2010-01-19: Our Family (Phantasm)



Posting Date: January 19th, 2010


Two crazy rich bitches.. and their child.

"Our Family"

Hanner Penthouse

This penthouse.. is one that Kitty doesn't go to often. Not because she can't.. but just because.. she hasn't really been able too and the woman that lives here with Kitty might be a little pissed.

In walks the woman, dressed in a pair of black jeans, a dark red tank top and a pair of knee high black combat boots. Her eyes are hooded as she enters the place and tilts her head. Long dark brown hair falls across her face, "Home." She says loudly enough for whoever is at the penthouse to hear. And then she's plopping down on the chair in the living room.

"What's for breakfast Lilly?" she asks the air next to her as she eyes the kitchen and then the fridge as if she's ready to attack. "Not sure, Kitty. Maybe… waffles."

"Kitty?!" the voice that comes from the back of the room is irritated. And in walks Sydney, dressed in dark wash denim jeans and a black t-shirt with a white towel thrown over her shoulder, arms flailing in the air. "Where the hell have you been?! Unbelievable! You've been gone forever!! You don't write! You don't call! How am I supposed to know you're not dead in a ditch somwhere?! Honestly!!" Exasperated the blonde woman peers at the other carefully. "And what are you muttering about breakfast for? It's bloody dark out!"

Although waffles would be good. The blonde's features soften somewhat, however, as she peers at Kitty. "Alright. I'll make you brinner. You know I make excellent waffles. Go. Sit." She points to one of the high-topped barstool height chairs at the barstool. Quickly she takes out eggs, milk, flour, sugar, walnuts, and salt — everything she needs.

"Woman! You make my waffles." And then she's chuckling and coming over to lay her head on Sydney's shoulder. "Busy." She says softly as she lays her forehead on Sydney's shoulder, she uses her ability. To make sure that Sydney is.. Sydney.

Then walking over to the stool, she slides into one of them and crosses her legs. Sydney knows that the death of her siblings has driven Kitty crazy but for some reason.. they are still.. together? "She's beautiful.. isn't she?" she whispers loudly to the person not there behind her.

"The parties good?" Meaning Sydney's life on the town, Kitty funds some of it. Though not like Kitty really needs the money.. actually she does. But whatever Syd does with the money.. doesn't really effect Kitty's overall funds. She's just that damn rich.

And the touch causes Sydney to relax — a smile spreads across her lips — even though she knows that Kitty's looking through her memories. There's nothing she doesn't want her partner(?) to see. In fact, there are no secrets between the pair. Everything from Syd's wealthy husbands' untimely demise (nothing like a bought of emotional manipulation to pull down a man's spirit) to Herb's birth. "Too busy to call? I missed you," she asks softly with a sigh.

She glances at the invisible woman next to Kitty, but continues in her work, mixing the ingredients together at a fast pace. "The parties are fine. I've been trying to get into the governor's ball. I think I could do some real damage there." She pauses to look directly at Kitty, "They still don't know about me. You don't have to worry."

"I won't do it again." She promises softly and smiles at Sydney before she places her hands on the table. "Governor's ball? That would be nice.. pretty things all around." She nods to herself and then winks at the invisible lady behind her.

"Sure? I could.. blow them up." Just who they are remains to be seen. "How is Herb?" she asks and then without waiting for an answer. Kitty jumps from her seat and runs into the other room. "Baby!" she calls out and then when she finds her prize, the little bugger is picked up and taken out to the kitchen. "Getting so big." She says softly as she nuzzles the child. Their child.

And Herb gurgles and coos in her mother's arms. Her nearly-white blonde locks match Sydney's and dark brown eyes peer up curiously at Kitty. "She's wondered where you've been," Sydney says as she pours the batter into the pre-heated waffle iron. "Honest, she was looking for Mama Kitty for awhile." After closing the iron, she pads up to her small family and presses gently on Herb's nose, "Come on, sweetie. Say Ma-ma. Say Ma-ma."

With a broad grin she squeezes Kitty's shoulder, "We both missed you." She smiles softly at the notion of blowing them up, "Perhaps. Someday. But if they don't know…" she shrugs. "No harm? No foul?"

"Mama's home." She says and winks down at the baby, so precious is the little girl! Until her hair just puffs out to become a curly afro, also changing color to green and her eyes switching to a light blue. Herb giggles loudly and waves her little fist, not ready to say Mama yet?

"Good girl!" she says and holds her in front for Syd to kiss the baby, "So proud, just like us." She says and beams down at the child.

