2007-03-27: On The Ground Running


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Summary: Having been recruited, Jane Forrest makes calls, collects information, and begins to distribute it.

Date It Happened: March 27, 2007

On The Ground Running

Common Grounds, to Greenwich Village, and finally to Jane's residence, Manhattan, NYC

She stands moments after Elle is gone and pulls out her phone. The guitar and backpack are picked up, slung over shoulders, and Jane's on her way out of Common Grounds. As she hits the streets of Midtown West and heads for Greenwich Village, Peter's numbers are being dialed. It begins to ring. The other end answers, "Hello?" And the first phone conversation begins.

Jane says, "Peter? Jane here. Elle just found me."

Peter sounds confused, "Elle did? Was she looking for you?"

Jane sounds like she's walking along a street as she speaks. "I was reading the paper and drinking coffee, she came in and we talked. Said she'd be in touch when she knows more."

Peter is very much stationary at the moment, possibly even indoors from the relative lack of wind-noise against the phone. "What all did she tell you?" Sounds as if he has an idea, but doesn't want to jump to conclusions until he's sure.

Jane answers, her feet still moving across Greenwich Village, with the sounds of traffic and people coming through the phone, "There's apparently a… person who wants to take advantage of unique qualities, and a plan is being formed, among some other things."

Peter sighs softly, "I'd been meaning to tell you about that. Been so caught up since— sorry. Yeah, we're working on something, to protect everyone… And if I learned anything from last year… trying to do all this on my own isn't going to work. Don't have much of a plan yet…" He sounds hesitant, "…besides that we want to get people together, and find some way to work together."

Jane speaks quietly. "That's my first thought, touch base and spread the word, if you're in agreement. I know some people who can be useful in this, who don't have a problem being bold. One of them got herself on YouTube recently, I'm calling her first. What should I say, as far as details? The basics, and to stay tuned?"

Peter sounds surprised, "Youtube?" There's a sound of a exhale, similar to a hmm, sound, before he continues, "One thing you could do… go onto the internet and do a New York News search for Gabriel Gray. He's gotten into trouble with the police recently, so they might have posted a picture…" He sounds serious as he continues, very serious, "Show that to as many of the people as you can and tell them if they see him to get away as soon as possible and call a Detective Parkman at the NYPD, or me once they're far enough away. That— that man is dangerous. More dangerous than the people who took your memories."

Jane raises her voice slightly. "Jesus H. Christ. Gabriel Gray? Parkman? I was at the Den last night, some police detective came in showing photos, asking if any of them had been seen. Parkman I recognize, from Central Park. The others, some Doctor Suresh and a girl called Molly, I don't. What's Parkman's number?"

Peter says, "Yeah, he's— he's kidnapped them. Suresh and the little girl. He— the little girl has the ability to find people, no matter where they are. If he uses Suresh as a hostage he might be able to get her to tell him where some of the people he wants are… and worst, if he gets his abilities back, he can just take hers for himself…" Sounds like something he really doesn't want to happen. Ever. "Just a minute, I need to find his number."

Jane is silent for a long few seconds, one might guess the quietude is a combination of her waiting as asked and thinking. "I'm going to buy a megaphone, and collect glass bottles. Jesus. She finds people? But he's distalented, gives us advantage. If he wants to find people, fine, he can find us all in the same place at the same time when we come for him."

Peter sounds as if he's moving around now, suffling through papers, "Wish it were that easy, Jane. Got no way to find him ourselves. Only thing we know right now… is what he wants. Who he wants." From the sound of his voice, this is really bothering him. There's more shuffling of papers. Likely the number is saved on his phone, but that's hard to check while he's talking. "No way to figure out when he's going them… And he's not alone, either. He's got an accomplice. A woman, a young woman, almost a girl. Who can set fire to things."

Jane speaks with a bit of tremble to her voice. "That's just… great. Fire? Well, my contact who got on YouTube might have some way to deal with that angle, Peter. Anyway, first things first, spread the word, let some folks know a plan is being made and stand by for info, pass the photo around, yes? And get to places of safety in the meantime. Elle said I should keep moving."

Peter continues to shuffle with papers, until he suddenly stops, "Probably a good idea to keep on the move — I'd be interested in seeing what your friend can do." But he doesn't actually ask. "I have the number, you ready?" He gives her a chance to get ready, then says, "283-1172."

