2007-03-12: On Significance - Parkour Por Amor


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Summary: The conclusion of Orion and Claudine's little date.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

On Significance - Parkour Por Amor

A Few Blocks From Club DnA

The last time we left the pair, they were departing the noisy nightclub. Like a knight in shining armor carrying his maiden of the days of old, Claudine finds herself scooped up by the much larger and modern day version of the knight. She's letting out a soft chuckle of amusement, not paying much attention to those staring in their direction as she shrugs off the little comments.

Yes, there are women who are jealous, women who think she's skanky, and there's men who even want to be in the position she's in right now. And so that's amusing of course.

"So..where's this place that's an easy climb?"

Orion continues along, moving several blocks down the way from Club DnA. He shifts his gaze skyward for a few moments, seemingly counting rooftops on the skyline. Finally he comes to a halt across from a parking garage; one of the huge, concrete ones, not the silly parking lots with mysterious stackable car jacks.

"Right there… Well, it starts right there. From there, we kind of have to jump over to the fire escape next door and climb to the roof. It's pretty easy and the view is great."

"Well..I'll do it without the pumps, cause I'm not exactly in the best shoes for it.." she admits ruefully while looking over at the parking garage, gauging it while chewing on her bottom lip. "So I'll follow your lead.." she chirps brightly in the end while slipping out of his arms so she can make haste!

Granger smiles to Claudine, "And here I thought you meant you wanted to know if I could carry you up the climb." He laughs warmly and reaches out for her hand, offering to lead her across the street to the parking garage's first level.

"You could do that.." Claudine says with a bright smile while putting her shoes back on as she looks him over once more. At the offer of his hand, she takes it and lets her fingers entwine with his own. "But I figure it might be easier if I'm on piggyback? Or..I dunno.." giggling in the end.

"Yeah. You'd have to piggyback if you want me to climb with you."

Granger laughs a little more, gently squeezing Claudine's hand with his own, fingers ensnared by hers. The tall man gently tugs her toward the cross walk, leading the way across the surprisingly unbusy street. They must be awfully lucky.

Lucky indeed! That's what they've been so far, except for the whole bit about stepping all over Claudine's feet..that was definitely not lucky.

As they make their way across the street, she looks around every now and then to make sure there isnt a passing cop or some authority figure that can ruin their fun. Once she's satisfied, she relaxes and beams brightly. "That sounds good to me..I'll hang on tight of course.."

"I hope so. I wouldn't want you to fall," he gently replies. The tall man pulls his hand away from hers for the moment, stretching himself out and drying his hands on his shirt. Orion pulls in a few deep breaths, saturating his lungs while he studies his ascent course.

"That would definitely be bad.." she says while looking up at the garage once more, swallowing a little as she realizes just high they will be. "Well..I'm ready whenever you are!" she chirps while letting go of his hand, stealing a quick peck on the cheek before moving behind him. She'll hop up the instant he says go.

Orion flexes one last time while Claudine is getting in a peck on his cheek. He smiles warmly to her and nods, "Well then. Hop on and let's get going." He doesn't mention that Claudine could probably scale the building pretty safely just by virtue of her power. That would be rude.

Instead he steps up to the wall, glancing left and right before he focuses himself. Silvery metal seeps out of the flesh of his hands, slowly sealing his hands in the metal. His metal-covered fingers suddenly elongate just a bit, their tips coming to sharp points. There's a soft crackle as the elongated metal fingers harden, the sharpened tips cracking the most as they harden to fine points.

Granger cautiously reaches out and presses his clawed hands against the concrete, metal digging in slowly but surely.

Of course she could scale the building with her ability to manipulate earth and rock. Asphalt and cement still constitute such a thing, but she wants to see how he does it, and while it's more subtle, it's very impressive.


Her eyes widen as she looks at the silvery metal fingertips and a wry grin curls onto her lips. "Well, you're a regular Wolverine, aren't you.." she says teasingly. She hops up onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck tightly, but not tight enough to strangle him. That would be rude.
GAME: Orion has rolled STRENGTH+ATHLETICS and got a result of GREAT.

Strangulation on the first date is almost never cool… You know, unless you're into that sort of thing. Orion really isn't, but he can't blame Claudine for her tastes. Granger grins impishly at the compliment and shrugs a little, getting comfortable with Claudine's weight on his back.

"Well, Wolverine's claws don't really look like this… But I think that's the closest analogue there is."

