2007-07-09: Get Carter: On Their Own


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Summary: The three women are left to find a way out of the building in the dark.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter: On Their Own

Abandoned Metalworks Building, South Syracuse, New York

….what? WHAT? Elena is still stammering, trying to remember. The gas. She can't think straight. She's trying to tell them something, but she can't remember. And before she -could-, it's too late. Her face is cupped in both hands, and what drives her up the hall is that he just takes off running recklessly to find her father…leaving his bloody earplugs behind! "Peter, your….! Peter!" is all she manages to get out, her voice echoing down the hall after him. Those things were the only safeguards he's got against the man himself and he LEAVES THEM WITH HER? She's left on unsteady legs, with the girls holding her up if they are, staring after him until he vanishes in the dark without his flashlight to boot. "He's….he's….he's -nuts-," she breathes. The comment sounds out of place in this situation, but she can't help it. Well, he WAS.

When Desiree prods her about what she had heard about her father, she shakes her head. "I…something…I can't remember it very well. He visited me and then he stood outside my door." She rubs her face. "He was talking to someone…on the phone…" she murmurs. "It sounded like he was deferential….following the other person's lead."

DESIREE: It could be the gas leaking out of the door, or it could be the exhaust fumes around. But Desiree will catch something again curling around her vision like a ghost. This time…the vision is odd. While it doesn't seem threatening, all she could make out is something shiny. And a brief glimpse of Ramon's face smiling. But Ramon's face, while alive, is missing something. There's a black eyepatch over one of his eyes.

Hitching an arm around Elena, looping it underneath both of the young woman's to steady her - an try to support her as much as she can, too - Desiree urges her on with soothing words. She takes the flashlight, and lets Cass deal with the earplugs. "Yeah, maybe, but he's like some kinda super freak, he'll be okay. Alright, come on, the door ain't too far away. Watch these chains here, hurry." Come on, Elena, keep moving, is the undercurrent of her warm voice. "So he's… got a boss," she murmurs. Great. Lighting the way with the flashlight beam, illuminating the dark chains on and off, swaying where Peter left, Dezi squints, looking worried… but that's understandble, given the circumstances. She looks over at Cass, hazel eyes wide with the sentiment of this is not good.

"Yes. I'll give you that." Cass is stunned by Peter's taking off and leaving them with Elena. Neither of them have guns or weapons of any kind. Quickly taking a hold of Elena, she starts to lead the woman out. "Come on, Elena. Let's get back to the van." As she starts to walk her out, Desiree starts to talk. "A boss? Who's got a boss? You mean there's someone /other/ than the Alchemist guy? That can't be good." Picking up her pace, she takes the other side. "Let's get the hell out of here."

"I don't know," Elena breathes softly. "I just remember him taking a phone call, receiving orders…I don't know from who. He's…not just a serial killer. I don't know -what- he is." She has both arms around the two women with her, and at the very least she's light - she doesn't weigh much. Still they've done enough for her, and she endeavors moving along with them, forcing her feet one step over another. She's not going to make them carry her. "I….did Gene's device lead you here?" She had to ask. God, she owed the inventor so much already… she'll follow the light of the flashlight to the very end of the hall….

CASS, DEZI, ELENA: However, when they get to the other end, near the main entrance and where they split off…they would find that entrance BLOCKED. All the explosions they've heard earlier, what they see now is rubble from some battle that's moved elsewhere. They can hear it, gunshots and yelling and barking and whining from the second floor, echoing from the distance. But the main doors themselves? There is a pile of cement from fallen chunks of floor from upstairs resting there now when it had been clear earlier. That way is sealed. Unless one had super strength in their group, there's no way to get through that.

There's another way a flashlight will glimpse, however. They can brave the sounds of really violent fighting and go in that direction, or go to the shadowed path leading out through the west end of the building. There are more chains there, but it's quiet, and the opposite way from the battleground.

"I think so. Some GPS thing." Dezi's steps hesitate and she stumbles alongside Elena. "Well. Okay, then." She, for one, instinctually wants to follow the path of least resistance: the quieter, darker path. "I don't like them sounds out there. S'like a goddamn war," she mumbles to Cass and, inevitably, Elena. Outside of her comfort zone by miles and miles, she shivers, unnerved. The flashlight beam wavers as she points it westward. "I'm thinkin' that way. C'mon," she urges on, heading that way.

"Oh geez, this is like the horror movie," Cass mutters. "Abandoned warehouse, dark clear path. That is totally a trap." However, she doesn't like the sounds out there, either. "But, you're right. We should go out that way. Can we, like, grab a chain?" Because otherwise they have nothing to defend themselves with. Other than a flashlight. "Hold that up and smash anyone over the head with it if they try to get past us," she instructs Desi. This is not her first choice to get out of here, but it /is/ their best way to get out of here. Tugging on a chain, even if it doesn't come loose, she's walking toward the shadowed path. The sooner they got out of there the better.

DESIREE: The explosions, however, take their toll on the integrity of the building. As Dezi moves to follow after Cass with Elena for support, one of the pipes criss-crossing above their heads suddenly breaks free from its already precarious angle. It clangs right into her head. The psychic goes down, and practically drags Elena with her on the way.

"Dezi!" Elena cries, and then coughs. She reaches over, to prevent herself from sprawling on the woman even as her current state of unconsciousness forces her to drop the chains that Cass handed her. "Dezi, are you okay?" There's an answering groan - meaning while the Southerner is down, she's not out. Her vision is still fuzzy, but she'll try and help Desiree. "Well…if it is, hope no one says 'be right back'," she mumbles, remembering a list of Things Not To Say in horror movies.

CASS: Should Cass bend over and check Desiree, however, she'll find a glimpse of something metallic, and thin, winking out from the very edge of her periphery. It's not moving, but there's a hint of a flash before it sinks back into the darkness again. But it appears again. Must be due to the swinging lamp overhead. But there's something there. At least it's not moving?

Elsewhere, the battle rages on....

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