2007-04-10: Outbreak


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Summary: The Emergency Room of Mount Sinai is locked down due to possibly exposure to an airborn virus. And not a monkey in sight.

Date It Happened: April 10, 2007


Mount Sinai ER

Early evening on this particular day finds the emergency room at Mount Sinai to be somewhat busier than usual. It certainly isn't crowded, but there are more patients than one might expect on a weeknight. Some are in worse shape than others: a person with their swollen and bruised foot elevated, and next to him, a pale woman who, other than suffering from a flu-like illness, doesn't really seem to be needing care all that urgently. She's one of those people that other patients (all of whom think they're the worst case in the room) glower at for the entirety of their wait in the emergency room.

The sliding doors open to admit a pallid Yael, who doesn't seem to be in any great rush as she steps into the emergency room. Still, there is a dishtowel wrapped around her hand, and her blue top and beige skirt have deep red marks on them to complement the larger stain on the dishtowel. "I'm serious," she's saying to her companion as she steps inside, rolling her eyes, "I'm fine. I could have finished making us dinner before coming. Now you're going to be cranky."

"You know what makes me cranky, Cohen? Unwittingly consuming Hebrew blood." With one hand on Yael's unwounded elbow, he guides her toward the counter and smiles crookedly at the attendant. "Yeh. We got one here what thinks she can cook. There a ward for that, or we gotta sit with these?" As he speaks, he chucks a thumb over his shoulder at the assembled, downtrodden, ER-bound masses. Unfortunately, there's no kitchen injury wing, and the pair will have to wait.

Dressed in a pair of black scrubs with the 'VOLUNTEER' tag right in front so she's not holding herself out as a doctor or a nurse, Elena is handing a small cup of chewable, flavored aspirin to a little boy holding onto his mother's hand at the waiting room. "Here you go….the doctor should be with him at any minute," she assures the mother in Spanish, who replies back with the same, rapid fire tones she had just shot at her. Checking the time on her wrist, she stands up and exhales. It was almost time to go, and not a moment too soon. She was starving. Her eyes scan the ER's waiting area in hopes to catch sight of a certain someone she was going to catch dinner with….and blinks when she sees Jack enter through the doors with the woman she remembers from that jazz club a couple of weeks ago.

Obviously, Jack is both hungry and patently unfond of the emergency room. He doesn't even have time to type his own name.

Not from the entrance, but from further within the hospital, does Nathan emerge. He's talking quietly to a doctor, whose demeanor is apologetic, shaking his head at the former politician before offering a hand. Nathan looks reluctant to end the conversation, muttering one more question, before letting the attending go after a brief handshake. Well that was unproductive. He stands in place for a few moments, as if making up his mind of what to do next or whom to talk to, hands in his pockets and largely unnoticing of his surroundings.

Mr. Hendrickson steps inside the hospital, removing his dark grey overcoat and fedora. The tall thug is dressed in his usual suit, and is carrying what looks like a shoebox under one arm. He brushes himself off lightly before folding the coat over his arm, and tucking the hat into the crook of his elbow. He does not look injured, and indeed, he isn't! He is apparently visiting someone, and steps up the desk, or waits in line if he must, before speaking quietly to a desk clerk, probably inquiring as to the whereabouts of his poor, sick friend. Probably.

Right behind Jack and Yael are Viola and her husband. In quite the rush, the lieutenant has her sights right on the first nurse she can find and all but attempting to drag her husband along for the ride. "Where is Detective Morrison's bed?" She does not sound like she wants to be jerked around as to patient's right to privacy.

There's a soft humming noise, then Lia and her wheelchair poke her head into the emergency room. The girl looks a bit pallid, and shaky; her eyes are haunted even as she watches everyone in the emergency room.

