2007-04-04: Only You


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Summary: Riya goes to Sean's apartment, torn up by a conversation she'd had with Claudine a couple days earlier. Much 'fun' ensues - until Riya, exhausted, falls asleep on Sean's lap. And plays an April Fool's Day prank in her dream.

Date It Happened: April 4th, 2007

Only You…

Sean's Flat. Of course.

Hearing the small knock on the door, Sean goes to it to open it up - he's just barely out of bed, having been working until the (very illegal) time of four in the morning, well past the bar's license ended at one - and then, of course, he had things to do at home. Such is the life of a bachelor.

It should probably be immediately obvious to Riya that he's barely been out of bed an hour - his hair is still obviously damp from his shower, and all he's got on are light purple pajamas, with the shirt left open, since he wasn't expecting to be going out until later today.

"Hey, hon." Sean steps back, motioning Riya inside, so he can close the door and keep the heat in, bringing her into a kiss as she walks in.

Riya is in a light and dark green striped tank top, a pair of white khaki shorts, and tennis shoes, and her hair is held back by two silver barrettes. She's been up for a few hours, and from the look in her eyes she's not been to sleep, if she event has been home.

She gives the kiss back, then she looks awkward. "Hey, Sean." She remarks, wandering towards the couch and curling up on it slightly, hooking her arms around her knees. Scared? Shy? What's wrong with her today?

Sean looks confusedly at Riya, then closes the door and sit down next to her, wrapping an arm around her. "What's up, Riya?" He looks her in the eyes, and smiles.

Inside Sean's Mind: ohshitohshitohshitohshit

GAME: Riya has rolled WILLPOWER + HONEST and got a result of AVERAGE.

"Sean, just- don't." She says, her head canting slightly to the side as she caresses his arm gently for a moment, and she smiles wanly at him as she scoots slightly away from him.

"We need to talk."

That tiny voice in Sean's mind that was repeating "OH SHIT" just got much, much louder. He clears his throat and removes his arm, bringing his legs up and underneath him. "What about?"

GAME: Riya has rolled HONEST + WILLPOWER and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Riya continues to hug her knees to her chest, and her hazel eyes turn even darker. "Sean, I just-" She says, and then she coughs slightly, looks down as she speaks, and her voice cracks as she finally continues speaking.

"Claudine and I talked." She lets that ring in the air for a few moments, then she continues talking. "She called me a slut ho. She told me I had no right to be with you and break your heart."

GAME: Sean has rolled WILLPOWER+HOT-TEMPERED and got a result of TERRIBLE.

GAME: Sean has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of GREAT.

Angler flares up in Sean, who tries unsuccessfully to bite it back. Getting up, he kicks the wall next to his couch, kicking a hole in the thin plaster… and if he didn't break a toe, he definitely bruised at least a couple, and his anger abates in place of pain.
Forcing himself to stand up and look at Riya, he says "She had no right to call you that. Hell, she's…" He stops, unsure of what to say next. Jealous? She never really flirted with him, but they did hit it off pretty damned quickly. A bitch? He wants to say so right now, but he knows he'd regret it - after all, they are friends. For now. He needs to talk to her.

"…She's just… I dunno. We were getting to be really good friends, and then I met you, and you're… the centre of my world right now. I've barely seen her recently." He sits down next to her, hugging her again.

GAME: Riya has rolled NAIVE + WILLPOWER + HONEST and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

"Sean, wait I- Sean!" She lets out a short scream as Sean kicks a wall, and she claps a hand to her mouth. "Sean, Sean, Sean, why'd you do that, Sean…" She says, almost crying in pure terror at his anger and inability to hold it back. Then he moves to sit and hug her, and she inadvertently tenses up in his arms, tears running mascara streaks down her face.

"Sean, I don't… just leave it alone.. it's my fault, honest, I flirted with her boyfriend… I am- …" She wipes ineffectively at her eyes. "I am?" That honest naivety that she's so good for having reappears in fear and terror, and a bit of… well.

Sean realizes how tense Riya is underneath him, sucks in a huge breath, and straightens himself, sitting cross-legged again, despite his foot.

"You said that we weren't together when you did that. And… she can't be angry at you for that, people still flirt with me all the time at work. It's just…" He trails off, biting his lip. "I don't care what she thinks. Of you or me. I couldn't do better than you, Riya."

Continuing to wipe at her face, Riya sniffles slightly and she scoots closer, leaning into Sean now. "I'm sorry." She says softly, biting at her own lip. "I just… flirting is natural for me…" She remarks softly, holding her legs to her chest again. "I just… I've always wanted a chance…" She trails off again, looking confused.

Sean wraps his arms around her again, glad that her fear of his anger - Goddammit, Sean, keep it in check! - is gone. At least, for now. Seemingly.
"A chance for what?"

Curling up slightly, snuggling into his arms, she continues to cry and talk. "I am a slut ho." She says, voice muffled. "I've slept with God knows how many people, I helped someone cheat on his girlfriend- not that I knew- and I feel like I'm continuing to cheat on you when all I wanted was to be with someone who loved me, like you." She cries a bit more.

