2007-07-09: Get Carter: On The Battleground


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Also Guest Starring: John Carter

Summary: Ramon takes his team to engage the enemy.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter: On The Battleground

Abandoned Metalworks Building, South of Syracuse, New York

The group separates almost the moment they step inside the warehouse. It's a cluttered space, twisted bits of metal and several drums containing refuse is everywhere. There is a metallic staircase going up the higher level of the complex. It's a bit smoky, whatever the generators are being used for, it looks like, upon stepping inside, that it's still an active factory - even if it's not. Broken pipes spill exhaust smoke all around them. It's bleak, and dark - there's a dim light here and there, but spread apart rather widely. Enough to MAYBE see, but not much.

RAMON: Mr. Gomez senses nothing yet, the tune singing fades off and there is silence. While Peter's group splits off the other end to follow what Desiree sees, there's nothing left but to go forward. A single, lit lamp swings slowly, ominously, overhead. No signs of their quarry.

LACHLAN: While the dogs don't actually SEE anything yet, they clearly sense that something is WRONG. They are jittery, and skittish, though they still move forward, spurred on by curiosity. One of them, however, catches a human scent. It lets out a bark, and scrambles about, itching to go forward, but is looking at Lachlan now and then, head bobbing and shuffling. It REALLY WANTS TO GO FOLLOW, but it's clear who's the master.

If they decide to move forward, the darkness gets a little deeper, but in the middle, where the light is right above, is the brightest point of the large space that they can see in.

*I've lost his mental trail,* Ramon reports to Lachlan and Jack. Of course the hall only goes one way right now. Now that they're doing something he's lost all his tension; he's lost all his crumbling from the hospital, and has gone straight on to the intense focus of a man on a mission.

Gene glances up as he looks to see Eric. He doesn't say much other than a simple "Hey" before going back to work. He continues to view the exterior using the copter, making sure that there is nothing coming toward the warehouse too. After all leading everyone to a warehouse and then having tons of people come out to trap in there would be mean. But effective. Gene notes the idea for later use should he go evil.

*Dog's got somethin',* thinks Lachlan, who is rather new to this whole 'talk via telepathy to people' thing. It's possible Ramon is getting a bit of feedback from the dog or from Lachlan himself talking to the dog — things like, *Stay. Calm. Easy.* Without hesitation, Lachlan moves forward to follow after the dog, directing the others to get on the scent as well, if they can manage. The more noses, the better.

Jack hangs back. Unlike the others, he has no extra senses to rely. He knows he's not in charge of this particular escapade. He's here in a strictly artillery-related capacity. He adjusts the sling of his Thompson so it hangs more comfortably and the heavy, drum-style clip doesn't poke him in the ribs. All the while, his hand in on the action and his finger poised over the trigger. When Lachlan starts advancing up the hallway he follows from several paces behind. Right now he's not actively trying to communicate, but his thought are something like: *Gonna kill this fucker~ Gonna kill him dead~ Gonna kill this fucker~ Gonna shoot 'im inna head~*

JACK: As the Irishman moves forward, he'll spy that there are certain things glinting in the dark. Silvery, and very thin. But it's too dark to see anything more. There's just one light in a dark space after all, unless of course he moves to check it out. Then again, he's also in a metal processing plant, things are bound to look shiny when light hits it enough. Still no sign of their quarry, if he tries to look around for a human body.

LACHLAN: The Scotsman would see the same thing Jack would, in the dark - silver things glinting now and then, very thin, almost spidery. His dog, however, keeps moving forward even as the strays nervously scout towards the front. The curious one, the one that caught the human scent, is ahead of the group, sniffing around….

GENE: With the not-quite-roflcopter patrolling ahead and around the perimeter, he'll catch a shadow darting from one of the second floor windows. It's not moving very quickly. In fact, it looks like the shadow of a guy moving around in a calm, precise manner.

RAMON: Ramon….will find more glinting silvery things again……it's hard to see in the dark. And then realize the way ahead of them is full of open, hairtrigger BEAR TRAPS. Hiding in the dark, in the corners. They could be everywhere. Just as he sees them, one of the dogs barks and jerks forward, in danger of being snatched up by one of them.

*Fuck! Stop!* Ramon calls, loudly into three minds. *Lachlan, the dog! Bear traps!* He /knew/ this wouldn't be simple. *Fucking Hell. And this would have been wonderful for the /telekinetic/ to handle.* He himself stops, razor wire tense.

*STOP. STAND STILL.* As soon as Ramon's command goes out, Lachlan's do too. He glances around with a scowl, sighing. *Tha' wha' the shivery shit is?* He even thinks with a Scottish accent. *How're we gonna get past this?*

*I've got it.* Jack thinks back at the other men. He lets his weapon hang from its sling and waves both hands, relocating a flashlight into one and a hefty length of steel pipe into the other. One at a time, he locates the traps with the light and sets them off with a careful prod from the pipe. It's slow work, but he's clearing a path.