Orion sinks his claws in a bit deeper before he plants one of his feet against the wall. He braces himself with one clawed hand and both feet before he reaches upward, sinking his claws in again. Granger keeps this up, climbing up to the top of the first level where he takes a momentary break, balancing atop the lip of the first level.

No, she's definitely not into that kind of thing. So nyeh. That's just wishful thinking. Claudine hangs on tight for dear life once he starts making his move though and she looks down as they get higher and higher.

"You cant form the metal on your feet too to help you with your climb? Or do you just not want to ruin your shoes?"

A soft giggles escapes her lips at the question and once they reach the top of the first level, she lets out a sigh of relief and relaxes..slightly.

"I wish I could cover my shoes in metal, but yeah… If I tried to form some spikes on my feet, I'd be down a pair of fairly expensive, extremely comfortable sneakers."

Orion laughs softly all of a sudden and he reaches up to the next level, sinking his claws into the parking garage's concrete surface. He flexes his muscles again and pulls himself and Claudine upward with a slow, steady motion. It takes a fair amount of skill to accomplish the next part though as he reaches up with one clawed hand, the other serving as his lone brace point. Both arms and most of his body are shaking as he strains himself, but manages to sink his claws into the concrete again and pull himself up just high enough that he can brace with his knees and toes.

"Besides, it's not like I need the extra traction."

She's about to say something more when all of a sudden he flexes again, and she lets out an impish giggle of glee, definitely liking the muscley-ness. Yeah. That's a word. Claudine hangs on,chewing on her bottom lip as she looks down towards the ground, and realizing that they're higher, she squeezes her legs around his waist a bit tighter, cause well..strangling him at this point would be bad.

"Yeah, you don't need extra traction, but what you just did.." huffing a little as her breathing became a bit faster. "Adrenaline rush of knowing we're this high..is just..yeah.."

"You get used to it after a while, I guess… Although I have to admit, no offense or anything, it's harder to do with extra weight on me."

Granger smirks slightly, tilting his head to one side so Claudine can see he's being playful. The tall man keeps moving, climbing up to the second level break; here he stands still for a little longer, sucking in several deep breaths of air before he begins to repeat the process again.

"Bah..I don't weigh that much!" she says with a dismissive wave while looking back down every now and then, cause well..the thrill is amazing. "And no offense is taken..I imagine it's harder that I'm on your back.." Claudine says with a wink as she's definitely impressed by his feats of strength and stamina. Hawtness.

Orion sucks in another several deep breaths. He's starting to tire out a bit, but this may just be due to it having been a busy day. Surely that sparring match and carrying Claudine all this way hasn't been easy on his energy reserves. The tall man closes his eyes as he takes one last enormous breath.

Granger reaches up and sinks his claws into the concrete once more, slowly climbing up toward the fourth level; there's just another level after that before the rooftop parking.

Claudine purses her lips as she notices that he's taking deep breaths. "You okay? We..we could always rest for a bit.." she says, rather concerned, and well, she doesn't want them to both fall if he tires out. That would be a bad thing for sure. She chews on her bottom lip a little and looks around once more..cant let your guard down cause you're concentrating on climbing after all..

Orion laughs softly and shakes his head. He doesn't stop climbing until he reaches the next level. Granger takes a few minutes here, claws sunk into the very bottom of the next level up while he fills his lungs.

"No. I'm fine. Just another couple of levels. This is the work out part of the climb… The fire escape is easy to get up."

That being said, Orion doesn't immediately start climbing.

"What you're doing..is..amazing. To think that people do something like this without powers boggles the mind, 'cept I'm sure they have other ways of getting up.." Claudine says with a wry smirk as she loosens her hold around his neck to make sure he can breathe easily. And as he doesn't start climbing, she'll just wait as well.

"Yeah… Well, they generally wouldn't climb up the outside of the parking garage. I've only known one guy that's done that and he didn't really have a choice. Had the cops after him, they thought was doing some graffiti that he wasn't."

Orion sucks in another tremendous breath of air, possibly filling his lungs to capacity. He closes his eyes and pulls his claws out of the wall, one hand at a time, before he reaches as high up as he can and shoves one hand of claws in; Orion sinks the other hand of claws in a little more tentatively, pulling himself up very slowly and carefully. His body shivers as a result of the exertion, but he doesn't seem quite as bothered as before. Orion reaches up and quickly sinks that previously tentative claw into the concrete before pulling his legs up to brace himself.

