Michelle Jane Forrest, JD
Portrayed By Anne Hathaway
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 12, 1982
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Dr. M. Jane Forrest; Jane
Place of Birth Hartford, CT, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Street Guitarist/Lawyer
Known Relatives James Forrest (father), Catherine Forrest (mother)
Significant Other Unknown
Known Abilities Ultrasonic Projection, Ultrasonic Hearing
First Appearance Brain Tumors or Ear Bugs

A woman who lives in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC.


She's often seen playing her guitar on the streets of New York City. Some say they think she's also a Yale educated lawyer. Most recently she's been spotted coming in and out of a building which contains the Cutting Room recording studios with three other musicians; two female and one male.


Birth on November 12, 1982.

Graduating Yale with Bachelor's degrees in Music and Political Science in June 2003.

Graduating Yale Law School with her Juris Doctorate in June 2006.

Manifesting her evolved abilities on February 9, 2007; that same day she learns of a person with precognitive ability. Through the rest of February and into March she compiles a variety of information on shadowy business entities, people with powers, a man called Sylar, and a collection of prophetic artwork.

Has her memories edited on March 2nd after capture by Orion and Identity in the East Village. Much of what she learned since manifesting powers is stolen.

Is told some of the things she'd been robbed of remembering, learns she was bagged and tagged, and assists with a raid on Primatech between March 2nd and March 10, 2007. The raid fails, due to betrayal from three angles, and she's captured.

Wakes up somewhere south of Atlantic City, NJ the morning after that failed raid, March 11, 2007, amid quantities of pills with messages from an alleged sponsor called Jim on her phone. Jane makes it back to her Greenwich Village apartment, speaks with Jim, and begins to suffer withdrawal from the drugs she'd been injected with to create the parameters of addiction and bolster the cover of her being a drug user. Her memories of the time between manifestation and that point have been severely curtailed.

Is contacted at her apartment amid the sufferings of cold turkey by Nathan Petrelli on the morning of March 13, 2007, and thanked without detail for helping his brother. He offers her help of a broad variety at her request.

Jane emerges from seclusion on March 14, 2007, after nearly three days of suffering withdrawal, finally feeling able to face the world again with most of her torment abated. That same evening, in the East Village, she's found by the Petrelli brothers and thanked for her help. She believes, as a result, that Peter is a fellow recovering addict and vows to keep it between the three of them. Her power, unknown to her, is absorbed.

The Band

  • Anastasia Mathison, bass guitar.
  • Amanda Hendricks, keyboards.
  • Mark Green, drums.


"If you write music, have it notarized as your own and mail it to yourself. Never open the envelope. And don't sign any recording contracts without a lawyer's advice."

"I'm a real screamer."

There were others, but they probably involved the Company, and have been deleted from her mind.


Stay tuned.

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