Pamela Hall
Pamela Hall
Portrayed By Shandi Finnessey
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 9th, 1979
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Unemployed
Known Relatives Agatha Hall (mother), Horatio Hall (father), Mary-Anne Hall (sister; deceased), Joe Hall (nephew), Julie Hall (neice)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Size Manipulation
First Appearance Don't Be a Menace To New York, While Driving Your Car In Times Square

Pamela broke free of her parent's diabolical plans to make her into a ballerina, and instead travelled to Japan to study martial arts. Everyone she has ever met has told her she should give up. She never has. Instead, she has excelled, and surpassed the expectations of everyone around her, but never herself. She believes sincerely that she has the potential to do anything she wants to do, and that no amount of nay-saying can stop her. Having returned to America, she is now in New York City, battling to take care of her deceased sister's legacy: kids, home, and a secret life of drugs, sex, and mob dealings. Fun times.


Pamela Hall is from sunny California. While not dumb, exactly, academics has never been her strong suit, and so she leaves most of the complex stuff to other people. She was a cheerleader in highschool, when what she really wanted was to be out on the field, playing sports with the guys. Instead of attending college in full, as her parents wished, she only studied the Japanese language enough to be able to read and speak it passingly. Then she travelled to Japan, where she trained in Kempo-Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, and Kung-Fu, under various teachers, for ten years. She was told repeatedly by just about every teacher and practitioner of martial arts she met that she should give up, as her size and perceived clumsiness made her unsuitable for the fighting styles of the Japanese. This was not so much based in reality, and more based in 'tall, big-breasted, blonde, uneducated gaijin. Must be incompetent and useless by definition'. But Pamela never gave up, and worked her hardest to become the best she could be.

Pamela returned to America to train in the Rocky Mountains, needing some solitude after the packed streets of Japan. She also realized she had an anger management problem, and wanted to do some soul searching to try to gain more self control. However, when her sister was killed in New York, she had to drop everything to attend the funeral, and between making sure her sister's kids are taken care of, and a martial arts tournament coming to New York City, she just hasn't had the time to pursue her original plans. And as the stress and burden of dealing with all the left-behinds of her sister's life builds, Pamela is finding it harder and harder to control her temper. Recently, she's been finding that she's been ruining a lot of her clothes somehow. They just keep getting stretched and torn. Like she's growing bigger and then shrinking back to normal again…

Since that time, Pamela has discovered that she has a bizarre (to her at least) special ability that allows her to change the size of her body, gaining mass in the form of bone, muscle, skin, etc. She can become a 'giant'-sized version of herself, with much greater strength and durability, and amazing pain tolerance. Unfortunately, she discovered this in a fight with Adam, which she lost, thanks to Peter Petrelli showing up and interfering, and the Company found out soon afterwards.

Pamela was paid a visit by Elle, at her sister's house, and when Pamela attempted to flee, and get her neice and nephew to safety, a battle broke out between her and Elle. It sort of didn't help that Pamela kicked Elle in the face. In the aftermath, the dojo in the backyard, and her sister's house, were both ruined and burned down, and Pamela had to flee to Las Vegas with her late sister's kids. She managed to obtain help from an old acquaintance, in exchange for sleeping with him, and soon she and her neice and nephew were on their way to Japan, where Pamela felt she and the kids would be safe, among her teachers and friends.

It has been months since then, and Pamela has been practicing to gain control of her weird ability. She has also been meditating to regain control of her temper. Unfortunately, the two seem to be mutually exclusive, leaving Pamela with the ability to control her temper when she doesn't want to use her 'gift', and to throw herself into a fury more or less at will, when she needs to become stronger.

Leaving her niece and nephew in the care of a friend, who would teach them Japanese, and get them proper schooling and so forth, Pamela has returned to America, in order to find the people who forced her to flee in the first place, and get some answers. And if she doesn't like those answers? Well, then maybe she'll just take the Company apart. Literally.


