2009-11-06: Our Friend Ivory



Date: November 6, 2009


Senator Wynn pays two child prisoners a visit and in the process gains two small friends.

"Log Title"

Building 26 - Human Resources

It's been nearly a week since Cam and Micah were brought to the Human Resources room, but Micah can't tell. He's been drifting in and out of consciousness making the passage of time impossible to gauge. Woozily, his eyes drift open, exposing nothing but the blaring light to his right. Wrinkling his nose at the light, he frowns slightly at the feel of the tube in his nose and instinctively tries to reach up to touch it. This is, of course, futile as he's restrained to the metal table they seem to think is a bed. With a groan he strains his neck to turn to his left and forces a weak smile, Cam's still there. But when he looks to his right, he realizes Tracy's still gone. He groans again, mumbling to himself more than anyone else, "My head feels so funny…"

Senator Ivory Wynn cannot believe he's about to do this. He takes a moment to compose himself on the other side of the door, signaling for the guards to stay on either side of the door, as he opens it. Sighing, he steps inside and reaches up to straighten his tie. The door is left open, with the guards paying super close attention, just in case they are needed. His hands go behind his back and he steps fully into the room. "Gentlemen…" Ivory immediately goes for the respectful tone. "… there's been a very, very terrible mistake. I'm here to make everything all better." That should be a good enough opening statement.

Cam isn't really very conscious either. His eyes are open and he's staring at the ceiling, but he's not really alert to his surroundings until he hears Ivory's voice. He blinks a few times, looking to Ivory and trying to focus, then glancing towards Micah to make sure he's still there.

Squinting his eyes, it takes a few moments for Micah to focus on the Senator. Swallowing, he peers at the Senator. Once again it takes a bit for Micah's brain to process who exactly this is, but once he does, he mutters drowsily, "Senator Wynn? A mistake?" His eyebrows furrow slightly, and while a part of Micah desperately wants to dislike this man, he can't muster hatred at this moment.

Wynn keeps his hands behind his back as he approaches the children. "Yes. A very terrible mistake that I cannot apologize enough for. You see, in our efforts to protect this wonderful nation, the two of you seem to have gotten mixed up in one of our sweeps. I have been meeting with the President personally about this matter for the past three days, fighting to get you both released and on your way." Ivory's eyes are lowered to the floor, as he is unable to actually look at the boys that were taken prisoner under his command. "I accept full responsibility for your detainment and I can assure you that I will never again judge a situation so hastily. I feel… terrible about what's happened." Ivory's tone is so sincere it's incredible.

Cam would probably normally be suspicious, at least in a situation like this. But, right now, he believes every word that Ivory says. "Really?" He squirms a little to try to move, and then asks, "Does that mean we can go?"

This doesn't make sense. Micah/Rebel's been undermining the government's efforts at every turn. How is it possible that this is all a mistake? Whether it's Ivory's apparent sincerity, the drugs in his system, or his own naivety that cause Micah to push his doubts aside is unclear, but like Cam, he genuinely believes Ivory at this moment. He blinks a couple of times, and considers echoing Cam's questions as his lips twitch involuntarily upwards into a slight smile. But for now he remains silent.

"Soon. Very soon. I'm trying to secure free passes for you both. You see, while you two are a mistake, the people I work for? They still think people… such as yourselves, are a danger to all of us. I've been trying my hardest to prove them wrong. I swear I have. But it's going to take some time." Ivory frowns, turning to look at the nearest wall. Because this is hard for him to even say. "If I don't play along, then things can get a lot worse. The only reason you two are still… well, let's just say that saving your lives is the least I can do for getting you in this mess in the first place." Finally, he turns to look back at the children. "I want you to know that I'm going to fix this. All of this. I promise."

Cam nods a little bit to Ivory's words, and says, "It's all so stupid. We didn't do nothing until they started chasing us." He leans his head back again, tired from the attempts to hold his head up. He still looks towards Ivory, though, "When'll we be out?"

