2007-06-05: Omega No More


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Guest Starring: Rainer

Summary: Drake, and Aidan have flown back to New York to meet up with a 'superior'. They ended up with someone quite high on the ladder. Drake, and Rainer are snarky to each other, and Aidan's a good dog. Looks like either the Scooby Doo gang has gained a mole, or lost an ally.

Date It Happened: June 5th, 2007

Omega No More

Kirby Plaza - Company Headquarters

Making his way to the pier's after telling his grandma he'd be out for a walk, Drake heads out along the pier row. Unfortunately, unlike the other end, where 39 is, Pier 1 is not the safest of places to walk about. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans, and a simple zip up top, he spies Aidan through the darkness after taking his time to look about, then clears his throat as he heads over.

"I was wondering if you'd come or not." Aidan drawls from his perch atop the banded crate, drumming fingertips against the wood. "I'm heading back to New York," Says the elder of the two as he jumps down from the crate stack, heavy boots landing on the pier. "I want you to come with me."

"Why?" Drake asks with a narrow of his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. "No offense, but.. I .. I barely know you, older brother or not, and I left New York for a number of reasons, to start over. As much as I miss.. my old way of life, it's for the best that I stay here. Over there, they'll come for me, your people."

"They aren't so bad, Drake." Aidan remarks with his hands hooked into his pockets. "Some give it a bad wrap, but they're here to help us survive. To teach us, train us… to ensure we go on, to protect us. That's the real goal, the first goal. Some just… take it a bit far."

"Yeah, some has stalked me around my school, and my place of work. Some has tried to electrocute me on a roof top. Some has even infiltrated my circle of friends, pretending to be a hot chick to hit in, just so they can get information from me. I've been tagged once, Aidan." Drake says, jerking his chin up to show off the black marks along his neck. "I've had my memory erased once. Why the hell would I go back for?"

"Just to talk." Aidan says, hands spread palms out. "Just tell them what they want, and they'll leave you alone. They're rather curious about us. Half-brothers, granted, but getting the gift from our father, whom they also knew about. Maybe even generations before that, who knows. It's a rather fascinating idea, to see how far it spreads."

"I don't care how far it spreads, Aidan. I've been told that your Company is dangerous, full of maniacs. What promises can you make that they won't take away my memories again? You're.. nothing but a dog to them. Just another agent to throw out in the field, disposable." Drake shakes his head with a long sigh. "I'm still not convinced you're even my brother for the most part. Maybe this is just a trick to get me back, play on my heart." His face scrunches up slightly.

"Well, a pier isn't exactly the place to do a paternity test." Aidan drawls, sounding faintly amused. "Though I saw drug stores carry home versions of them for twenty bucks. Sad, really. Maybe I can't promise things, but, they're a lot more reasonable when people don't freak out on them. They've taken care of me since I was born, they're family."

"Right, family. Well, while you were living in a basement, I was out breathing fresh air, and going to school." Drake says with a frown on his face. "So, I guess my dad wasn't a cop, huh? And he didn't die before I was born. I just… I love.. knowing my entire life is one big lie." He says, his voice a bit stressed, pained. "At least you got to know our father, right? I only have pictures of him."

"He died when I was still a kid," Aidan says with a soft exhale. "I saw him every couple of days, then every week or so. From what I remember, he reminds me a lot of you. You kinda sound like him. And yah, he worked for the Company, the real goal. He wanted to protect those with powers, to make sure people were trained properly. He always spoke of great powers and great responsibility, and he took it seriously. He did all he could to make sure people weren't hurt."

Furrowing his brows, Drake goes silent for a moment as he curls his fingers in, and out reflexively for a bit. His face is full of emotion as he seems to be weighing the idea back, and forth in his head. Sliding his cell phone out of his pocket, he flips it open, then closed again, as if unable to make a decision. "So, how'd he die then?" He asks curiously.

