2010-05-02: Packing For The Amazon



Date: May 02, 2010


Mark and Cody finish up packing and discuss the trip.

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Mark's Apartment

For once, Mark isn't wearing a dress shirt and slacks, this time he's wearing a ringer t-shirt and jeans. Currently, he's working on latching a case for a journey down south. "So… the plan is…" He says while holding the lid of the container down while he pushes the latches into place. "These will be express shipped down to the resort where we will start out. Dr. Ray told me the jeep is down there already." New jeep! New toy! "He assured me it'll be perfect down there."

With a satisfying click, Mark finally straightens patting his hand on it. "So we won't have to take too much on the plane." Bending down, he picks up one particular case. "This is the one Dr. Ray is sending for us to look for stuff for his jar collection." He points at the woman in the apartment with him, helping him pack the rest of the gear. "You… are in charge of that." A grin flashing on his face. As he pawns off the task on someone else.

As the date has gotten closer, the tension has bled out of Mark, this was the thing he loved. This was his hobby, at the moment he's Mark Scotts… world explorer. Not Marcus Lane III heir to an evil business man.

Cody's been all over the place in the past couple of weeks, between all of her little jobs and things, she's been quite busy. At the moment, she's not helping with anything except listening to her orders and writing everything down in swirling Arabic scrawl. "I should find someone to help me out with the proper forms for bringing it over the border. I can't figure it's just as easy as putting things in a jaw and mailing it." Another item for the list.

The woman is comfortably dressed in one of Mark's flannel shirts and a pair of her own cargo pants that are rolled up midcalf. She returns his smile, hers not as easy and lighthearted but warmed by his tension free one. "So far my packing consists of power bars, underwear, and socks… I'm thinking I'll need a bit more than that but I was thinking about buying a bunch down there, just so we don't have so much on the plane." She gives him a quick wink and widens her smile, it's a lot easier seeing him so excited. "Maybe just enough to fit in a big backpack?"

"Somehow, knowing you, you'll do fine, no matter what, down there." Mark teases as he settles the case on top of the other. Their big and bulky, getting them all into the car and to the mailing place, will be a chore, but… worth it. Well, in his mind anyhow. "You did just fine in Kuwait." He reminds her with a chuckles, as he checks the locks on the boxes that are already packed up.

Moving past the boxes, he picks up some of the paperwork near her, with a small frown, something bothering him suddenly. The man says rather casually, "My father wished me good luck." For Mark those words sound odd. His last trip had resulted in his father berating him about using company funds for his trips.

Cody's eyebrows twitch together a little, into a slight frown. Swinging her legs off the couch, she reaches up and pulls Mark down beside her. "He wished you… good luck?" Her eyes darken just a little in confusion as she tries to understand the meaning behind it. "He doesn't usually support your trips, does he? Do you think he's just looking for his own data?"

Immediately, Cody scribbles down another illegible addition to her list. "Just in case, I'm going to get more power bars." Whether she did fine in Kuwait or not, she doesn't want to be just fine on this trip. By her determination, she means to be an asset rather than a liability. "Oh, and I talked to a friend of mine, she's going to meet us down there. You'll like her."

"Not in the slightest." Mark grouses slightly, as he drops heavily into his seat. "I think he's gunning for whatever we find down there." There is a heavy sigh out of his nose, as his head turns slightly to look in her direction, though he doesn't look right at her. "I dunno… it's weird knowing what I know and to have him wishing me a good trip." There is a soft chuckle and adds sounding amused. "Even my mom gave him a weird look."

The mention of a friend, gets a upward tweak of brows. "A friend?" His mouth tugs to the side, and his arm moves to rest around her shoulders. "Hopefully we'll have a good crew and we'll find what we're looking for."

Cody grunts and nods as she leans heavily against Mark's side. "Well, we'll just have to be extra careful about what we find, hmm?" She turns her head and gives him a smile while poking a couple of knuckles into his side and twisting them. "Don't worry Mark, Dr. Ray and I both have your back. Now that Alex is on board too, you've got a trifecta of backwatching."

She relaxes quite a bit as she looks out over the multiple suitcases and boxes that Mark's already packed. Her own meager belongings are already piled at the door. "Her name's Jo Scott, she worked with me in Protocol." There's no point hiding any of her activities from him now, not after everything they've already been through. "She needed something to do after all of it was blown out of the water, so I offered her a place on the team."

"Mmm…" Is all she gets in regard to his father and a small yelp when she digs those knuckles in, his hand moves across to grabs hers. "Hey now… be careful, I bruise easy." Of course, he's only joking about that.

"Jo Scott?" There is amusement in his tone, "People might confuse her for my wife." His brow wag slightly. "You know… Jo Scott… Mark Scotts." Mark's mood at least isn't drug too far down with the thought of his dad's enthusiasm at his trip. "I'm sure she'll be just fine." His arm tights around her briefly. "I'm just ready to be out of here. Away from the kidnappings, the forcing children to be weapons, my dad — I'll miss my mom though."

"They better not…" Cody says lightly in regards to her friend, her smile just as wide as his. She weaves her fingers with Mark's when he grabs her hand and sits there silently for a moment as she enjoys his brief moment of amusement. Their scratches and cuts have faded immensely since their care of the young boy started and ended so quickly.

