2007-03-12: On Significance - Dangerous Dancing


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Summary: The date continues and Claudine learns not to dance with Orion without armored shoes.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

On Significance - Dangerous Dancing

Club DnA

About an hour has passed since last we saw our intrepid Company Heroes, Claudine and Orion, sharing dinner at the Noodle Heaven sandwich shop. Since then, they have been stuck in traffic trying to get across town to Club DnA. By the time they do arrive, the club is bumpin', the music is hardcore, and the crowds are surprisingly steady in their in-out shifting between the club and the streets.

Presumably Orion has been chatting Claudine up in the back of the cab on something. Like, I don't, let's just say the merits of one super-human power over another… Like herbivore control as compared to carnivore control. Or something.

Or they could be chatting about normal things when people go out. But that didn't happen. It was obvious carnivore control was superior in the end, and Claudine made sure of that. Ha! Once they arrive at the front of the club though, her brows raise as she looks around at the jumpin' scene. There's all kinds of people from the trendy to the goth to just the plain weird. "This place certainly knows how to attract a crowd.." she admits ruefully while waiting for Orion to step on out.

Of course, once he does, she pulls out some cash, that would've been her share of the cab ride. Only to be fair and all..

Orion seems to have already paid for Claudine's half of the cab fare and a somewhat more than reasonable tip for the cabbie. He holds out one hand to Claudine, offering to pull her up and out of the cab onto the sidewalk outside of the club. Call him old fashioned, why don't you?

Her cheeks flush as he holds out his hand. Old fashioned is always good, and she just puts her money away. An impish little giggle escapes from her lips as she takes his hand, letting her fingers entwine with his own before giving it a gentle little squeeze. "Well, aren't you a gentleman.." Claudine says with a bright smile before letting him lead the way.

"Just because I have a crude day job doesn't mean my parents didn't raise me right," replies Orion. He warmly smiles to Claudine and leads her toward the line to get into the club. It's surprisingly short, in spite of the masses of people milling around and clearly inside of the club itself.

As they draw near, the bass to a pumping, driving dub-rap beat can be felt more than heard from just inside.

And that's when she shows her fake ID, much like she showed it the previous night so she can be let. There shouldn't be any problems, especially with a well placed touch on the bouncer's hand and a wink here and there. It's Ladies Night! So, that means there's no cover charge. And since Orion's over 21..none either! Huzzah!

"Well, I never said your parents didn't, but well..it's a surprise. You always seemed to have been the mysterious and quiet one.." she admits ruefully as she waits for him inside the club as Chris Brown's "Wall to Wall" plays loudly on the dance floor.

An almost impish smile crosses Granger's face at Claudine's response. He chuckles softly and shrugs, "I guess the mysterious and quiet one archetype just meshes well with me. It's pretty much how I've lived since high school… Since I first met the Company."

Orion sheds the thoughtful brooding a moment later and tugs Claudine toward the dance floor. "Now. I believe you said you wanted to dance?"

"Aaaah, I see.." is her reply while her lips curl into a wry grin as she looks him over once more. "So you've been with them for that long huh.." she says with a bit of surprise before beaming brightly at the offer of a dance.

"I always want to dance.." Claudine says matter of factly as she lets herself be tugged onto the dance floor, giggling with glee the entire time. Once there, she'll wrap her arms around his shoulders while starting to sway her hips from side to side with the beat of the music. "

Orion shrugs a little bit at Claudine, "I only started working for them after I graduated college… But I've known about them and they've known about me since then." He very nearly pulls her into his arms when he stops on the dance floor.

Orion seemed to have expected her to get in close, but apparently not so close as she managed. He looks a little startled at first, but eases into the dancing position quicker than last time. "You do realize you're going to have to bear with me… I'm not exactly Fred Astaire."

"Fred Astaire..wow..do you go out much? Cause your reference is really old, but yeah, it's okay. I like dancing with you." Claudine says teasingly as she's pulled close and her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red while pursing her lips as she looks elsewhere for a few moments.

Once she's recovered, she nods and peers back towards him curiously as she gets into her groove with the bootie popping music. "So, what do you like to do for fun?"

"… Well, err… I haven't really gotten out much since college, no…"

Orion looks clearly embarrassed now, cheeks a surprisingly bright red as he looks toward the ceiling for several seconds. He promptly looks down at the ground so that he can keep better, less toe-threatening track of Claudine's feet. He's not trying to break her toes, honest!

"Lately I've started getting into listening to classic rock, reading comic books; stuff I really never got into when I was a kid… But I've been big into urban climbing since college."

