2007-08-16: DF: Opportunity Knocks


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Summary: Never count on fortune, but open the door when opportunity knocks. Cyprus is beginning to get desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Dark Future Date: August 16th, 2009

Opportunity Knocks

Somewhere Under NYC

He would've gotten a text message. It's from a certain Filipina, telling him to meet at an abandoned subway tunnel. Alone. Always alone. She isnt going to take chances, and so of course he has to be alone, lest she not show up. The streets on the way there are marred by ruins of old buildings..well, not even old buildings..just destroyed buildings. The chosen system was part of the D-line..now it's just empty..and a lone figure waits beneath..

It's not the same Cyprus Donovan that Claudine is used to seeing. That one is calm, collected, and confident. This one is tired, almost to the point of where its doubtful he has slept significantly in the last seventy-two hours. He's hunched in his usual coat, not even bothering to have switched out from his suits to his usual street attire. It takes a lot to make Cyprus just not care anymore, but it seems like things are approaching there. He steps down quickly into the subway station, and pauses to take in everything. He lifts his head, and states "If this is a trap, I'm not dying alone today." It's loud enough to echo, with just enough fear and anger to make it sound believable. Of course, it's been a rough couple of days.

"If it was a trap, I would've chosen someplace more strategic.." says the young woman stepping from the shadows. She sighs as she's running her fingers through her hair and even brings her hands up as she approaches him. "I come in peace, Mr. Donovan. I figured you might've had a rough past couple of days due to some..rather.." and she pauses trying to find the right words, but none come. "Unfortunate circumstances."

"The world is spinning out of control, and there is the distinct possibility in the next two days, the President will be killed and this entire nation is going to descend into utter chaos," rattles out Cyprus sharply. "Chaos where psychopaths mail bodyparts, and everything that once made this nation great and mighty is nothing more than a passing memory of failure." There's a suddenly vicious look, but Cyprus calmss it down after a moment. "Forgive me, Ms. Salonga. It has… really been a rough couple of days. If this is the matter of the insect attack, forget it. Forget it, and run if you've any sense of self-preservation."

"It's because of my sense of self-preservation that I've contacted you. It's because I want our people.." and by this, she most likely means evolved, "to survive. I come offering a truce. You let me and mine work with your men, and perhaps..just perhaps, we can save the President. As much as I dont like him for his policies, he has kept the country in a state of..order so to speak, and if he dies all we know and love will crumble. Other countries will watch with glee as the once most powerful nation will be reduced to shambles over some idiot thinking he's doing what's best. This Jack Derex is no different than bin Laden.."

"Simple..presidential pardons. Our records wiped clean. I'd be foolish to think that you would actually keep your end of the deal if I asked for say..something like freeing all the detainees. After this incident, assuming the president survives, we all know he's going to take revenge on the rest of the community. I just want to make sure me and mine arent part of that community.." Claudine says firmly and resolutely as she runs her fingers through her hair and takes a deep breath. It seems her demands arent finished yet.

"In addition,all files related to me and mine from the Company are to be destroyed. I'd hate for Mr. Derex to get his hands on my own weaknesses in retribution afterall.." bowing her head in the end. "Of course..I have no idea where the president is being held, but any information you have would be useful. You want Mr. Petrelli to survive afterall, right? We have common interests at this point. We both do not want to see this country fall due to idiocy and terroristic demands. Even I never made such bold attempts at self righteousness when I freed detainees.."

Cyprus gives a bit of an incredulous look, and lifts a brow. He seems almost like he's waiting for a punchline that just doesn't come. Finally, he laughs. It's a single, cold, bitter laugh, and Cyprus shakes his head. "Full pardons for your organization, Ms. Salonga?" he asks. "Done. I already have the forms on my desk for that. I was going to offer it to you in exchange for something else, but this will do. And if we can find it, you can build a tunnel there, I hope? Enough to bring a small cadre of agents, and whomever else we need?" There's a moment where Cyprus just watches Claudine, and tilts his head to the side. "I misjudged you, Ms. Salonga. For that, I apologize."

"If you really want to take them down, I can make tunnels big enough to bring tanks through.." A wry grin curls onto her lips as she bows her head once more, though her cheeks flush a slight tinge of pink surprised at some of the news. Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments, though for some reason she doesnt exactly doubt his sincerity. "And it's all right. Everyone always misjudges me. I think it's cause I look like I'm twelve.." She chuckles softly as she just tries to add a bit of brevity to an already tense situation. "So..tell me what you know about this whole situation. One of the few reasons I'm doing this is cause I'm afraid of the international backlash against evolved if Derex kills the president. That doesnt mean internment camps for humans, it means extermination camps for evolved.."

