2007-02-17: Outed


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Summary: Eric returns from his visit to his family only to discover things just went from bad to worse. He reveals to the Gomezes that a "friend" of his willingly gave up his keys to his lake house in the Hamptons for their use.

Date It Happened: February 17th, 2007


Eric Walker's Apartment, High Rise Apartments, Greenwich Village

Ramon comes in with bags. Bags of clothes, bags of groceries. "Elena!" he calls. "Elena, how's your back feeling honey?" He speaks in rapid, concerned Spanish. He doesn't treat it like his own house, but carefully sets his things in a corner and unpacks all the groceries, putting them away. Keeping the man's house well stocked is the least he can do.

"I'm just changing the bandage, Papa," Elena says. Thank goodness she danced, and often, as an extracurricular activity. It lent her enough flexibility. And she was thankful that Eric's bathroom had no shortage of mirrors. She softly hisses when she cuts away the gauze, and tosses it neatly in the trash can. And then, she peels away the pad that's sealed the burn cream in the ugly looking wound carefully, watching the pink, angry flesh come into view with the darker ring surrounding it. It was painful, and it hurt, but she was somehow keeping the pain at bay….it still stung a little though.

Eric had been away, and he had left the place to Elena, so he shouldn't be surprised when he opens the door and someone happens to be there. The fact that she's still there shouldn't surprise him, but it does. It surprises him, as does the fact that she's not the only one there. There is the sound of a key in the lock, and then a slightly tired looking Eric strolls in, locking the door behind him with a large yawn that is half heartedly covered. However he blinks as he looks around once. Then again. "…oh god…" He blinks. "…oh god…" Pause. "She /cleaned/," He almost moans.

Don't worry boss, he'll wonder over there in a second and figure it all out.

Ramon closes the fridge, watching Eric come in. "She felt its the least she can do," he rumbles. "We Gomezes pay our debts. Its who we are. Its what we do. We're not nearly done paying ours to you, but…she started with cleaning. And if she cooks — well that might be because you're a lousy cook. I am."

Elena hasn't appeared from the bathroom yet. But Eric would see that there is still a box left unpacked. He'd find one of the heads of his trophies sticking out from it. It is indicative, at least, that she didn't touch those.

He seems relieved that she didn't touch that last box for some reason. However the young man swings his head towards Ramon's voice. "Boss?" He says sounding oh so very relieved. "You really are alright! And…and you're here! Well of course you're here, were else would you be…I mean if you weren’t here then you would be…lost still and…" He pauses. "…I'm babbling again aren’t I?"

Ramon gives a faint, resigned hint of a…s…m…i….le…"Still here, yes. Didn't take off after my collapse. It seems going it alone is a damn fool thing to do. Go figure." The hint of whatever it is disappears. "She's in the bathroom. She took … she…" His face darkens again.

Elena is still in the bathroom. Don't mind me, talk amongst yourselves!

"She's alright isn't she?!" Eric asks as his eyes slide in the direction of the bathroom before focusing back on Ramon again. "…well…I'm glad you're here." He finally says, blowing out a breath before shaking his head and running a hand through his curly hair.

"She got burned by a woman who throws fireballs," Ramon says. "Who took her hostage. In central park." He hesitates, then says, "There's a lot to fill you in on. I'm afraid we've been using your apartment as home base ever since." Gruffly, he says, "I'd understand if you want to kick us out, Eric."

The door to the bathroom opens, and Elena can be seen pulling down her shirt carefully as she walks out, shutting the bathroom door and carrying a medical kit with her. She blinks when she sees Ramon and Eric, and she smiles. She looks tired - rings under her eyes from lack of sleep. "Eric, I hope you don't mind but I cleaned your place a little bit." She walks towards both men, setting the kit carefully on the granite kitchen island separating the living room and the kitchen.

Thump. That would be Eric sitting right down on his couch. He shakes his head slightly towards Elena first before he glances over and towards Ramon, managing a slight half smirk half smile towards him. "Kick you out, and just after I got the keys to…a friend of mine's lake house for us to use? Tempting, but no." He blinks back over towards Elena then before he manages a second smile. "No no, I don't mind…I'm sure it needed it."

Ramon looks relieved to see Elena up and about. "I just felt it right to offer." And for one moment, perhaps for a night or two, Ramon is thinking…just let him go flop there. At this lake house. Xander is keen to try to take care of all of this stuff. Maybe they should just /let him/. Of course there's still Rose. And the serial killer. And…a day won't hurt will it?

"….a lake house?" Elena wonders. "…..you have some really rich friends, Eric. Are you sure they won't mind?" she asks, inclining her head at him, and looking in between her classmate and her father.