Jane is silent for a time, as she records the number. "Thanks, Peter. Is there anyone in particular you want me to contact, to lighten your load, in addition to people I call? Actually… I'm going to make an instant messenger ID and get people to do the same, so photos can be passed and info shared en masse. Not to mention group chats."

Jane says, "Anyway, Peter, I should get on that. Call me back if you've got more. Or Elle will, whichever."

Peter laughs nervously, "I'm not exactly computer literate, I mean, I can use google, but… that does sound like a good idea, though."

Jane replies quietly "It'll work for anyone who can use it, for others we go by phone, it's all good. Talk to you soon, Peter. And thank you."

Having finished that call, she moves on to the second of a group she needs to make. Hailien's number is dialed. It begins to ring. The other end answers, "Hello?" Now commences conversation number two.

Jane sounds businesslike, as if she were planning, thinking. "Hailey? Jane here."

Hailien says, "Only Jack calls me Hailey… what's up, Jane?"

Jane says, "Oh. Sorry. Hailien… There's this guy, called Gabriel Gray, and he's dangerous. I have to talk about him."

Hailien says, "Never heard of him. Talk to me."

Jane draws in a deep breath, and begins, using a voice tone she hopes won't flat scare the crap out of the girl. "He's a murderer, he kills people like us to take abilities. Some people I know are putting together a plan to deal with him."

Hailien's phone goes eerily quiet for a moment, then, with a gulp: "You're bloody kidding me."

Jane quietly replies "I wish I were. I called you first, since you're on YouTube, and… I thought you might want in on things when the plan is all together. Your talent can be useful, and I'm all in favor of getting him before he gets any of us."

Hailien says, "I'll be there, Jane. Who else is in on this?"

Jane says, "Peter Petrelli and his girlfriend, whoever else of us we can pull together, I think. Do you have an instant messenger program? I'm going to make an ID on one and spread some info, photos and such."

Hailien says, "That's fine with me. I sure do. Hold ona sec… hrm. Okay, I'm Phail4376 on any program."

Jane says, "Got it. Info coming by that route when I have it. Be careful, girl. Right now this guy's abilities aren't with him, but still watch your back, yeah? Got to go make calls, spread things around."

Hailien says, "Right. Does this guy got any nicknames or anything? Just Gabriel Gray?"

Jane says, "I don't know. I can ask and include anything like that in the file."

Hailien says, "Alright. Look, Jane- stay safe yourself."

Jane says, "Until we can all gang up on him, I will. See you!" And the call is ended.

She dials a third number and waits while it rings. The other end answers, "Hello?" Here goes, her third conversation.

Jane says, "Detective Parkman? We met once, you may remember the guitarist from Central Park. My name is Doctor Jane Forrest. I've been talking with Peter Petrelli."

Detective Parkman says, "…Yeah, I remember you. Peter? …how do you know Peter Petrelli?"

Jane speaks in a focused, businesslike voice. "I'm doing some clerical support in connection with… the situation at hand, Detective. I'm hoping to set up a file to pass along for interested parties by instant messenger, with photographs and information, so may I ask you to email photos of Dr. Suresh, Molly, and Gabriel Gray?"

Jane says, "Peter Petrelli is someone I gave assistance to recently, with an issue he had."

Detective Parkman says, "There is silence on the other end for a moment. Then, Parkman speaks in a softer, more focused tone. "You want me to e-mail /you/ with photos?" There's suspicion in his tone of voice. "What information do you have?"

Jane says, "I don't have any information yet, Detective, that you don't already likely have yourself. And I realize you may not trust me, but… there's little choice. I can only presume, given your involvement, you know the true nature of Gabriel Gray's crimes, his murders, and the sort of persons he targets. Our goal is first to pass the word about him to people of that nature, one of them being me, and second to see about arranging some… assistance in dealing with him."

Detective Parkman says, "You'd better start talking plainly, Jane Forrest, or I'm going to hang up." The voice on the other end is tired and terse. "You can start with why you're hiding things from me. If you'd rather speak in person, that can be arranged."

