2008-02-05: Open Door Policy


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Summary: The Company's open door policy sucks.

Date It Happened: February 5th, 2008

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NYC - Company Headquarters

A long, black winter coat trimmed in fur billows behind Mrs. Angela Petrelli, quick to catch up to her brisk pace as she makes her way through the Company Headquarters in Manhattan. Having just emerged from the main elevator near the stairwell closest to the main nexus of the facility, she's on her way in, not out; cold air clings to her person, following her around like the heralding of an ice age.

While he is catching on more and more with Company policies, Benjamin has a long way to go. For example, despite warnings, conversations with Church and Meryl, he finds himself tracking down Angela. He has his new orders, and he is merely an employee voicing his concerns on the matter. Ben sees little wrong with having an open door policy between employee and management. Although, sense would tell him that there is no such thing as an open door policy at Primatech. Even so, he wants to at least /try/. It does catch the man off guard to run into Angela on her way in. "Mrs. Petrelli, I'd like to talk to you for a minute, before Meryl and I depart."

Being interrupted on her way to her office was not, apparently, among Angela's plans. The look the woman turns on the inquiring agent is instantly full of daggers. Mrs. Petrelli has been even more caustic than usual, these days, but who can blame her? "Agent Winters," she says tersely, giving him a critical once-over before carrying on her way. If he wants to talk, he'll have to follow. She removes a pair of soft black lambskin gloves as she strides through the lobby. "I'm listening. What seems to be the problem?"

The look alone being given by Angela is almost enough to make him say 'nevermind' and run the other way. Yet, Benjamin follows after the woman, "I have a few concerns about the situation with Ivanova and her daughter. I was there when Sasha lost control, I know what sort of danger she is to have around other people with abilities.. but.. I think it's wrong to continue to keep her from her mother. I'll still go to Michigan and keep the girl safe during transport, that's the right thing to do, but I have reservations about keeping a mother from her child. A lot of recent events might not have happened if we had only let Mariska have her child.. /provided/ she stays on her medication until control is learned." Keeping pace behind Angela, he adds, "I also understand this is now moot in light of what happened with Mr. Bishop. Since you gave the order for Meryl and I, I just wanted to voice my concerns on the policy and situation."

"The child is fine," Angela replies quickly, not once sparing a glance at Benjamin while he speaks. Her eyes remain straight ahead, par for the course. Sharp heelstrikes take her to the office wing, where a keycard grants her access. She barely misses a step. "She's learning to control her abilities quite well. In leaps and bounds, in fact. You can understand, however, why a family reunion has been the least of our concerns lately," she says dismissively as she approaches the doors to her office. "Mrs. Ivanova could have had a chance to see her daughter if she hadn't displayed remarkable disloyalty. Now she's a loose cannon. You don't give a loose cannon a lit match, Agent Winters. That's only asking for trouble."

Benjamin listens to what Angela has to say, he can see her reasoning, "I understand, I don't necessarily agree. A lot of problems could have been avoided.. /if/ Mariska had of just been given her daughter with supervision." That's how he sees it anyway. Still keeping up behind Angela, he's not done. "I don't think I can do this in good conscience. I am .." He can't say happy, so he settles, "I'll do the work of the Company. Put me in a position where I'm good use, I'll even take being a plant in the IRS. I'm just not comfortable with keeping families divided or kidnapping people to use as leverage. I don't agree with taking children from their parents, even when I can see the necessity of intervention. I know it had to hurt for you to give orders concerning your own son, it's hard when someone steps over the line." Speaking of crossing lines, he just might have done that.

"You'd do very well not to mention my son again." 'Or else' seems to be heavily implied. Angela unlocks her office and pushes open the doors. She glides inward but she does not, however, invite nor allow Benjamin to follow. No, she turns around, blocking the way. "I understand your worry," she says — sharply, not with the sympathy that her words would otherwise suggest. All that's missing is a 'but'. "It's not your job to question orders, it's your job to follow them, and if you feel you can't reconcile your conscience for the sake of the greater good, then you and I have a problem, Agent Winters."

Further down the hallway, a familiar figure shifts into sight: the Haitian, a quiet fly on the wall.

It's an odd thing to have your ability one moment, then feel it disappear. It tends to create a somewhat helpless sensation. Benjamin can only guess it's attributed to the presence of the Haitian, then a visual confirms it. "My apologies Mrs. Petrelli," and that's all he'll say in regards to his slip about mentioning Peter. So now what does he do? Standing there, facing Angela in her office doorway. Say yes m'am and leave? He has said his piece afterall. Can he do what he's told to do? He shifts, just slightly, appearing uncomfortable for many reasons. Chiefly among them, having a pissed off Angela in the same vicinity. Does he want to be hated further by two people he genuinely likes?

"As much as I would like to help take care of Sasha, I think it's best that I ask to be reassigned."

Angela remains silent for what might be an uncomfortable period of time — uncomfortable, because she stares straight into Benjamin's eyes with her own darker, more calculating ones, criticizing him, calmly and obviously coming to a conclusion before she announces it. "Very well." With a glance down the corridor to the Haitian, she says, "Put him down. If he wants reassignment then that's what he'll get." The woman looks back to the agent. "I don't have time for agents who second guess their dedication to the Company."

The Haitian moves down the hallway, advancing quickly, for seeming so far away. His shadow reaches Benjamin before he ever does, long and tall. As he gets closer, closer, closer, he starts to extend a dark hand toward the man's face, his gaze unwavering.

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