2010-03-13: Operation Chrysalis



Guest Starring:

Morris_V4icon.png played by Erin

Date: March 13, 2010


Because prisoners will emerge out of the body bags like butterflies out of chrysalises.

"Operation Chrysalis"

Barracks and the Morgue — Building 27

It's been a busy few days in the Barracks. There have been tonnes of prisoners coming down with some unknown disease — with an unusual presentation. The red, itchy rash has created much discomfort for many. Many have come down with high fevers, and there are now concerns among many of the staff that the illness will get to them. If anything, this has made Janet's work somewhat easier as she visits from patient to patient.

She enters the barracks in her salmon coloured scrubs and sneakers — comfortable shoes to get her from one place to another. Her eyes scan the room carefully as she offers her accompanying nurse — Nurse Wallace — (who, ironically is wearing a face mask, surgical gloves an the like) a broad grin while the good doctor only wears her scrubs and a lab coat; not as many precautions as most would although she does wear a mask when talking to patients. Her black bag of doctor-y things is held close at hand and her stethoscope is wrapped around the back of her neck. "Hello everyone. I have kalamine lotion and liquid painkillers to break the fever and give you treatment…" No, she can't see everyone — there are multiple medical staff around (most of whom are wearing hazmet suits).

Well, if there was a way for the suck to get even suckier, this would just about do it. Laid up in bed with this terrible, awful, and downright bad rash and itch and ARGH IT ITCHES, Alexandra can't do muc at the moment. No work. No sleep (not a bad thing, actually). No exercise. No TV watching. It's just an awful, crummy, terrible, bad way to be spending the day. Hair's plastered to her sweaty forehead from the heat of the fever, and the rash is all over her neck and shoulders. Not to mention the fact that the underside of her chin and around her neck look like she swallowed something she's not-at-all allergic to.

Morris isn't too far behind Janet. Like the rest of the staff, he's dressed to avoid exposure; however, he's also done his best to spread hints here and there that the only people who are catching it are those with an ability. It wouldn't matter, except for the fact that if the people in charge suspect this could get out of control, many of the prisoners will die for real.

The rules are slightly relaxed in the face of the breakout. "Doctor, only say what's necessary to diagnose them," he reminds Janet, giving her a stern look over the surgical mask. He's been in and out of the barracks, too, making sure to give this sickness to everyone possible. He doesn't like it… It has him noticably on edge, which means he doesn't even have to act ill-at-ease. If Janet's sister made one mis-step with her creation of this thing, it could very well become a quickly-spreading and incurable plague.

Cora doesn't seem like she's itching much at the rash, over in her cot. Then again, the fever seems to have taken hold of her fairly well, and she's not really moving a lot. She's awake for now, but just staring in the direction of the doctors in a fairly incoherent way.

Janet rolls her eyes at Morris while pulling on her surgical mask. She sighs heavily, "I know, I know. No unnecessary 'exchanges of information'." Her objections have become redundant, "I'm a doctor, everything I say is necessary. Always. Even if it doesn't seem like it." Her tone is matter-of-fact. Underneath her mask she shoots him a weak grin, thank goodness for concealment. This plan has her somewhat on edge as well. Her blue eyes convey her worry, compassion, and concern.

She looks between Alexandra and Cora before frowning just a little; she hates seeing people suffer. And she's the person who brought the sickness into this place. With a very slight shake of her head her resolve grows. It's clear that there's no turning back now. "Ladies…" she reaches over with gloved hands, touching Alex's forehead and then Cora's. "You're both very feverish. Are you in any pain?…" She reaches into her bag and starts pulling out random things again — including dental floss, a dictaphone, a bottle of lotion, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. "Let me see if I can give you something to ease the fever and the pain…"

"This…collar. Lot of swelling." Alex gropes pretty uselessly at the collar about her neck. Oh yeah, those lymph nodes are preeeeeety danged swollen. The collar, which was loose enough to not be a pest, and was applied properly by authorized AP individuals, is now biting into the neck flesh a little bit. When she reaches up to tug on the collar, it's seen that the backs of her hands are pretty red and rashed as well. As for the pain and fever? Well, she's sweating pretty good - enough that she's managed to get the neckline of her orange jumpsuit pretty wet.

No such grin is offered to Janet. Morris is very serious, as always. It's hard to believe he's instrumental in getting these people out — he can't even believe it himself sometimes. "They don't look like they're getting any better," he mutters to Janet. His foot taps two times… It's a code - one of many phrases and actions that indicate that Morris is ready to take some of the prisoners out. In this case, two. It's just too bad he can't take more.

