2007-03-26: OMG! We're Going To Die


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Summary: Ben meets up with Angie and finishes passing Peter's message on in person.

Date It Happened: March 26, 2007

Log Title OMG! We're Going To Die

Central Park

Lunchtime, Central Park. Benjamin's getting out more and more, bit by bit. Even if he's wanting to rabbit and just hide. The call from Petrelli spooked him. It didn't even dawn on him at the time to draw any connections between the caller and the politician, or even the name Suresh. So.. he's trying to keep himself calm by taking a walk and staying alert. Only, alert means, he looks like he's ready to jump at his shadow.

Alert or not, spotting a Company-trained Agent is probably going to be tough. Especially when she's the sneaky sort. Concealed by a small tree at a curve in the path up ahead, she waits for Benjamin to pass her. She's got on her usual ensemble, though she's shucked her jacket as it isn't so cold today.

As Benjamin rounds the tree, the smell of cigarettes gets his attention. He briefly glances towards the tree just in passing, but his steps come to a halt as he sees Angie there. "Hi," he says with a faint smile, turning to approach her. "Did you get my voice mail yesterday?"

Knowing how fond Benji is of her dirty habit, Angie drops the cigarette to the ground and crushes it out with her bootheel. Lips twisting into a smile, she fishes a stick of gum out and pops it into her mouth, nodding to the nervous man. "You sounded pretty upset." To say the least. "I didn't know about Sylar til a week or two ago. But, we are working at capturing him… There really isn't any reason to worry. He doesn't know you exist, right?"

Benjamin waits until the cigarette is out before giving Angie a kiss on the cheek. "Well.. yeah.. I mean.. you told me about him. He's supposed to be dead.. I get a random phonecall from a stranger.." A nervous laugh escapes as he rubs at the back of his neck, looking away from Angie. "Not.. exactly.. Remember I said a couple of weeks ago I had.. nevermind that part. I didn't say anything cause I didn't know who he was, but a guy matching his description pulled a sword on Rose and I at the park a few weeks ago. I.. did the only thing I knew to do and put him to sleep. He also had a gun on him. Rose and I ran for it. I just thought he was some random whacko until Mr. Petrelli described that Sylar guy to me."

Angie stops mid-chew of her gum and stares at Benjamin. "That's not good Benji. That's not good at all. Sylar is a perceptive guy for a mass murderer. If you used your power on him and you weren't discreet about it, it means you're a target. And Rose might be a target too." Shaking her head, she runs her fingers through her hair and says, "So this guy, Peter Petrelli, called you out of the blue. Do you have any idea who might have steered him towards you? I mean, if a stranger was able to track you down…"

"I just.. I thought he was some sicko.. he initially went after Rose. I don't know why. So I just did what I knew to do.. I mean, I tried to be discreet. It's not like I wave my hands." Benjamin exaggerates by waving his arms like some two-bit magician. "And people fall asleep. You don't need to tell me this isn't good… Yeah, Peter said he got my number from a friend of mine."

Angie does something that she isn't good at doing. She shows some affection. Stepping into the man, she wraps her arms about him and looks into his eyes, "Do you know which friend? It's kind of important. Sylar might follow them to you. Or vice versa. He's after all the marbles here, Benj. He's not content with the power he has."

Benjamin isn't good at showing affection either. Well in public anyway. He puts his arms around Angie, "Yeah.. Ramon Gomez. The friend who saw me get kidnapped by you and Anders. I don't know what all these connections are. I didn't even know they knew the Petrellis.. I mean, wasn't one of them a Congressman? Or almost one? I don't know anything else about them… and he said that Sylar and the Kellie woman took a child and someone named Suresh. Didn't he write that one book? I never could finish it. I tried to."

"He did. And you should," Angie says, lowering her chin, "I'm going to have to tell the Company about this, you know. You and Rose are going to need protection. Coming in contact with Sylar once is enough to make it on his list of priorities, especially when you demonstrate your power… even if you don't do it in an obvious way."

