2007-03-12: On Significance - Sandwiches


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Summary: A lot of people in Noodle Heaven and there aren't any explosions. How odd.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

On Significance - Sandwiches

Noodle Heaven

Well, after some initial awkwardness at the Primatech gymnasium, Claudine heads into the sandwich shop, whistling a merry little tune as she runs her fingers through her hair. The day started out rough, butit's gotten better..maybe karma's being good to her today. She seems to be happy, dressed rather casually as she peeks on in and spies Sean, giving him a friendly wave, and then her gaze goes over to Namir. Hey, she knows him too! So he gets a wave as well.

When one frequents the same places, one tends to realize that it's not unheard of to run into the same sorts of people. Namir has only taken a few bites of his sandwich, but a few bites is enough. He's a little more than halfway through. He holds it up for Sean to see with a half-smile. "Almost done, though we can leave now if you like." Sandwiches are portable! When Claudine enters, the Muslim glances up and smiles wider, offering her a wave in return. She always seems to catch him at this place when he's about halfway done with his food. Huh.

Samantha strolls into the shop, bluetooth attached to her and talking at a respectfully conversant level without being overloud. Her habit of gesturing as she speaks however, may seem a little weird, or a lot amusing. "No, Ma." she's saying. "I don't have time for the temple singles retreat. I've got shifts, and if I'm going to spend my vacation time, it won't be spent holed up in some half-broken down resort from the 1960's in the Catskills playing charades. She gets in line. Woman needs a sammich.

Sean waves Claudine over before she can get to the counter. "Yeah, we may as well - but hold on just a sec, sorry." He flashes an apologetic smile at Namir, and turns to Claudine. "Is Heather okay? She didn't exactly… seem at her best yesterday."

"No. She wasn't. It wasn't what you'd think though," replies Orion. Wait. When did Orion get here?

Granger is dressed up much like he was at the club last night, though now he's sporting some blue jeans and a clean green shirt. Where he got his leather jacket from is a good question though. Orion smiles as he waves to Sean from the condiment bar.

For those of you curious about what Sean's saying about "trying to be funny"…
Sean walks in, listening to music on an mp3 player, turned up loudly enough that most people around him can hear the whine of the guitar - currently wailing away in the middle of 'Welcome to the Jungle'. He walks up to the counter, and, pulling out one of his ear buds, treating the cashier to an even louder version of the guitar solo, orders a meatball sandwich, with extra cheese and a little bit less sauce than they normally put on it. Mmmmmm.

Claudine's dressed to go out as well as she's wearing a pair of snug, stonewashed jeans and a blouse similar to last night..just a different color. Red instead. And then she lets out a soft gasp as she's startled by Orion. Yeah..he's ninja.

"Well, she's fine, and actually, she was wanting you to visit.." she says with a wry grin, winking towards Granger as she gets her order that she pre-ordered before actually arriving at the shop. It's a different order from her usual..it's an Italian grinder..

Spectating for the moment, Sakura seems…a bit disappointed about something as she takes a few little bites of her sandwich. She looks over and offers a little wave to Claudine when she hears the girl's voice, offering a little smile as well.

Sean gets up. "Oh, good - I'll have to get a rain check for that, though, unfortunately…" he says, checking his watch. Shit! The damned bar's been open for ten minutes already. Owner's gonna have his ass for being fifteen minutes late. "I've gotta run - it's my shift at work! See you all later! Claudine, give Heather and Namir my number, kay?" He grabs his coat and throws it on as he leaves the shop, mumbling various curse words under (and over) his breath.

Namir nods obligingly at Sean's request, and he doesn't make any effort to get up. In fact, his eyes glance over at the counter when /another/ one of his S-friends arrives. Samantha, Sakura, Stefanie, Sean … in a /sandwich/ shop. Ahaha, he's so clever. Instead of calling out to the doctor, however, he focuses his attention on her Bluetooth device. She'll soon notice an increase in the volume of the headset.

Samantha touches her finger to her bluetooth and starts looking around as suddenly her mother's voice is almost audible in full clarity, tones of an older, thickly Queens accent come across. "Ma, ma, I'll call you later. Ma, I gotta go - I gotta - yes, I'll see you for dinner on Friday. No, not anyone - good/bye/, Ma." She tugs the headseat off and tucks it away, grumbling, and only then starts looking around the room.

Orion finishes putting ranch dressing on his turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, and green peppers on a whole grain whole wheat hero roll. He picks up his partially wrapped sammich and his drink, then starts making his way over to an open table. Mmmm… Sammich.

Once Claudine retrieves her already made sandwich, she passes by Sakura and smiles warmly towards the girl, wriggling her fingers in a friendly wave. And no..there are no cruel intentions. She's off work today, so she heads on over to the same table with Orion, sighing contentedly. "So how'd you get yours so fast?" she asks in a rather amused fashion.