Now that he's paying attention, Orion does certainly seem to be a lot less dangerous to one's feet during the whole dancing thing. He's more or less mirroring Claudine's footwork, with some improvisation as he feels is gender-appropriate.

"I think we need to change that.." Claudine says matter of factly, and from the looks of it, there's no way she'll take no for an answer. "Get you out there more..loosen ya up a little.." smiling brightly before she raises her brows.

"Urban climbing? I know this is going to sound dumb, but what's that?" she asks while canting her head to the side.

And that's when the music changes to something slower..and more grindy..instead of bootie popping.

Orion may never get tired of hearing that phrase. Bootie popping. It brings a tear to his eye and laughter to his heart. Fortunately, Granger doesn't have to deal with it just this second. He smiles at Claudine and shrugs little with his shoulders. When the beat changes, he slows down significantly, though he's like to need Claudine's guidance to get to the right tempo for the music.

"It's… Well it's kind of a weird quasi-sport. It's like a cross between rock climbing, hiking, paintball, and skateboarding. A lot of it is about climbing up and down odd structures in the city without breaking your legs because you do it without any wires or ropes and because a lot of the most popular urban climbing moves are done when jumping down from level to level of a structure."

Bootie popping is awesome, but now is not the time for it. At least, according to the dictates of the DJ at the moment who's just playing something slow, cause well, he wants to do something..or someone. Who knows? Oh well.

She tries to follow the explanation, but her brows furrow a little in the end. "A cross between rock climbing, hiking, paintball and skateboarding? I see everything but where the paintball part comes in.." says as she starts to slow down, guiding one of his hands to her waist again, cause well..that's where it should go.

Orion is sort of starting to get the hang of this dancing thing. Maybe. His hand slides down to Claudine's waist with a minimum of guiding and he sort of slows to match her movements and tempo quickly. He tilts his head to one side at her mention of paintball and smiles.

"A lot of urban climbing groups get together and play tag or hide 'n' seek when all of their members are more or less at a skill level where they're not going to die or horribly wound themselves in the match. Every so often you'll see a group of people running across alleys or through a parking garage and they'll just hop into the air, twist around, grab onto the edge of the garage's barrier, and then disappear. That's urban climbing. Usually you start a game like that way up top, but I've played it where it's a chase to the top or just a constant shift in altitude."

"That sounds..intense.." she says, trying to picture it happening in her head, and well, it might even be misconstrued as someone being chased by the Company or something like that. It could totally be a good cover should a chase happen, but since they're both off duty and not on call at the moment, she keeps that thought to herself.

"So, I guess you have to be amazingly athletic for it..and it sounds like it could be good training.." she admits before wincing as she brought up work. "Well..ignore that part..no work talk right now. I just wanna get to know you!" Claudine chirps.

Orion smiles to Claudine and shrugs a little bit, keeping pace with her as best he can. He is in pretty damn good condition, as he proved at the gym earlier in the evening; although Claudine must realize she hasn't really seen him engaged in anything athletic as yet.

"Not amazingly athletic or even amazingly acrobatic. It's good exercise though; part of the reason I got into it in the first place. I've found it's made me a lot more nimble and definitely gotten me into good shape."

Orion smiles at the last part and winks playfully at Claudine.

"So what about you? What do you do for fun?"

Her cheeks burn a bright tinge of red at the wink, and she looks down at her feet once more while taking a deep breath. She lets out a soft chuckle before looking up towards him once more. She can totally tell that he's in good condition, cause well, they are dancing rather close after all.

"Me? Fun? Well..I would've joined a sorority this semester, but you know. Had other things. So right now I'm just playing a lot of IM sports, particularly flag football and soccer. I kinda like the whole team sport thing, and I've always been the outdoorsy sort. And then, of course, there's what we're doing now. Dancing!"

"I hadn't noticed that you liked to dance," replies Orion, a warm, playful smile spread across his face the whole time. The tall man keeps moving with Claudine and the music, shifting around the dance floor just a smidgen here and there as it becomes necessary to do so.

"Anything else? You seem like the sort that has a dozen or more hobbies going on all at the same time and is wonderful at them all."

"I do?" she replies, blinking blankly a little as she lets out a squeal of delight at the comment. "Well..I mean, I like outdoorsy stuff, but if there's anything I really have a passion for, it'd have to be sculpting. I've been doing it since I was little, playing with play doh and stuff, but it just relaxes me.." she admits while sighing contentedly.

Of course, there's more people on the dance floor now as all sorts of couples got out to get their grind on, but soon enough, something more upbeat and faster comes on. "And then, asides from that..there's karaoke. It was sort of a thing we'd do as a family. Living in a modest house, but we still had the best karaoke system in town.." she says with a laugh.

