2008-02-22: Or Else


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Summary: A conversation about Pinehearst leads to part of Novak's chilling plan for his daughter playing out.

Date It Happened: 02-22-2008

Or Else

Midtown, NYC - Apt. 2710 - Prestige Midtown Apts.

Afternoon in apartment #2710 of Prestige Midtown Apartments. Novak sits in the living room, in a recliner, reading the newspaper. He's wearing gloves with leather pads on the fingers and palms, so that he is not touching the newspaper directly. The texture of newspapers makes him shudder. "Hmm… An American orphanage in the Congo… And Pinehearst is helping them… How intriguing." Novak looks up from the paper and over at a standard company brochure for Pinehearst Research, sitting on a coffee table next to him.

"Very intriguing. Don't you think, Elisabetha?" Novak asks as he looks towards the blonde young woman nearby. If she is nearby. Sometimes Novak misjudges how close people are, because he can hear them just fine from 1000 feet away, and forgets that they can't do the same.

Elisabetha is, actually, nearby. Physically at least. She is lying on the floor on her right side, as she uses her only hand to try to put together a jigsaw puzzle on the carpet. Her attention is sort of on the puzzle, but not really. She's been working on it for two hours, and has only managed to sort and connect less than a third of the puzzle. After all, why should she care about a puzzle? Emily got it for her, and suggested she try it sometime, so she did.
She is quiet for about half a minute, before she answers Novak with, "Hmm." Then she goes silent again.

Novak looks at his daughter as she works on the puzzle without much interest. "Hmm," he hmms in response. "What do you suggest doing? There are people in the Congo who are suffering." That should get Elisabetha's attention. "They are homeless, hungry, and suffering from all manner of disease, and the threat of violence. Do you think we should help?" He puts the paper aside and leans forward in his chair.

Elisabetha stops what she is doing. She is wearing a red blouse and black cotton pants. No point in being all dressed up when at home. She struggles to sit up when she hears Novak talk about suffering. She can't quite manage it on her own though, and so just sort of rolls onto her back. "We should go there," she offers solidly, once she has settled.

Novak hmms. "Perhaps. But there are people suffering here too. How can you leave those here to suffer in order to help others?" It's lesson time. Novak is trying to make Elisabetha think things through a bit, in a situation that is not clear-cut and dry. How will she react? Novak remains calm and impassive as he watches his daughter's reactions.

The dulled expression on Elisabetha's face turns into one of perplexity. Which looks an awful lot like being bored with a frown, in this instance. "There are people suffering here?" She flops around on the floor until she manages to pull herself up onto her knees using the nearby couch. Once she is up, she turns back to Novak and says, "Where?" She looks around the living room wide-eyed. Apparently she misunderstood.

Novak sighs a bit. "Not here in this room… Here in this city. In this country. How do you expect to help those who suffer in another country if you cannot even help those that suffer in this one?" He folds his hands beneath his chin and rests his elbows on his knees as he watches and waits.

Elisabetha blinks very slowly at Novak, as she focuses on him once again. "This… City? This… Country?" She frowns a bit. "I… I will end suffering." Her monotone voice holds the faintest edge of uncertainty. "I will take away all pain. All of it. Everywhere in the world…" Her crimson gaze sinks down to the puzzle on the carpet next to her.

Novak nods. That's going in the right direction, but she needs a bit more of a push. "Yes, that is correct. But how will you do it? Just use your gift? You know you can only really affect a small area at a time. A few people at once. There are a lot of people in the world… What needs to happen for you to be able to help everyone? What do you need to do?"

Elisabetha seems a little distraught at Novak's assessment of her capabilities. Which means she is pouting slightly. "I'm… I can help more people. I…" she trails off as she closes her eyes and sort of sways back and forth a bit. This continues for a few minutes, until suddenly Elisabetha's red eyes open. "I must… Get… Stronger?"

Novak nods and smiles, pleased with the conclusion reached. All is going according to plan. "That's right. You have to become stronger. And that will only open with practice." Novak then stands slowly from his recliner, and moves towards the front door, where he has a coat hanging up. "Get ready, Elisabetha. We are going out to help people."

Elisabetha's apathetic demeanor switches from mildly confused, to semi-enthused, as she manages to force herself up onto her feet, using the couch. "Yes, Teacher. I like helping people. I will become strong enough to help everyone." She smiles faintly, and then finishes, "Everyone will stop suffering. Or else."

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