There's a moment of disappointment, but Micah responds drowsily to the Senator, "Th-thank you." He wrinkles his nose around the tube inside it as he continues to squint at Wynn. "So… you're not after people like us? It's others in the government?" Had Micah gotten all of this wrong all along? "But the list? I saw it… I thought… I was wrong, wasn't I? You're… you wouldn't hurt us, would you?" His eyebrows furrow deeply as his confusion grows. "I'm… I'm so sorry. I —I was wrong."

Honesty is the best policy here. Easier to keep up with the truth. "No. You weren't wrong. My name is all over this thing. When it started, it wasn't like this. They talked me into this because I love this country more than anything in the world. And now I'm in too deep to… I can't walk away. I just can't. If I do, bad things will happen. Not just to me and my family. But to you and others like you." Ivory sighs and slams his fist into the wall. There's a wince. Pain. Small in comparison to what these children have gone through. "I understand that, just like us humans, that people like you come in all shapes and sizes. Some of you want to just live your lives. Others? Well, they want to take people's lives. I understand the difference. The people I work for? Don't. But until I can make them see that they're going about this the wrong way, I'm going to have to play along." Ivory sighs and looks back at the children. "It's all very complicated."

Cam frowns a little. Not in suspicion, but just in general at Ivory's situation. "Well, you gotta do something. It's not working. This… this has been happening for months. They started chasing us in August."

"But aren't some things just right and others wrong?" Micah asks naively. "Like hurting people who just try to live is wrong. We're not all terrorists." He bites his bottom lip and closes his eyes. "I know lots of people like us none of which want to take people's lives." He smirks at bit. "And Cam and I wouldn't hurt anyone. We just want people to be able to live." He sighs a bit as he shifts under his restraints, "Is there anything we can do to help to change people's minds? I know we're kids, but maybe, maybe we can help?"

"I don't want to involve you two more than I have already. First there was that Walker girl. Then there was that baby. Now you two. These things are just getting out of hand. And I can't seem to get a grip." Ivory sighs. "I'm going to make this right. And then I do, they're going to come after me. Hard. They're not going to hold back. When that happens, I'm going to need friends. Lots of them." Ivory sighs, unable to really fathom the pain these children must be going through. "Just… let your friends know it's not me. I'm just the fall guy. I'm trying my best to help but it's hard to help people that want me dead, if you know what I mean."

Cam nods a little again to Ivory and says, "Promise, we'll let people know. Once we're out of here. You'll have friends, promise." He's totally convinced, anyway. "Just, get us out of here first, please? Before you do that stuff?"

"Wait. Walker? You met Molly?" Even in his drugged state, Micah's cheeks flush involuntarily as he says her name. "You must be the reason she was released! I couldn't figure out why she was released, just knew that she was," Micah's lips curl into a small smile. "If we get out of here we can make sure everyone we know knows that you aren't behind this. And I mean everyone. I can get the word out fast."

"I don't want you to do anything you don't feel like you should do. After all, it /is/ my fault you're even here in the first place." Ivory sighs, turning to start heading back to the door. "I promise you, I'm getting you out of here. You have my word. If I have to carry you both out of here on my back… I'm getting you out of here. Just give me one more day. One more." Ivory sounds as determined as ever with those words.

Cam squirms a little in his bonds, but nods a bit again. "Uh-huh. Another day's ok." He might complain, if he knew just how long he'd been here. To him, it's only been a day or two anyway. He just settles back again and says, "Thanks."

What's another day with a tube in your nose when you've spent so many days that way? "Thank you, Senator. We haven't lost hope. And we won't." Micah presses his lips together as he closes his eyes, the drugs working their magic once again.

"Hey." The Senator has made his way to the door, but manages to turn back to look at both of the boys. Even as those drugs are probably about to pull them both back under. "My friends call me Ivory." And with that, he disappears out of the door, closing it behind him. Off to save the world. Again.

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