"Yes. You do. I knew a couple of people like that in grade school and college. They'd be like 'I don't have time to hang out! I have class and ten clubs and I want to get some work done on this, that, and this other thing that I picked up last night.' And I couldn't help but stand there and stare at them because, well… I know I wouldn't have the energy to keep up with all of that."

He pauses a moment, smiling wryly as he leans in close to Claudine. He whispers into her ear, "And I'm supposed to be super-human." Orion pulls back, but manages to kiss her on the cheek in passing. Once back to where he started from, Orion winks to Claudine and smiles.

"Well, I was kind of sort of like that..but that was cause my parents wanted me to do well, and so I felt like I had something to prove. I mean, they always taught me to do everything at one hundred percent, and to push yourself to your utmost limit so you can excel and whatnot. " she says matter of factly while smiling the entire time.

"But I'm sure you would've been able to keep up with them..you're very active now. And bah..we're all just human..the two of us just have other natural talents that most others don't.." Claudine continues, until she's kissed on the cheek, and her eyes widen. She definitely wasn't expecting that, and she squirms a little.

A few nervous chuckles later, she looks up at him once more and catches the wink. "I..well..um…huh.." seems like the cat has her tongue now.

"Well, you have natural talents most others don't. My natural talents have lent themselves to putting me at the borderline… But you said no shoptalk."

Granger smiles warmly and continues to dance. He watches Claudine curiously, head tilted slightly to the left. Orion really didn't expect the kiss and the wink to have that big of an impact; he makes a mental note not to combine the two in the future.

Well, nothing's wrong with the two in combination. She was just caught off guard, and it shows. "Definitely no shop talk. That stuff can always be saved for the office.." Claudine says firmly and resolutely as the music starts to get into the Latin swing of things once more.

That's when the hips really start to sway as she takes his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze before she moves back and does a little twirl before pressing herself against him once more. "And I'm sure you're good a lots of other things that don't include zapping people.." she says with a wry grin as she starts to salsa..

"Most of those involve sports, I'm afraid. Although I've been known to enjoy a good puzzle of one kind or another."

Orion cheerily smiles to Claudine as he tries to get into the salsa rhythm. This proves… Well. Let's just leave it at Orion is very bad at the salsa… And Claudine is likely going to want to get off of her feet for a few minutes; she may also want to put some ice in her shoes, but that is entirely secondary to the point.

"That.." owww.." doesn't.." GAH! "surprise" eeek! "me.." she says while chewing on her bottom lip a little, not trying to make the pain evident as her dance partner starts to get two left feet. And that's when she stops, and hops up to steal a quick peck on the cheek as she nods. "Um..maybe wanna go sit down for a bit? Perhaps get a drink or two?" she asks while motioning towards a few empty booths over in the corner.

Cause yeah, Claudine definitely wants to get off her feet for a good bit.

Orion winces every time his foot comes down on Claudine's. He looks very apologetic, blushing the whole time he helps her off of the dance floor and to a table somewhere between the floor and the bar. Once she's at the table he rubs the back of his head sheepishly and offers a very subdued, "… I'm sorry…"

"Don't worry about it!" Claudine replies with a sigh of relief once they sit down at the table so she can kick off her pumps and lets her feet rest on the plush seats. Aaaah. That's better. "It's okay..though really, you were better yesterday.." she says teasingly before stealing a quick kiss on the lips to gauge his reaction.

A kiss on the lips? Suffice it to say that Orion is caught off-guard, his mouth half-open as he is cut off mid-word. He blinks a few times, cheeks flushing even brighter red as he tries to decide what, exactly, he should be doing here. In the back of his mind, he realizes his behavior seems like he's never gone on a date before. He blames consciousness of age difference.

Age ain't nothing but a number! Or something like that anyway. Claudine raises her brows as she suppresses a giggle, just looking towards him curiously once more. "You okay?" she asks in the end after a minute or two, wanting to make sure she didn't break him or something like that.

"… Err. Yeah. I'm… Good… You said you wanted a drink, right?"

Granger is still blushing brightly. Hopefully his cheeks will not stay that almost disturbing shade of tomato red. He pushes back a little bit, as if getting ready to go to the bar.

"Um yeah, that would be great.."

Claudine just watches him curiously once more and hrmms for a few moments before sighing in the end. Oh noes, maybe she did break him!

"What do you want?"

Orion started to move away before he realized he needed to ask that very important question. The tall man smiles genially and waits patiently for a response, remaining silent for the moment.