"A little iron would be good for you, Jack." Undeterred by his snippy comments, Yael casts a longing glance back to the door and asks in a wistful tone, "Did I turn off the stove? I don't think I did. We should go back." It's true, actually. She didn't turn off the stove at all. Jack, however, did. Nice try, Yael. "It doesn't even hurt. Look," she says to Jack, her accent more obvious now than it generally is, gesturing to the other patients in the ER. "We're going to be here for hours." When she gets no closer to convincing him, however, she makes a quiet whimper of protest and turns back to the nurse at the registration, grudgingly giving her details.

It's from the entrance that the other Petrelli brother steps into the area. Though he doesn't need a doctor, he's still looking paler than normal from the ordeal he'd been through the last few days, a little red around the eyes as well. Otherwise, Peter doesn't look too bad as he glances around and finds the person he came here to meet. Not his brother, but the young woman in a Volunteer tag, speaking in Spanish. He doesn't even recognize the bartender right away, as he'd entered behind him. It takes a moment, but when he does, his eyes slide from Elena towards the man, a look of concern, but he's sure that the staff will handle it. He just makes his way towards the young woman he came to meet, and stands out of the way. No need to interrupt her completely, so all he does is wave. And no, he doesn't notice his brother.

Dark, amber-flecked eyes lift up from her chat to see something gesturing at the corner of her eyes. Turning her head, she beams when she sees Peter standing there and waving at her. She excuses herself from the conversation after she gestures the little boy and his mother towards the doctor waiting for them down the hall, Elena tugging down on the wrinkled scrubs top she has on. She pivots, and jogs over to where Peter is standing. While she can't just hug him in public (that will come later, because he looks like he needs it), she does smile at him warmly, extending a hand towards him. "Hi," she says cheerfully, though looking at him, the smile fades just a touch. "You look tired," she says, lowering her voice. "You're not getting sick on me, are you?"

Like many other people in the hospital, Evelyn is waiting. There's clearly nothing wrong with her, as she sits there with one foot tucked up onto her other knee and her nose in a book. Thus, she's picked an out-of-the-way seat for herself. She gives a brief glance to everyone who passes by, but generally not much more note than that at the moment.

Grinning, Jack gives the wounded Yael a quick hip-check. "I told you I'd stitch it up if you didn't feel like waitin'. I've done it a bunch of times. How different can you be from a dog or a pair of jeans?" Oblivious to his own delivery of what most women would consider a mortal insult, the Irishman scoops up a pen and quickly begins to fill in the blanks on Yael's admission sheet. No, as yet Jack has not noticed any of the enormous wad of people he's met before. He's too busy cracking wise and trying to make his handwriting look presentable.

You know how twins are said to be able to sense each other's whereabouts and stuff? It must be exclusively a twin thing, because Nathan completely and utterly misses his brother's presence even in the same room. But that is mostly because his gaze falls upon the rather distinct, looming figure of the fedora-wearing thug. At first it's just curiosity, then he squints. But no. New York can't be that small.

Lia continues moving through the room on her wheelchair, and the young woman looks lonely, and lost, and she eventually ends up somewhere in the back of the room between Nathan and Evelyn, and blame her, she starts moving towards Nathan, and she chirps up at him. Look at her. Distractor! "Excuse me, sir, what are you looking for?"

Fixing Jack with an incredulous stare, Yael arches a brow. "I don't want to look like Frankenstein's monster," she shoots back, unimpressed - but not insulted. "And I don't think I want gangrene, either." She peers over his shoulder as he fills in the sheet, watching him carefully. "Wait," she says finally, looking sidelong to Jack. "You did stitches on a dog?"

Meanwhile, a nurse steps out and calls a name - Cara Hayes, prompting the woman with the flu-like affliction to rise from her seat. She winds her way through the other patients, covering her mouth with a hand and a tissue as she coughs. The man with the swollen ankle seems pretty displeased that he wasn't called before her.

