don't like it." she says, looking to Peter. "I don't want to have to fight with you. You should be the one person I never have to fight with.

There's a laugh. "If I didn't already know you'd never had a boyfriend… I'd know now," Peter says softly, actually sounding fond. "We're not always going to agree on things, Elle. I can't promise I'll be able to call you before I run into danger every single time. Anymore than you can include me on all the dangerous things you might get ordered to do by your father."

Elle looks a little upset. But she nods, finally. "All right." she says, looking to him, and then looks back up. "I just worry about you. There's nothing wrong with that." Her tone is a little defensive, as if she doesn't want to be caught being -concerned- for someone.

"You're right— there's nothing wrong with that," Peter says, shifting in how he's sitting so he can move a hand up to her face, and touch her cheek gently. "I'm concerned about you— because I love you." That doesn't quite point towards something from her, but it implies something anyway. "I'd be worried if you weren't concerned about me…"

Elle leans up to kiss him, now that his hand is touching her face. It's almost needy, like she somehow needs proof he's okay.

Leaning into the kiss, Peter's hand slides into her hair, touching the back of her neck and giving some support to the kiss. It breaks after a moment so he can murmur against her mouth— though this gets interupted with between-word kisses as well, "You know— this is one part— you didn't mind so much— about the fighting…" Whatever could he be implying there?

Elle blinks, just a little surprised. "Did we fight a lot?" she asks, curious now.

"Not really," Peter says, thinking back on the few points they disagreed on in the past, where things could have been considered emotionally tense, if not a full fight. "But you did like the making up parts… even if I can't remember ever being /mad/ at you…" Well— mad at her since they escaped together, at least. He wasn't too pleased with some of her electrifying visits.

Elle smiles. "Of course not. I'm too cute." She runs a finger down his chest, crackling and popping as it goes.
There's a laugh, and Peter moves forward to kiss her again, closing his eyes and pulling her in closer. The arm around her drops, and begins to move as if to encourage a repositioning… without breaking the kiss.

The blonde continues with the kissing part. She likes the kissing part. But she pauses after a moment. "You said with the plastic ring that you were planning to get me another ring…does that mean you'd been planning to get engaged?" Outta left field there!

That did come out of left field. And apparently hits him right over the head. Peter actually starts surprisedly, looking rather stunned, moving back enough to look her in the eyes. For a moment he doesn't even look like he can respond. Finally, he goes with the simple truth. "Hadn't planned for it to be that kind of ring…" There's something almost cautious about how he says this, as if he's not entirely sure why she brought this topic up.

Elle nods once. "I was just curious." she says, shrugging her shoulders. "Just…trying to get a feel for things."

As she takes his response well, it's hard to tell how she'd take things, a hint of a smile tugs on the corner of Peter's mouth, "Was actually shopping for it when I got the call that Heidi'd been kidnapped… I'd even narrowed it down to two or three… I just needed to get your ring size."

Elle smiles. "Size five." she offers. She has tiny hands, cause, well, tiny Elle. "I need to get you something nice. But I'm not even sure what sort of things you like."

With the ring size commited to memory, Peter tries to think of a few things she might be able to get for him. "You don't have to buy me anything— but… for jewelry… pretty much sticking to watches, maybe a ring— could also wear a pendant. And— I like books, and strange little decorations." As she can see from around his room. "And pictures."

Elle blinks. She gets an idea. You can almost see the lightbulb pop up over her head (And she could power it too!). "All right. I know what I'll do." A warm smile. "So, what -happened-, anyway?"

Ooo presents. Peter might not be quite materialistic, really, but he loves sentimental gifts. And whatever she got him, whatever at all, would have a certain sentimental value. Just like a certain coffee mug in his kitchen does, but he'll never mention that. Her question, though… "I— honestly I'm not sure what happened. There was a building, seemed to be under construction, where they were holding her. We split up to check out the floors they seemed to be on. The ones on my floor spotted us and we ran, they shot at us, hit me only— and Nathan got Heidi out. Don't think anyone of the 'guys' saw us use abilities. They could think I had a vest on, or something. Might have been too dark to see my blood, and my clothes were dark too."

Elle looks thoughtful. "Do we know why they took her? Political reasons?"

"I'm not sure. Legal or political. They didn't want money, they wanted Nathan to meet with this guy. A lawyer," Peter says softly, not sure how else to explain, "But he didn't want to leave her alone with them for even a night. They're probably going to take the boys out of school, and up security around the house or when she goes out, but— I think Nathan killed at least one of them…" Not something he's proud to say, but… They really hurt Heidi.

Elle scowls. "Do you have a name or anything? I can see if there are any records on them."

"I didn't get any names of the guys," Peter says, then tries to think back. He's got a good head for names, so he nods, "The man they wanted him to meet was named Dayton. Matthias Dayton. Pretty sure he was a prosecuter. Maybe they wanted Nathan to use his pull to get them out of trouble."

Elle smiles. "All right. I'll look up this Dayton and see if there's anything in there that we can manage to dig up on him." A pause, and then she asks "Do you mind if I stay here tonight?"

"Doubt he was behind it, but one of his cases might have been," Peter says, nodding a bit. It's her question, though, that earns most of his attention. The hand slides back up towards her face, stroking her cheek and down the lone of her jaw. "I want you to stay. Don't want to sleep alone tonight…"

Elle smiles. "Then I'll stay." she says, warmly. "Soon you're going to have to introduce me…or reintroduce me…to your family, you know."

"I don't know if I introduced you the first time," Peter admits sheepishly. "I bet you ran into Nathan while we were staying in the house, but… I know you never met Heidi, or the boys— Simon and Monty, my nephews." He knows she's met his niece… but she may not remember she's his niece now… "You're right though… you should meet them."

Elle nods. "Well, then that's all the more reason to meet them!" she says. "But not tonight. Tonight we're going to get you into bed."

Into bed… Well— that's half the idea. Peter keeps his hand on her face, but he also moves to stand up, reaching out for a hand with his free one. "Tonight we go to bed… though I have to admit I'm not entirely exhausted…" In fact, considering the many times he's taxed his abilities in the past, including one she knows of quite well /with her/, he looks a lot more physically capable and awake. Perhaps he didn't use many abilities this time, or had some way to recover faster.

Elle smiles, just a little coyly. "Well, that's something we'll have to fix, now won't we?" she says, looking back to him.

With her smiling coyly, Peter's eyes brighten and she'll get a lopsided smile in response. He starts to reach to pull her to her feet, and begin to tug her towards the bed. "Can think of a better way to end the day," he says in soft tones, being completely honest.

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