2007-07-15: Omg Hai!


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Summary: Rudyard seeks out Daphne

Date It Happened: July 15th, 2007

Log Title Omg Hai!

Bronx Zoo

Late afternoon is settling in and Rudyard is finishing up some business at the butterfly pavillion. A supply of cocoons with rare butterfly species.. the raising, spinning of cocoons and such, overseen by him personally at the museum. It's sort of a loan to the zoo. Due to the lifespans, they may never make it back alive to exhibition elsewhere. Here is possibly better to showcase the creatures, where they can be properly appreciated by younger generations. The delivery has been made, the cocoons placed in capable hands, and now? He's meandering through the zoo, following little whispers and directions as to where a certain woman is.

Daphne is hanging out with the birds of prey. Specifically, she's in the eagle enclosure, not only cleaning up, but checking on the occupants - currently two stunning adult bald eagles - who seem very at ease with the fact that there's a human inside their cage. In fact, they don't even open their eyes if she steps too close.

This isn't the best job ever, but the birds are tame, and cleaning up a few times a day doesn't take long, especially when said birds seem to keep their mess to a very specific area, where all Daphne has to do is lift up a few planks of wood, cart them out, and put new ones in. No one knows /why/ the eagles are so well-trained, but they are! Once one plank is out, she returns to the interior of the cage to check on the birds' feet, just to make sure they're not too damp from sitting in a cage all day. Visibly, the girl looks okay, though there are still red bumps here and there where she was stung. They still hurt, but not near as much as they did.

It's helpful to have a little bee in your bonnet, so to speak. Rudyard has no difficulty whatsoever finding Daphne. Quietly, he walks up as close to the enclosure as he can get. Which is to say, the outer railing. He folds his arms against it, leaning forward slightly. Patiently, he waits for Daphne to be done. He's fine with standing, and watching. He may only be able to communicate with bugs, but that doesn't mean that he can't appreciate other animals.

Daphne is so busy with her eagles that she doesn't notice that her favourite writer is standing right outside the enclosure! Or, you know. Something. It's actually several moments before she turns, and it's only then that she notes that, among the other zoo patrons, there's someone familiar. Blue eyes rest on the man, and her face kind of… Well. She doesn't look all that happy to see him, but she's not telling him to get the hell out, either.

After all, you have to be nice to people who can cover you in stinging insects. Last time she went postal against someone with an ability, she ended up in the hospital, so, understandably, she's a lot more careful now. "Hang on a sec," she indicates flatly, turning back to the planks and pulling the last of them out.

It's about ten minutes later that she appears, wearing her uniform, which is simply a pair of jeans and a green shirt with her name on it. "What're you doing here?" she asks, not rudely. She's just curious.

"I was delivering cocoons to the butterfly pavilion. I was told you were here." Rudyard says this quite plainly, not elaborating on who or what. "I wanted to see how you were faring. Now that I see that you are quite okay, I can simply bugger off if you prefer." Although, he remains leaning against the railing as he speaks with Daphne.

"Bugger off. That's a good one." Her eyes narrow, though she smiles, not seeming particularly inclined to turn her back and walk away. "Nineteen," she says. "That's how many times I was stung, /if/ you were still curious." She might be exaggerating a little, but she sure looks serious. Maybe it's the cocktail of vaccinations she had to get before working at the zoo that SAVED HER, or maybe she was just lucky. In any case… There was a short trip to the ER involved. "So what's your deal, anyway?" is her next question. "I saw what you did, I mean, it was pretty hard to miss it. So if you're gonna deny it, I'm going to have to kick you." This? Yeah, that's more of a joke, which is elaborated on by the slight arch of one eyebrow.

"I was curious, yes, and I am glad to see that you are recovering quite well. It was an accident." The man is still so frustratingly proper. A trip to the ER? Don't tell Rudyard, or he'll start in with the 'I told you so's'. "Did what? I haven't a clue as to what you're on about." Kick away. He'll play in denial for a bit. "I didn't do a ruddy thing. You were stung one too many times, having delusions."

The fact is, she's pretty sure he knows what she can do. There's always the chance he could have somehow been dense enough to miss the weirdness behind squirrels throwing things at him and trying to climb up his pantleg. It seems, however, that Daphne's going to just let this go with a nod. "Maybe. S'good chance," she says with a smile, turning fully toward the eagles, leaning on the rail. "They're so pretty, aren't they? You know, eagles can projectile-poo."

"Charming," is Rudyard's rather dry response as he gives the large birds a brief look. His dark eyes return to Daphne, settling on her. "I find practically all animals to be fascinating and lovely creatures. Squirrels aside. Filthy things they are." Was that a dig at Daphne's squirrels? Possibly!

Come on, this guy can't be serious! Calm, Daphne. Calm, or he'll attack you with BEES again. Momentarily, her eyes close as if she's regaining her composure a little, and she is. Fine, if he's not going to admit he can talk to bees — WELL, FINE. Actually, she's more concerned with the way he's talking about the squirrels now than the fact that she'd been about to demonstrate the accuracy of flying eagle poo. Actually, she looks kind of bothered by it, because she still has that poor animal's screams in her head as it was stung to death. "What are you afraid of?"

Rudyard was well aware of what Daphne was hinting at. He's just.. well.. British. But more weird than British. "Pesticides and DDT," is the quick answer he gives as to what he's afraid of. Neither answer is serious of course. "Now, what is it that you are referring to, Miss Rousseau?" His eyes shift from the woman to the eagles. He wouldn't put it past her to give that demonstration.

