2010-05-10: One Night in Paris



Date: May 10, 2010


The other one.

"One Night in Paris"

Paris - France

The great thing about dating a guy that's richer than God is the fact that he can give in to whims. Earlier in the day, Hallis had casually mentioned that she felt like having crepes and chattered for about a half an hour whether crepes were better than waffles. There was really only one conclusion to be drawn: Crepes were much better than waffles when strawberries were involved, strawberries are great when you're lying in bed, and waffles taste much better with chicken.

However Jaden managed to do it is pretty much unknown to Hallis because before she knew it, she had a couple days off from filming and they were setting foot in the most romantic city in the world (according to Hallis).

"Jaden!" The petite blonde gushes as she laces her fingers through his and hugs his arm tightly. "This… is great! How did you know that I love Paris?"

Jaden Cain has nothing else to do with his money. And with his own private jet, flying across the water to somewhere that they probably shouldn't be, on a whim, is so much easier. Not to mention not needing to deal with that crazy airport security. It's good to be Jaden Cain. Very good.

Granted, the most romantic city in the world is not exactly the most fun city in the world. While Jaden doesn't look bored or anything, he does seem to be a little less enthusiastic about this sudden trip. At least about this part.

"Easy. You're a girl. Girls love this place. It's like… a rule." Jaden then kind of shrugs, as if everyone should know that. "Even lesbians love it here. Er, the non-butch ones."

Even overseas there are paparazzi cameras, the name Cain almost commands them to be there. Where there are cameras, there's Hallie's shining smile. Since she's actually paid to be his escort on occasion, no one really thinks twice to take a picture, one that Hallis poses for by leaning up to kiss the multi-billionaire on the cheek.

Before pulling away, she gives him a wink and murmurs close to his ear. "I hear they don't have public nudity charges here…" Was that some sort of invitation? With Hallis, no one really ever knows. That sly smile stays on her lips for quite a few minutes afer she finally draws back from him. It's likely that the cameras got a few pictures of that.

Jaden is either well aware of the paparazzi or just doesn't care. The big thing to do when there's paparazzi around is to not try and hide anything. When it loses the appeal of a scandal, it tends to just end up being regular news… which is never as fun to print or write about. Jaden just kind of pays them no attention, as he's more interested in listening to whatever it is that Hallis is babbling on about. Granted, the mention of public nudity has him smirking and raising his eyebrows. "Personally, I'm sure these men here are jealous enough. I don't need to give them another reason." Oh snap. Yes he just said that. "But if you want to lose your clothes, you definitely won't be hearing anything even remotely close to an argument coming from me." Jaden is such a pervert. He's even doing the Pervert Eyebrow Waggle.

Giving him a smile, Hallis leans a little closer and wraps her arms around his waist. "I bet their jealous, who wouldn't want me all over them?" She's got an egotistical little grin on her face but the wink she gives him is nothing short of amused. "But really… I was talking about a little more than just taking our clothes off…" Where is she leading him? Then her arms slip from his waist and she skips a few feet ahead of him toward a mime. Most people find them creepy, but for some reason, Hallis loves them. She watches the silent clown for as long as it takes Jaden to catch up to her and then her fingers lace through his again. "So, are we going to stop at a cafe for crepes or do you just want to get down to the dirty stuff?" Then her eyebrows are waggling and she's looking up toward the Eiffel Tower. "We could do it there, you know."

Okay. This is going to take some getting used to. Granted, it doesn't really surprise him. Even though the first time Hallis was in a drunken stupor, Jaden has the ability to leave some kind of impression and that's always a good thing. But he's hanging back just a little bit from the mime. It's kind of awkward, since they are holding hands but whatever. He's not exactly creeped out, he just wants to look at Hallie's ass. Honesty is always the best policy. When she's asking him questions, his mind is already wandering. "I want that." It could be assumed that he's talking about Hallis and the Eiffel Tower. Considering that, he stops himself from speaking aloud the thoughts about paying for it.