"I'm okay," Peter answers the young woman as soon as she spots him and approaches. She may not understand, but there's a reason that he reaches out and cups the offered hand in both of his. One he's not quite sure he's ready to share with anyone who doesn't already know what happened. "A little weak, but… should be okay now," he says with a nod, releasing her hand and letting his drop as he glances back towards Jack for a moment, making sure he's settled in, and sees that he's working on filling out paper work. "I'm not too early, am I?" Still has not noticed his brother yet. It's a busy hospital.

Mr. Hendrickson talks quietly with the receptionist a moment, and if Nathan was to look very closely, he might notice the glint of metal in the tall man's mouth. The receptionist certainly has, but does not appear to be making a scene out of it. Regardless, Mr. Hendrickson nods, before turning to head to the interior of the hospital, and probably the back of the room. And just what is inside Mr. Hendrickson's shoebox? Only the Shadow knows.

Probably someone's balls!

"What?" Nathan looks to the side— then down at the little girl in the wheelchair, backing up a step. Child! He glances around in case maybe she was talking to someone else, but, no, to him. He forces a smile. "I'm looking for a friend of mine," he says. "But not having any luck."

Jack pushes the finished form and pen back across to the attendant, then once again leads Yael by the elbow, this time to a chair. Sure, he's a pain in the ass, but he takes good care of his friends. After scaring away someone's untethered child with a baleful glare he absently replies, "Yeh. Sled dog. They fight a lot." The reason for his detachment? He's finally spotted Peter and Elena, and he's waving.

She blinks when he reaches out with both hands to clasp hers, and she squeezes once, but while Elena searches his face, she can't quite tell if he's just tired, or tired for a reason. But the fact that he isn't sick seems to satisfy her. She rests her other hand on top of one set of his knuckles, and she gives him a small, if not somewhat concerned smile. "Well, let's get some food in you then," she tells him, injecting a bit more enthusiasm there. If he was tired and exhausted and worried, she'll try her best to alleviate his woes at least. "I just need to grab my things from the staff room. You're right on time, I'm hungry, and you won't believe the stories I have for you from the past two weeks." She pauses, and inquires tentatively. "You sure you don't need anything? Like aspirin?" Seeing Jack wave from his spot at Registration, she smiles at her 'Uncle Jack' and waves back.

Lia is a bright, smart, little girl in a wheelchair, and her eyes narrow. "You look like someone I've seen." She says promptly, eyes narrowing. Oh, hey. Maybe Nathan and Peter will finally realize their in the same /room!/ "I just… don't remember where." She bites her bottom lip then looks around the room.

Evelyn lifts her head as a name is called out, and watches the coughing woman move back through the room. She studies the door as if looking for someone else to return. Not finding the person she's waiting for, the girl goes back to her book. For about a grand total of two lines. Then the teen bookmarks it, closes the book, and stands up to stretch. Jack's waving catches Evelyn's attention, and she looks over at the motion for a moment, then at whomever he's waving to.

A young girl, probably high school aged at best, strides through the doors of the ER. She doesn't appear injured, and she doesn't exactly appear to be looking for anybody. That isn't to say she doesn't find somebody, however. The girl's eyes settle on Peter Petrelli and she freezes for just a moment. Of course. He would be here while she's trying to be productive, wouldn't he? A quick sweep of the area proves that his brother's about, too. The teenager's expression darkens. No matter. She simply changes directions.

Yael, on the other hand, quite genuinely likes children, and when Jack scares the kid away, she makes a face. "That was mean," she chides, but she doesn't really mean that. She flicks her attention to Elena and Peter when Jack waves to them; while Peter is unfamiliar, Elena is not. "I remember her." Pause. "Sort of. I think." She frowns, then turns her attention away, giving a cursory glance to the other patients in turn. "My hand is starting to hurt."

All told, the woman is gone for about five minutes before a voice comes across the intercom, declaring a code. It isn't a colour, it's a number, and specifies a region by letter. Instantly, the nurses by the registration desk turn to each other, some confused, others anxious. One is clearly oblivious. No one gets up to do anything, though one nurse stands for a few seconds, looking down the hallway, before she sits back down again.

