2007-08-28: Oopsies


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Summary: Benji visits with Felix for a bit.

Date It Happened: August 28th, 2007

Log Title Oopsies

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Cells

Another day, another set of scrubs, another couple chapters of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Fel is a fast reader, but Dumas is slow going at the best of times. And Felix is often distracted, gazing rather vaguely off into the middle distance. His bruises are almost gone, and he looks more or less like his old self. For what that's worth.

Dumas is very slow going. Benjamin never could get through any of the man's works. Which is why.. he has a copy of 'American Gods' to give to Felix. It's a trend started by Angie, and one that he's decided to keep up with. It's a good read, modern, and possibly more entertaining than classics. Rapping his knuckles against the door before unlocking it, Ben pokes his head into the room. "Mr. Ivanov?"

"Yes?" Felix says, calmly, apparently having been jerked out of one of those little reveries. He doesn't rise from his seat on the bed, merely blinking mildly at Benjamin.

"I thought you might like a break from the classics," Benjamin says before walking fully into the room. He holds up the Neil Gaiman paperback for Felix to see. "Not sure what your taste in reading is like, but this is pretty good."

Felix's voice is almost apologetic, as he notes, "I've actually read it before. It is excellent, though, and I'd not mind reading it again." He sets the Dumas down on the desk, next a funny little sketch of what could be the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, and rises to take it from Benjamin's hand.

Benjamin looks just a bit disappointed, for just a few moments there. He smiles a little at Felix then steps forward to hand the book over. The sketch of the Tin Man is eyed just a little. Briefly his mind wanders and he wonders if Rose ever did any doodles as a child. He would have gladly of put them on his fridge. If he had been a part of her life. Anyway. "It's at least a change. I never could get through Monte Cristo. So I just watched the movie."

"To be honest, nor have I before, though I managed most of the Musketeer novels," Fel says, glancing back at the brick of a novel. "I've watched the films, too. The recent one wasn't bad, and I'm admittedly a sucker for any movie with decent swordfighting in it."

Benjamin grins and sticks around, instead of taking off back to work. "I can't say I've taken a lot of time until recently to watch a lot of movies, or recreational reading. Slacked off a little, got some time, but since working here, free time gets smaller and smaller."

How pleasant it is to speak to someone who isn't either threatening him, or accusing him of something. Or asking about his midichlorians. "Demanding job?" he wonders, arching the scarred brow. "I got an offer to work here," he says, voice going dry. "How're the benefits?"

"It can be. I've been asked to do things I never thought I would be, or would have thought I would have to do." Like tagging the girl he wanted to date for example. Benjamin leans against the wall, slipping his hands into his pockets. "You did? I'm not surprised.. you may not have much of a choice in the offer. The benefits are good. I'm making more than I ever dreamed as a CPA. Putting my daughter through college now. Excellent healthcare."

"At this point, likely not. I've been AWOL two weeks, the Bureau doesn't look kindly on that sort of impromptu vacationing," Fel says, slumping back down on the bed, and motioning Benjamin to the spare chair. "What sort of things?"

Benjamin takes the offered seat with a 'thanks'. "Most employers don't like that.. but that's not what I meant about the job offer. Just so you know, when they make the offer, it's not much of a choice. Usually the hard way, or the easy way." He took the easy way. "Well, some of it I can't talk about. Current mission. Can't compromise myself." And he's ashamed.

"So I noticed," Fel says, wryly. "What -can- you talk about?"

Benjamin shrugs his shoulders a little, "Let's see.. I was on a date when she got ambushed by two Agents. I didn't know she was evolved, or on the list to be brought in. Later.. well she hates me now." Not really able to sit still, he gets up and paces a little. "Not sure what they'll have you do.. You'll get partnered with someone who doesn't have powers. Standard practice. There'll be training. I'm still doing a lot of training, working on my ability, and sticking to what I do best when I'm not doing the other two."

Felix snorts. "Does she? And what's your particular trick? How'd they rope you in to this?"

Benjamin's hands slip back into his pockets, one hand rattling his change around. "Narcokinetic. Manipulation of sleep patterns, if you wanna be fancy about it." As to how he was roped into this.. he hems, haws, and sort of skirts the issue. By not answering.

Felix just gives him the patient cop face. I have all the time in the world. Cough up.

"SO! Want any newspapers too? Current magazines? I think we have some no older than six months." Benjamin supplies helpfully, with an attempt at being cheery.. and he's totally not evading the question.

"How do you square this with whatever cover you have on the outside world, because man, you are a terrible liar?" Felix says, grinning despite himself.

Benjamin knows he's a bad liar, but that doesn't stop him from flushing with embarrassment. "Consulting work. That way I can say I'm bound by non-disclosure agreements.. So I could be doing tax work for any number of sources."

Felix's grin broadens. "You got any family? Any kids?"

"Just the daughter," Benjamin says simply. His mother's still around..and beating people over the head with her purse. "Ex-wife doesn't count."

"And how old is she?" wonders Fel, leaning back to his weight's propped on his hands.

"She's nineteen now." Just don't ask too much more, cause Benjamin's still getting to know her!

Yeah. About that. "Did you raise her?" Fel persists.

Benjamin was afraid of persisting questions. *sigh* "Ah… about that.. no." He laughs some, it's a nervous, embarrassed sort of laugh. "I uhm.. didn't know about her until this year."

The agent stares blankly at him for a moment. And then starts to laugh, himself, ruefully. "That happen around here a lot? Because I saw some kid who's supposed to be -my- daughter for the first time, yesterday."

"I… uh.. don't know. Maybe it's catching..?" Benjamin isn't sure. He has a damn good excuse on his side. Which is.. "I got drunk in college, had a good time." A /really/ good time.. "And Rose's mother never called me or let me know about her."

"How'd you find out about her? These guys keeping her, too?" Felix says, propping himself lazily up against the wall.

Benjamin's expression darkens as Felix asks that. "No. And they never will." Sore point with him. "Sorry. I should get back to work. I'll be back around to check on you later Mr. Ivanov." Then he's heading for the door.

Oops. "Thanks for the book," Felix says, drily.

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