The words come out just as they had told him, with conviction and sorrow, even if Aidan still remains unaware of the real truth. "He and another agent had gone to the house of a man, Scott Williams… he never gained his powers until late and life. He could see the dead, hear them and talk to them… it fucked him up. Fast. The Company learned of him and went to confront him, to bring him in and help him learn to control his abilities, but he freaked, started shooting… thinking that dad was some mad spirit coming to steal his soul or some shit. Father managed to get the gun from him, but… Scott had a knife too… the other agent ended up taking Scott down, but, he'd got dad. They never got him back in time to save him."

As he listens, Drake's frown etches a bit more across his face, before letting out a heavier sigh. With a rub to the top of his nose, scraping his fingers across the bridge, he mutters. "Fine.. I'll.. come back with you, and I'll at least -listen-, but if I don't like what I hear, I want a way out, so that I can go back to my life. I'm not a threat to the Company, and all I want is to be left alone."

"Fine." Aidan says with a nod of his head. "We'll meet back in New York, we can decide a date and time. We can meet someplace public, if it'd make you feel better, make sure everyone is on their best behavior. I'll bring one of my superiors and we can just talk and you can hear what they have to say."

Listening to him, Drake says, "If this is a trap though.. Aidan…" He says, taking a step towards him, his voice softer. "I will freeze you in time indefinitely, like that kid from Futurama, brother or not. I will make sure that quite a long time will pass before you're once more free to walk this world." Picking up a stone, he holds it out in front of him, then lets it go, allowing the stone to hover in place, before slowly crumbling away with a bit of concentration. "I don't know what you guys have in my file, but I'll assure you this.. what I could do two years ago, and what I can do now is on different levels."

"That's how it works for all of us." Aidan says, seemingly unworried by the threat, though a faint frown is evident on his face. "We live, we learn, we survive. It's all we can do." It seems to be his personal mantra, the words steady and practiced, and he seems deeply assured in their truth.

Staring him in the eyes for a moment, Drake slowly nods his head as he lets out a soft breath. "Alright then, when do we leave?" He asks curiously as he rolls his shoulders back slowly with a sag. "I guess I need to call -my- mom and let her know I'm coming home early."

Aidan hikes up a shoulder in a casual shrug, "Whenever you're ready to go. Tomorrow night is good for me, give you some time to get ready." Turning on his heels, Aidan moves to begin departing, though he pauses to look over his shoulder. "Tell grandma I said hi… and thanks for the cookies."

"I'm not gonna tell grandma you're my brother, though.. something tells me she already knows." Drake says as he watches him go, then lets out a breath as he heads in the opposite direction.

Serotonin has arrived.


Moved to Kirby Plaza

After a roller coaster week of decision making, it seemed that Agent Aidan was able to talk the young vigilante into coming home from San Francisco, and to set up a meeting with his superiors. The file is extensive on Omega, and the murmurs have gone through the company walls about how young this kid is, to have taken up cape, and cowl, and actually gone out to fight crime. Having been a person of interest for a few months now, always just out of their reach, they finally have the chance to bring him in, and without violence of all things. Someone in Accounting lost a lot of money on a bet, having thought that Aidan would have massacred the kid. It seemed that whatever it is he told him, surely struck a cord. As they head into the lobby of Kirby Plaza, the young time wielder takes in a deep breath, looking around slowly in a nervous manner. The last time he was in a Company facility, he was in a ski mask, and he was breaking Peter out with the rest of the 'Young Avengers.'

Granted, Aidan is not, and has never been known, as a person with a commendable level of patience. There are reasons there's usually someone watching him, just to make sure he behaves himself. There was a note of amazement when Aidan called in to report: No, everyone was in one piece, San Francisco wasn't in ruins, and he needed one of the 'higher ups' to meet him and Drake to talk. Peacefully. Something that is never Aidan's style. Somehow, he worked some miracle, and so here he is - dressed in typical, casual attire, and looking utterly at ease as he leads Drake inside.