At the implication that she has something to tell /him/ about the last two weeks that he won't believe… Peter can't help but laugh softly, almost as if that's a little too funny. "I'll believe just about anything these days, Elena… and I have a few stories I could share in return…" Maybe he'll work up the nerve to say them over the meal, but for now… his left hand tugs at his sleeve, as he moves as if to follow her towards the staff area, where he'll likely wait outside, "No, don't have a headache right now. Should be fine." What's going on around him doesn't really seem to bother him all that much. Hospitals always have a lot of activity.

You know what sounds weird to say to a child? Even to smart ones? I was elected to Congress. "Well I was on TV a lot a while ago," is Nathan's attempt, instead, before also glancing around the room. So caught up in /glancing/ because he barely registers the intercom and happens, rather, to land his gaze on his brother. Whether or not Peter is looking his way, Nathan raises a speculative eyebrow at him.

Lia shakes her head a bit. "No, it wasn't you I remember!" She says, then she watches Nathan's eyebrow, and she looks, and she turns. "Oh /yeah!/" She remarks. "Your Nathan and Peter Petrelli! The famous Senator in Congress!" Bite her. She too, also misses the code and the nurses.

The plan has changed, but there's no less purpose in the blonde teenager's actions. Another wrench is thrown into her plans when the announcement is made over the intercom. Her blonde head snaps up and she looks about sharply, eyes narrowing just a touch. Things have just gotten more difficult.

Clearly unimpressed by the answer she is given from the nurse, Viola is about to verbally ream her a new sitting place when the announcement comes over the speakers. Huh. Weird. Seeing the nurses stand up and look around, the lieutenant does the same. Hm. Were the doors always closed at the end of the hallway? She frowns at the nurse and her tone is much less angry and more curious. "What's that number mean?" Pause. "Whether you tell me or not, you better let me know the minute you know the Detective is out of surgery. I'm getting a drink." And with that she attempts to make her way out of the ER and to the cantina.

You know what? Jack doesn't really care what's going on. If he can't hit it or yell at it, he prefers for an issue to be someone else's problem. Part of maintaining his way of life is remaining carefully oblivious to things that can't be handled with the aforementioned cosmopolitan methods. Instead of concerning himself with intercoms and silly codes, he clucks in a motherly fashion at Yael's complaining. "I tried to tell you that a filet is sharper than it looks. Here." He plunges a hand into his coat and emerges a few seconds later with a prescription pill bottle. Whether or not it was there a moment ago is anybody's guess. "Have some Percocet," he continues. "They're yummy. Make you feel like sunshine and rainbows, trust me."

Mr. Hendrickson simply stops at the doorway into the Hospital Interior, probably ending up next to Nathan or Lia, and stares a moment, before looking up at the ceiling in search of the intercom, as if that would yield answers. He shakes his head a moment, before muttering quietly, "Why would they… there is no… bah. Hospitals." He would spit if this /wasn't/ a hospital. Spitting is unhygienic, and there are all kinds of sick people here!

"Yeah, right?" Elena says with a laugh, gesturing for him to follow her to the staff room just down the hall. "But this will be a change from the usual, I -promise- you." Why? Because all of her stories involve -Jaden-, and when Jaden is around, his Cone of Insanity sucks people in and their perception of the world is never the same again. But when he mentions a few stories in turn, she reaches out to squeeze his arm gently. "You can tell me about them once we're out of here. It's so crowded, I can hardly….."

As she steps in the staff room and grabs her backpack, she pauses at the intercom blaring out a number. She furrows her brows, pausing for a moment. Whatever emergency that was called, it sounded bad. And while she's been volunteering in hospitals since she was in high school, this was one code that she isn't really all that familiar with. "….that's weird…." she murmurs to Peter. "I don't recognize that…" And then, her stomach growls. LOUDLY. It sounded like an alien was about to bust out of her ribcage. She rests a hand on her stomach, and turns crimson in embarrassment. She grins at Peter though. "….ah heh…..I skipped lunch," she confesses sheepishly.

