2010-02-19: Once More, with Feeling


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Date: February 19, 2010


Cody and Erin meet again. Erin's not so tough anymore.

"Once More, with Feeling"

Erin's Cell, Building 27

It's been a night now. Erin's not happy, to say the least… If anyone expected her to be calm, quiet and meek like a good downtrodden little prisoner, they were wrong. She's been yelling at various intervals for the past few hours, straining on the chains, calling the people who work here just about every name in the book… And when she ran out of actual words for them, she just went ahead and invented some. Some of them were pretty creative.

Really, she has no idea if anyone's listening. And if they are, they aren't responding. That's fine; she's not looking for a response. As per normal, Erin's angry about the whole situation, but who wouldn't be? Taken in the cold night, de-powered, transported here, only to wake up in chains? They've already bruised her wrists, she's sure. It doesn't stop her from trying to pull them out of the floor.

Somewhere around six in the morning, the yelling tapers off. It's actually pretty amazing she made it that long, since she's sedated, but she couldn't see just giving up without at least screaming herself hoarse. The tickle in her throat is unfamiliar and unwelcome, and in the early hours of the new day, Erin decides that if she ignores it, it'll just go away.

Shnnnnk. CHHK!

Giving another pull on the chains, she finally settles back, closing her eyes. God, how the hell did this happen!? She really, really should have listened to Tracy.


All the screaming in the world isn't going to help the starlet now. Cody had grabbed a couch in one of the other offices on one of the other floors, far far away from the detention cells and had actually gotten a good night's sleep. She hadn't gone home since the attack and she wasn't ever planning on it. If one found her there, more would. There are just some things in life a little more important than to risk being caught unaware and furniture was just one of the things the agent had learned to live without.

It's not until 7:30 in the morning that Cody actually rises from her rest, bald as egg but fairly well rested. After a shower and a change, the raven haired woman starts her little patrol for the day. First stop? The Geek Squad. The agents just not good enough for real field work who have been sequestered to tiny little desks and forced to watch detainees for endless hours. Baker is just taking a sip of coffee when she spies the monitor with a tiny black and white soap star as its centerpiece. Unlike real life, the one on the screen gets a nice hot shower of strong, black coffee.

"The hell? Who finally bagged that one?" Cody manages between choking gasps. She's pounding a fist to her chest to try to force the rest of the liquid down.

"Agent Scott, ma'am," comes the reply from Geek number one.

"I'll be back." The warning is just as ominous as if Arnold Schwarznegger himself had said it. Five minutes later, Erin has a visitor. As per her usual form, Cody kicks the chair on her way in, just to make sure the prisoner is awake. "Wake up, we need to talk." The agent is possible as displeased is the captured party.


She's not quite asleep when the chair is kicked, and she's jarred fully into consciousness again.

There's that tell-tale sign of recognition in her eyes when she sees who's come for her, and several things go through Erin's head. First, that Baker was lying, that she got Erin to let her go only to return back to her headquarters and send her agents after Erin. That would certainly exonerate Janet! Where Erin's more likely to believe that scenario, there's a reason she didn't mention Cody yesterday when she was being interrogated by Jo. Because Erin genuinely hopes that Cody is working to take down this place from the inside.

Expose her, and all hope could be lost. Erin will do anything to get out of here, including making the enemy look good, if she has to. "Make it real," she mutters under her breath, as she looks at the floor. Anyone watching or listening in would probably just associate the words as an extension of Erin's prior rambling and screaming. Hopefully, Cody's as great and wonderful and as inspiring as an actress as Erin is.

Doubtful. Erin's the best.

"Don't you assholes believe in feeding people around here?" she demands, voice cracking as she gives a pull on the chains. When she looks back at Cody, there's absolutely no recognition in her expression. It's as if Erin has already forgotten that she tried to kill the woman.


The cameras in the detention cells don't have sound, but there are lip readers that could go over the footage. To that end, Cody turns her back on the camera and in a small ruse, pulls a power bar out of her pocket. Unlike her other half, Agent Baker is not known to be overtly cruel or hostile to the detainees, so the small offering of food is quite on par with her usual behaviour.

"First of all, I told you to not get caught." Cody growls between clenched teeth, then she shoves the end of the power bar into Erin's mouth. The reason for choosing the meal replacement rather than a regular chocolate bar is that it will keep the other woman from talking long enough for the ebon haired woman to get her frustrations out. "Second, there's nothing I can do for you in here. Your best hope is either escape… which is highly unlikely… Or a bodybag." Then the power bar is extracted from the actress' mouth. Hopefully she got a few bites in. "Do not tell them anything. Not about you, not about me."