Cora is in about the same state as Alex, as far as the collar goes. However, while her eyes do move toward Doctor MacGyver Poppins and her bag of many things, it's clear that she doesn't really see, or perhaps doesn't comprehend. The fever hasn't been kind to her junk-food-and-college-life-weakened immune system.

Nurse Wallace looks very very concerned. She glances from patient to the next before quite literally collapsing. Apparently the woman doesn't handle stress well, not anymore, anyways. It's good timing in a way. Now there's no reason for her to question the medicine the doctor is giving the patients. Dr. McCarty bends down and checks Wallace for breathing, etc and flags several other medical staff to get her out of the barracks and tend to her.

Janet finally extracts two vials of clear fluid from the bag and several fresh disposable syringes — sterile and still in plastic. She removes one from its casing and measures out the clear fluid carefully. Very carefully. Too much and the prisoners will never wake up; too little and no one will believe that they're dead and Janet will be busted. Biting her bottom lip she reaches over to Alex, "I'm sorry about the swelling. This should help with the pain." She reaches for Alex's arm and injects the needle. Moments later she does the same with Cora.

"Now, both of you need a lot of rest. Your bodies are really struggling under the fever. In fact, I encourage you to sleep, Dr. Lambert, Ms. Walker…"

"Oh…ok. That sounds like as good a plan as any…" Alex manages to mumble out weakly. She's no M.D., and she has no idea about this big plan to bust out the folks here in custody, so she pays absolutely zero attention to what's in the syringe she gets pinched with. Her face does wrinkle up a bit - she never did like needles all that much. It's not a phobia persay, she just doesn't like that little stick. Struggling to take a few deep breaths, Alex shifts weakly on the bed, and settles in for as good a sleep as she can manage.

Cora seems to understand the directions, at least. She doesn't really need a whole lot of encouragement to go back to sleep, since she doesn't feel the itching when she's asleep. Her eyes close and she drifts off, unaware of the plan, or that she'll probably not wake up again, at least in the eyes of the prison workers.

It's not too long before both Cora and Alex will start to feel the effects of the drug Janet gave them. It's almost like falling into a very restful slumber, as their breathing becomes weaker and their heart rates plummet. Medical personnel attempt to revive them, but in the end, it's just no use…

Hours later, the collars are removed, and the bodies of the two lost prisoners have been delivered to the morgue. Thankfully, it was only two this time - others that were treated didn't succumb to the illness, so there's hope that it can be contained. There was a staff meeting for all personnel in contact with the deceased. Decontamination.

It was hard for Morris to sneak away, but he does, punching in the code to get himself and Janet into the morgue. The prisoners are to be incinerated at 22:00 hours - no autopsy, no risk of spreading the infection further. They're going to have to get them out before that. "You don't have long, Doctor McCarty. Work fast."

"I always work fast, Timmy," Janet murmurs as she walks between the drawers of bodies. She pulls on two side by side and she tugs harder than she needs to, sending herself backwards onto her butt. On the tables are Alexandra Lambert and Cora Walker — presumed dead by the Protocols.

Quickly Janet jumps to her feet. She needs to work fast; Morris said so himself. Finally her blue gloved hands reach into the pockets of her lab coat and extracts a couple more vials and a couple more sealed syringes. She measures out the clear fluid carefully and ensures there are no bubbles before injecting it into Cora first and then using a fresh syringe (and vial) for Alex. "Come on, ladies… we need you to get up quickly now… we don't have much time…'

It's like coming out of the world's deepest, darkest, heaviest sleep. If she has been able to remember much of it, Alex would know for sure that that's what being dead really is like. The first thing she does on the table is take a breath - a deep, deep breath that goes on forever. Then she promptly groans, rolls to her side, and dry heaves a bit. Nothing comes up, since the fever had kept her from keeping anything down prior to this, but the feeling is there. "Ugh…" she groans out, blinking, and rubbing her temples. "What…happened?"

Morris stands by the morgue door for a moment longer, making doubly sure it's locked and barred so that no one can just walk in. Then, he makes his way across the huge, sterile room to another door. The key card he pulls ouf of his pocket this time is one he's not supposed to have. "We're getting them out through the incinerator. It's easier this way." He won't have to worry about anyone checking his hockey bag for stowaways like he did last time.

Cora takes a moment to sit up, blinking and clearly off her balance, but at least she's not dry heaving. Not that she doesn't want to. She takes a moment to gather her senses, but doesn't say anything. Alex asked her question anyway.