"It's over for now, the kidnapping of kids. For how long, I don't know, but for now we're done. Protocol is gone, dealing of human weapons is over for the most part." She can't and won't tell him that it's done for good, he's too smart to believe it if she lied to him about it anyway.

"Hey… chin up soldier," she says softly as he relates the sentiment about his mother. "We're not leaving forever and who knows, you might be able to pick up a few good souvenirs for her while we're down there. Maybe an Ent arm or something." She gives him a little smile as she's not sure exactly what types of things he does bring back for her when he's away.

"Actually, she asked for a sombrero… that or a cute little Mexican man with — and I can't believe I'm saying this — with a tight little ass to be her pool boy." Mark comments with a chuckle, "And that was her exact words. She was never one for being politically correct." His head shakes slowly.

A foot lifts to rest on coffee table his toes wiggle a little, before he sighs again. "Your right it's not over… that's obvious by my dads cheerful goodbye." He leans over and presses the tip of his nose to her temple for a moment before he presses a chaste kiss there. "Thank you for going with me." He says softly.

His mother's request chases a rather boisterous laugh from the blonde. "You know, I can see why Dr. Ray likes her so much… and why he says I remind him of her. It sounds like something I would say. Not that I have a pool, of course, but still…"

Then his mood sombers a little, causing Cody to turn her head and raise her free hand to cup his cheek, studying him for a long while before saying anything at all. "Anytime," she murmurs with a smile, "you're good for me. You keep me honest and on my toes at the same time." She pauses for a moment before continuing, "and… With you, I can relax. I don't think anyone knows me as well as you do. Except maybe Pyle and Erin…"

"Yeah… well… they don't either." Mark comments lightly with a big grin. "She just likes to get a rise out of my father. Keep him on his toes."

His hand reaches up to wrap his hand around the one on his cheek and brings it around to press his lips to her fingers, "Your good for me, too… and bad for my health at the same time," he teases, but then his shoulders slope upward and he releases her hand. "But in a good way." Eyes narrow slightly in thought. "Besides, if I hadn't have met you, I'd still probably be blundering along blindly.

"Once we get back, I have to start trying to figure how to stop all this without destroying the company." Mark glances as her and then the piles of boxes for the mail place. "This trip will be good for us both. A chance to relax… have fun… just you and me…" Her trails off and then adds. "… and a whole team of people." Hmm. "Well… it'll still be fun."

Dropping her hand to his waist, Cody curls a little closer to him, enjoying the moment of just doing nothing. "Nah, if you hadn't met me, you might have been rescued from the cave by someone a little more competent." She raises her chin to look at him, giving off an air of conceit. "Not as good looking but a little more competent." It's fairly safe to say that she doesn't believe a word of what she's saying.

She chuckles lightly at his brief synopsis of the trip they're about to embark on and shakes her head. "It will be good, fun and good. As long as we don't meet any of those little toothpick fish…" Then she narrows her eyes at him and purses her lips lightly, "..so don't take a leak in the river."

'Aw man… that was on my to do list." Mark says with a heavy dramatic sigh and mock annoyance, before that grin flashes across his lips. "We do have a boat for going down the river. Rubber boat, Dr Ray swears the Piranha won't touch it." He points to one of the other boxes. "Got water purifying tablets in one of those boxes, so we can make sure we're not going to drink any parasites… cause getting the runs in the middle of no where is absolutely no fun."

"The medic, Cory, will be down there about the time we fly out of Manaus for the resort." Mark sounds like he's going down a mental check list.

Cody's head takes a sharp turn as she looks over to the box with the tablets. "I think that just maybe we should take a few of those tablets in our suitcases, just in case they don't make it in time." Not that she's really worried about drinking a parasite, she's had so more bugs from more countries than she has fingers and toes. Still.

"There's a few things that I want to try while I'm down there. I heard they make liquor from fermented fruit juice and spit, have you ever tried it?" The blonde asks him with a rather innocent smile on her lips.

The mention of the fermented drink gets a bland look from Mark. "No." And by his tone he doesn't plan too. "And I already have a pack of tablets in my backpack, but this stuff we're shipping overnight, it shouldn't be a problem."

Mark is quiet for a moment. "You… ah… didn't warn Alexandra about the spiders did you?" With the way the terrakinetic reacted at the idea of bugs. "You know… the really really big one? I — don't think we'll see those, so… I figure we might as well not freak her out any."

"Awww, you're not going to try the spitcohol with us? Come on, Mark, you need to crawl out of that shell of yours and live a little." Cody teases, nudging her body against his side. "I'm also going to try roasted tarantula, and some of the other little delicacies that the Amazon has to offer."

His question about the warning though, that gets a sly little grin out of Cody. "No, I didn't tell her a thing. If she's really smart, she would have looked it all up beforehand. If she didn't, well that's pretty much her loss."

"Good." Mark says with a touch of relief. "It'll be bad enough with the rest of it… if she's anything like I've seen before." Robert has had one or two of them. "But we'll hope she's not… too bad."

Mark is silent for a long moment, before he starts pulling away, though he pauses long enough to lean over and steal a quick kiss. "Come on you, before you distract me. These boxes won't get to the mailer themselves." He scoots forward to stand, hands on his knees to push himself up to his feet. "After we get those out, then you can distract me."

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