It is then that the agent steps back into view of the camera and squats in front of the prisoner. "Calm down, Miss McCarty. After your initial processing you'll be collared and released into the barracks. If you cooperate and stay good. Otherwise, I can assure you that your visit won't be pleasant, some of the other agents will certainly see to that." Payback's a bitch and it's been buzzing around the hallways that this prisoner already took out one of their own.


Erin doesn't reply, mostly because she's got food, and she's making the best of the situation. She's not sure when she'll actually get her next meal. Maybe they don't feed them in here. Makes their weapons meaner. Or maybe the IV is supposed to be the only nourishment she gets. In any case, her stomach is empty and the power bar is a godsend.

Erin might have let slip just a little bit about the whole 'using Evolved as weapons' thing, but she could have learned that from anyone. Maybe even Hamm, before she killed him.

It'd be awesome if she could snap some awesome retort back at Cody for that whole telling her not to get caught thing, and Erin has to literally bite her tongue to prevent herself from doing so. Despite all her attempts to keep Cody's cover, the anger she has is very real. And since Cody's here and convenient, it all gets directed at the poor, innocent double agent. Also real is the look of horror in her tired eyes as she meets Cody's. "C—collared?" she asks. And despite the fact that she's sure the comparison is purposeful, she adds before she can stop herself: "I'm not an animal!"

The sheer embarrassment of wearing a collar starts the struggling again. She pulls on the chains, straining in the uncomfortable chair. If she's acting, she's doing a really good job of it. Her feet slide against the floor as she attempts to move forward, gain some momentum, but she eventually burns herself out.

It takes a second, but she regains as much composure as she can before saying, "I'm not cooperating. This is ridiculous. I'm a human being."


Ah the decadent Western lifestyle. Through all of Erin's protests and struggles, Cody keeps a calm and cool head. The humiliation and torment suffered by the actress doesn't phase the agent in the least. Being chained to a chair and having a good powerbar breakfast is better than the treatment most POW's get but Erin wouldn't know that. She's spoiled.

"You can cooperate and wear the collar and be released to have a bed and showers and three squares… Or you can not cooperate and fester while being chained to a chair. Your choice is pretty simple and it's all your own." Cody's voice is distant and quite unconcerned about any answer she might receive. Once again Cody stands and turns her back to the camera, shielding Erin's lips from any prying eyes. The power bar gets shoved into her mouth again, just enough for one bite. "Your best bet is to just wear the collar… you'll be released into general population."


Spoiled. That much is certain. But also stubborn as hell, and absolutely not willing to give up her basic human rights just for a nice bed and decent food. Perhaps if she was brought here before she decided that she was in on the campaign against the AP… But her mind is made up. And more than being spoiled Erin is angry. Always angry.

When Cody moves in front of her again, she takes advantage of the food, for that small offered bite. "I can't, Cody," she says through clenched teeth, voice low. She doesn't know there's no audio feed from here. "You know what'll happen if they…" She's been still for too long. Struggling again, just to keep up the act, she shouts something that mostly sounds like "No!" to anyone who would be listening. Her arms are so sore, she can't really feel the pain from them anymore. Weird.

Erin's not usually so charitable, but there's a lot on the line here. She'd much rather die than become someone's weapon, though she'd rather not be here at all. The whole 'death' thing is scary. But there's a reason she was so adamant about it in the dream. She's conceited enough to believe that she alone could destroy the world.

What if she's right?

"I. Am. Not. A. Dog." And the irony of that statement is that she lunches forward as much as she can, and snaps her teeth right in Cody's face.


The moment that Erin lunges, Cody's fight or flight response takes over. Rearing her own head back, Cody whips it back forward and….


One very loud and very painful headbutt. Maybe painful to both parties, definitely painful to the agent because Cody reels backward and shakes her head in order to get the dizzy feeling away. "Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again." The agent seethes through clenched teeth. She's already killed another prisoner the same way, it wouldn't take much for the agent to do it again. Especially faced with the odds that this one woman could wipe out an entire nation, perhaps a continent.

Agent Baker backs away from the prisoner as two other agents rush into the room. One of them checks on the prisoner, while the other grabs Cody's arm and tries to escort her out. In reply, Cody wrenches her arm free and glares at both men. "Get out, I've got this under control." They're not exactly willing, but they back out, to just outside the door.

"Don't ever, ever, take advantage of my generosity and kindness, Miss McCarty. I will not hesitate to put a bullet through the back of your skull if I think you're getting out of my control." The threat is meant as a double edged warning. Apparently, Cody is not going to allow Erin to go unmonitored or disappear from her own personal radar.


