2008-02-18: Orders


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Summary: Arthur summons Daphne to give her an important mission.

Date It Happened: February 18th, 2008


Arthur Petrelli's Office, Pinehearst

The office of Arthur Petrelli is quiet this evening. No calls are coming through unless they are of the utmost importance, and the man in charge of Pinehearst is currently standing at the bar, fixing himself a scotch on the rocks. He's waiting for an employee to show up, and it shouldn't be long— after all, speed is what she's good at. He sips at the scotch, moving over his desk and idly flipping through a file laying on top of it. He reads a snippet here, a snippet there, and eventually he closes it, eyes moving to a rather elaborate clock on the wall of his office.

One more second goes by one the fancy clock and then there's the blur-whoosh-'did something just breeze by?' movement that everyone at Pinehearst is starting to get used to. Which probably means she's been here too long, but Daphne knows that a summons is a summons so now she stands in Arthur's office with an expression of grim boredom. She keeps quiet; he can go ahead and have the first word.

"Ah, Daphne," Arthur says as soon as she's in the room, turning towards her. The blur-whoosh does nothing to bother him as he is quite used to it at this point. "How are you?" The question is just a formality, evidenced by the fact he moves ontot he true reason she's here. "I have another job for you. I need you to take something for me."

On the other hand, Daphne doesn't like being in here much. She glances at the expensive furniture next to her but keeps her hands to herself - until the job is mentioned. "Yeah, alrighty. Need something to spice the place up, huh?" Probably not. But who knows, everyone redecorates sometimes.

"I need you to go to Yamagato Industries," Arthur explains, bypassing Daphne's comment and opening a drawer on his desk. He withdraws a manila envelope from it, and he slides it across the desk towards Daphne. "You'll find a map in there. It's hand drawn and rather crude, as the person who drew it for us didn't exactly want to, but it will do. You'll also find information on what you need to take and from who." He takes another sip of his scotch as he watches Daphne expectantly. "I can't stress the importance of what you'll be taking. Make sure it returns safely."

Daphne nears the desk, reaching forward to pull the envelope the rest of the way to her. She flips through part of it, her lips pressed thoughtfully together, and then she closes and stores the envelope in her messenger bag. "Not that anything usually gets to me," she comments proudly, "But what kind of security are we talking about here, with something this stressed and important?" There's some kind of undertone involving 'and how much more will i get paid for it'.

"I'm sure they'll be prepared for any conventional means of thievery," Arthur says, taking a seat behind his desk. "That's why I'm relying on your ability to get in, grab what we need, and get out before anyone knows you're there. If you study the map, you should be able to make it right to the office I need you to go to. … Assuming Mr. Bishop gave us an accurate drawing, that is, which I'm sure he did." Another sip of scotch and then he pauses, watching Daphne curiously, as if expecting her to to oppose the plan.

Daphne thinks about this a couple of seconds and then raises her eyebrows in a decidedly okay-whatever manner. She's briefly put out at the mentions of people being forced to do things… but it's just drawing a map, and she can put that out of her head for now. "You're the boss," she says, instead of anything negative, "Anything else?"

"You'll be compensated well for your services," Arthur says, and his eyes flick to the door for a brief moment before they move back to Daphne. It's a clear indication that their meeting is over. "Good luck."

She doesn't need any more indication than that. There's the briefest sort of involuntary smile at the mention of compensation, but otherwise Daphne is out of there.

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