Just about to sit back down, Evelyn pauses at the odd code spoken over the intercom. Odd, at least, in that the only thing she's heard since she's been here is names called and people chattering, really. (Not necessarily over the intercom.) It's probably normal for a hospital, at least as far as she knows. She looks around as if to figure out the reason for the difference, and sees… not much. The girl shrugs - and goes back to her chair.

The code means nothing to Yael, although she cants her head to one side and listens quite intently for any indication of what it might mean. The nurses' faces offer no indication beyond general confusion, and that seems to disappoint the Israeli journalist. "And be high like a kite? No, Jackie. I wonder what that code meant. The only one I know is blue." She's quiet for a few seconds, doing some Very Serious Listening and Staring, until her brow furrows. "Oh. That was weird." Looking back to Jack, she pushes up to her feet and shuffles towards the junction of hallways, leaning out to look down each one. "Are all the doors usually closed like that? Because I just heard them all."

Oblivious Nurse is… pretty oblivious. She goes traipsing down one of the hallways at a steady pace, still laughing from some story she was telling to the other, more concerned nurses back in the emergency room. As she giggles to herself, she pushes both hands against the metal bar of the fire doors… and slams right into it. WHAM. Those in the ER are liable to hear some minor cursing and a whole lot of clicking as the nurse shoves the bar repeatedly, to no avail.

Funny, the only reason Peter even notices Elena's stomach grumble is because she said something about it. Laughing, he puts a hand against the teen's arm, moving to follow her back towards the exit. "You shouldn't skip meals, but at least I can make sure you eat enough for dinner." He's still smiling faintly despite the paleness on his face when he notices the poor nurse slamming into the door. What's that about? He frowns, looking at the poor woman who's cursing and trying to get outside. "…What..?" he asks, sounding confused.

"Congressman," he says, in reply to 'Senator'. She may be a child, but she may as well get it right. Nathan's attention, however, is on his death-pale brother, not recognising the girl he's talking to. "But yeah, that's right," he says, as an aside to Lia. "How do you know…" He trails off at the sound of swearing, glancing over his shoulder and squinting at the worrying sight of the nurse shoving, without any luck, at the door.

Lia says cheerfully, "If your a Congressman, you are on the news a lot! They mentioned both of you too, and your wives or not-wives and things like that." Not-wives = Mistresses. Duh. Then she watches his gaze and Lia frowns at the nurse. "I've been coming to Mount Sinai for /years/." She says flatly. "Something's wrong if the doors are locked, especially these doors that surround the ER."

Lockdown. Lovely. The blonde girl curses under her breath and looks about for somewhere to duck out of sight. A restroom, maybe? Heck, she'd even take a closet at this point. She weaves her way through the people in the waiting area, quickly moving toward one of the halls. There's got to be someplace she can hide for a quick… change.

"Uhhh.." Forgotten, the pill bottle is tucked back into one of Jack's pockets. Purposeful ignorance can only protect him so far, and the sudden nurse-on-door collision doesn't sit well with him. He stands as well, following Yael. "I don't think they're supposed to be closed. And I definitely don't think that the people who work here are supposed to do that-" he points to Oblivious Nurse, not about to buck the trend of people noticing her. A quick, sidelong glance is shot in Peter and Elena's direction. His earlier impulse to go chat it up has been replaced with a more immediate need to see something other an ugly hospital ceiling above his head. Crossing quickly to another door, he finds it similarly unwilling to budge. "Uh. Shit. Not good." Instantly, beads of sweat spring up around his hairline, and his grey eyes go wide. Someone doesn't like being cooped up.