Well, that was unexpected. Erin's eyes widen in surprise and pain.

"Hhh. Huhnnnnnh. Hh. Hah, ha…"

Something tells her that Cody isn't acting. When she looks back up at the agents - for there are now two Codies, her eyes narrow in a rage that she simply can't express, because she's so damn dizzy. There's a lump forming above her eye on her forehead, the skin split just enough to bleed. Of course, any cut on the face is going to bleed a lot, no matter how minor it is. Once Cody becomes a single entity again, Erin finds her voice. "You — you— "

Okay, so it's not a speech for the record books.

It's that moment that really hits her hard. All this is real. She's in pain, she's tired, powerless, and she's starting to think that scratchiness in her throat is more than just hoarseness from yelling. Erin hasn't had a cold in a couple years. She's forgotten what they feel like. "Don't ever get close enough that I can bite your ugly nose off," she returns finally. Not particularly witty, but when she's still seeing stars - and not the soap opera kind - her options for comebacks are a little limited.

Notably, Erin's not acting anymore, either. She really wishes she would have killed Cody about now.


The radio at Cody's hip gets pulled up to her mouth and contact is made with the control room. "I need a doctor in here, there's been an incident." When the radio is returned to the clip at her belt, the black haired woman purses her lips and frowns. "I'm sorry, Miss McCarty… but you're not on a set, you don't have the control here. Every action you take will have a response, sometimes the response is a little more brutal than intended." It's the only apology that Erin's going to get. At least on Governor's Island.

There's a click of the door and medical personnel rush to the aid of the starlet. "Make sure she's well taken care of. If her sister comes to take care of her make sure there's two agents on the doctor and that they don't talk. If they violate that, separate them permanently." Hopefully the other agents don't take it to extreme, but if they do, it'll be one less thing Cody has to worry about.


God. She hopes Janet never finds out she's in here. If Erin's lucky, her sister won't come to gloat; she can just see Janet saying something about how awesome it is that Erin's in her shadow now, while dramatically casting a shadow on Erin. Lowering her head, she sigh. Maybe she should just take the collar option. Get out of this room. Enjoy the rest of her life while she can. It'd be the easy way out.

Yeah, it's definitely something to think about. After all, she won't be the one horribly destroyed by a mutant plague. She'll just be responsible for it. The thought makes her sick. So, what? She keeps fighting?

She'll see. These people are experts. They're already wearing her down.

As the doctors tend to the cut above her eye, Erin feels a tell-tale tickle in her nose, and it's not long at all before she sneezes. This… somehow doesn't surprise her, though. All this is too familiar. It's as if the dream is coming true. Everything is falling into place, and while Erin really never believed dreams could be prophetic, this is too coincidental to be anything else. That means she already knows how this is going to end.

Sad. But at least she won't be able to hurt anyone.


Twitch. The sneeze puts Cody on edge, this is a woman that gives diseases. "Everyone out NOW!!" The raven haired woman's order is obeyed quite promptly and the medics and other agents quickly clear the room. Only Cody stays behind her back toward the camera once again. "Don't talk, just listen. Your life is over. Right now you need to be thinking about everyone you left on the outside." Tracy, Beth, any others that she might know… "If you don't want them to get caught, keep your mouth shut. Don't talk to your sister, you'll just get her in trouble. You don't want that."

Slowly, Cody retreats from the woman and pulls the radio to her lips again. "All personnel that were in the room with McCarty will report immediately to the medic for quarantine and disease treatment." Though not a senior agent, she does carry the responsibility of these men's lives on her shoulders. For the moment, she waits by the door, just in case Erin wants to yell something at her, the agent is a big girl, she can take the abuse.


Your life is over.

Every little comment just chips away at hope. It makes Erin want to cry, which just makes her angry, which makes her want to punch something. She's restrained, though. And before she can tell Cody to just get it over with, she's already walking away.

Everyone's counting on her. They'll never know what happened to her. What she went through. Most of the planet won't even know that they almost died.

But there is one little glimmer of hope left. If everything's happening as it did in the dream, Janet will come in here one day soon and end this. It's… not the result Erin would have liked, but it keeps people safe. Until that point, she's going to fight these bastards every step of the way.

In fact, she even laughs, almost maniacally, when Cody orders agents who were in the room with them to quarantine. "Hah! Kinda like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded weapon, huh?" she asks, straining on the chains again. The glee is, however, short-lived. Once there's no one there to witness it, Erin sits back in the chair and allows herself a few minutes to cry herself to sleep.

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