2009-12-20: One of Them, One of Us


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Date: December 20, 2009


Stephanie arrives at the Bennet household to deliver a message.

"One of Them, One of Us"

Bennet Household

She's been collecting information. From Nathan Petrelli. From Rebel. From Tammy Lansing. And what she's found out so far has made her angry. And the person who she can most track a lot of this back to is one Noah Bennet. It's taken a little effort to track him down. But not so much that she's not capable of it. She walks up to the door of the home, and knocks, all pretty and blonde and innocent.

Mr. Muggles' sharp ears are the first to hear the stranger walking up the drive and he perks up and tenses. A low and throaty growl almost makes his entire body quiver until the knock happens and then like all tiny dogs do, he takes a flying leap off the sofa and barks his way to the door.


Being scolded for guarding the family homestead is really nothing he has to worry about, not with his mommy on his side. So he barks and barks until the woman of the house actually pads up behind him in her slippers and picks him up. "Well aren't you just the big man of the house, aren't you? Yes you are! Yes you are!" the little baby voice and kisses he receives are enough to validate that he is indeed a very good boy. Sandra peeks out of the window and frowns a little. The blonde on the other side of the door is about her daughter's age but her daughter hasn't actually been home since Thanksgiving so it couldn't be for her. Surely not for Lyle.

Slowly the door opens and Sandra gives the young woman a warm smile. "Hello, can I help you with something?"

The young woman standing there very much looks the part of the young college student. Complete with clipboard, and petition thereon. She gives a warm and cheery smile. "Hi there! I'm collecting signatures for a petition regarding government disclosure about the recent television broadcasts and violations of the Patriot Act." She lifts her sign-in sheet, to look at paperwork under it, and then back up to Sandra. "Is this the Bennet household?"

Looking nothing less than confused, Sandra tilts her head to take a look at the petition. "Yes, but I'm not sure that I understand what any of this has to do with me. I'm not much for politics." The dog is very tense, growling at the stranger, that could be one of the reasons why the lady of the house hasn't stepped outside to greet her yet. "Shush Mister Muggles, there's nothing to worry about." she says to her dog in a little baby voice. From one of her pockets she takes a little treat and pops it into the pomeranian's mouth, if only quieting him for a moment.

The blonde smiles. "Actually, I'm a friend of your daughter, Claire's. We're trying to get signatures, and she suggested that I stop by, since I was handling this part of Queens. Could I take just a couple minutes of your time to explain, and maybe get your signature for your support?"

The mention of her daughter's name doesn't quite send the bells and whistles that it would have 6 months ago. With a smile, Sandra opens the door wide enough to allow the girl in and steps back, "Of course, come in. Why didn't Claire come with you? I would have loved to have you both for dinner." Once the young blonde is inside, she closes the door behind her and gives the lock a twist. This is New York after all, you can never be too careful. "Come into the kitchen, have you eaten or can I make you something?" Mr. Muggles is still held rather tightly under the older woman's arm, his body still quite tense.

The blonde smiles, and steps inside. "Thank you, Mrs. Bennet. And you know how it is…busybusy. It was just luck on my part, being out in this neck of the woods." She unwraps her scarf, setting it down on a nearby surface, before looking around the room. "You have a very nice home. Is Mr. Bennet at home?"

Smiling, Sandra simply glows at the compliment to her hard work at homemaking. "Why thank you.. I'm sorry, what did you way your name was? I'm afraid my memory isn't quite what it used to be, I forget things at the drop of a hat." At the mention of Noah, she glances toward the very large Christmas tree in the living room and shakes her head, her smile waning into a sadder one. "No, I'm afraid not, he's out of town on business. We're just hoping he'll be back for Christmas."

"Julie." She gives a name. It isn't HER name, but hey, it'll do for these purposes. And when she hears that the man of the house is out, that's really all she needed. She reaches down to the pocket of her jacket, and her hand comes out holding an automatic pistol. She pulls the trigger back with an audible click. "Don't move, Mrs. Bennet. I don't want to kill you, but I will if I have to." Her expression is much more serious, and her voice much less affable.

This is when Sandra simply freezes, her tense muscles start the dog barking in full fury. Mr. Muggles really doesn't like it when his mommy isn't happy and right now? He can smell the fear.

ARARARARRRRARARARAR!! He's practically braying he's barking so loud and so fast.

For her part, Sandra's life is flashing before her eyes and she's just happy that no one else is home. Hopefully Lyle won't decide to slip into the house. Hopefully… well Claire and Noah would both know what to do. "W-what do you want?"

'Julie' looks back. "Well, that really depends. Right now, what I /want/ is to empty this clip between your husband's eyes. But seeing as he's not here, that's really not an option. I /could/ kill you to make him hurt…he would, you know. But I'm not sure that's my best option either. So. We're going to start with going through your house with a fine tooth comb for any paperwork, computers, or anything like that, which he might happen to have around."

Sandra purses her lips and quivers a little in fear. "He doesn't keep anything at the house… he doesn't work for the company anymore." The dog is wriggling fiercely in her arms and jumps to the floor, growling and barking. He's the fierce protector, the king of the Bennet house. No one makes his owner scared. The older woman is so surprised that she crouches to the floor and tries to grip the dog again, fearful that something might happen to him. She is probably more scared for the small animal than for herself. "Mister Muggles, no!" she cries out, scrambling for the dog that is making a beeline for 'Julie's' ankle.

The blonde replies "No, he doesn't work for the Company. THAT, I could understand. Instead, he's working for the government. He's decided to use his elite tag and bag skills to bring in all of us like we're the Jews and it's Nazi Germany." She looks down at the dog, but despite the depths of her wickedness, she isn't going to shoot Mr. Muggles. She will, however, kick the dog. She is /that/ wicked. "Shoo, fido." It's more of a shooing kick than an attempt to turn the Pomeranian into a football, but enough to show she means business.

The dog yelps and skids across the room, stopping just short of hitting the wall. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he's not hurt that badly and scrambles to his feet, preparing to make another charge at the blonde girl. "You bitch!" Is the cry from Sandra and she joins the dog in the charge, making a grapple for the young woman's legs from her crouched position. No one hurts her dog.

Julie really isn't one to hesitate too much…and while she didn't /want/ to hurt Sandra, that doesn't mean she won't. She fires. Twice. One shot is aimed for a leg, the other a shoulder. She's got training, clearly, as she's shooting to impair and not to kill, and likely to hit.

In mid dive, Sandra feels the sting of the bullets and lands just short of her tackle. Mr. Muggles is frantic, caught between barking at the woman with the gun and making sure that the older woman is still alive. He paces and growls around the writhing woman on the floor. "Yo-you shot me!" is Sandra's shocked response, the blood is beginning to spill from the wounds and she's feeling just a little more than faint.

Julie looks disdainfully at Sandra. "Jesus, no wonder he could fool you for twenty years. You're dumb as a box of rocks, lady. Tell you what. You give Noah a message from me. "One of them, one of us." Not all of us, none of them. He'd best come clean or there's going to be a war. And he /will/ have casualties." That said, she'll draw back a leg again, and just to add insult to injury, she'll kick Sandra in the face to finish knocking her out, before rifling through the place, and taking any of Noah's paperwork, and any computers.

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