Mr. Hendrickson stares at the Oblivious Nurse a moment before shaking his head. He moves to stand near the back of the room, non-chalantly leaning against a wall and, apparently, content to simply wait and see what happens. While waiting, the thug passes the shoebox off to his left hand, freeing up his right so it can reach into his suit jacket and pull out…. A GU-Oh, no, it's a handkerchief. He wipes his face down once before putting it back into his jacket.

"Heeeeey." Elena curls a knuckle and taps it lightly on Peter's shoulder, laughing as they move out of the staff room and towards the nearest door out. "I'm not the one who looks like I was hoping for a bit part in a George Romero film," she teases. "I'll be okay for a bit. Besides, we've got time, and you could use a break. So I think this is what we'll do. There's this awesome, hole-in-the-wall shabu shabu place downtown I can introduce you to and we can Iron Chef each other into eating enough for dinner, and -then- we can skip over to Mike's Pastries in Little Italy for some -real- cannolis. And coffee, of course. But it—" And then she blinks, furrowing her brows at the nurse as she slams on the bar to try and get to another part of the hospital. "….I thought that door was unlocked earlier?" she wonders.

Evelyn doesn't go back to her book immediately, even if she did flip open to the marked page. Instead, she looks around the room again… violet eyes settling on the nurse and the door that won't open. Okay, that's different. All manner of different. Tucking the book under her arm and pushing her hair back behind her ears, the teen crosses the room quickly, slipping past Elena and Peter, to the doors that go outside. And… no, they really /don't/ open.

Bob has gotten ushered in from the X-Ray room, and he's still wearing one of those lead vests. Now the circumstances that led him to be getting X-rays will remain something of a mystery for now, but the man looks beyond irritated, as if a hospital lockdown is just some manner of minor problem that might have been solved had /someone/ been a little more competent.

Yael actually hadn't noticed the oblivious nurse until Jack pointed her out. Now that she has, though, there's a moment where she finds the nurse's antics amusing - until she realizes what it means. "Oh. Why would they lock us up like that?" Turning back to Jack, she seems expectant, as if he ought to have the answer. His condition, however, seems to concern her. "Jack? Are you okay?"

With all of the doors closed and people rapidly discovering that they can't leave the emergency room, some patients are getting a little upset. The man with the swollen ankle, in particular, seems decidedly displeased to have to sit here any longer. "HEY," he bellows across the room, directed to the nurses. No one addresses him, as the nurses are somewhat occupied speaking with each other quite animatedly, their voices lowered.

"If I didn't know better, I'd wonder if you had planned this as some kind of elaborate…" Peter's voice trails off, as he tries to respond to all of her plans for dinner with everything that's going on. He'd been teasing, really. But at the sight of the doors not opening, he frowns for a moment and then glances around, looking at Jack trying to get out, to no avail, and finally spotting his brother with a hint of surprise. Though he does not notice the man in the lead vest who'd been getting x-rays at all. Perhaps he's lucky to have noticed his brother in the first place… "Elena? Do you know what's going on?" he finally asks, looking towards the young woman who offers this hospital her services.

Yeah, hi, Pete. Nathan shrugs at him, before looking towards where Evelyn is trying the front doors that don't yield to her efforts. Oh joy. With a glance to Lia, Nathan turns and moves briskly towards the exit to try it himself, in case, somehow, Evelyn was /doing it wrong/. But no. "What the hell," he growls, when it doesn't give, turning back to the room, giving the staff a pointed look. This is where you explain what's going on, damnit.

Lia watches everyone move, and quietly, Lia turns her wheelchair to go towards a window. Her eyebrows raise, slightly, and it takes a few minutes before she struggles to pull herself out of the chair- then, marionette-style, she floats up slightly to push up at the window. "Come on." She mutters, shutting her eyes briefly. "/Open./"

Jackpot. A blonde teen enters an unoccupied examination room. A woman in her thirties with dark eyes, a mop of unruly dark hair and teal scrubs exits, giving a quick glance about as she goes.