Looking around slowly, Drake lets out a soft breath, then turns his gaze over to Aidan as he waits patiently. He looks like a ball of nervous energy, rocking back, and forth on the balls of his heels, his hands fidgeting. "So.. " He trails off. ".. This is it." Looking over towards his half brother, he gets another good look at him, starting to notice really, all the similar traits the pair have. "What am I going to expect?"

"Well, a least you're not in a bag." Aidan mutters, helpful as always. Charisma was never his merit. "Well, what /you/ expect is your own business. What I expect, is someone to get out here and meet us like I asked. Honestly, dragging someone from their desk is like asking them to stand in front of a speeding car…" He hisses under his breath, arms folding impatiently across his chest. Obviously, he expected someone to be here already waiting for /him/, not the other way around.

Nothing about the lobby of Kirby Plaza would suggest that it holds, in its walls, bits and pieces - glimpses, really - of a secretive organization and its machinations. Inside, the true entrance to the offices are barred by security so that only employees may enter. Everyone who walks in and out looks completely average. And more than likely, they are. With a few exceptions.

The woman who greets Drake and Aidan - and in fact, waves them over - is an example of this normalcy. Middle-aged, she wears glasses, ginger hair in a bun, and is dressed in the typical attire of a secretary or assistant. She's standing beside one of the security guards, who will let them enter. "Mr. Telford? Mr. Madson asked me to escort you and Mr…. Maxwell?… up to his office." Mr. Madson? That would be Rainer Madson. When Aidan requested a 'higher up', he might not have figured /that high up/.
You aren't carrying anything.

Mr. Madson. That's a new name to Drake, who hasn't heard of the company's 'top dog' yet. Biting on his bottom lip, he nods his head to the normal looking woman, before shifting his gaze to Aidan. "After you." He says in a low tone, waiting for the other to step through, before heading in afterwards. He has his guard up, that's for sure, waiting to feel that tickle on the back of his neck, in case something arises. A bit twitchy? Who can blame the poor kid.

There is a slight downward tug at the corners of Aidan's mouth at the name of the man they are to meet. Usually, when he's called into a big office, it's never good. And this is big. It does certainly make him stand up straighter. "You asked what to expect… well, I hope you showered and put on clean underwear." Murmurs Aidan as he gestures for Drake to follow him, nodding his head to the woman as he approaches and waits for her to lead the way.

The woman leads the way down the hall, into an elevator to one of the higher floors, and down the newly revealed corridor - offices, offices, nothing exciting to look at - to one particular door, which she then opens. The office beyond is not spacious, but it is handsome, decked out with old, dark woods arranged in such a way that it miraculously doesn't seem claustrophobic. The desk is home to top-of-the-line computer equipment, office supplies and family photos in frames. "Mr. Madson will see you now," she says with a polite smile.

Mr. Madson is not, in fact, the top dog; he is one of many powerful cogs in a machine. 'Dog' is an apt term, however: the man waiting for the young men could be likened to a bulldog. Perhaps a pitbull. It's his expression, his very demeanour, rather than shape. Out of a craggy, long face, small, dark eyes instantly track the pair when the door is opened. He's standing, not seated, behind the desk. "Gentlemen. Please be seated," he rumbles. "Brenda, if you could close the door." She does. Now they're alone. "Mr. Telford. Aren't you going to introduce your long lost brother?"

As Drake steps into the room, his eyes immediately do a quick once over, as if planning every avenue of escape. The window, judging distance from here to there. The door. The space between himself, and Madson. The mind of a 'super hero' at work, calculating, planning. With a short glance to Aidan, he reaches out and takes a chair, settling himself into it. He doesn't scoot forward to the desk, not too close. Leaving just enough room to leap up if need be, and not be hindered by the desk.

Even Aidan's inherent arrogance and bitter temper seems humbled in front of this man, years of conditioning turning him from alpha to omega the moment the man's eyes settle on him. He doesn't even -quite- look at Rainer, more ever so faintly out of the corner of his eye. "Good day, Sir." He does move to take the offered seat, inclining his head to his brother as he does so. "This is Drake Maxwell, Sir. I asked him to come here and speak to us, since he seems to have gotten the wrong impression after some bad dealings." Bad being a small understatement.