It's glorious how the most simple solutions can prove the most effective. While it's slow going, Jack manages to clear a path, right for his flashlight. The metal snapping is LOUD, however - they might not hear it because of their earplugs, but the dogs certainly can, and they whine at Lachlan at the sharp clanging noises. This effectively blows their cover - if they had one to begin with. Cass was right, wherever their quarry was, he KNEW they were coming.

Jack's light also catches a single flight of stairs leading to the higher floor. There's a pseudo-third floor, but it's more like a balcony sloping towards the roof. But everything in that floor is rather dark.

RAMON: As Mr. Gomez follows the path that Jack clears, following after the Irishman as the man is currently acting as point for all of them. But from around Jack, he'll catch another silvery glint. Was that….a wire? It certainly looks like one, stretched over the fifth step of the flight of stairs they're maneuvering towards.

JACK: Jack can't quite determine what it is, but the glint does catch his eyes from the same step.

GENE: The shadow that he spotted moving around in the second floor ducks under a window to do something, and then moves off. In between walls, he can't see whoever's moving anymore.

LACHLAN: Whenever the Scotsman and his dogs move, he'll step on a patch of floor that will crumble. And there is a CLICK. And a BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. A chunk of landing above them from the second floor suddenly -explodes-, sending slabs of concrete crashing down over their heads.

Just as Ramon was about to say /bomb/. Bombs. Why does it always have to be bombs with this guy? Ramon tries to throw himself forward, past the debris,fearful that their way will get blocked. Nevermind that it probably puts him more in the line of fire of the burny and the stabby and the slammy.

The young genius glances toward the monitor to see that there is a figure there. And… he moved. Curses. Trying to move the copter to get a better look at the guy, Gene lets people who are listening know what he's seen so far "Got someone on the second floor… No positive ID. Seems to be setting up something. Can't make it out, but it seems clear he's aware of your position."

Being distracted by the worried dogs, Lachlan can't really tell what's happening under his feet. So he steps on things. BOOM. The Scotsman reflexively flinches back from the debris, shouting out a loud, "FUCK!" Nobody will hear it, of course, but it's a natural reaction.
As he's in the lead, Jack is outside the bulk of the blast. A spattering of golf ball-sized bits of rock spatter across his raw and abraded back, drawing fresh blood and driving him several staggering steps forward. Bear traps and bombs? This is not what he would call an auspicious start to their little outing.

Eric was about to bring attention to it, the strange movement on the screen. He stops though before he intrupts Gene and just sits back in the chair, twitching slightly as he watches the problems unfold in the meantime. Pause. "…hiya." He says after Gene finishes talking. "Pack for Spain." Pause. "Do you have any popcorn?" Thats the other question that he says, though its not quiet serious.


They probably won't hear the footsteps, but they do ring closer, thumping over the hole that Lachlan had accidentally punched through. And should someone look up, they'll find a face - balding, with blue eyes peering down at them and a brow quirked. Dressed in dark slacks, a leather jacket - he might look a little portly, but he's solid around the shoulders, indicative of someone who's spent career doing physical activity. They might not even hear the words either. But he's there. For a moment he meets Ramon's eyes as he's crouched on the lip of the opening like a gargoyle.

And then, he yanks the pin out of a grenade and drops it in, the thing bouncing and rolling around the center where they had scrambled themselves around trying to get away from the concrete.

Ramon is buff. He's Rambo. He's intense. He dives for that grenade, bares his teeth, and goes to throw it back, snarling, *FUCK YOU,* at top volume into John Carter's mind. Problem. Ramon Gomez, terror of small animals and renowned bad ass, throws like a *girl*. So the theme song from a dozen commercials where things are thrown in the air and fall back down again in slow motion probably plays on the soundtrack as the grenade tumbles up, makes a graceful arc…and then comes arcing back down to roll right back at the feet of the party. To which Ramon can only snarl, "…".

Where Ramon fails, however, there's Lachlan. As soon as he's recovered and he apprises the situation — and … Ramon can't throw — he grits his teeth and leaps forward to pick up the grenade and lob it away. "*Fuck's sake!*" he snarls, both out loud and telepathically. Terrified dogs all around him sorta make his mood a little, uh, less than genial. *CALM. EASY. CALM.*

Jack's still staggering. He doesn't see the grenade until after both Ramon and Lachlan have taken a stab at chucking it away. He frowns, focuses his will, and makes a JEDI FORCE PUSH gesture. Grenade go 'way! Sadly, it doesn't. Let's just hope Lachlan can throw as well as he can kill Persians.

The good news is Lachlan can throw.

The bad news is it doesn't reach the hole. It hits the ceiling, and it explodes, sending MORE chunks of ceiling down below on the heroes as they scramble around. The dogs are trying to get away, everyone's trying to get away. But at least now they know their culprit is upstairs, the only way they can detect him is by HEARING him, which would ultimately mean…. taking off their earplugs.

Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, Alpha Team makes headway...

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