2010-06-17: Online Predators Among Us



Date: June 17, 2010


Mandy hunts for a new victim in… Starbucks?

"Online Predators Among Us"


T'was brillig— Or sometime thereabouts, more commonly known as 'evening' to most folks. It's threatening rain; around this time, people are running into buildings as rumbles of thunder sound closer and closer together. Into one of these buildings - s Starbucks - goes a dark-haired woman, who offers a glance behind her, just to check for her own security. Under her arm is a black netbook.

There's a purpose to her being here. Sure, it might be ambiguous at the moment, but it'll become clear. Ordering a coffee is done quickly, before she finds a corner to herself, perches a pair of glasses on her face so she looks smart, and logs onto AIM.

Chat: New York Area.

«KILLIN4LUV: hello? anyone here?»


The door opened allowing the damp colder air to temporarily fill the starbucks he was in. Sirus glanced up from his laptop, a black alienware, though it had custom designs on it, masking its true maker. His eyes watched the dark-hair woman as she enterd, ordering her coffe and hopping online. He looked back down at his laptop when suddenly AIM popped up with a message from a chat room he was idling in. He didn't feel like using his powers so didn't check to see if the IP was even from New York.

He shifted his laptop, moving it to his lap carefully setting it on a black pad the prevented slipping. He minimized some of the things on his screen, moving the window to a more suitable place on the screen before replying back to the other chater. His fingers moving quickly across the keyboard as he typed out his message.

«RidinTheWeb: Hey, what's up!»


There's no sign on Mandy's face that someone has messaged her. In face, with how she's moving the mouse, it seems like she's just casually web surfing.

Inwardly, she smiles.

Plugging a small box into the netbook's single USB port, she waits until it's able to single out the locations of the people closest to her. Though she is without an ability to back up her prowess, she's very good at what she does.

«KILLIN4LUV: nm. Just waiting for my roommate to get home. she's always late!!»


Sirus The message pops up and he nods, having had a room-mate who always was late, he glanced over some other stuff on his desktop, typing back to her as he read some reports about his server having connectivity issues from outsiders, he sent the message he had been typing, opening up a browser, Chrome, and logging into his server, going to edit some setting with how the ports are forwarded.

«RidinTheWeb: Ah, I understand how ya feel, used to have the same thing when I was in college. »

Finishing forwarding the ports on both the servers router and firewall, he closes the browser he opened for it. Going to type back to the client, letting them know the problem with the server should now be fixed. He sat back, taking a sip of his Grande White Carmel Mocha.

The device would find not the IP of the starbucks, but instead it would capture the IP of his server, which he almost always made his computer route through, the server being located in California.


As Mandy looks through her other potential victims - Wyoming, New York but too far away, Maine, Florida - she doesn't really see any that would be logical enough for her to catch up with. It's sad, really. She'd hoped to find someone from the area.

Online predation is always the best sort. You can pretend to be someone you're not for weeks, even years, before someone figures out that you're a fraud. Mandy doesn't have that kind of time, but she can be gentle, if she needs to.

Scrolling through more IP addresses, she sighs when she finds that RidinTheWeb is in California. She's almost ready to close the computer and call this enture a bust when she notices that the man sitting on the other side of the Starbucks from her has hit enter at the exact same moment a message popped up on her screen.

That's when she smiles.

«KILLIN4LUV: Hey call me crazy but i think we're in the same Starbucks»


His eyes look at the screen, reading the message, blinking slightly before responding, typing a message and pretending to his enter, using the mouse pad to click the button instead

«RidingTheWeb: Unless your in california at the starbuck on the corner of 198 and W Polk St. I doubt it»

his message sent he leaned back slightly, looking around the starbuck infront of him, taking in everyone with a single glance before sipping his coffe, closing his eyes and taking over his conversationg that way, letting his mind travel through the data stream to her computer, attempting to break through her firewall, easily finding a backdoor, which he must admit is much easier when you cna practically see the wall…

He examined her data packets that were streaming in and out of her computer, coming to the conclusion that they were indeed in the same starbuck, sending her another message, sending it to her without typing, as to try to throw her off… He didn't like being found out.

«RidinTheWeb: What made you come to that conclusion»


Yes! But she saw him! SHE SAW HIM! Or she thinks she did. It could have just been purely coincidental. She smirks now, making no effort to conceal her typing.

«KILLIN4LUV: It's too bad. if you were here, you'd have a totally hot girl to talk to and i'd even take you out and buy you dinner.»