"No foul." She says and nods as she looks around the penthouse. "I'll be home more." She promises to both of the ladies there in front of her

And then the waffle iron beeps expectantly, drawing Sydney away from the pair while Herb's hair turns red. With a shrug and a sigh, she opens the waffle iron and takes out the waffles, putting them on a plate for Kitty and placing them on the breakfast bar. "As always, syrup's in the fridge."

After the comment she reloads the iron and closes it, waiting for the next ones to be ready. "She's getting big, isn't she? And she's smart! Not talking, but I know she wants to say Mama. I can tell she knows what it means." At this Sydney's smile produces two prominent dimples on her cheeks. "You look beautiful." At this the smile fades as the blonde woman casts her gaze to the floor, "I didn't know…" she sniffles as she returns her gaze to Kitty with a strained smile, "…thought they'd got you."

"They'll never get me, I see them every time." She says softly and then pads forward to lean in and give Syd a gentle kiss on the lips, though she wants to kiss the woman so more. She has babi in arms and waffles are cooking, they can't get carried away.. yet.

"Of course she's smart, both mama's are smart." As she says this, the babies hair changes to an inky black and her eyes a icy grey. "She's been changing more and more huh? Shame.. can't have a normal nanny watch her.

"If anyone touches Herb.. we'll slit their throats, isn't that right Lily?" she asks over her shoulder and Lily must have answered because Kitty nods her head.

"Are you sure?" Sydney asks equally softly, vulnerably, even. The gentle kiss is reciprocated. And then the waffle iron beeps again. "She has. In fact, it seems every time I look at her she's different. But it's still our little girl." She smiles proudly. Any parent would be proud of their shifting spawn.

"I'm concerned about getting anyone else to watch her. And it's getting more and more difficult to trust anyone these days. Even people like us…"

At this, as if on cue, Herb begins to fuss. With a frown Sydney focuses her ability — seconds after which the baby is happy and smiling again. "Atta girl." She pauses and pours more batter into the iron, "You don't think anyone would come after her again, do you? I thought we were being careful…"

"If they did.. I'd kill them." She says softly and then tickles Herb who giggles and then next thing you know, she has a beard and bushy eyebrows, all white. "I think you've been letting her watch too much Harry Potter." She says and chuckles before she sits down and places Herb in her highchair. "We can't trust anyone." Sad but true.

Kitty grabs the syrup and begins to eat the waffles. "Best in the world." She tells her.. wife(?). The crazy seer grins and pats her belly as she eats. "Mama needed that." Then she looks back at Syd, "Who watches Herb when we aren't here?"

"I was having a neighbour do it, but lately… Herb's been changing too much to even trust them," Sydney shrugs. "I haven't gone out much, I'm afraid. I started ordering groceries delivered to the house. I just don't want anyone touching her or remotely near her — I mean, who would you have watch her..?… and it's not like we can hide it anymore. I mean, look at her — it's amazing what she can do." And she's a baby. Imagine what she'll be able to do once she's their age.

"And it's unfortunate, but she picks up on my paranoia. Often she'll be crying in the night for no reason, and it's not until I calm myself down that she's back to normal… I'm afraid that the humans will take her. I was afraid you were dead. I'm afraid that they'll hurt her…" Oddly there's no fear for herself in the mix. She's resigned to her own fate as long as her loved ones are safe.

"Nobody." Kitty says softly, "Can touch us." She won't allow it, which is exactly why she's going to be home more. "I won't be leaving that often now. I have work to do though." Which means she won't be home all the time either. "I love you." She says softly to Sydney before she leaves her stool and walks over to the other woman to embrace her. "Don't worry about a thing."

"Our family, is the safest family in the world." She says with a light grin and she leans in to nuzzle Sydney's neck.

The embrace is returned affectionately. "I love you, Kitty Hanner. I'm glad you're home." At this Sydney smiles, relaxing in the embrace. "Promise you won't let them get you." If they do, they'll pay. With more than their own emotions. And as Kitty nuzzles her neck she inhales the smell of the other woman's hair. She plants a soft kiss on her partner's(?) cheek.
"And how is Lily lately?" While the blonde doesn't appreciate the voices in Kitty's head, she's learned to tolerate them. It's love, after all.

"Doing quite well! Thank you very much, Ms. Sydney." Kitty says in a girlish tone and then she's giggling before she's back to herself. "Now.. let's finish these waffles. Herb needs a nap.." she kisses Sydney's lips each time she breaks her sentence. "And.." Kiss.. "We need a shower." She winks at the blonde.

It's been a while.. and Kitty needs a proper welcome home! She brings home the bacon (Sydney does actually) and she wants some reward damnit!

"No watching Lily, that's perverted."

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