For the record, the window is not one anyone should want to jump out of unless they can fly. Rainer adjusts his khaki-coloured slacks at the knees as he sits slowly down into his chair. He adjusts the top button of his blazer. "Drake Maxwell," he repeats… assessing the name more than greeting the young man who is sitting in his office. He has a very deep voice, rumbling. "Ah yes. I'm aware that you've had several… encounters that might've put a… mark on your view of our operation." He splays a powerful-looking hand in the air. "I'm sorry for that. I'm glad Mr. Telford convinced you to come in today. Now, why the change of heart?"

"If you call repeated stalking at my school, job, and then being electrocuted on a rooftop as several encounters, then yes, my view is a bit on the wary side. I know that you know me, and I know you already have me on file. I also know you took my memories once before, and stuck something in my neck." Drake says, putting it all on the table. No need to play cat and mouse, and jump around the topic some. "I've been treated like an animal out in the wild, tagged behind the ear, being watched, and it's frustrating to say the least, sir." He says, his eyes leveling into Rainer's slowly. "I just want to know the truth. I need to know the truth.. about him.. about my father. I learned in the span of a week that everything I knew, has been one big illusion, and I'm tired of it. I just want to know everything."

"I figured it was best to bring him directly here, to make sure he learns what he needs to instead of piece-mail here and there." Aidan remarks quickly but quietly on the tail end of Drake's words and then falls silent, sitting stiffly in his chair as he looks between his brother and Rainer. Granted, even Aidan doesn't know all the truth. Well, he did. Once.

The man behind the desk watches and listens. He nods once, curtly, to Aidan - and then he hears Drake out stoically. Stoically, that is, except for the minuscule twitching of his right eye when certain incidences are laid out. "Then you know that people like you, Drake, can be a danger to others. Your father knew this as well. Now, I'm not saying what was done to you, or the way it was done, was necessarily the right thing to do. I'm not even saying that it was moral. It's true, we've been watching you for some time. Since you've been born we've known you might become… well, that you might develop abilities above and beyond the human norm." Rainer pauses here to regard Drake, narrowing his eyes a touch. "Now, I have to say this, Mr. Maxwell," he says slowly. "And please let me explain: your run-ins with some of our agents in recent times… they have been no fault but your own."

"Well, since your agents are too busy creating earthquakes in Central Park, and Tornados in Time Square, I figured /someone/ has to at least /help/ the people that are suffering due to 'your' mistakes." Drake says, leaning forward a bit, his expression hard. "At least I'm not robbing banks. I don't even use my powers when I go out at night as Omega." He says with a snort, crossing his arms over his chest. "Aidan says my father was an Agent for you guys, and that he believed in changing things for the better, in helping people. Is that true?"

Aidan remains unspeaking, but the flicker of worry touches on his face as blue eyes flicker over towards Rainer, position reading a faint nervousness. Perhaps he said too much? What's done is done, though, and he remains planted firmly in his seat and unusually quiet.

"Mmh. That is the God's honest truth. Your father was right." Rainer plants one palm overtop the knuckles of his other hand and leans slightly over the desk, toward Drake. "Sometimes people - our people, those in our care - need help. They need help controlling their abilities. While they're learning, well, accidents happen. We try to minimize these… outbursts… as much as possible. That's exactly why we don't like Omega." He sits back up straight and clears his throat. He already looked stern; now, he's even moreso. A dire seriousness settles in. He wants to get his point across.

"Fact is, even if you think you're the trickiest son of a gun on the streets, men in masks draw attention to themselves. Rescuing those in need? A good cause. Don't get me wrong. But someone looks too deep, someone who isn't us - someone finds out about what you can do? What people like you all over the globe can do? Well. Folks love heroes. Costumed vigilante? Be all over the news, span of a few hours, next thing you know it's out of control and kids like you are being ridiculed for being freaks of nature, not celebrated. Just because you couldn't wait a few years and go into law instead of taking law into your own hands."