Still seated at the table with Sakura, Namir stops the increase in volume as soon as the phone call ends, and he takes to looking very innocent. Except that he's staring directly at Samantha and the corners of his lips twitch as they fight a smirk. Har har /har/. Nope. Perfectly innocent Muslim munching on a sandwich here. Claudine's moving off with Orion doesn't faze him too much. Sean mentioned that the woman would give him a phone number, but she's obviously on some sort of an outing, and Namir's not going anywhere fast.

Sakura smiles a little bit, taking a few more bites of her sandwich before looking over at Claudine, asking, "You're…sure she's okay?" Obviously referencing the girl from the night before, albeit Sakura's bad with names.

Samantha places her order, watches it made, and pays for it, carrying sandwich and bottled water over to Namir. "I," she informs him loftily, "Should have ordered a whole sausage and then thrown it at you, so you'd run around like a chicken in a tizzy." She pauses before sitting, offering Sakura a polite, affable smile before asking, "Am I interrupting? I could be on my merry, not a problem."

Orion tilts his head to one side as he looks up at Claudine. He offers an enigmatic smile and a chuckle. He takes a quick bite of his sandwich, ranch dressing and a little tomato guts oozing out the fringe as a result. Granger chews for a few moments before he answers.

"I've lived in this city a lot longer than you, Claudine. Besides… I phoned ahead."

He pauses to look at Sakura, Samantha, and Namir.

"… You're not interrupting, I don't think. How're you doing?"

Claudine looks back over to Sakura and smiles warmly, nodding once more. "She's fine..doing a lot better actually. I'd like to think it was some of my cooking, but it was probably the doctors.." she admits ruefully before turning her attention back to Orion.

A wry grin curls onto her lips and nods, "Well, so did I, but still.." she says with a soft chuckle once more.

Then she leans forward and whispers, "And I think that woman was talking to Sakura and Namir.." Yup. She's quite good with names to remember it!

Sakura giggles a little bit, looking up and shrugging at Samantha, "Not interrupting. In fact…I can get out of the way, if you guys want." She offers a little smile, getting up and grabbing her sandwich, smiling lightly and offering her seat.

Ohnoes, the dreaded pork products! Namir laughs readily at the "threat", but Sakura answers before he can, and he looks to the Japanese girl. "Oh, you don't have to do that," he assures. "It just wouldn't be the same table without two S-names sitting at it." Honestly!

Samantha looks over at Orion, flashes a smile. "Fine, thanks. How're you?" Who says New Yorkers have to be unfriendly? She looks back to Sakura. "Don't leave on my account. Plenty of room for everyone, right?" She takes a seat - not the one that Sakura just abandoned, and gestures toward that empty chair broadly. "Sit, sit."

Orion smiles back to Samantha and nods. "I'm doing just fine thanks." He looks back to Claudine and shrugs a little bit, suppressing a laugh to little more than a wry smile. Granger takes another bite of his sandwich, apparently quite amused.

Claudine's cheeks burn a bright pink as well, she's kinda sort of embarrassed now before looking over towards the other patrons at the other table. "You know..we could always bring our two tables together.." she offers as they aren't heavy tables after all and they aren't that far away. "Might make conversation a bit easier?" And with that said, she starts munching on her sandwich as well.

Lissa quietly wanders into Noodle Heaven, and pauses once inside, blinking. Then she sighs with acceptance of how Certain Things Are, and mentally gears herself up for another Confusing Day. But first, she's going to order herself a sandwich, so she heads towards the register.

Samantha's bluetooth suddenly blares 'You Can't Stop the Beat' from her pocket and she plucks out her cellphone, slipping it open to look at the screen. She frowns and says, "No time for love, Doctor Jones. It was to meet you all, however briefly, but I need to run." To Namir in explanation, "Hospital." With that, she collects her food and hurries out.

Ah, hospital. There's no arguing with that. Namir knows /exactly/ how it is to be on call, and he offers Samantha a sympathetic frown and nod. "I hope everything's all right." And then she's gone. Pity. The mention of pushing tables together gets a smile sent in Claudine's direction, and the Muslim chuckles. "I certainly have no objections." Lissa is not a recognizable face, and so he doesn't notice her any more than he would a normal sandwich shop patron.

Orion smiles to Claudine over his sandwich, still chewing on it as he watches her. There is not much to say about this at this point except that he may have some ranch dressing blotched on his cheek.

And the pointing begins. She starts pointing at her lips, trying to hint that he has something, but alas, she's impatient. "You missed something.." she says, pointing to her cheek once more, but then sighs and shakes her head. Gah. Men. With that, she grabs a paper towel and leans forward to wipe it off before sitting back down with a soft little chuckle.

Once that little bit is taken care of Claudine looks back over to Namir and Sakura as she cants her head to the side. "So..how do you two know each other?"

Oh woe is Orion. If only he had the power of super prehensile tongue instead of metallic exoskeleton. He could have recovered that precious droplet of ranch dressing before Claudine swiped it with her cursed paper towels.