"Jack Derex kidnapped President Petrelli, blew out the wall of a bathroom, and escaped with at least one accomplice," says Cyprus easily. "With the rampant chaos going on, the attack on the White House, and various other events, we can only assume that he is working with some kind of organization, with a great deal of Evolved at his disposal. I'd suspect ties to Peter Petrelli, except…" There is a pause there, and Cyprus shakes his head. "I can't believe Peter would consent to having his brother's finger chopped off and sent to me as a sign of 'seriousness'. They are undoubtedly operating in New York, more than likely in Manhattan. It's the only place they could have gotten to without being caught. That was the best we could track the signal from. Other than that, Homeland Security is a mess, and I don't have nearly the manpower to have someone do a genuine analysis."

"I still dont understand how it all happened. Petrelli is the President of the United States, with evolved at his disposal. How could one man kidnap him with the various powers at his disposal?" The whole thing still shocks her and she sighs, rubbing at her temples for a few moments as she mulls all the information on over. "I dont think Peter would do such a thing. I'm surprised he isnt in a rage. The President is his brother.." she grumbles once more as she takes a deep breath.

She gasps at the news of the finger and she shudders at the thought. "We're obviously dealing with extremely dangerous people. Just this once, Orion and I might be willing to actually.." and she takes a deep breath, just leaving the rest of it unsaid. "Has Peter contacted you or your people about getting his brother out?"

"No, he hasn't," says Cyprus, and there's the anger again, flaring up. "For all we know, he might be willing to genuinely let his brother die. I don't want to think that, but it's a possibility. And the President… sometimes gets a little cocky. And they probably caught him with his pants down." Literally. "You'd be surprised, Ms. Salonga, how very little we actually have at our disposal. Most of it is already fully committed to keeping everything running as smoothly as possible." He pauses for a moment, and looks at Claudine. "And what after this, Ms. Salonga? Have you given much thought to that?"

There's a bit of anger and annoyance that flashes on her features upon the suggestion that Peter would be fine with his brother being killed. She sighs and shakes her head about it and grumbles. "Peter was always a tool. I had to be him once..I spouted lots about family to the president..back when I was still with the Company. I'd like to think all of that would still be inside somewhere. Hopefully he doesnt just watch idly and let his brother die."

Then at the question, she hrmms for a few moments, chuckling alittle about being caught in a rather compromising position. "I..havent given it much thought. I figured I'd make a little island and drink pina coladas and daquiris all day?" Obviously, she's just joking.

"Things are changing, and there is much… in the works, Ms. Salonga," says Cyprus simply. "If we are to reintegrate this nation, no matter how we find a way to make that possible… we will need help. I actually agree with what you're doing, believe it or not. America is a nation of Evolution, but what would we be if we did not offer alternatives?" There is a long pause there, and Cyprus glances towards the exit, then back at Claudine. "If you are truly interested in the great work of healing this nation… The opportunity is there."

"Back when I first discovered my powers, it was my dream to help people." An impish giggle escapes from her lips as she gives a dismissive wave. "I know it's cheesy, but I thought I could make things better by terraforming and making land more arrable for farming. Food problems would be wiped out. I think there's still a possibility for that, but with all this, I've realized something. Our powers, sure they make us demigods living amongst mere mortal men, but it'll get to our heads eventually. Look what it did to the President. I dont want that. If..just if things get back to normal, I dont think I'll be using my powers anymore. You know, see how the rest of the population deals with things. So, you'll just have me..a regular college dropout trying to help things, with nothing more than these two hands."

Cyprus chuckles, and shakes his head. "We'll see how long that lasts, Ms. Salonga," offers the aide ruefully. Or at least with a voice that was made to sound rueful. He turns away from Claudine, and the exhaustion sets back in. He begins to head towards the steps. "We will be making our move, soon. Whomever you bring, make sure they understand the situation. No surprises." And with that, he begins to head back up towards the street.

"No surprises on your end either. I dont want you having any agents looking to make a name for themselves by capturing me and mine. You know how to contact me though…" Claudine says matter of factly with a bow of her head as well. As he heads up, she simply disappears. Probably went even deeper underground.

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