Ophelia Hunter
Portrayed By Alexa Vega
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 12th, 1989
Age 21
Aliases Phi
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Assistant
Known Relatives Gabrielle Medina (mother), Santos Hunter (father; deceased), Theo Medina (step-father), Joaquin Medina (step-brother)
Significant Other None.
Known Abilities Atmokinesis
First Appearance Watching, Always Watching

Ophelia Hunter is a genuinely sweet girl, who just happens to have a bit of a tough side to her underneath. Okay, a lot of a tough side.


Ophelia Hunter was born to Gabrielle and Santos Hunter, the only child the couple would have. Her parents weren't well off, to start. Lower middle-class, Gabrielle settled for the first man she fell in love with and never really had great expectations for a great life. Early enough during Ophelia's life, Santos got himself shot. It was supposedly accidental, but Gabrielle always had a sinking feeling he was involved in much more than he ever said he was. Still, Gabrielle wasn't strong on her own and quickly began searching for someone new in her life.

Soon enough, she married once again. This man, was Theo Medina. With a son of his own, both single parents worked well as a family. At least, that's what Gabrielle told herself. She was good at looking the other way and pretending everything was okay even when she knew it was not. She was a sweet woman, but she was needy, and she was not much of a fighter. And Theo Medina had a temper. A temper like no other man she'd ever experienced. So as Ophelia grew older, Gabrielle ignored the warning signs.

Bruises that couldn't be explained other than that Ophelia had fallen again, according to her step-father. Gabrielle, because she was afraid and because she loved Theo and her step-son, Joaquin, she looked the other way. Joaquin was just like his father and pretty bad tempered. A few years older, Gabrielle could stop his bullying of Ophelia.. for the most part. When she couldn't, it was because Theo didn't like her bossing his son around. For Ophelia, home life was a mixture between trying to avoid the wrath of Theo and Joaquin and trying to protect her mother, who couldn't seem to protect herself. Eventually, though, Ophelia couldn't take the verbal and physical abuse, realized her mother would never change, and she sought to stay out of her home for as long as possible.

It didn't help that the area around their home wasn't the best place for Ophelia getting out into. The neighborhood was rough, but so was home, and Phi made the decision, while still in middle school, to get involved in some of the neighborhood activities. She seemed sweet enough that one of the local gang members took pity on her, and while not exceptionally pretty, she was cute enough to stick around. While never really officially getting into the gang, she was well-liked by some of the members, who in turn taught her how to take care of herself. Most of them, however, were quickly surprised how quickly she adapted and how much Phi could actually take when it came down to violence.

Hanging out on the streets was also the cause for Phi to discover her ability. After one particularly difficult night at home, Ophelia ran off. With nowhere to go and an incoming storm, the girl had no real options but to wait it out. The storm, however, was brutal. There were no signs of letting up, and Ophelia was cold. The first sign of her ability came as she discovered somehow, she was able to resist the cold. The second came when she wished the storm away, and abruptly, stopped the rain. Subsequent trials with her abilities were generated, later, but always in private and never anything obvious. It never really phased her, having the ability, but she practiced it the best she could. The second she turned 18, Ophelia took the opportunity to get out. College was out of the question. There was no way she could get any money from her step-father and mother, she had no job, and no place to go. Bumming off of the couches from some of her friends, Phi was stuck between trying to find a normal job, and the offers of some of her friends to get into more.. lucrative.. business.

Life got a bit rocky for Phi when she found herself involved a little too closely with the world of the underworld, gangs, and danger. It all culminated in an explosive falling out between Ophelia and the two most important people in her life: her boyfriend, Manuel Gomez, and her best friend, Tyson Harris. Emotionally, Ophelia was damaged for a long while after that, until she managed to come to the conclusion that she only had herself to rely on. From there, Phi set off to turn her life around. Ophelia took a few minor jobs at coffee shops until she managed to land a larger one, working in the office of Congressman George Dawson. With a stable job, she was able to move to an apartment of her own and start to reorganize her life. Part of this reorganization was to put some of her money in a fund to help her pay tuition to attend college, as she's currently hoping to obtain a degree in Psychology.


September, 2009
  • September 23rd, 2009:


Ophelia's Relationships


  • "You're creative, Manners. I'm sure the awesomeness of the nickname will be directly proportional to how annoyed you're getting by me calling you that." - Ophelia on Manny coming up with a new nickname for her. (From Mind Your Manners)
  • "There are some things that you can't fucking adapt to without breaking everything that's remotely good in your pathetic life." - Ophelia on her current emotional situation. (From Shaken and Rattled)
  • "Nothing makes me happy, alright? Nothing in this goddamn stupid fucking world. So I guess I do nothing. Thanks for all your help, that was a real revelation." - Ophelia to Joule, after Joule told her to do what makes her happy. (From Shaken and Rattled)
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