Jane says, "I thought I was, sir. I've got a power, it's vocal. Ultrasonic, actually. It makes me also hear ultrasound. Peter Petrelli was being held somewhere, I'm told I helped him leave, but I don't remember that. Gabriel Gray kills people like me, and others I know. We want to spread the word to people like us, so they can recognize him if they see him coming, and run. We also want to see if we can pull some people together and help deal with him."

Detective Parkman says, "You're better off not putting yourself in danger, Miss Forester, but…but I'm glad you helped Peter." There is a soft sigh. "In all honesty, if we don't find him soon, no amount of running will matter."

Jane says, "I'm in danger, because I have an ability and I'm breathing, Detective. I prefer not to live in fear, but… I've also no intention of a reckless act. First, people like me need to know what he looks like so they can run if he comes around, and call you."

Detective Parkman's voice turns to a frantic hiss. "You'll be in even /more/ danger if you keep waving that information around. Everyone lives in fear. Everyone. Some people are just better at hiding it than others." Another sigh. "You want photos, I can get you photos. But I'm sending them to Peter, not you. Sorry, hon, but not everyone like us is on the same side." And he hangs up on her.

She closes her eyes when the detective hangs up on her, and resists the urge to scream. Once she's calm, she picks up the phone again. Peter, this time. Damage control. It begins to ring, she listens until the other end answers, "Hello?"

Jane says, "Peter? Jane again. I went direct to the source, thinking Detective Parkman is the best place to get photos, and he's less than happy. Says he'll send them to you, but not me. He doesn't know me, there are trust issues."

Peter says, "I'd meant for you to only use that number if you'd actually seen Gabriel Gray, to tell him where to find him. I guess I should have specified…"

Jane sounds like she's chastising herself, something muttered away from the phone. When her voice returns, she says "Damn. Sorry. Anyway, he may call you, and there could be photos coming to you. I'll look in other places, already public."

Peter sounds a little embarassed himself, "No, I'm the one who— it's okay. I just didn't meant it more as a precausion, so that the police will know where to find him. As long as he's powerless, the police actually have a chance of taking him down… again." And hopefully not just release him this time. "Don't worry about it. I'll give you copies of the photos as soon as I get them, though."

Jane says, "Thanks, Peter. Do you… do you mind being called Pete? Anyway, people to call, things to pass along. Told the girl from YouTube to watch her back, she says she's in if we need her."

Peter gives a surprised sound, followed by amusement, "Yeah, sure. Nathan calls me Pete. And I'll be glad to have her along. Thank you for the help, Jane."

Jane says, "You're welcome, Pete. See and talk to you soon." Hanging up, she moves on to performing an internet search for information and photos.

Her search turns up a few things. Jane writes up her findings.

Name: Gabriel Gray. Alias: Sylar.

Information: Murder, Kidnapping. In specific, Sylar is known to kill those among us with abilities beyond the pale of standard humanity, to take those abilities. He is at present said to be without enhanced ability, but may not remain so. DO NOT approach this person. If he is seen, run. At the earliest opportunity, contact Detective Parkman of the NYPD to report the sighting at 283-1172 or Peter Petrelli at 283-1407.

He is also linked to the death of one Virginia Gray, his mother, a case which saw him jailed for a time and released,

Accomplice: A female person unknown, reported to have the ability to create fire.

Recent victims: Dr. Mohinder Suresh, and a young girl named Molly, both kidnapped by the pair.

Plan: Developing. Peter Petrelli and Elle are building plans and making contacts with an eye to giving assistance in dealing with Mr. Gray. Point of contact: Jane Forrest, 283-2260. I'm also set up on various instant messenger programs as UltimateSoprano2007. The above information will be provided over that medium if available. My email, in addition, is moc.todikiw.hsumseoreh|onarposetamitlu#moc.todikiw.hsumseoreh|onarposetamitlu.

WARNING: DO NOT ENGAGE GABRIEL GRAY ON YOUR OWN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! Contact the above referenced persons as soon as possible if he is seen. Everyone, watch your backs. Please.

A black and white photo, printed out, of Gabriel Gray is included and/or passed on electronically if that applies.

Having done this, she makes copies and places them in manila envelopes to be sealed and handed out where needed and sets about spreading the word further. Places to go, people to call, others to see. And IM.

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