2007-09-21: Old Acquaintance


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Summary: Giselle is overjoyed to see Felix part of the Company. Not.

Date it Happened: September 21st, 2007

Old Acquaintance

Bowels of Primatech

Fel loves paperwork. Yeah, rly. He hated it when he was a cop, he hates it as a Fed, and he sure as hell hates it now that he's a nameless spook in the bowels of the great cigarette smoking conspiracy. But, nonetheless, he is going over an employment history questionnaire at a rickety desk, in one of the minuscule office spaces they give the newbies to work in. "Yes, I have experience with firearms," he mutters to himself irritably, and then patiently outlines it, pencil scratching. It's like school, but worse.

Fortunately for Felix, Giselle's been occupied elsewhere on a Company assignment, or else she would've dropped in to visit him quite a while ago. Unfortunately for Felix, that time is now. Agent Muldoon is back. As usual, she hadn't bother to check in with him to see if it was convenient before rapping on his door, which she does loudly and with a ~flourish~.

"Come," he says, tone absented. Maybe it's Church dropping in - that'd be a pleasant distraction. He glances up and squints nearsightedly at the door - his glasses are on the desk beside him.

The door is pulled open, making it rattle a bit, unintentionally. Lo and behold - it's Giselle, looking officious in a navy-colored women's suit, her hair slung up in a high ponytail. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything, Mr. Ivanov?" Her eyes dart suspiciously around the tiny office, as though searching for signs of Suspect Activities.

Felix lifts both hands, as if to allay any suspicion of unseemly activities. "No," he says, mildly, as if there weren't already a very healthy enmity between them. "Reviewing past employment experience and the skills I bring because of them," he explains. He's in his usual suit - it was a long day at the Bureau, even before he came out here.

There is indeed, and it isn't something Giselle is going to let drop. Even on pretense of social politeness (hurhur? What's that?). "You only wish they let you in because you're skilled, boy," she says unrestrainedly, leaning over to place one hand on the door so it closes partially. "It's because of where you are. If it were up to me? You'd still be locked up in the lowest level of our Company."

"What do you mean, where I am?" Felix doesn't argue with her. His expression remains polite and disinterested. Gonna pretend all that past didn't happen, so he doesn't end up in a fight AGAIN with a new co-worker.

"Are you dumb in addition to -hopelessly- -untalented-?" Giselle's lips thin as one of her eyebrows lifts. "I mean your position in the Bureau. It's not like the Company would've sucked you up if it hadn't been for that convenience, you know. There's so many others who probably deserve it a lot more than you."

Felix just arches a brow at her. She's getting the bland cop's mask. "No doubt," he says, drily.

And that is one of the reasons Giselle hates Felix so much. He is not responsive like he should be, and thus, incites her ire all the further. She strides in, the back of her pants flapping against her ankles, and actually -slaps- her hand down on Felix's desk atop the paperwork. "Don't you have anything to say? For yourself?"

"What do you want from me, Muldoon? I got dragooned into this, but I'm trying to show game," he says, looking up at her, blue eyes narrowing faintly. "I don't know why the Company keeps me around, other than that I have a mutant pet trick of my very own, and might do some good for them in the Bureau."

Giselle's vocabulary is not expansive enough to encompass the word 'dragoon'. It baffles her for a second, but she promptly makes an assumption through context. "I want you out of our playground," she remarks with something approaching viciousness. "Out. I don't care if you quit, or if something has to happen to /make/ it-" Cue obnoxious sound of knuckles cracking. She doesn't, though, but merely continues glaring.

"And I asked that my signing bonus be Babenkov's head on a pike. Clearly, our higher-ups have wisdom we do not, because I didn't get granted it," Felix says, voice still mild, though the blue eyes have gone utterly cold. He actually smiles, though without showing teeth. "If you have a problem with my employment here, then speak to Bennett or Rainer. For my part, I'm going to be a good little drone, and I'm not going to start kicking sand in your face. If there's gonna be trouble, you can be the one to start it."

Oh, don't worry, Felfel. Giselle's always been good at doing that, and she reminds him of this with a humorless smirk. "If that's how it has to be, I'll be gladder than you can imagine to oblige," is her reply. She meets the man's smile straight and steadily. "I'll say it again. You don't belong here, and you never have. One slip, catboy - that's all it takes."

"What qualifies you to be here?" Fel wonders, gently, letting his gaze wander back to the paperwork as if it were just that much more interesting than she is. "What do they need -you- for?"

It's a question that takes Giselle by surprise. When her answer comes, it sounds affronted. "I earned my way in," she says with a slightly sharp inhalation. "Earned my way in by proving myself, unlike all you shits who think you can get in just by having a pretty little ability." The dislike runs pretty deep there.

He actually laughs at that, quietly. "You… ha. Muldoon, I didn't want this job, but the alternatives were mindwipe, imprisonment, or death. Why'd you sign on? The sterling benefits package? Or you just hated the idea of mutants with special powers?"

"I like working here," Giselle informs him, withdrawing her palm from Felix's desk so it's once more somewhat at her side. "I like being able to squash misfits like you back into line. Especially the ones who cheat where they have no natural right to." It's a direct reference to their first encounter, whether Felix remembers it or not.

Fel finds this absolutely uproarious. "Oh, man," he says. "Jealousy. You're mad you missed out on the mutant lottery, huh?" He's grinning hugely now.

Now Felix is responding. And in a way that probably couldn't provoke Giselle more. She doesn't make a move to hit him, since she's aware of the possibility that he'd simply use his powers to stop it, but her air surrounding her suddenly feels a lot hotter with rage. "I think I'd lock /myself/ up if I was as disgusting as you. Don't you dare. Don't you dare. I will end you."

Fel's smile is utterly smug. "You know," he says, lowering his voice into a conspirator's whisper, "If you had a chance to become one of us, you'd take it in a -heartbeat-. Don't deny it, Muldoon. Sour grapes."

"One of us," Giselle mimics tartly, anger flooding through each turn of her voice. "One of us, one of us. I'm not lying to you, Ivanov. I hate you and your kind - I'm not religious, but you're a stain on the biological chain-" In other words. No. She believes normal humans are a step above 'mutated' ones, to be exact.

"I think you are. Lying to me, and lying to yourself," he returns, still with that maddening calm. "If that's really what you believed, you'd not be working here. You'd be out eliminating all of us. Not just the ones the Company deems a threat. And you know what, Muldoon? I don't -care-. Your feelings on the matter? Not relevant to me."

Giselle simply blows. No, not in the literal sense of Church's ability, but an outpouring of shrieking suddenly pours out of her, and she actually raises her tensed fingers to shoulder-level once or twice. "I am NOT LYING, you shitbag. Of course I'd be working here if that's what I believed. That's what I just said. I don't care about eliminating; I just want to make life better for people like US who have to deal with you cheating rats."

Felix's complete disdain for her is evident in his face - he's dropped the cop's mask in favor of a cool, judicial scorn. "Are you done with your little sermon about eugenics?" he asks, tone conversational. "I have this paperwork to do, you see."

SLAM. After a moment's wide-eyed stare from the woman, that is the response Felix gets as her feet storm her out of the office in only a few steps. It is a good thing Giselle has no superstrength, since the door would be out of its frame, but it does give the doorframe a good parting -clatter-.

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