"John Carter"
"John Carter"
Portrayed By Michael Chiklis
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Somewhere in his forties
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases The Alchemist, John Carter
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Serial Killer (?), Operative (?), Plumber (front?)
Known Relatives Unknown
Significant Other Unknown
Known Abilities Audiosensory Hypnotism
First Appearance Memory Glimpse by Ramon Gomez in To Thine Own Self Be True

"John Carter" has been recently identified as the man known as "The Alchemist," a serial killer whose crimes have affected a few in-game families like the Gomezes, the Joneses, and the Petrellis. He is considered highly dangerous, has a knack of being a few steps ahead of his pursuers always, and much like how he uses his gifts, nothing is what it seems.


All that is known about him aside from his dangerous abilities is his apparent capture by the Company several years back, and an unauthorized release by someone deep within its structure. He may be considered Ramon Gomez's arch-nemesis.


  • Sometime between 2000 and 2003 - Staged the "suicides" of three women using his powers and left strange symbols on their bodies. Disappears without a trace after killing Catalina Gomez, wife of Ramon Gomez and mother of Elena, Manuel, Luis, and Juanita Gomez.
  • February - March 2007 - Resurfaces. Attempts to kill Ameera Al-Hamza, mother of Maria Al-Hamza. However he was foiled unknowingly by Lachlan Deatley. Successfully kills Jancia Morris, wife of Reverend Ezekiel Morris and mother of Jorem and Ariel Morris. He later tries to use Billy Jones to burn down The Secret Lair to cover his tracks. This was foiled by Ramon and Desiree Russo. He later attempts to kill Elena through one of his puppets, but ends up nearly killing Eric Walker.
  • April 2007 - His favorite "thralls" or "puppets" are revealed to be Billy and Mary Jones, parents of Lee and Nima Jones. He attempts to kill Ramon, and is once again stopped by Desiree.
  • May 2007 - More about the Alchemist is revealed by the The Haitian to Elena Gomez. Someone from within the Company orchestrated his escape, which was why there was a period in which he was not active. The Haitian also reveals that the escape was not Company sanctioned, but rather a rogue operation by someone in their ranks. Later, Ramon, Desiree, and Manuel manage to retrieve Mary Jones from the Alchemist's control.
  • Sometime in June 2007 - Mary Jones is taken from her hospital room by a pair of men in suits, who she identified as friends. Before Ramon and Cass Aldric can get her back, they find her being driven away in a black car.
  • June 11, 2007 - Reverend Ezekiel Morris and Mrs. Caroline Pinkerton, the family's nanny, are found dead with gunshot wounds in the Morris home. Jorem and Ariel are nowhere to be found. They are assumed abducted by whoever invaded the home.
  • June 12 - 15, 2007 - Ramon meets with the Haitian and the Alchemist's identity is finally revealed. Ramon then recruits Peter Petrelli and Cass Aldric due to their unique skillsets. Together with Desiree, they use information provided by Benjamin Winters through filed tax records to find John Carter's address in Brooklyn. They find Billy Jones drugged by Bromazepam…and information that throws all of Ramon's earlier conceptions of the case outside the window. They also surprisingly find a file on Heidi Petrelli and pictures of Simon and Monty Petrelli. Meanwhile, John himself visits Elena in the Gomez Family Apartment. Meanwhile, John visits Elena in the Gomez apartment and plans a time-delayed program in her mind.
  • July 8, 2007 - Elena causes chaos in the Den of Iniquity due to the program John put in her head. She is carried off by his black van. John programs a big rig driver to crash into any pursuers, badly injuring Trina and destroying Jack's car, Julia.
  • July 9, 2007 - After an intense battle in an abandoned metalworks building in Syracuse, Ramon Gomez kills John by plunging a shard of glass into his heart. His body is later retrieved by the people he works for, revealed to be certain members of Eric Walker/Lancaster's family. It is revealed by an exchange between Brett and Vidalia Lancaster that John had been suffering from a deadly form of leukemia, and was administered an experimental cure that has degenerative side-effects.


  • "We will help each other to that end by a fruitful exchange of favors."


  • The Alchemist needs to know his target's name before he can hypnotize him or her with his voice. Once he knows a name, there is little chance of staving off his programming. Ramon Gomez, however, has proven that telepaths can break through his power.
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