"No, Riya." He moves and turns her slightly, so that he's facing her, looking her in the eye, so she can see he means it. "You're not a slut ho. Not unless you mean it when you flirt. I…" He stops to cough a bit, since his throat's not used to… well, being used for much more than groaning about having to get out of bed until he's well awake. "I'm not a jealous guy, Riya, and I know you don't mean it when you flirt. So that… that doesn't make you a slut ho. It makes you so hot that people can't help themselves from flirting with you." He wipes away her tears with the ball of his thumb. "Listen. I love you. It doesn't matter what Claudine thinks - and I'll talk to her about this."

Her gaze drops from his chest up to his eyes as he gently turns her, and her tears continue to run slightly down her face as he wipes them away. Riya sniffles slightly till he's done talking, then she speaks again. "You know I don't mean it, and I know I don't mean it…" She giggles slightly at his 'so hot' comment, then at the mention of Claudine- "Ack! No, no, no don't Sean, please don't!" She's becoming scared again, frightened- she doesn't want anything else to go wrong here.

Sean kisses Riya, stifling comment about Claudine. He'd call her later, they… definitely needed to talk about this. He pulls back and smiles, wiping away what remains of her tears. "If we both know you don't mean it, then…. that's all that matters."

Getting kissed, Riya is completely poleaxed and silenced as Sean carefully wipes away her tears. "Don't call, please…" She says, still slightly terrified. "Please, just.." She leans forward slightly to hide her face in Sean's shoulder.

Sean hugs her, not saying anything instead of making a promise he knows he doesn't want to keep… if he doesn't talk to Claudine about it, he'll definitely make sure she hears about it next time they run into each other… and it's better to do it when it's planned.

GAME: Riya has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GOOD.

Riya sniffles slightly and sits on the urge to just curl up in Sean's lap and cry like a little baby. "Sean… just don't call. Please." She says softly. "I don't want to start anything, anything at all."

GAME: Sean has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of POOR.

Sean sighs. "I… I want to promise you I won't, but I…" He sighs. "I know that next time I bump into her, I'll talk to her about it. And it might be better if it's over the phone instead."

"I - Sean…" She knows him well enough by now that she won't change his mind at all, so instead she does shift slightly on the couch to lean into his arms. "… I don't want to know what happens then."

That, he can promise her. Sort of. "I promise that I won't tell you, and… that I'll ask her to keep you out of this." He shifts a bit as well, taking more of her weight, happy to feel her weight pressing against his chest. Jeez, that was… scary.

Scary? SCARY? This has been downright dangerous and freaking … well. Freaky. Riya rests her head on Sean's chest, voice muffled as she does pretty much end up curling up in his lap. "Sean… I dun' know what to do if I meet Claudine again…"

Sean laughs. "Turn around and walk away. Just… don't say anything to her, pretend you don't know her." He grins devilishly. "At the very least, it'll piss her off without doing anything."

"I don't want to piss her off. I don't want to break your guys friendship, lovey." Riya admits quietly into his pajama top. "I just… don't."

"I know you don't. And I don't want to, either, hon, but…" He tilts his head downwards, looking at her face and smiling, though she's not looking. "I love you. I've said it a bunch of times before, and I'll say it again and again and again. If I've gotta choose between the two of you, it's you, hands-down. I'm just hoping I won't have to."

"I love you too." Riya whispers, quietly, wrapping her arms around his body. Her gaze is frazzled as it rises up to meet his briefly, before it drops back down to where it was before. "I hope you don't have to - have to- have t- …. zzzzz…" Did Riya just fall asleep?

Sean blinks at Riya's bout of surprise narcolepsy, then decides to leave her - if she was tired enough to fall asleep on his chest, she needs the sleep. Checking the time, he decides to wake her up in a couple hours if she's not already up, to make sure she's not late for something.

Zzzz zzz ZzzZzzZzZZZz… "Sean?"

Riya's voice brings Sean back to the living room - he was sitting in the kitchen drinking a coffee and reading a novel. He's changed into a real shirt - a grey t-shirt - and jeans.

"You need more sleep," he says, smiling.

Riya is still out on the couch, snuggled under a light blanket and a pillow. "Mmm…" Zzzzz… Someone's sleep talkin’, here. "I think I'm…. " ZzzzzZzz *snore … "… pregnant…"

Sean hasn't noticed yet that Riya's still sleeping, and the blood drains from his face in an instant. "You're… you're…" He staggers to the couch and sits down next to her head - and only then realizes she's sleeptalking. "…Jesus. Weird dream, honey."

Blinking sleepily up at Sean as he sits by her head, Riya gives him a sweet, sleepy smile. "April… zzz…." *Snore* "fool……" Zzzz…"

Sean bursts out laughing. "Only four days too late, hon." He kisses her forehead, letting her fall back asleep, and walks back into the kitchen and his coffee and novel, chuckling.

"Only you, Riya."

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