Granger starts making his way back up the side of the building, sweating a bit as he works up the side of the building.

"Then that one guy is pretty impressive too, and I kinda figured they wouldn't do something like this unless they had the gear to do it.."

She quiets once more as she watches him take a deep breath of air, wrinkling her nose a little. There's no more looking down at this point cause well, she doesn't want to freak out and cause an earthquake..and well..that would just be bad. Claudine watches with rapt fascination the entire time as she tries to get a good look at his metallic fingertips to see if there's any signs of it becoming broken down or becoming dull…

Orion's claws do seem to get dull with every use as he climbs the side of the building. At least at the tips they do. The sharp underside seems to get ground down ever sharper with every hole they rip into the concrete. When Orion stops at the last level break before the roof, Claudine will notice that the metal of his claws grows liquid and then rehardens again, refreshing the tips of his claws. It seems almost instinctive, a natural action that Orion doesn't pay much attention to.

Granger pulls himself up onto the roof of the parking garage, almost slamming into a black Mustang that he didn't see at first glance. He stands to one side, letting Claudine get off of his back before he leans against the edge of the parking garage wall.

Well that's definitely interesting and she wrinkles her nose a little at the feat, deciding to not really mention it, so that he doesnt become self conscious about his powers. Once they actually reach the top though, Claudine hops off and lets out a slight little 'eek!' when they almost fall into the mustang.

Now on her feet again, she dusts herself off of any asphalt and looks at the wall with various 'claw' marks all the way up to where they are now. She giggles a little as she hooks her arm with his own and gives it a gentle squeeze.

A slight breeze blows her hair from her face as she looks out towards the skyline. "You were right..this view is to die for.." she chirps happily.

Orion smiles warmly to Claudine, still refreshing his body's oxygen supplies. Slowly the metal on his hands retreats back into his skin and Granger gently pulls Claudine to lean against him.

"Yeah. I like it up here. I try to stop by every once in a while to see the sights… If you want, we can go up to the apartment building's roof next door. The view is better up there."

Orion gestures to a building near the back of the garage that looks to be three or four stories taller than the parking garage… But the night is pretty beautiful, even just seven or eight stories up from the ground.

And lean against him she shall. Claudine sighs contentedly before looking up towards him with a warm smile. "Well, why dont you take a little break before you bust out with more Spider-Man moves.." she says with a wry grin before looking out towards the skyline once more.

"I'm pretty sure nothing can top this night.." she says matter of factly, as in her mind, it's been completely perfect so far. "You are definitely full of surprises, Mr. Granger.." she says while waggling her brows. "You intrigue me.."

Orion gently wraps his arms around Claudine's waist, hugging her to him. The tall man blushes a bit at her words and smiles a bit sheepishly, but doesn't say anything just yet. Instead, he just keeps her gently hugged to him while he studies the relatively few stars one can see through the light pollution of the city.

"I do my best."

Claudine lets out a content little coo as she wraps both her arms around his chest, giving him a quick hug before she starts to ease on down to sit on the edge of the parking garage, her legs dangling over the ledge. She pats the spot next to her, motioning to him to take a seat as well before looking up at the night sky.

"Too bad there's a lot of light pollution around. Back at home, there's this really tall hill, and my brothers and I would go there late at night and just lay back and point out different constellations.."

"Yeah. I used to do that back home too," replies Orion. He settles himself down onto the edge of the parking garage next to Claudine and offers her his jacket. "Although I'd just climb out onto the roof of my parents' house."

At the offer of the jacket, her cheeks flush bright red and she just nods, letting it rest on her shoulders while still looking up at the night sky. "Yeah..my parents didn't like that..my brothers still did it anyway..so we found the hill instead. It was the highest spot in our little town, so it was really nice. Too bad it had to be next to the cemetery.." Claudine says with a soft little chuckle.

She pauses for a few moments and hrmms before stealing another peck on his cheek. "Thank you. For tonight. Definitely one of my more memorable nights since I arrived.."

Orion smiles gently to Claudine, kissing her on the cheek. He shrugs a little bit and smiles some more, planting his hands on the concrete and leaning back just a smidgen.

"You're welcome. I'm glad you had so much fun," he replies gently, leaning forward once more. The tall man smiles and leans over to kiss her on the cheek lightly.

