2007-02-13: Onto Something


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Summary: Xander tries to talk to Elena about her mother's case, a second time.

Date It Happened: February 13th, 2007

Onto Something

NYU Campus

Unlike high school, there are no bells to signal the end of classes. With her Biology lecture letting out, Elena joins the throng of students making their way out of the double-doors of the hall, shouldering her backpack as she moves down the corridor and out into the campus's courtyard…or what passes off as a courtyard in New York City anyways. Given how cramped the city is, the NYU campus is split off into several blocks of buildings.

She's dressed warmly today - February was a cold and gray month in the east coast, her red scarf whipping behind her as she digs around in her jacket pockets for her ski cap.

And It's about -bloody- time, too. Xander had been sitting in the courtyard for a while now, and it was getting incredibly boring reading the newspaper for too much more than reading the funnies. Regardless, he looks up when he sees a bit of hustle and bustle of students filing out of the hall, and then spots Elena, at which point he stands up and drops the paper down (which incedentally lands with an ad in the paper showing 'The Helix' Symbol), and saunters over towards the girl.

"Miss Gomez?" He calls towards her, to try to get her attention, before stepping in front of her, and greeting, "There you are, I thought I was going to miss you in the mass of the studious… I was hoping we could continue the conversation we had yesterday, before the shenanigans with the police."

"Mr. Marx, how are you?" Elena greets, finally yanking her hat from her pockets and putting it on, pulling it over her head as she meets him halfway in his approach. "Forgive me for yesterday, there were just so many distractions, and I was exhausted from the day before." She rubs her fingers against the back of her neck, her eyes glazing over a bit as she tries to remember yesterday - to no avail.

She points down the walk. "I have to get to another class in fifteen minutes, but we can chat while we walk? I hope you don't mind - you must be busy yourself."

Xander smiles and nods as he walks alongside Elena, as he replies, "Understandable, Miss Gomez, though I'm still concerned about yesterday…" He shakes his head, "But we'll talk about that later…" He does intend to bring it up again, but will put it off till later.

"Now," Xander begins, "Yesterday you told me that your mother was a happy woman. No signs of depression, no stress or health issues, at all. I'm assuming you still stand by that."

"Of course," Elena says with a nod. "She was always a cheerful person. Fiery, and protective of her children. And she loved children. She enjoyed her job…she worked as a teacher." She slides her hands in her pockets as she walks with the much taller Brit. "She was always stable, and strong. She lost her temper on occasion but she didn't have any sort of psychosis. She didn't take pills. She didn't even drink. And she was a devoted Catholic - she ushered us to Church every Sunday without fail. Another reason why my father and I aren't convinced that she killed herself….she would never. In the Faith, a suicide could never be buried on Holy Ground. It is also a grievous sin, the sort that guaranteed you a one-way ticket to Hell."

Xander understood the religious implications to a suicide, which is another reason he would like to help the Gomez family. He wasn't the most religious man in the world, but he respected it well enough. "Indeed… So, no psychological issues, no health issues, none whatsoever. I can see why your family is concerned about the manner which this case was ruled, especially your father…"

He takes a moment to tighten his coat around his body, as he continues, "But I must be honest with you, Miss Gomez, I'm having a difficult time finding anything that would allow me to get the case ruled as a murder… No history of depression, no toxins, no legal or money troubles, nothing that would drive her to kill herself, and yet there's no signs that there was anything in your home at the time of her death…" He shakes his head, and mutters, "There are only a few oddities in the entire thing. A phone call traced to a pay phone using a prepaid number, and the necklace found on her person… Unless the owner of the necklace called your mother, and told her to stab herself in the heart, I'm afraid there's not much for me to go on…"

"Yeah, that does sound like a hard sell to a jury, don't it? Being able to tell someone what to do and them actually being able to do it," Elena says….before she pauses in her tracks. What if, indeed? She already knows SOMEONE who could slow things down. SOMEONE who could manipulate darkness. Her own FATHER reads minds…if Drake and Eric could be believed. As she stands there, her eyes fixed on a far away point…what if it WAS possible for someone to do that? There was an empirical history - hypnosis. Subliminal suggestion through the exposure of recurring images and words. -Words-. Hypnosis triggered by a person's voice….

