2007-07-09: Get Carter: On The Dark Path


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Summary: Peter takes "Alpha Team" into the abandoned building.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter: On The Dark Path

Abandoned Metalworks Building, South of Syracuse, New York

The group separates almost the moment they step inside the warehouse. It's a cluttered space, twisted bits of metal and several drums containing refuse is everywhere. There is a metallic staircase going up the higher level of the complex. It's a bit smoky, whatever the generators are being used for, it looks like, upon stepping inside, that it's still an active factory - even if it's not. Broken pipes spill exhaust smoke all around them. It's bleak, and dark - there's a dim light here and there, but spread apart rather widely. Enough to MAYBE see, but not much.

DEZI: The Southern woman's power triggers the moment exhaust smoke wafts into view, spiraling around the dust of the mostly unused space. She'll get a vision of a metal door - by the looks of it, it's rather heavy. It's in a hallway full of swinging chains. Before the vision fades, she'll see wisps of smoke curling up from underneath the metal door. Very faint - but if she catches it quick enough she'll notice it before the dream fades.

CASS: The surveillance monitoring Alpha Team has nothing yet. But the atmosphere is tense enough. At the corner of her eyes she'll spy something moving, right off the frame of one of her surveillance monitors. It looks metallic.

The quick kiss to Lachlan is taken with a grim smile. In fact, she pulls to give him another kiss. It may not be the time for it, but she's worried. And keeping him there a little longer just puts her mind at ease. "I love you too. Be careful. That goes for everyone. Well, the being careful part. Though, you know, I love you guys too. Just…not like /that/ that. You know. Okay, I'm putting in my earplugs now." Getting ready to be serious now, she places her ear plugs into her ears and starts looking through monitors, once in awhile glancing up so that she can see the difference between the screen and real life. You can't see everything on a screen. Leaning closer, she tries to get a better view on what that metallic looking moving thing is. ~Hey Peter, there's something moving around just off my screen. So, keep an eye out.~ She thinks as loudly as she can. It may sound like yelling, but she'd rather be safe than sorry.

"Don't worry, I don't like guns much either," Peter assures outloud. "I got a few things I can do, but our job is to get Elena." And that's the important part. The manly hand on his shoulder definitely helped some with his confidence, and even if he's treated as the younger of the two, still, he's accepting the nickname. His job is important. Save Elena. With his mind opened, he's actively listening for thoughts, though the further from the group they get, the quieter things become. Besides the woman next to him, he's not hearing much of a whisper. Range isn't something he's trained at all, yet. So…
unfortunately, he doesn't even hear her by the time she sends the warning. She was right to worry. But he's in too much of a hurry to worry about it. Unaware that he's supposed to be recieving a message, he squints into the darkness, then looks towards Desiree, a silent request of 'where to?'

Earplugs in, Desiree slinks… as much as she knows how to slink, which is pretty much nil… alongside Peter - until she doesn't, which is approximately seven seconds after entering the warehouse. "Wait," she says softly - maybe too softly to be heard with earplugs in, but she touches Peter's arm with urgency. Where to? Well… "I'm gettin' somethin'… in the exhaust. There's a door somewhere… somewhere with metal chains. I don't like the look of it," she confesses. *Is' like - it was real quick, but I thought I saw smoke sneakin' under the door. Wherever it is. In the vision.*

PETER: When Peter looks around, once Desiree tells him about the chains, he'll catch a glimpse of something moving in his periphery. When he turns around, he'll see a string of it, draped over a pipe overhead. If his eyes follow that direction, he'll find others, discarded chains, carelessly strewn about down that hall.

CASS: As Cass squints, what she finds that are moving are….chains. She catches a glimpse of one swinging. But no thought from Peter is returned. Either she's not reaching him, or he's not reaching her. Either way, she will detect a problem in communication, and the choice is hers as to whether she'll follow them inside, or stay there and try again.