Eric shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, I set it all up already," No, his big sister won't mind all that much. She won't be using it for parties anytime soon, lake houses are so last year already. So he has a decent enough rain of it all. However he pauses a moment before glancing between the two of them. "…mind telling me what happened though since I was gone?"

Ramon nods his head. "I will," he says gravely. He says, "We've learned that this is some sort of company, and Benjamin was initially approached about going to a hospital in Hartsdale. It appears to be a hospital for our kind, and people go willingly or unwillingly. Recently a woman named Kellie escaped. She's the one who shoots fire from her fingertips. I know that one of the agents of this company is her father, but he seems to be in charge of a good portion." He pauses, and continues. "We still don't understand the role the big black man people are calling the Haitian plays, but he made it a point to give us a clue to Catalina's mother that has blown the case wide open with the DA's office. The one who killed her is a serial murderer, and the fourth murder may have taken place on Valentine's Day. He says he has a suspect." He is /trying/ to organize his thoughts, but so much has happened. "I have had the need for support beaten upside my head after my overload. Xander, the DA, doesn't want us anywhere near it, but seems to think threatening these people with the full extent of the law will have any real effect. I think he's doing a wonderful job with Catalina's case and is underestimating the company utterly. The woman, Angie, who helped kidnap Benjamin was there at the park and helped capture Kellie. Xander was there, and made it clear that we'd gone to him, the DA, bringing us even further to their attention, even if Angie hadn't looked me right in the eye and promised to 'see me soon'. So in short…" He grunts, this long speech seeming to have exhausted him. "It just gets better and better."

Elena falls quiet, letting her father field this. She takes a seat, but slowly, and she's careful not to rest on her back.

"Oh…" Eric blinks a moment, and the darkness around him ripples slightly. He's worried that’s obvious enough. He coughs though before he looks up again. "…so what are we all going to do now. It sounds like the best thing to do would be to get out of town, somewhere that they couldn't find us."

Ramon just shakes his head and spreads his hands. He's given up on any pretense that he knows what to do. That he knows what's best. Maybe that is why he's actually finding some smiles, paradoxically enough. Because he's being /forced/ to let go.

"I think we should go. Before they find out about Eric, too," Elena says softly. "So far no one knows about him and….if there's a place we can switch over without putting him out further we ought to take it."

"Well then I think we should go then," Eric says with a slight sigh and a shake of his head. He stands and stretches easily enough before glancing around the apartment. "…once…I figure out where all my stuff is." The younger man adds as he looks around the place and ruffles his hair again. "And you're not putting me out too much…I mean…if I do good at this the boss might give me a raise."

"The boss is on family and medical leave," Ramon says dryly. "And is in no fit position." He watches Eric. Then looks at Elena. "Then I suppose I should pass on this address in Kirby Plaza to the DA then, while we lay low?" Goodness knows that's how Xander would prefer it.

"We might as well," Ramon says after a long moment of thought. "We don't have anything we can follow up on." He shakes his head and scrubs a hand over his face. " The boss is on family and medical leave though, and in no fit position to give raises. Truth be told, the boss is tired and ready to rest."

Elena nods. "I'll go pack my things," she says softly, casting an apologetic look at Eric before scuttling off. God. She's never gonna be able to look at him without feeling so freaking guilty now. >_<

Eric glances between the pair of them before blinking slightly. "Look you two…" He says as he crosses his arms. "…stop looking like that, you're not putting me out, I'm not mad. Just…hell, you two are quite possibly the only proof that I'm not crazy. So lets get out of here before anything worse happens eh?"

Ramon thinks for a long moment, staring at Eric and his dismay. At last he says, "I hereby name you a honorary Latino." He nods his head. "There. Now we can go crash at his lake house and feel no guilt, chiquita. There's people over at our house all the time, and we've been to the Castros, and the Milenas…" Did he…joke?

"Alright, Papa," Elena says quietly, gathering her things - which is really just a backpack, her notebooks, her phone, her med kit, and some clothes. She comes back to the living room. She's busily not looking at anyone though. The entire situation was weighing on her, and she IS worrying about midterms. That and she was taken hostage and stared down the barrel of a gun in the past forty eight hours.

An…Honorary Latino…that’s just…really flippin bizarre. Its the last thing that he would be thinking would be happening. He just shakes his head before he sighs. "…alright, well then…lets all get going…" Pause. "…do either of you have a car?"

More bizarre than reading minds, removing pain with a touch and manipulating the shadows? "Just the RTS van, which is stuck back at work," Ramon says. He thinks it through again. "But I bought the credit cards. We can rent a car. This time on my dollar." Firmly. Very firmly. Honorary Latino or no, Eric can't be carrying the whole load.

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