Not paying attention to the panic that others are experiencing, Viola strides up to the sliding doors so that she can get herself a drink. However, they don't open. While she doesn't run right into them like the unfortunate nurse did with the other door, she's certainly confused. In fact, she starts waving a hand slowly in front of the sensor to make sure that it's not just her positioning. Hm. Nope. Then, she heads to another door and tries that one. Still nothing. Turning around, she folds her arms in front of her. While annoyed, she's not shouting like the ankle man. "So, what's the deal?" she asks in a somewhat louder, authoritative voice. "I think we deserve to know why we can't leave if we can't."

Jack lets out a long whoosh of breath and spins to press his back against the thoroughly not-opening door. "Shit," he repeats, and sags against it morosely. The moisture at his brow is bordering on flopsweat, his eyes are a little on the wild side, and his normally steady basso voice is strained. "Yeah. Fine. I'm fine." It seems that's attempting to reassure himself as much as he is Yael. His hands are busy digging out the silver flask that he's never without, which he unstoppers and half-drains in a single gulp. Longing glances are sent in the direction of the other doors, which each have at least one person clinging to them by now. Sighing, he gives a quick head shake and proceeds to a more constructive task. Wait. Waitasec. THE GIRL IS FLOATING. The Irishman prods his injured friend in the ribs and points with one long finger. "Cohen. CohenCohenCohen. The girl is floating," he murmurs. "I mean… She is floating, isn't she? I haven't had that much to drink."

Mr. Hendrickson remains leaned against the wall, arms as crossed as they can be while occupied, and simply waits. He is obviously a man of action, not thinking.

"I….I don't know…." Elena tells Peter, glancing over at him and following his gaze to Jack, who….doesn't seem to be able to get out either. And then, she looks over at the nurse's station. She rests a hand on his arm. "Hang on a minute, I…" And while the nurses chatter quietly near her, one word stands out. And that one word makes her face….well, first it's -incredulous-, like it's some sort of joke. But then her face starts to pale just a tad. She grabs onto Peter's arm with both hands. She would say it out loud, but she doesn't want to cause a panic. Granted, she can do that -without- saying anything but that's besides the point. There were injured children in the ER. She murmurs something to him urgently and starts looking around for a doctor. A nurse. -Someone- she could accost.

Evelyn looks up at Nathan as he's suddenly looming up next to her and also trying the door. She draws in a deep breath and steps away, obtaining for herself a little more space. See? Lots of space. The girl stuffs her hands in her pockets when she realizes she's fussing with her hair, then smiles thinly as Nathan turns his attention to the staff. She looks between him and them, hopeful that someone will provide answers.

Bob removes the vest, revealing an undershirt tucked into drab brown pants. He looks over the tops of his glasses at everyone in the ER. He'll let others do the talking and the panicking and the attempting to figure out what's going on — for now he waits, watches, and tries to remain an unobtrusive little toad man in the corner of the room, annoyance or not. No need to further escalate things by calling attention to himself in this crowd.

"What?" Yael hadn't been paying attention to Jack until he said her name, and she glances back over her shoulder in the direction of the girl. Her attention is somewhat divided. "Floating?" Canting her head to one side, she watches Lia for a few seconds. Either the girl has stopped floating or Yael is not seeing properly, because she reaches out with her uninjured hand and whacks Jack pretty solidly in the shoulder. "That isn't funny. She's in a /wheelchair./ You should be ashamed."

This is where the nurses begin to look uncertain. Should they be telling the patients, or should they not be? No one immediately responds to Viola, though they certainly glance towards her. Finally, one of them - probably around thirty years old, with the demeanor of one who's used to being in charge - circles around the desk. Clapping her hands together loudly, she calls, "ATTENTION, please! Everyone on this side-" She makes a sweeping gesture with her hands, dividing the room roughly in half. "-needs to follow me to another room. Everyone else will be following Melissa." Another nurse steps forward, this one younger. "Everyone with me, follow the blue line on the floor."

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