She places one hand on her forehead, looking through her fingers at the guy sitting across the coffee shop from her. Of course, she notices he's not typing when the other message comes through, and looks back to her screen. Well, that's a little confusing.

«KILLIN4LUV: Oh well. I was hopin to find someone in the NYC area»


Sirus Sirus couldn't help bit smirk behind his cup as he watched her type now, seeming almost frustrated to him. He couldn't help but smile, raising his cup slightly, mouthing Cheers to her before taking another drink of the hot coffe. His deep brown eyes once again going back to the computer, his finger dancing across the keyboard once more, concentrating, or atleast appearing to be, on writing something, and at almost the same time he let another message be sent to her

«RidinTheWeb: Sad I'll have to miss out on that, really am :/, You could always try with the guy behind the counter!»

He was trying to screw with her, it was getting almost entertaining now, licking his lips he took a sip of coffe, before switching back to doing what he originally was, working on a page layout for his customers, should they want one.


The murderess plays the baffled woman well. Whether or not she knows, whether or not she suspects… all these things are hidden behind the assuredly baffled expression that stares at her screen. She didn't get to be such an expert on her craft by missing the obvious, though. Or… The not so obvious.

Her hands are so immaculately clean that it's hard - even for her - to believe that she killed a man just one night before. She rubs them together quietly, polished fingernails tap-tap-tapping together briefly, before she closes the netbook, stands, and heads right over to Sirus' table with computer and coffee in hand.

"So, what, are you gay or something? It's totally okay if you are. You don't have to pretend. My offer still stands, though. I'll buy you dinner." Smiling, she continues, setting her netbook down on the table. "I'm new in New York. Figured the best way to meet new people was to dive right in!"


Sirus watched her come over, out of his periphial vision, quickly, though not faultering from what it looked like he was doing earlier, hidden off his task bar at the bottom, his watching her, before he straightend looking at her, licking his lips at her comment, in the best sarcastic, gay voice he could muster, "ZOMGOSH, How DID you know, and I totaly think that dinner idea, FABULOUS!" he didn't speak very loud, and was talking directly at her, and he couldn't help but chuckle.

He quickly move a hand to check his hair checking it too see if it was still in its respective position, which it was. His hands moved to the tail end of his black shirt, which was featuring a DR. Pepper logo


"I just know people," she says with a smirk. Leaning her elbows on the table. Mandy prides herself on knowing people. She can practically smell out the people whose raw fear will give her the satisfaction she needs from a fresh kill. One by one, they will learn to appreciate her. One by one they'll learn what they did to her so long ago.

As they die. One. By. One.

Everyone needs a hobby.

"So …" she says shyly, bowing her head. "Normally I'm not too good with these face-to-face conversations. It's kinda why I go online, y'know?" Another smile is offered. "I mean, if it's all right with you, maybe we can chat on AIM sometimes? After I buy you dinner. Hah, imagine, out of all the places we coulda been, we both ended up in this Starbucks." That actually is pretty amazing.


Sirus shakes his head and chuckles, clearing his throat before he went on talking, "Ya, I understand what ya mean, I'm not that great with people either, I tend to either annoy them away, or I'm just to… nervous to talk to them" He said to her, before allowing himself to send her a message

«RidinTheWeb: Hey, Kiling4luv, you still there?? »

He smiled at her offer to pay for dinner, "Look, I come from down south, and where I come from, the gentleman always gets the bill, so instead of you payin, let me I can afford a dinner for two" he offerd her before continuing on, "A pretty rare coincidence I would say.", he offer a smile to her.


You got him, Mandy, she thinks to herself. Of course, she'll have to feel him out. Maybe for a couple weeks before she makes her move. Maybe just for a couple days. It all depends on what she sees.

When she gets the tell-tale quiet 'ping' signaling she has another message. Opening the cover of her netbook, she reads the text… From the guy sitting across from her.

Mandy knows powers. She has one herself, and she's been locked up with those who have extraordinary abilities many times in the past. Oh, this is too awesome. She can fake ignorant, lead him to believe he's opening her eyes to this whole new world of people with abilities…

Crush him flat.

Looking up at him in amazement, she says, "How… Did you do that?"


Sirus blinked, smirking slightly, "You know, juding from your little box there, all it is, is a simple programmed to send a message on a set timer, I seen you coming over, figured I would try to trick you into believing it wasn't me" he offerd her a small smile in return, His eyes probing, trying to figure her out, "So what do you say to Olive Garden?" he asked smiling slightly at her

He closed his laptop gently, loading it into it's respective case, allowing his attention to be directed to her more, interested.

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