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red and she squirms a little in her seat at the second kiss. That was pleasant and she beams brightly before resting her head on his shoulder, sighing happily once more. She lets a few moments pass as she seems to be thinking something over before she looks up towards him once again. And that's when she does it, she'll kiss him on the lips, though there's a slight bit of hesitation in the end..

Granger gently rests one arm on Claudine's shoulder as she leans her head against his shoulder. When she looks up and moves in, he turns to look at her curiously for a few seconds before he suddenly realizes what's about to happen. Orion smiles and playfully notes, "He who hesitates is lost."

"I was sorta hoping you'd make the move.."
With that she bumps her forehead against his own and waggles her brows a little before chuckling softly. "But it is a new millennium, so better make this count.." With that she leans in and kisses him gently, letting it linger for a few moments. She really isn't sure what she's doing after all.

"Well, I would, but… I kind of figured I'd let you do the leading all evening…"

He grins at her while she's resting her head against his. The tall man kisses back very gently, letting it linger for a few moments before he pulls back. Orion studies Claudine's face for a moment or two before leaning back in and kissing her lightly on the lips.

She lets the kiss linger as she starts to gently brush his cheek before she breaks the kiss once more. "Sometimes, a girl just wants her man to be in control ya know.." she says with a wink while waggling her brows. "Like now.." she whispers in the end.

Orion smiles at Claudine and gently pulls away from the kiss. He reaches up and strokes across one of Claudine's cheeks, smiling very gently. He stares at her for a long time, studying her face for what seems like hours before he tips his head down slightly, smiling still.

"Well I think maybe we should take it a little slower, Claudine."

Her brows furrow as she smiles warmly and nods, seeming to understand. "Agreed. It's just our first time out and all, so there's no rush. I'm patient.." Claudine says with a bright smile before bumping her fore head against his once more.

This time, there is no smooch and instead she just rests her head on his shoulder while looking out towards the skyline again. "So..does the couple of extra stories actually make a real difference with the view?" she asks curiously.

"It's not much of a difference… But you do get to see a couple of other stars that you can't see down here."

Orion smiles to Claudine and rests his head gently against hers, one arm still wrapped across her shoulder and, technically, his jacket.

"Then we can just stay here. I'm all settled, and you're comfy.."

Claudine doesn't move a muscle, just sitting there all content while patting him gently on the leg. "So..you said the Company has known about you since you were in high school, right? How'd they know that early?" she asks, rather curious now.

Orion smiles, "I thought we were avoiding shop talk?" He laughs very slightly to himself and shrugs, considering how best to answer that question. "Because my power manifested at an early age. I was playing with it throughout middle school… I guess they just kind of noticed or something and grabbed me in high school."

"I wasn't going from an angle of shop talk. Just wanting to know more about you and stuff.." Claudine says while wrinkling her nose as she ahhhs and nods. "And you pretty much knew you were going to be with them huh..since they helped you just like they helped me?"

"Well… They seemed like the only people that would ever except me as… Me. Plus I learned a lot about who I am from them. I didn't see why I shouldn't join them. I haven't been disappointed. How many kids can say, at the end of their life, that they got to play secret agent for a living? And super hero for that matter?"

Orion shrugs a little bit and smiles.

A wry grin curls onto her lips as she looks up towards him once more and laughs heartily. "So you're just a big kid then..playing superhero.." Claudine says teasingly while gently patting his leg once more. She sighs and pulls out her cellphone and looks at the time. "Oh geez..wow..it's late.."

"Well… At some level, I guess I am just a big kid… But I kind of have to be more serious than that. I seem to be one of the few responsible people that I work with."

Orion smiles warmly to Claudine and pats her on the shoulder, moving to stand up again. Once he's standing, Granger offers his hand to Claudine, to help her up as well.

"You want to use the elevator and hail a cab?"

"Yeah..let's go back down the normal way.." Claudine says matter of factly as she takes his hand and pulls herself up as she looks at the skyline once more. "And you are one of the very few people who I would consider responsible. The others are kinda crazy.." she whispers in the end before laughing heartily. "So let's go then! And thank you for a wonderful evening.." With that, she just lets him lead the way.

Orion smiles warmly and wraps his arm across Claudine's shoulders, escorting her to the elevator. He hits the call button and, once the elevator arrives, he leads her inside. "You're quite welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did… And I'm sorry about stepping on your feet. I'm afraid I shall never learn to… Whatever that dance was."

As the elevator doors close, the scene fades to black.

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