It's not long before Namir finishes his own sandwich, and he sets aside his plate before rising to his feet. It's time he was off as well. "Ah, we've run into each other on a few occasions," he responds to Claudine with a faint smile. "I must be off, however. Have you a number at which I might reach Sean? I have a book of his that I need to return."

Lissa waits in line until it's time to place her order. Absently, she rubs at her arms, brow slightly furrowed. But no. She's not giving That Feeling the satisfaction of acknowledging it. Yes, she -knows- there are Those People in here. But she's not playing that game.

"Oh yeah..that!" Claudine says as she looks over to Orion, giggling impishly every now and then before grabbing a piece of paper out of her purse to scribble down Sean's number. "Here you go!" she chirps before looking to her tablemate once more.

"What?" she says oh so innocently while laughing heartily once more. It's then that she has a bit of Italian dressing on her chin, which she doesn't notice. at least not yet. HA!

Randall steps into the cafe, getting in line behind Lissa and wandering forward with the rest of the herd. "Excuse me, are you feeling all right?" he asks, finally deciding to speak up. "You look a little… I don't know, on edge."

Orion spontaneously mutates the super prehensile tongue power for the specific purpose of opening his mouth and whipping his tongue to lick up the Italian dressing off of Claudine's chin.

No. Not really.

Granger smirks at Claudine, laughing to himself for a few moments before he reaches out and, with a bit of dry bread ripped from his roll, he wipes up the Italian dressing on her chin.

"You had a little something on your chin."

While he's talking, that piece of roll disappears.

See, that first little scenario would've been hot..and freaky, but fortunately it didnt happen.

What does happen though, still gets a similar reaction as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red and she lets out an impish giggle. "Oh..my bad.." as she checks her cheeks to make sure there isnt any other bits of her face, cause that would just be embarassing.

"So..um..wanna head to Club DNA's soon?"

Angel Enters the shop and gets in line herself again waiting to order her drink and food she looks about and spots a few people she's seen before must be regulars or just lucky to keep running into them she guesses.

And with Sean's phone number in his pocket, Namir thanks Claudine with a smile and nod, and then heads out the door. Home for him. Perhaps he'll make a few phone calls when he gets there.
Lissa blinks at Randall, eyes wide and blue as she regards him. "I'm allergic to New York," she informs him solemnly. "It's been a Very Strange Week because of it."

Granger shrugs a bit. He takes another bite of his sandwich, that ripped off piece of bread still missing. Orion ponders his answer while he chews his delicious, delicious sandwich and while considering Claudine thoughtfully.

"After we finish dinner, sure."

"Okie dokie!" she chirps brightly, while finishing off the rest of what's in her little basket. She only got a half order, but since she's a rather petite girl, she doesnt eat as much as say, someone like Namir or Orion.
As she polishes off her basket, Claudine takes a look around and spies the same people from before. Could they be following her? Who knows.

In Randall's case, at least, it's doubtful; he's overlooked the presence of the others. It really is just innocent coincidence. "I know what you mean about strangeness," he offers to Lissa. "You must have some good reason for staying and putting up with it, then."

Angel smiles at Randall at least him she knows she also notes Lissa and gives the girl a nod as she orders her food and drink and tries to find a place to sit among the tables.

Curses! No one ever eats as much as Orion. He's going to feel like a fat pig all night now. Behold the horror of the Granger Pout!

No, not really.

Orion smiles and takes another bite of his sandwich. He's working his way through it pretty quickly really. He did order a whole sammich after all.

Lissa would take umbrage at that also. She hasn't stalked anyone all day. Much. She nods to Randall. "It's also a Very Interesting city," she says. One really can almost hear her speak with capital letters. "I'm hoping to learn a lot if I stay."

Well, she slowed down, as to not make him feel like Chubs McFatterson, so Claudine is just taking her time, taking little nibbles on her remaining potato chips as she gives one of the three a look. There's a woman..blond hair blue eyes..could it be?

And so she goes and zaps the woman before running away.

Not really. (Had to put this in)

Instead, she just continues eating before looking back over to Orion. "So..um..yeah.." she says with a soft chuckle, not really quite sure what to say.

Orion remains blissfully unaware of Lissa's presence or her blue eyes and blond hair. That would make life much too simple after all. Instead he starts speeding up his eating so that he doesn't keep Claudine waiting for forever and a day.

Randall nods in passing to Angel as he spots her on peripheral vision, then studies Lissa's expression more closely. "I know what you mean there, too. Are you looking for anything in particular?" One guy further back in line starts tapping his foot impatiently, though he hasn't yet risen to griping out loud.

Thank goodness for being off duty! No evolved to worry about. No having to look around if the person next to you is sprouting a third leg or an arm. Just..get to be normal for once. And that is something Claudine's definitely enjoying.

As she notices Orion start to eat faster, she chuckles once more, "No need to scarf it down..don't want you to get a stomach ache after all.." she says with a sage nod.

Lissa steps forward to place her order, before replying to Randall. "I don't even know what questions I want to ask yet, much less what answers to hope for. Maybe I will, one of these days."

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