"I— " Gah. She can't just say it out here. Not with all these people around, and if he's waiting for a demonstration, he's about to get it, when one of the eagles kind of, well.

It's pretty damn accurate.

Except… It wasn't Daphne. She didn't tell them to do that, she doesn't /think./ So far, she hasn't actually caused any animal to act from her own idle thoughts, it's just that this bird just did exactly what she was just thinking she might make it do. "That. Was not my fault," she says "I swear." Oh god, he's going to attack her with insects again. He's going to attack her with insects, and there won't be anything left of her, because they will EAT HER UNTIL SHE IS GONE.

"That.. was uncalled for.. Miss Rousseau.." All things considered, Rudyard seems quite calm about this incident. He sheds his suit jacket, and uses it as a towel. Thank goodness it does not require dry cleaning. There just so happens to be a yellow jacket buzzing through.. it dives a little too close to Daphne, but does not attack. It flits on away.

"I— I said, I didn't do it," she hisses, turning to the eagles, who look just as eagles always do - birdlike. <Hey!>

<I don't like him.>

That's the brief conversation that follows, which is then preceeded by a staring match between the girl and one of the feathery nuisances, and a staring contest between a human and an eagle will always end with the eagle as the victor. When she looks away, that's when she /just/ catches sight of that /THING,/ which provokes a reaction she didn't even expect. Daphne yelps, losing her balance and falling backward on the cement path. Tailbone thusly bruised, dignity somewhat shaken, she scowls. "Cute. That was adorable. You have about two seconds to take a step backward, or I'm going to have to kick you in the shin."

"I don't know what it is you are talking about Miss Rousseau.. but very well." Rudyard throws his hands up after carefully balling his jacket so that the bird poo is well concealed within. Does he look amused at the reaction from the yellow jacket? Why yes.. Yes he does. But he does comply with taking a few steps back. Humor the lass.

Okay, now she's starting to think that maybe she /is/ imagining things. Maybe she's just going crazy. Even with that look on his face, surely he would have cracked by /now./ "So you're just as crazy as I am, then," she says, picking herself up off the ground, dusting herself off, and waving away one of her fellow employees who's coming over to investigate. "I mean, blaming me for nature taking its course? What's that all about?"

Rudyard's brows raise, "Hardly. I'm not crazy." Just eccentric. You talk to bugs and see how it affects your brain from childhood. "I am quite sane and aware of myself. Can the same be said for you?" About to lean back against the railing, he thinks better of it and puts more distance between himself and the eagles. "You said it wasn't you. One can only assume you had a part to play with the projectile fecal matter."

Bad people in the world. BAD PEOPLE. Still, to be fair, if he was so keen on killing her, he could have done it back in the park and it would have looked like an accident. Daphne seems to take a lot of chances, and so far, she's ended up making the right ones - for the most part. Sure, there are people who have revealed their abilities to her /first,/ but in this case, she's going to take that first step. Except not in the middle of the zoo where everyone can hear her, plus, if she's wrong about him and he's going to end up thinking she really /is/ crazy, she'll have to be in a place where she can demonstrate without people looking at her funny. "Well. I used to think I wasn't." /used to./ "Despite the fact that you're kind of an ass, I'd like to talk to you again. Just… not here. Can I get your phone number?"

Rudyard isn't a killer. He's just.. weird. He does look intrigued by Daphne and her request. "How flattering." He's aware he's an ass.. but he's onto Daphne and he's certain she's onto him. Besides.. despite getting off on the wrong foot.. nevermind. Not going to go there. Complying with the request, he produces a business card from his pocket and hands it over. "My cell number is there, as well as my office number with the museum." Stamped on the card are his credentials with the University of Maryland and his position with the Smithsonian. A little fact that he is most proud of.

Daphne doesn't much like the guy, /however,/ he's doing something, and she wants to find out what it is. He seems quite adept at making bugs /do things,/ and she'd much rather chat with him now about it. The only problem is, there's still that guy Sylar out there somewhere, and he could be watching them /right now/ for all she knows. It's just not safe here. "Okay, cool. Here." She reaches into her pocket where she has cards of her own. Not as prestigious as MISTER KIPLING'S, but they work. Her name, her line at the zoo. Her cell number isn't on there, though, since she ends up giving cards to some of the patrons at times, but there's an email address! It also denotes that she has involvement with the birds of prey, but doesn't exactly say her exact position. She needs to get new cars made. "Just promise that when I call you, and we meet up, you'll actually, you know, /talk./"

Rudyard takes the card offered in turn by Daphne. "Very well.. I promise." Since she asked, he promised, he'll go through with it. He glances over the woman's card thoroughly before pocketing it. Off to the side, a few butterflies fly in a 'V' formation, then form out, 'OMG HAI' at Daphne before dispersing. Rudyard pretends to see none of this. Nothing going on. Nothing happened. Nope.

Yeah. Yeah, there's something going on with this guy, as if there was any doubt before. /bugs?/ Well, okay, maybe Daphne is the teensyest bit jealous, because she can't really communicate with insects except every once in a very great while. And even then, that's only really /hearing/ them. Butterflies don't fly in formation or spell out words, though, and she can't manage to /not roll her eyes/ when she's witness to this display. Hopefully no one else was watching. "You are such a /geek,/" she mutters over her shoulder, as she heads off in the other direction.

Rudyard pretends to not hear. But he's smiling a little to himself as he walks off in the other direction. In the morning.. there just might be a message waiting on a spider's web near the eagle's enclosure. Possibly… 'Geek and Proud'.

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