2007-09-15: One of Us


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Summary: Sharon wanders into the Secret Lair to try some anime out, and learns that Comic Book Geeks aren't just an urban legend.

Date It Happened: September 15, 2007

Log Title One of Us

Location The Secret Lair

Sharon has just gotten done with practice at the gym, and she wanted to pick up some new movies to watch tonight while she got some things around her place. One of her college buddies had texted her a list of animes she should try out to get into the genre, and even suggested The Secret Lair, based on what he heard of the area. So, in enters Sharon. She's dressed in a pair of brown shorts with several pockets in them and a sleeveless green shirt. She's got a black and purple gym bag slung over her shoulder that's a good two and a half feet long. She looks around, knowing most places have bag policies of some type, for any sign that would indicate that or for an employee to ask.

And the Lair is just such a place. Sharon is lucky Lee's not the one at the counter. "Hi, welcome to the Secret Lair. Can I trade you a funky clothespin doohickey for your bag 'til you're done?" Kory extends a hand. In it are several wooden clothespins that have been decorated with magic marker: Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Speed Racer. they each have a little dangly tag which matches to a cubbyhole against the wall behind her.

Sharon reaches in and grabs a Wonder Woman clothespin. "Sure, no problem," the woman says, offering the bag to Kory in exchange. She might hear a couple wooden objects tap lightly against each other or feel them when she puts the gym bag away, but the clothing inside will muffle most of the noise. "So. I'll admit that I'm a little new to the anime scene, but one of my old college friends suggested I might enjoy a few things and pointed me this way," the tall woman says.

Kory takes the bag, but is polite and silent about it. She tucks it into the cubbyhole with the coresponding number and picture of Wonder Woman. "Really? Well, I'm not an expert, but I've seen a little, and could probably point you at something you'll enjoy. Old stuff? New stuff? Prettyboys and cherry blossoms, or stuff blowing up?" She doesn't come out from behind the counter, but she is cheerful and quick with suggestions.

"Probably more towards things blowing up. A bit more action rather than the cherry blossoms, I think, to start. I heard the plots can be a little hard to follow if you miss one little thing in those, so I think something a little more simple. Starter anime, if there is such a thing," Sharon tells Kory, glancing around the shop. She doesn't seem that uncomfortable around here, for all that she might seem out of place. "My friend recommended, let me see". She pulls out her phone and scrolls through a few things. "Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke, and Akira, though I'm sure at least one or two of those he suggested just because he knows I'll decide it's horrible and have to yell at him for hours over the phone," she adds with a smirk.

"Ghost in the shell's kinda cyber. Princess Mononoke's violent girl and boy in the forest with GIIIIAAAANNNT LEEEECHES!" Kory clearly didn't much care for Mononoke Hime. "Akira's very much with the things blowing up, but it has some really icky moments too. Psychic powers going out of control. Macross is old school, but has giant spaceships and stuff blowing up. I'd hate you to end up yelling at your buddy. Does any of that help?"

"Well, lets try Ninja Scroll, Akira, and Macross. Those seem safe enough," Sharon tells Kory, thinking that over. "So, you guys sell a lot of roleplaying stuff here? A bunch of people I knew in college used to run a club for it. Never had much time for it though, I'm afraid. But it was popular in my major's program, it seemed".

"You got it. You can find those in the anime section. Down to the next room, hang a left. Second and third aisle," Kory directs her. "And yeah, we do. *That* room there?" she gestures at a door that's propped part of the way open, through which faint arguing can be heard. "Rolplaying stuff. There's a Warhammer 40K going on there right now, so enter at your own risk. Particularly since you're, you know, a girl. With boobies." She rolls her eyes in the manner of one who must endure it on the regular.

Sharon laughs. "I'd hate to distract them from their game. They aren't that horrible, are they? Unless they're still teenage guys in there," she tells the woman. "Then I'd believe just about anything". Because teenage guys are horribly immature. "I mean, I heard about the stereotypical gaming guy, but I thought that was just something the internet made up".

"It depends on which ones are in there at any given moment," Kory admits, shaking her head slightly. But she smiles faintly, going on to explain. "Some of them, they know better. But yeah, you have the ones who exemplify the kind of stuff you see on the internet, or The Simpsons. I can go with you if you want. They know not to start any foolishness around me. I've got a wicked pitch, and I can knock over HeroClix at fifteen paces with my trusty stress ball."

"Nah, not terribly interested in it right now. Keep busy enough as it is. Boss usually has plenty of work for me, and I think the last thing I need is a hobby that requires obsessive memorization of rules and strategy," Sharon says. "Though I do know one of the guys would bring in those miniatures to our biology lectures and constantly fiddle with them. I warned him that if they kept using my messenger bag as a hideout, he'd discover them in several small pieces. That worked pretty well," she points out with a grin.

"Oh, you'll fit in just fine here," Kory gives the other woman a bright smile. "I doubt you'll have any problems with them, then. Anything else you need besides Anime, then?" The cat who haunts the place walks between them, imperiously offering his head for scritches. "Hi, Panthro." Kory obliges the cat, who half-lids his eyes and purrs loudly.

"No, I think just the anime is fine," Sharon says. "It was the next room, left, second and third aisles, right?" Sharon asks the woman. She spies the cat and laughs. "Cat lover?" she asks the woman, noting that the cat has decided that it's humans may now offer it attention, as everyone knows cats rule the places they live.

"Panthro's not mine," Kory answers, shaking her head. "He belongs to Nima, the owner. But I don't mind cats, as long as they're — y'know. Not mine. They're vindictive little guys who tend to scratch and pee on stuff. And I like my stuff like I got it." She holds no malice for the cat, clearly, as she is still petting him. "and yup, you got it. I think some of it's on special this week, too."

"They do tend towards that," Sharon says. "Thanks, and let me know if any of those guys need us to tag team them," she adds, tilting her head to the Warhammer room. And she strolls on into the other room, avoiding the Warhammer Room and the guys who would need to be put in their place if she did enter. It takes her a good twenty minutes to find what she's looking for, making it a point to find versions with dubs where she can. Sure, subtitles are okay if you're a hardcore anime fan, or you know Japanese, but for a casual try? It doesn't seem like a good idea.

Kory laughs. "Nah, Lee likes to snipe 'em, but he also likes the money they bring in. I only kick 'em out if they don't mind their money." Kory pops her head in after about twelve minutes to see if Sharon's okay or if she needs anything. "Everything going okay?"

"Yep, going fine," Sharon says, pulling a copy of Ninja Scroll from the shelf. "Not real tough to find things, once you get past seeing all the Japanese and orienting yourself to just look for the English titles". At which point one of the anime fanboys peers over at them. He's one of those Japanese purists and he just shakes his head, going back to looking at particularly obscure titles.

Kory glowers at the otaku. "Hey. Everybody has to begin somewhere. You weren't born speaking Japanese either, Percival." Yes, the poor kid's mother named him Percival. Percy has the good grace to blush, hunch his shoulders, and go back to what he was doing without further comment. She smiles at Sharon. "Good. Hopefully this'll start ya off on a lifelong love."

"Hopefully," Sharon agrees. "I think I'm ready now," the other woman says, choosing to ignore Percival. Poor kid. Horrible name. Completely horrible. "I should probably get moving; I still need to get myself some food," she says.

"Well, no prob, lemme ring you up." Kory makes short work of that, provides Sharon with the price, and tucks a card into the bag.

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