"Dr. Lambert, you need to stay calm. It's Dr. McCarty and Agent Morris… we're getting you out of here. I gave you a drug to slow your heart rate… you've died in the eyes of the protocols. Please… you need to stand up — but do so slowly…" Janet reaches over to give Alex a hand up.

A nod is given to Morris, "That's probably the easiest way. Smuggling two people out is more difficult than one…" she shrugs a little as she offers Cora a hand.

There's not a lot of Alex to help up, really. She's woozy and wobbly though, and has to hold onto the edge of the table. "Through the…incinerator? Doesn't that like…incinerate things?" Leave it to an engineer to make that logical connection. Of course, in her defense, she was dead just a moment ago - she's definitely not firing on all cylinders right now.

Cora takes the hand and wobbles to her feet. She's not exactly going to be able to navigate, but hey, at least there's some people here to show her the way. She stays silent, since she, like Alex, is still booting up. Being dead screws with you almost as much as an induced fever.
None of this was any easy feat, either. To be perfectly honest, Morris wouldn't care if he lost his job over all this, but it's his life on the line. That's considerably more important. Even so, he'd never be able to forgive himself if he let the people in here suffer. It's cruel.

He presses the illegally-gotten card to the circuit pad next to the incinerator door, and pulls the heavy, thick steel door open. A solid steel tunnel leads back into the incinerator; it's creepy. Right out of a horror movie. There are scorch marks on the walls from the times the machine has been ignited. "Hurry up. I don't want to be caught in here if someone decides to turn it on early."

He looks back at Cora and Alexandra. "They have to have a way to get the ashes out." In this case, they're going to be shoving two bodybags through a chute and into a waiting van. Not the most glorious escape ever, but an escape nevertheless.

Janet offers each of the women one of her arms. "Look we need to get out of her as quickly as possible — you are both scheduled to be incinerated and frankly that would just ruin the plan." Her lips curl into a warm smile. "I promise things will be clearer soon… you just need to listen to Morris and me… it's how we'll actually make it out."

She shoots him a weaker smile. Like Morris, she isn't sure what will become of her if the pair are found out, particularly helping so many prisoners get out from the prison.

She guides the pair through the incinerator, trying to get them moving somehow….

Fire burns. That's how incinerators work, afterall. Even if it's not literally poking and prodding them along like holding a candle to one's palm or something, the prospect of being, well, incinerated is a pretty good motivator. Woozy and teetering a bit, headache pounding, Alex doesn't need much more encouragement than that. Getting out? Being creepified by the inside of the incinerator and knowing that it's going to start up eventually? Don't have to tell her twice!

Cora is following along quite willingly, since she doesn't exactly like the prospect of being set on fire. Then again, she doesn't like the prospect of sliding down a claustrophobic chute either, but there will be time for panic attacks when she's not facing imminent combustion.

CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP. The sound of Morris' boots on the metal floor. The incinerator itself is a giant oven; it's hardly pristine and sterile like the morgue. In fact, it's absolutely disgusting. It smells like charred flesh and rust, with the lingering scent of black smoke. The only thing in here that really stands out - because they're clean, compared to everything else - are the two body bags laid out on a slab. "Pick one and get comfortable," he tells the fugitives. He taps the bags in turn.

There's a small door opposite the entrance. This one has no key card reader, because the fire would destroy it. This one is also only able to be opened from the inside, for obvious reasons - disposal. There's a large ship-wheel type handle on it, which takes some power - and a crowbar - for Morris to turn. The thick door swings open, letting in fresh air and a slight March chill. Morris looks out; the van is waiting at the bottom. "Not much time," he urges.

Cora looks at the bag uncomfortably, frowning. She then climbs inside and lays down, trying her best not to freak out yet. There had better be a bath and some down time at the end of this road, dammit. Stuffed in a body bag in a nasty crematorium is not fun.

Cora's less-than-exuberance seems infectious. Alex lies down in the bag as well, wiggling into the thing. She's got her eyes closed though, trying desperately to imagine that the thing is something less-sinister, like a sleeping bag. "This is a little grim" she says to herself, figuring Morris is going to help 'til the end, but suddenly realizing she's not so sure about that. Maybe this is all just one more strange way for AP to 'deal with' the prisoners.

After checking for the van, Morris heads over to the first bag - Cora - and zips it up. There might be a muttered apology there, though it's quiet. Carefully, he picks up the bag, and carries it over to the chute's door. "This is going to be uncomfortable," he says to the bag, before placing it on the heavy rollers. The grade is mild, but it's still a ramp; the bag slides down it until it reaches the bottom, and comes to a stop.

The same process is repeated with Alexandra's bag.

"Are you coming with me, Doctor McCarty?" he asks.

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