"Perhaps, but let me ask you something, sir. You ever stared into the eyes of a ten year old girl, after she was dragged into an alley, beaten, and /raped/?" Drake's voice catches an edge now, his eyes hard, his face solid, like stone. "I have. The day I put the mask on, the day I decided to finally do something, where the cops sure as hell won't, was when I saw that little girl's face. Her swollen, bloody, face. I called for an ambulance, and it took /fifteen/ minutes for them to be dispatched to Hell's Kitchen. Fifteen minutes. Where is the justice in that? An elderly woman, in her seventies, was beaten with a metal baseball bat. She died in emergency care a few hours later, all for what? Her purse. When you see those types of things out in the streets, in /my/ neighborhood, you get to a point you don't care about ridicule, or fingers pointing, or laughter. No one's laughing when Omega drops in on them, and they get the beating of a lifetime. No one laughs." Leaning back, he glances over towards Aidan for a moment, before looking back to Rainer.

"I burnt the mask by the way. After Elle decided to try and electrocute me, I threw the costume away, and I did decide to go into law enforcement. Soon as I turn eighteen, provided that I even /remember/ any of this in the morning. I want to become a cop, and I want to make a difference, in those areas that most cops don't want to go into." The young man says as he finally relaxes his fingers, which was curled into tight fists, with knuckles bleeding white. "I decided to do the right thing."

"I've seen things in this world that don't bear repeating. Our Company wants to prevent atrocious things from happening at the hands of people with more unspeakable powers than the ordinary criminal. We have common goals, Mr. Maxwell: the right thing." Rainer's head inclines back as he sends a particularly considering gaze at Drake. In all likelihood, it's grating him to be speaking to a sixteen-year-old, but he makes no show of it. He treats Drake like an adult. "How/ever/. I believe you've missed my earlier point. Your actions are a risk. Admirable? Yes. But a risk." He shoves a manilla folder from a corner of his desk to the empty space in front of him and sifts through it. "Your abilities make avoiding notice slightly easier. Count yourself lucky. 'Course, that leaves us with a decision to make." Suddenly, he looks to Aidan. "Mr. Telford. You've been watching Drake here. Do you have any input? He's your brother."

Eyeing the folder for a moment, Drake settles himself back into his chair. He isn't sure how much they've documented on his powers. They've done quite a bit of evolving over the last year, and he's yet to make that public knowledge. As his eyes turn towards Aidan, he settles his gaze upon him for the moment, watching carefully. He's still not exactly sure about him, not yet. Brother he may be, he's only known him for a week.

Aidan is not one who flies under the radar well, and scowls faintly as the words of avoiding notice are spoken. "Uh…" Is his initial response to Rainer's attentions turning onto him, bringing the elder of the two brothers to rub a hand across the back of his neck. "I know Drake wants to lead a normal life, but, I've usually discovered it's rather… difficult for those of us with abilities to lead a normal life. Sooner or later, by thought or instinct, we use what we were given and there's not always a guarantee no one will be hurt." The words are spoken slow and sincere, the truth he's been brought up since infancy to believe in. "Better to have the opportunity to learn, to be around others like us and ensure we have the skills to master ourselves and our abilities until the world is better prepared for us."

Oh, there are guarantees, when it comes to the Company. A flash of black and white might be glimpsed inside the folder for an instant. Photos? What do they have in there? Rainer closes it and folds his hands over it. He considers Aidan. "For many of you… and for anyone working for /us,/ living a normal life becomes something of a … pretence. But understand: it's an important pretence. It's hard. It's a battle. Without it, the world would be in chaos. Do you understand what I'm saying, Drake?" Rainer looks back toward the younger of the brothers. "If you /were/ to be interested working with the Company, like your brother here, perhaps understanding our operation a bit better, you would have to /live/ your normal life. Far as anyone's concerned outside of the Company you're a sixteen year old kid of a single mom from New York and it has to stay that way. No 'Omega'." He can't help but make a slight mockery of the word in his voice, but carries on smoothly. "You would have other ways of getting this justice you talk about." And if he doesn't want to be involved in the Company? …well, Rainer doesn't steer the conversation in that direction. It's not a great direction.