"A sprite will be fine.." Claudine says softly while running her fingers through her hair as she smiles warmly towards him once more. She then reaches over and starts rubbing her feet a little, since they still kinda hurt..

Orion smiles and nods, wincing as Claudine starts massaging her feet. The tall man makes his way over to the bar and orders something. It's hard to tell what, exactly, he ordered from his wild gesticulations at the bartender.

Several minutes later, Granger returns with a big glass of Coke, a big glass of Sprite, and bucket of ice. He smiles and offers the bucket to Claudine.

"Try that?"

The bucket for her feet? That's an interesting idea and so she puts it onto the couch and lets her toes wriggles a little as she presses it against the bucket. "Eeek!" she says with a hearty laugh while getting use to the cold while grinning wryly towards Orion.

"Well, it's kinda weird.." she says softly before resting her head on his shoulder while patting his leg gently once he's settled in. "And thanks by the way. So..tell me more about yourself, Orion? I'm curious.."

"What's pretty weird?"

Orion looks confused by that statement. He tilts his head to one side, looking at Claudine's feet and then back up at her face. You can almost see the giant ??? floating over his head.

"The ice on my feet..but at least it doesn't hurt anymore.." Claudine explains while giggling once more, ruffling his hair playfully. "You..don't go out on dates very much huh.." she asks, having an inkling about the answer, but she just wants confirmation.

"I haven't been on one in a while, no. I haven't really… Y'know, met someone interesting enough to date that I wasn't going to have to skip town on in a long while."

Orion rubs the back of his head sheepishly for a few moments. He promptly takes a long swig of his Coke and looks up at Claudine curiously. He looks like he half expects her to say something about him constantly mentioning work.

Well, she could say something about work, but she decides again it. Instead, she smiles warmly and pats him gently on the leg once more as she sits on up, now that her feet feel a little bit better.

"I'm honored that you think I'm interesting enough to date..and I do like the part that you don't have to skip town.." she says with a wry grin, before she hrmms and purses her lips, her cheeks flushed red from embarrassment. "I mean..assuming that you do think that and I just didn't make an ass out of myself for assuming!"

Orion starts to say something, but pauses as Claudine starts in with her blushing and assuming. He pauses a moment longer, staring thoughtfully at her before he finally starts laughing. The tall man smirks and smiles, facial expressions shifting for several moments before he settles on an amused, yet serious, smile.

"That was what I was trying to imply. I don't foresee having to "skip town" on you and I certainly don't think you're anything but fascinating. You're probably the most interesting woman I have met in a very long time."

This guy is definitely smooth. Uber smooth even. Claudine smiles brightly and leans against him once more while resting her chin on his shoulder. "Well, I'm definitely glad that you don't have to skip town. I'd certainly be pretty lonely at work if that was the case. And awwww..you're just saying that.." she says with a dismissing wave.

Surely she has to be interesting cause her interests don't include things like killing, zapping things, or other types of physical violence. At least that's what she's thinking anyway.

What, exactly, Orion finds so fascinating about Claudine is up for debate. It could be the fact that the first time they talked, she was spouting off epithets about genetics and possible uses of her powers and his. It could be that she has made a decision to serve the Company not unlike he did. It could just be a line. Claudine may never know.

Granger chuckles softly and shakes his head. "I am saying it because I believe it's true. You are witty and intelligent among a host of other qualities that I find attractive."

If it's possible for her cheeks to become any more red, then they will. She doesn't have much experience with the opposite sex, and well,it seems Orion's just saying the right words. And the fact that she doesn't have to argue with him as to why she's helping the Company seems to help as well.

"Um..thank you?" she says as her voice raises in pitch at the end. Claudine promptly coughs a little afterwards as she takes a sip of her soda before looking towards him once more. "So..what other sorts of things do you like in a girl?"

Orion has had somewhat more experience with the opposite sex than Claudine has, so it may not be too hard for him to say the right things in just the right way. He smiles warmly at Claudine, shrugging a little bit as he considers other attractive qualities.

"Well… I guess cooking is another thing that I like. I'm not exactly an Iron Chef or anything, but I can make a mean omelette's, scrambled eggs, or a couple of other things; but knowing that a woman can cook something other than the microwaved crap that's become popular of late is very nice. A strong will and a mind of her own are also pretty important. Intelligence and wit are great, but if a someone's just going to agree with me or cave without much pressure, I may as well… Errr…"

Insert embarrassed pause here.

"… I may as well date myself… ?…"

He's not sure if that is even close to a good analogy.

