2007-07-03: Out Of Sorts


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Summary: Max is checked in on, Mohinder is displeased and Molly is cute.

Date It Happened: July 3rd, 2007

Log Title Out of Sorts

Primatech Facility - Hartsdale

Can't sleep. Can't sleep. OMG CAN'T SLEEP. Being used as practice for the abilities of the tearfully apologetic Mr. Winters has left Max looking very worn. His eyes are bloodshot and pink-rimmed, his face is pulled into a near-constant frown, and his shoulders sag wearily. He's pacing to and fro, to and fro, to and fro. Sadly, his cell is only a few steps wide. He's doing his best to burn off energy, his mind still preoccupied with the walking contradiction that is Benjamin Winters.

Unaware of what took place, Mohinder has Max's chart in hand, along with a fresh supply of books. At the door to the cell, the geneticist knocks politely and waits for an answer. As he waits, he shifts the chart to sit on top and he goes over recent test results.

For the first time since his arrival, Max makes no attempt to identify who may be visiting him. He doesn't even slow in his pacing, hands still clasped behind his back and. He's far too wrapped up in the issue at hand. "Enter," he commands, more imperious than ever in his distracted state.

Mohinder's brows lift in surprise at the tone as he opens the door, "Good afternoon Mr. Swan, I've brought you further reading material that I thought you would enjoy." More of what he had brought the other day. "How are you feeling?"

"Doctor Suresh," Max greets the other man, inclining his head cordially. He comes to a halt and blinks his eyes several times to refocus them. "I am somewhat out of sorts, I must admit." He accepts the books from Mohinder, but surprisingly he barely looks at them before he sets them on his desk with the rest of his collection. "Thank you. Ahem," he clears his throat and continues. "I seem to be unable to fall asleep."

Mohinder smiles politely as he hands the books over, then moves to gather the prior materials. "Did you enjoy these?" Before he inquires further, he straightens up and peers at Max, "Is this due to pain? I thought the medication we prescribed had remedied this." As he looks at the man, he frowns at the condition of Max's eyes. A small penlight is retrieved from his coat pocket and he approaches, "Out of sorts… what seems to be the matter?"

Max opens his mouth to reply, but the image of Mr. Winters repeatedly apologizing flashes through his mind's eye. "I believe I was used in an experiment," he murmurs vaguely. "But I am not in physical pain. However, I would be most appreciative if you could provide a sedative?" His requests for painkillers notwithstanding, it's the first time he's actually asked for any form of medical care. He also submits to the inevitable bright light in his sore eyes, though he does so with a grimace. "And I did enjoy them. Very much, thank you. I am especially intrigued by the case reports."

"… An experiment?" Mohinder finishes examining Max's eyes then grabs the chart, flipping through the pages. There's nothing in here about an experiment.. "There's nothing written down.. what the.." The scientist is clearly displeased. "Did you give your consent?" A frown still on his face, he glances to Max, "What was the experiment? I need to know before I can provide a sedative. Depending upon the situation, it may not work." Again, he's looking over his papers to make sure nothing escaped him, and given how many times he's reviewed Max's file.. it's likely he's got it memorized. The man is a fascinating study. "I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the reports. In general, they could be considered boring reading material."

Max frowns right back at Mohinder. He's protecting a man he barely knows. A man who rendered him helpless. "I found the files to be fascinating," he deflects, buying himself a few more seconds to think. "I was especially intrigued by the woman with exceptional hearing. So much like our own Agent Bonham, yet so very different." He lets out a sigh and crosses his arms over his chest. "No, Doctor. I did not consent. I believe I'm still considered to be expendable, but that's neither here nor there."

Bounce. Bounce. Roll roll roll. Squeak. This very serious discussion is about to get an interruption in the form of a chinchilla in a plastic ball. It rolls right into the room and then the little animal inside squeaks and pulls himself up on his hind legs. Someone save him from roaming around the hallways!

"However, that does not quite make it right. Were you drugged?" Mohinder must get to the bottom of this. Chart still in hand, he's ready to take notes on the encounter. Max's sudden resistance to detail is noted and does give the geneticist pause… that and the arrival of Nico. Oh dear. "One moment please," he says in apology before setting the chart back down and turning towards the door.. "Molly?," he calls out softly as he walks over to pick up the plastic exercise ball with the tormented animal inside.

The arrival of a rodent in a playglobe does not go unnoticed by Max. He cracks a smile for the first time today as Mohinder scoops up the poor thing. "Looks like we have an escapee, Doctor," he says dryly. "Shall I call the guards?"

"WAIT!" The shrill girl's voice bounces off the walls. "Waitwaitwait." Molly goes skidding past the doorway in her attempt to catch her wayward creature. Then, realizing that he must have turned, comes running back and stops right in the frame. "Nico! You found him! Thanks Mohinder!" Then, she realizes whose room this is. "Oh! Hi!" Hands are already reaching out to take her creature back. "I was taking Nico for a walk. It's a lot harder to do without a leash."

"Hardly necessary," Mohinder says with a smile over at Max, followed by an expression that says, 'We aren't through discussing this'. "I think you lost something," he says kindly as he drops down to one knee to give the chinchilla back. "Careful with Nico down here.. and did you finish your homework already?" A look is passed from his ward over to Max, then back. Mmhmm. Acquainted are we?

Max's smile stretches into a grin. "Hello," he replies, nodding cordially to Molly. Determined not to risk making Mohinder any more suspicious, he smoothes his face into a carefully neutral mask. Because it wouldn't do for him to lose his hangman partner.

"I did. He kind of just ran off of on me." Molly takes the plastic ball of chinchilla and cradles it in her arms. "Sorry to interrupt!" Already she starts to back up toward the door. "I'll, uh, go finish my homework." Despite the fact that it's June and summer and she should actually be out enjoying herself.

Mohinder doesn't seem to have caught onto the conspiracy. He smiles affectionately at Molly and gives her shoulder a squeeze before letting her run off. With her pet. "Don't lose him.. make sure you put him back in his cage alright? When I'm finished with Mr. Swan, I'll be back up to go over your assignments with you." Yes.. she should be enjoying herself.. but additional tutelage and homeschooling helps keep the mind active and can't hurt to keep Molly busy. Once she's gone, he turns back to Max, "I'm glad I didn't get her a puppy or kitten," he admits.

Max chuckles richly at the thought of a puppy wandering the halls of the Company's research facility. "No, I don't imagine that would've gone over very well." He waves to the departing Molly, then turns his attention back to his doctor. "So. Back to business, I imagine?"

"No.. Although, I do find Nico lurking throughout the lab." Mohinder says with a fond sigh of defeat. It keeps him on his toes, and it's a little unsanitary. But..what's he going to do? Take the pet away? "Yes.. back to business.. such as your inability to sleep.. Now, what is it that happened?"

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