2010-05-02: On Our Way



Date: May 2, 2010


I'm on my way

Don't know where I'm goin'

I'm on my way

Takin' my time, but I don't know where

Goodbye to Rooooosie, the Queen of Corona

See me and Julio down by the schoolyard

"On Our Way"

A Hotel — Boston

Backpacking across the USA is an adventure, especially as teens. It's been a few weeks since Cam and Micah took off to Boston. They'd taken off with little explanation to most people, leaving only an occasional note behind, especially as it's not like they aren't reachable if someone wants to talk to them — Micah still has his phone (could he really function without it?).

Boston has been especially nice for the pair of teens. It's been a holiday after everything they've lived through this last year. Sitting on the bed of the small motel room, Micah leans against the wall and flips through a book of Things to Do in Boston. "Okay, so — we've been to the Boston Public Library, toured MIT — which I seriously want to attend someday, that place is nuts — visited the Gibson House Museum, the Museum of Science, multiple parks, and other attractions. What's next? I don't think either of us are artsy enough for the Museum of Contemporary Art," Micah's nose wrinkles with mild distaste. "Not that I don't like art, but that's like… a lot of it. In one place." He shrugs, "I just don't think I get it — "

Cam sits at the foot of the bed, sideways compared to his foster brother as he browses the web on the laptop that Micah got him for Christmas. "Yeah, no way. Unless they have a section on comic book art or something. I don't know, think we should try moving on to the next town now? Think we've done just about everything we can here." Then he comments, "Think MIT'd love to have you too. I think you knew more about the stuff they're working on there than the tour guide."

"It's like a heaven of technology. Seriously, I felt like I was in a candy store," why? Because Micah is still a kid in a lot of ways. "All of that technology. Everywhere. It was amazing." He grins broadly after geeking out just a little. "Okay, is it time to move on? What's next on the agenda? I know we kind of have a plan! Man, I'm so happy we're done with that Alpha Protocol stuff." Beat. "I… I was thinking we should like get back to the house in Niagara Falls — not to live there or anything, but like… a memorial or something. I dunno. Maybe that's a dumb idea."

Cam brings up bus and train schedules on his laptop absently, (he's a lot more capable with technology than when they met, thanks to Micah), and says, "Yeah, I think that's an awesome idea. And there's something I want to get there too, if we can find it. We've got two weeks to get down to Florida, but wouldn't want to stay at the house long anyway… right?"

"Yeah, I mean, it would be like a day max, I think. Too many people that know us there, but I think… we should almost check it out because, well, it seems like a good finish to the end of all of this," Micah frowns just a little as he combs his fingers through his hair. "What do you think? Anyone you want to pay a visit to?" His nose wrinkles as h shuts his eyes. "I can't believe it's actually over, you know? I mean, I'm still like watching cameras all of the time, making sure we avoid them, but… things are like safe now. It's kind of… weird." He shrugs.

Cam nods quickly and says, "Yeah, I know! I get nervous whenever anybody looks at me too long, thinking they might recognize me from that stupid press conference. It's crazy things being back to… well, not normal, but safe." He thinks a moment as he looks through the schedules, and says, "I'd kind of like to visit a couple guys from the hockey team, but there'd be way too many questions."

"Really? We can work it in, maybe if you think they'd keep their mouths shut — all we need are adults poking around our business," Micah asserts with a nod of his head. "We can always explain things away and say we're like with family or something. I mean, really, you're kind of an expert at fielding prying questions." He half-smiles and leans forward with now-opened eyes. "Okay, so I quick jaunt to Niagra Falls and then down to Florida."

Cam nods quickly and says, "There's a couple that would, for sure. If they aren't too mad at me for vanishing just before the season started." He grins at the mention of fielding prying questions, and says, "Yeah, I guess so." He nods quickly again to the timetable mentioned, and says, "We need to make sure we stay somewhere air conditioned in Florida too."

"Right. I'll remember that and see what I can do — wouldn't want you melting on me," Micah smirks before standing up from the bed. "Oh man, this is gonna rule! Seriously, already I'm convinced this is pretty much the best idea we've ever had. Second only to becoming super heroes." Once off the bed, he stretches and yawns. "Anyone else we should visit before we really disappear?"

Cam grins and nods. "The best next to that, yeah!" He says, then, "There's a train down to just outside New York tomorrow afternoon, and we can catch a bus from there to Niagara Falls. Or we might be able to get a bus that goes straight there, but trains are cooler and anyway, they have snacks." He looks up then and says, "The only other people I'd want to visit would try to keep us from going. Kory, Charlotte wherever she is, and so on. They'll never be ok with us on our own, they still see us as little kids."

"Right. It's true," Micah sighs. "And we're definitely not kids anymore. I mean after everything, why would anyone think we were? I don't even know what normal is anymore." He shakes his head. "You're right, we'll just lay low. If people want to contact us, they can; no use worrying anyone else, right?" he winks. "Okay. Train it is and we'll head out tomorrow afternoon. It'll be great. Just you and me." That said, he begins packing once again — the backpacker's life.

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