She nods, listening the entire time as she makes her own little mental notes. Someone who can cook? She can do that and she's good. So that's a check. Someone's who smart? Well, she has to think she's smart, so check on that. Then in the end, she just looks at him before bursting into laughter.

"Well..I don't know if you'd want to date yourself, cause that would just be odd..maybe it could be done if you could replicate, but I know what you're trying to say.." Claudine says with a warm smile. "Well, for your information, I'm a mean cook. I'm one of two girls in the family, so all the family recipes are now mine to pass on. So, make sure I cook something for you sometime..it'll totally rock your world.." she says with a wink.

Orion opens his mouth to say something a response to that last sentence but he stops himself before the first word is out. He smiles and laughs quietly, leaning back on his chair for a few moments. When he leans back in, the tall man replies with a gentle, still laughing voice.

"And I look for a woman that has a sense of humor that can and will keep me laughing, if only because she says something that I can misinterpret in the first couple of milliseconds."

To make sure his point gets across, Orion waggles his eyebrows like Tom Selleck.

"Hey, I'm all about fumbling over my own words. I know I have that problem.." Claudine admits ruefully as she winks once more before shaking her head a little. She rests her head on his shoulder once more before stealing yet another quick kiss on the cheek before looking up towards him. "So yeah..I..I like you Orion.." she says matter of factly.

Orion laughs softly at Claudine's rueful admission. He pats her on the back of the hand and gently smiles, "You and and me both." He returns the kiss to the cheek with one of his own before he gets a very matter of fact admission from Claudine. He blinks once or twice before smiling.

"I like you too, Claudine."

Her lips purse before she beams brightly, looking quite happy to hear that.

"So um..you wanna head back to the dance floor?" she asks curiously while sleeping her feet into her shoes once more. It feels better now and so she's up for more dancing it seems. "Um..unless you wanna do something else? I mean..you are comfy.." Claudine says with a wry grin.

The tall man chuckles softly and glances toward Claudine's feet. He pats her on the back of the hand again and smiles.

"I think maybe I'll give your feet a rest. Trust me, traction isn't as glorious as it looks."

"So you're going to carry me?"

Her brows waggle after that question as she gets into a fit of giggles while still leaning on his shoulder. He's nice and comfy after all.

Orion chuckles softly, "I certainly could, if you want," he replies gently. He is, technically, a guy with shining armor… And he does seem kind of chivalrous, so maybe that counts as being a knight?

"Hooray! My knight in shining armor!" Claudine replies with a bright smile as she scooches over a little to sit in his lap while one arm wraps around his shoulder, ya know in case he's going to scoop her up or anything. "And you can totally play the part too.." she says with a wry grin.

Orion smirks at Claudine and he nods. "Perhaps that'll be my costume for Halloween this year," he replies with a chuckle. The tall man gently scoops Claudine up and notes, "You'll probably want to grab your shoes before we go."

"Right!" Claudine says as she almost forgot about those, and she leans back until she's laying on the couch so she can grab her pumps before sitting up once more. "There we go!" smiling warmly as she dangles her red pumps in front of him. "So what next? And where to?"

"I don't know. Where would m'lady like to go to next?"

Her cheeks flush once more as she looks towards him once more. "Where ever you would like to go. I'm for anything.." she says with a wink in the end.

Quietly the tall man laughs at the response and he smiles warmly to Claudine. This may, in fact, be some kind of stall tactic as he tries to come up with somewhere to go that is not work or relatively lame, as is gauged in the modern eye; this takes nearly a minute of thought.

"Would you like to go climbing? I know a couple of easy, but fun runs right around here… They have some pretty nice views too."

"I'd definitely like to try, but if we could stop by work real quick so I could grab a pair of my sneakers? Unless you're willing to carry me up there.." Claudine says with another wry grin, waiting to see his reaction to that.

"I don't see why not."

Orion smiles cheerfully, as if he knows a secret that Claudine doesn't know.

"Okay..well, as long as you're going to carry me then.." Claudine says with a bit of excitement as she wraps her arms tightly around his shoulders so she can hang out. And she's petite, so she shouldn't be too hard to carry.

People always make that assumption… But consamit, the human body is not really well-suited to lugging around its own body weight plus the fully body weight of someone else. On the other hand, Orion is a strapping young, super-powered lad who has had a good amount of experience in what he's planning on doing.

Granger chuckles and kisses Claudine on the cheek before he hefts her with both arms as he stands up tall. The tall man promptly starts making his way out of the still crowded, bumpin' nightclub. He'll figure out where to go from there once he's gone a few blocks.

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