"I.. I figured you would have to tell someone. I mean, this is bad.. and that's why Petrelli called me. He wanted to know if I knew that guy that Kellie called her daddy." Benjamin keeps his arms around Angie, even if he feels a little self conscious about PDA's. "So I could get the word back, but I dunno who that guy is. I only know how to reach you and Anders, and I guess you guys are better connected to get the word to where it needs to go… what? I.. he doesn't know where we live, or our names! I don't want anyone messing with Rose!"

"The child he kidnapped? Her special ability is being able to find anyone, anywhere," Angie states flatly and let's that hang in the air. No need to follow that up with further clarification of danger. "Be careful. And make sure Rose is aware of what Sylar is capable of. Be honest with her."

Benjamin turns his gaze down onto Angie and nods. "Okay… and I'm always honest. I just don't know how seriously she'll take me. She didn't take that run-in at the park seriously until he pulled a sword and we saw he had a gun on him. I'm just glad that I was able to make him sleep.. I.. really should work more on my abilities."

"Yes, but maybe right now you should work on practicing how to run. If you see him again, you run, you hear me? Don't try and be a hero. Not even for Rose. I'm exceptionally fond of you, but he's out of your league, sweety. Hell, he's out of my league. But I figure I'd make him hurt before he killed me," Angie says morbidly, her expression turning dour(er, if such a thing is possible). "I'll do everything I can to help protect you until he's caught."

Benjamin lowers his forehead to rest against Angie's. "Everyone's out of my league. I'm lucky to make squirrels take a nap. Don't worry, I'm running next time.. even if I think he could outrun me." Although it's pretty damn likely Ben will be stupid and try to exercise his power against Sylar to buy people some time. He's a coward, but he cares about others at the same time. Kind of puts him in a bind. "Guess I should start working out."

"Don't be afraid to fight dirty." A tight smile curls Angie's lips, though it's fighting with her inner pragmatism. The cheerfulness somehow wins out, because she says next: "You know, what we do could be considered a workout." She feels up Benji's arms: "I can totally tell the difference from when we first met. Really."

Benjamin's eyes widen in surprise even as he laughs, shocked at Angie's suggestion. Although he shouldn't be by this point in time. "I.. yeah.. and you're just saying that.." He keeps his head ducked, as if embarrassed for anyone passing by to hear this.

"And you're too modest," the dark-haired woman replies snappily. "C'mon, you look like hell. Let's go back to your apartment. I know something that'll make you relax." Angie let's Benjamin's mind go horrible places with those words before opening her jacket to reveal a silver flask. "Hard liquor, of course."

"It's… still.. the middle of the day." Meaning, Benjamin should go back to work. Abilities, schmabilities, he's a responsible employee! "And you know I don't drink.. much." He withdraws his arms from around Angie to try and close up her jacket. "You know I kinda go loopy with a little to drink.. Oh, that's probably the point. Uhm. After I get off work? I'll make dinner?"

"Oh really?" Twisting away from the man, Angie ducks behind the tree she was formerly leaning against. She peeks around the other side of it, cool blue eyes glinting in the sunlight. "I might be convinced to do that… as long as you remember the code you and Rose came up with this time. I may be comfortable with my body, but I don't like to give free shows to minors."

"Angie! She… Rose isn't a minor, but no, no free shows. I think I've traumatized her enough." Benjamin can't help being modest and still a little uptight. He's getting better though, really! "Although.. I think somehow while she's traumatized, I got cool points with .. us." He gestures to Angie then to himself. He looks bewildered as how it could be both things. Teenagers. "Dinner, I'll warn Rose, and I'll leave the house phone off the hook."

"Alright. I'll see you tonight. I've got some work to do." Obviously. What with killers on the loose and all. Angie slips back around the tree and starts walking away, casually glancing over her shoulder. "Be careful, dammit."

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