Nodding his head slowly, Drake listens, absorbs, and takes it all in. With a flare of his nostrils, he wrings his hands together slowly, before saying, "I do understand what you're saying." With a look over towards Aidan again for a moment, shifting his gaze out of the corner of his eye, he watches, studying his facial expressions for a moment, then turns his gaze back to Rainer. "If.. I was to.. join your establishment, I would like some assurances." He says with a furrow of his brows.

"And it would be your chance to learn about us, our father, see what he fought for." Aidan says with a small smile towards Drake, the expression looking strange on his seriously designed face. He sits up straighter in his chair as he talks, arms lounging over the arms as he looks slightly more comfortable as things seem to remain peaceable.

Rainer nods slow and deep to Aidan. His focus, then, turns solely on Drake. "Go on," he encourages in his grumbling baritone. "Assurances."

"I don't want you guys messing with my head, taking memories out, putting in new ones. I happen to like the ones I have at the moment." Drake says with a furrow of his brows. "I also want to know.. everything I can about my father. It's.. really important to me, that I do. My entire life I thought he was a dead policeman I never had the chance to meet. I just want to know about his legacy." Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he clears his throat. "And I want to know everything you got.. about Sylar."

Aidan doesn't say a thing as he looks between Rainer and Drake, smile dissolving away as he mentions that name. He seems to be holding his breath, waiting to see what reaction Drake's 'assurances' generate.

"Your memories will remain intact so long as you're loyal to the Company and to our rules of confidentiality - rules that we're more than happy to sit down and go over with you. It goes back to living a normal life. To making that image seem real." Rainer is starting to look a little tired - of this meeting - but patiently carries on. Next point. "You'll have access to your father's file - in time. As for Sylar" He lets out a long breath. "There aren't enough hours in the day, I tell you what. You'll be told what you need to be told to be on the top of your game. Now, I want to make one more thing clear. I'm not bringing you into this as an agent of the Company like Mr. Telford. That takes time. Training. Training that you can get if things go well. All of this is on a step-by-step basis."

Nodding his head Drake seems somewhat satisfied with this. While Rainer may be looking drained, the young man is practically picking up each word, and digesting it. He's not going to miss a thing. "Alright then." He says with a soft breath, furrowing his brows. "I… will give this a chance." He says, slowly, glancing over to his brother again, squinting his eyes. "As long as there is no surprises. I do want to train, and to become better at what I do. I believe there's .. quite a bit of potential that I could reach, if instructed properly." He pushes his chair back, then rises upwards to his feet.

Aidan seems content to sit until dismissed properly, even as he watches Drake rise. His earlier trepidation seems to have settled into a deeply pleased expression. Smug? Perhaps a little, he convinced him to come, and surely it will earn his a few scraps of respect in his otherwise rocky history. "I couldn't have gotten as far as I have without them, Drake."

Rainer rises from his seat and reaches across the desk to shake Drake's hand. "Don't let down your family's devotion to the cause, Drake. You're a smart kid. We're not in the business of employing kids. That's not what this is. This is somewhere you can be safe. We'll be in touch. I'm going to send you down to one of my colleagues who'll go over some rules and regulations before you leave today. My assistant - Brenda, you met her - will show you the way." A pointed look is given to the older of the two - /watch him, Aidan/ - followed by a nod. Rainer sits back down and presses a button on his phone. "Brenda…"

Yes, Aidan. Watch me. Drake returns the handshake, his palm warm, sweaty, yet firm. He has quite a strong grip. Turning to face his brother, then Brenda, he nods his head silently, then heads out as he slides his hands into the deep recesses of his pockets. "Alright then." He says, before exiting the office, slumping his shoulders a bit. He found a brother, but, he has just alienated those he has fought side by side with?

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