Was that really all that farfetched? Not to her, perhaps. But to a jury? She looks over at Xander and opens her mouth….but closes it. He was a lawyer. Hell, she wasn't one and she -knew- a jury wasn't going to buy that nonsense.

"Hypothetically, if you can prove that the necklace my mother had was not hers, and she was wearing it….wouldn't that mean that someone else was in our apartment with her while we were gone?" she says.

Xander does listen, and nods a bit, "Well, of course. If it could be proven that if the necklace didn't belong to your mother before her death, and it was placed on her after her death, then yes, it would be mean that someone was in the apartment with her…" That would be the what turns the case from a suicide to a murder.

Xander then raises his hand, finger extended, as if gesturing to point out, "However, that's the biggest problem with then entire case. There's no way to prove that she didn't just buy the necklace from a garage sale and neglected to mention it to her family… There was only a single other fingerprint, but that was a partial that didn't get a match." The attorney sighs a little, and shakes his head, "Miss Gomez, I truly sympathise for your family, but I don't think there's any way to prove that there was any other person in your home at the time. It looks like a bizzare suicide, but a suicide none the less." He really didn't want to go to Elena's father with that news, but there wasn't much he could do without evidence. "Miss Gomez… Elena… If you can prove to me that your mother was murdered over the phone, then perhaps I can help you."

"It looks like it….but maybe that was the point," Elena says, an absent tone to her voice as she looks around where they are standing. She looks over at Xander and she nods. "I'll tell my father what you said, Mr. Marx. But you're right….and even if there was the remotest chance that we did find someone who could somehow -kill- people over the phone, no jury is going to convict him. Unless they see it with their own eyes."

She takes a step back. "I have to go to class. If I can think of anything else, I will let you know. Thanks very much for giving it a second look, Mr. Marx."

"Call me Xander, I like to think myself as a friend of people I look into cases for. I'll stay on your mother's case for a while more, but as I said, there's not much I can do unless you can explain those oddities.." He sighs a little, as he mutters, "Which would be about as difficult to prove as the existance of telepaths and electrokinetics…" He pauses as he explains, "I looked at the book a little more yesterday. Interesting read." Refering to Activating Evolution.

"My textbook?" Elena inquires. "….oh, yes. Activating Evolution. It's one of my required readings for Theoretical Genetics," she tells Xander. "I was just telling a friend of mine the other day that it makes sense historically….well, given how the human genome evolves anyway. What did you think? You think all that's possible?" she asks, inclining her head at Xander.

Though when he asks her to call him in more familiar terms, she grins. "Alright, you can call me Elena, then. Or Elly."

Xander takes a moment to jest, "I should think your father might murder me if I called you 'Elly', so Elena it is." He grins a bit at that, and looks up at the clouder sky which seems to rumble in thunder. "Huh… Sounds like rain's coming on…" He then takes a moment to look to Elena again, and tells her, "Peronally? It's nice to imagine. Theoretical yes, but I don't think that'd—-"

Xander would like to finish that that sentence, but life has its way of being a smidgen ironic, as the dark thundering clouds light up in the sky, before an apparently stray bolt of lightning strikes down instantaneously, and exploding on a nearby lampost, which surges the lights in the entire area. How was Xander effected by this? In no way, really, but it was nice and startling.

She looks up, furrowing her brows a little bit at the darkening sky. Elena purses her lips. "Well it's typical really, in this time of year," she tells Xander. "I've lived in New York all my life, and I don't think I've ever actually seen a sunny Februar—"

This is when God decides to smite the nearby lightpost. She lets out a startled yelp, staggering back and rubbing her eyes at the back-flash of light that explodes from it. She stares at the smoking metal, wide-eyed.

"….I think a higher power's telling me to get a move on and go to class," she says, laughing nervously. "Anyway, thank you for the visit, Xander. I appreciate you trying to help Papa out."

Xander grits his teeth as he glances to the lamp post, and shakes his head clear of the noise, before nodding to Elena, "Good idea. The rain's not going to be pleasant either." He then nods and replies, "Not a problem, anything to help bring a little justice to someone's life. Take care, now."

With that, he backs up and turns around start to walk off, and takes a moment to gaze at the light post, before looking to his hands, which spark with electrical arcs arcross his fingers. "Bugger… I could be onto something…" He mutters to himself.

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