"Mmmm me too," Giving him a quick wink, Hallis turns toward the street again and heads toward one of Paris' favorite landmarks. Judging by how small it is in the distance, it'll be quite a walk. Her feet make a small pivot toward a crosswalk and she leans out into the street with one hand held into the air. It's a dedicated New York native sign for a taxi, whether these people on the continent know it is beyond her. She's really only traveled with her grandmother, who's had private transportation wherever they've gone. "Lets do that first… then second… then …. Let's just do that." She grins up at him, it can be assumed that she's taking her new found freedom and running as far and fast with it as she can.

Jaden is more than happy to be the one being used in this new found freedom. He's always got a smile on his face when he's spending time with the Hallis. And then she's doing that thing with her fingers to try and get a taxi which is just so far beyond Jaden he doesn't even know why he's letting it continue on for so long. "Hallis. Please." He's reaching up with a hand to grab hers and pull it down. While his arm goes to slip around her, he flips up his phone with his other hand and is already calling for a car to come to their location. In French. "It'll be here in five minutes." Yes, somehow, this fool has managed to learn French. Sexy, right?

Giving Jaden a purr of appreciation, Hallis curls to his form and presses her ear against his chest to listen to the rumble of his voice as he calls a car. "Mmmm, I love a man that can speak French.." she murmurs. Love? No, that's a lie, lust is likely closer to the truth right now. Grabbing his tie, she pulls him down to deliver a deep kiss, seeming to have no qualms at all about taking control. At least not for now. A moan that turns into a groan rises from her before she breaks the lip lock and then flashes him a show of teeth. "I can't believe I managed to keep my hands off you for that long…" How long? Probably not very since they had a private jet.

Jaden is a little bit lost for words when the kiss is finally broken off. He actually has to consider if his lips are still working for a moment. A smack and a lip-lick later, he's decided that they are still functional and a low whistle is followed by a 'wow' that happens right then and there. He's a little too into being kissed by hot chicks for his own good. "Me either. It's a victory that truly, truly saddens me." Grinning as if he's already got the next few hours planned out, Jaden takes a moment to look at his watch. The impatience is all over his face. "If you want, because you're so damn cute, I could have the driver take the long way. We could have a go on the way over." Wink.

"Yes please, boss," Hallis giggles, still not letting go of his tie. When she finally does, it's just to let it slip between her fingers. "So, how did you manage to get me a day off? Did you buy the show or something?" She's so curious as to how but she just doesn't seem to care. Her last few days on set have been filled with so much drama (not of the soap variety) that the break is welcome. She snuggles a little closer to Jaden as she waits for the cab.

If there's something that can be said about Paris in the springtime, it's cloudy and it's wet. The slight drizzle of rain is sending Hallie's hair into a type of frizz that would have her stylist screaming. Normally, it would send the socialite screaming as well but she's really in too good a mood to tell. "Y'know Jaden, if you're not careful with spoiling me.. I might just start expecting this all the time." No, she's not talking about Paris.

"I know people." is all that Jaden says right about now in regards to talking about getting Hallis some time off the show. After all, he's Jaden Cain. If he wanted to buy the show, he probably could. But why do that when he can just do them a favor to get a favor. "I just hope you realize that it wasn't easy. I had to have like a billion meetings about this little excursion. Not to mention all the meetings I had to cancel on my end…"

Cut To: Cain Tower - Board Room. Jaden Cain is standing up in front of the Board presenting another epic product. Damn, he's good.

"… I mean. I hope you appreciate everything I had to go through to get you a vacation." Yeah, that would be Jaden hamming it up to make sure that she's OH so appreciative of what he's done.

It's about at the moment he's smiling like he's won the lottery (which would be so awesome, by the way) when the French Limo of Expensive Tastes rolls up to them. "This is us." Jaden grabs at her hand, leading her off towards the limo. "Expectations are the made to be broken. So why don't we stick to the Nike way of life and Just Do It." That is Jaden's advice as he opens the door for her. It's always easier to see Hallie's minimal curvature when she gets into cars first.


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