~Peter?~ Cass leans forward more and then looks out through the windshield to make sure what she's seeing is correct. Moving chains? Oh, that's not good. Glancing from screen to moving chains, she tries one more time. ~/Peter/~ It's as loud as she can think. The telepathic version of a scream. And still. Nothing. "Dammit," she hisses out loud. She's surveillance. She's supposed to stay here and watch. To be the look out for everyone. But, what use is she if she can't /communicate/ with the people she's watching out for. While it may be something that gets her yelled at by Ramon, she extricates herself from the equipment, opens the door and promptly falls out onto the ground in an unceremonious heap. "Ow ow ow," she whispers as she picks herself up. Then, taking another good look at the chains and firing off a, ~Peter can't hear me, I need to get closer~ to Ramon so everyone's in the loop, she goes dashing off (as quietly and carefully) as possible to try and get within range of the telepathy.

Peter can't hear her. Not a whisper of the sends she's making, though he might be able to hear Ramon of anyone besides the woman beside him. She speaks outloud, he actually reaches up to pull one of the earplugs out to catch the end of her whispers. Dangerous thing to do, but he's putting a lot of faith in his ability to turn back such a mental command should it occur. The earplug goes back in, and he nods, pointing towards those chains he sees hanging. ~That way,~ is sent simply, though his voice isn't quite as gentle as Ramon's. His might actually cause a headache if he used it too much. The telepath he got his powers from? Not quite as gentle as the one she's used to. But that's the way, and he's going to start moving that way, paying little attention to sneaking. The man will know they're here when he knows they're here. If he doesn't know already. He wants to get to Elena in time. Mr. Gomez said gas. And Desiree saw smoke.

Silently, Desiree follows - it's hard to see, given the darkness, and she tries to avoid the chains as they approach. She's reluctant to move particularly fast; she just keeps up with Peter, trying to see anything that might look like what she saw just a few seconds ago in the vision.

PETER and DESIREE: As the duo moves forward, there would be a curtain of chains to get through, but the more they walk, the further they go away from the light. Luckily there seems to be another one at the very end, but the rest is dark, pitch black almost. It's so eerily silent it was as if there wasn't anyone there at all. And then, they'll hear it. Banging. Very faint. And metallic. The hallway doesn't branch off, it goes straight and deep into the dark. Hope people brought flashlights.

CASS: Nothing from Peter still. By the time she stops, she's right at the entrance of the warehouse where the two groups split off. She would hear, however, footsteps. A heavier one, and a lighter one. Since they're not speaking, it's hard to determine which group it is, but it's branching off to her right. And she'll catch a wisp of long curly hair moving around the corner. Desiree's?

Pausing at the entrance, Cass gives the place a sweep of her eyes. Okay, so now that she's here where does she go? Testing to see if she can be heard again, she sends out a tentative, ~Peter? Can you hear me yet?~ They're getting pretty close now, hopefully they're not totally cut off. Glancing left, then right, she notices the movement, the heavier and lighter step. There's a moment of hesitation and then she follows after. Still, she keeps her eyes open. She's still surveillance, right?

Can you hear me now? Unfortunately not. But Peter can do something about the flash light. With very little brought along, he luckily has the ability to snatch items from a distance, as long as he knows where they are. They have yet to exceed that distance… a flashlight appears in his hands, which he clicks on. If they're going to get caught— then he'd rather be able to see what's in front of them first. Into the chains they go! Because that's where she saw the smoke. Smoke means Elena… Though he'd like to believe that they get there before the smoke.

Desiree gives Peter a sidelong look, flickering with worry. Eyeing the direction of the banging, she heads in that direction - which is illuminated! She double-takes briefly at the appearance of the flashlight. Helpful.

PETER: With the flashlight shining down the hall, the blackness parts….and he'll see it. It's not exactly at the very end of the hall, but to the side. He'll find metallic hinges - but there's no banging anymore. The sound ceases.

DESIREE: Given she's in the same hallway as Peter, she'll see what he sees, but only better. She'll see the shape of a door, jutting out from the side of the corner wall. And not only that, but…

DESIREE AND CASS: A loud sound echoes from somewhere else in the building. A little muffled from Desiree's position considering she and Peter have moved away from the heart of the complex. Cass, who's still on the verge, however, can hear it LOUD AND CLEAR. -SOMETHING- on the other end just exploded. And she could hear several things crashing. Things are getting hot for the other team. Her high level of alert also clues her in that, upon turning the corner, and with the light shining, she'll find the unmistakeable figures of Desiree and Peter.

There's another sudden BANG. As if something just threw its whole weight against the metal thing….and then nothing.

Back on the battleground....

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