2011-08-27: Orange Flavored
AIR DATE 2011.08.27
Cast: Lilly_icon.pngSimon_icon.png
Location: West Hollywood - Millions of Milkshakes
Synopsis: Another cloudcuckoolander turns up, this one at the local malt shop. It's getting to be a pattern.

Lilly sits at a table, a crossword puzzle book in front of her. Off to the side is a half-consumed milkshake, a deep 'purple' in color. Lilly sits with her long hair tied back in a ponytail and looks a bit perturbed, a pen in her hand. There's scribbles all over the current page, and she huffs as she turns to a new page. She's in her own world and not paying much attention to anyone else in the store at the moment. "This doesn't work. Doesn't work. Words don't fill a puzzle, colors do."

Lined up at the counter, Simon is facing a puzzle of his own. The paradox of choice: when there's fifty things on the menu, it's easy to feel like you're overlooking something better. "Billion dollar," he finally says. "Medium." Waiting for the shake to be poured out, he glances over toward Lilly's table. "Different kind of puzzle, isn't it?"

Lilly blinks as a voice is thrown in her direction. She looks over, a quick look of perutrbed on her face, but then manners kick in a split second later and she smiles. "Exactly. Cathy knows I like puzzles. She thinks this is what I mean by puzzles. It's… flat… and doesn't tell me anything. My puzzles are big, and usually tell me something." She shrugs as if that should answer all the questions in the universe. "You should try the purple sometime. It tastes fuzzy."

Oh, okay, she's crazy. This is where your average Joe backs away and finds somewhere else to sit— but Simon is not your average Joe. This could well be the most interesting conversation he'll find for the next couple of hours. "What does the green taste like?" he asks, leaning against the back of a nearby chair while he fishes enough enough cash to cover his own order.

Lilly hmms, thinking deeply. "Depends." She looks down for a few minutes as she moves her hands in her lap, looking intently. Once finished, she nods then turns back to Simon. "Sometimes it tastes Stabby. Then sometimes it tastes like a marshmallow pillow." She giggles as if she just said something witty and hilarious. She looks 'through' Simon for a bit, an odd look on her face, but as soon as it sets on, she changes back to her normal smile.

Simon scratches his head. "What makes the difference? Do you know?" Interesting doesn't always mean easy to follow, if there's any pattern to it at all. He picks up the shake and starts in on it, going slow, absently pulling out his phone and glancing at it at the same time.

Lilly shrugs. "I'm not a Green Master. I'm better with blue." She notices the phone and thinks for a second. She works something in her hands once again. "She'll call soon. It's just not right this minute. All the pieces aren't in place yet." Cryptic fortune cookie or just plain crazy? You be the judge.

On the one hand, it's more coherent than the synaesthesia. On the other, it's a relatively obvious couple of guesses, so even if it turns out to be right… Still, it's worth paying attention to. "Hope you're right," Simon replies. "If she was calling this early, it'd mean things will be falling apart by the time I get there."

Lilly nodnods. "It's too early for everything to fall apart. That won't happen until much later. But don't feel bad. It needs to get worse before it gets better." She stands up and smiles when an older girl walks into the shop. "It's ok, Cathy. I didn't break anything this time, but your book is broken." She grabs the puzzle book and finishes her shake quickly. "See you soon, Mr. Important. Hopefully before everything falls apart." Lilly gets a stern look from the woman, who quickly and quietly apologizes before taking Lilly's hand. "I know.. it's time to go home." She waves to Simon.

Simon takes this news in stride, considering. "It usually does." A polite nod to Cathy, a wave to her still-unnamed companion… and then, just as the door swings shut behind them, his phone rings. "Hello? —Yeah, I know, I do have an alarm clock, you know. I'll be on the road inside of five minutes." File this one under 'turns out to be right', then, and keep an eye out for the woman with the crayons.

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