  • June 9th, 1979 - Pamela is born.
  • 1996 to 1998 - Pamela attends college and studies Japanese.
  • May 3rd, 1999 - Pamela travels to Japan and studies martial arts for the next eight years.
  • January 24th, 2007 - Pamela returns to America.
  • January 26th, 2007 - Pamela finds out her sister, Mary-Anne, has been killed, in New York. She flies out to attend the funeral.
  • January 29th, 2007 - Pamela moves into her late sister's house, to care for her neice and nephew.
  • February 26th, 2007 - Pamela pays to have an advertisement put in the paper for her services as a bouncer.
  • February 27th, 2007 - Pamela dislocates Adam's shoulder, and chases after him, in Times Square, and lives to tell about it! Relevant Log: Don't Be a Menace To New York, While Driving Your Car In Times Square
  • April 17th, 2007 - Pamela tracks down Adam again, and tries to bring him into custody. Peter Petrelli intervenes, and Pamela discovers she has powers for the first time. Relevant Log: The Incredible Bulks
  • April 18th, 2007 - It's Pamela's turn to be tracked down, as Elle finds the other blonde, and tries to bring her in. Pamela's sister's house is wrecked in the resulting battle, and she flees with her neice and nephew, Julie and Joe, heading for Las Vegas. Relevant Log: Battle Of The Blondes


Size Manipulation

Pamela presently is able to increase her size by about 50%. She is already almost six feet tall, and well-built (both muscularly speaking, and… *Cough*), so at her maximum growth, she can be about nine feet tall, and is buff, and, to put it simply, stacked. She might be able to grow larger eventually, but so far is limited to nine feet. She originally had only obtained that height three times — once in a bar room brawl, once in a fight against Adam, and the third time in a fight against Elle. Usually, it's a matter of inches, not feet, plus extra muscle, bone, and overall mass, but with her practice, Pamela is now able to semi-reliably obtain a desired height (within her nine foot limit).

Pamela now knows she can grow, and has loose control over such, but it still mostly happens when she's ticked off. The angrier she is, the larger she grows, and the stronger and tougher she gets. Sort of like the Hulk. Or She-Hulk as the case may be. She also gets slower and clumsier when she has grown, and if her clothes aren't big enough to accomodate her, then growing too much may leave her in an embarassing condition. She has a few special outfits made which are designed to expand and stretch as she grows (they're not made of FUTURE FABRIC or anything. They were designed by an engineer, so there's rings and slots and what-have-you), but most of her clothing is not meant to be stretched that much.

Obviously, the size change isn't permanent. Pamela returns to normal size when she calms down, or when she forces herself to change back (which requires a Will +roll equal to or higher than her initial roll to transform). If Pamela is forcing her transformation, it will burn up a lot of calories. Even without forcing it, she has to eat a lot anytime she grows substantially, but forced growth will require she eat the equivalent of three full meals as soon as she has the opportunity. If she fails to do this, she is weak, tired, and cannot force growth until she has eaten. (+penalty to most +rolls until she has eaten)


  • Muscle Boost - Pamela's muscles grow larger which enhances her Strength for feats of lifting or carrying or throwing or punching things in the face. +roll Muscle Boost to get the result of her feat of strength. Superb means she temporarily has truly superhuman strength able to lift tons and tons of weight without particular effort. Great means her strength is enough to easily lift most things within the maximum range of human ability and a bit beyond. Average or Good means she can lift it but not easily. Mediocre means she has difficulty lifting it. Poor means she fails to activate the power or cannot lift it. If she is attacking someone she adds Strength to her attack +roll but only for Brawl not Martial Arts. Note: Muscle Boost +roll only determines whether the power activates when attacking. It does not determine damage.
  • Partial Expansion Jutsu - A newer stunt in which Pamela attempts to make only a certain part of her grow or to grow part way such as making her legs longer to become taller or making an arm longer to extend her reach or making a hand larger to make a fist hit harder or to have more muscle in that hand for a tighter grip or making bones grow larger and denser… There are various applications but only ONE can be used at a time. Pamela +rolls to determine if the power was successful. Average means it succeeded as intended. Good and higher means she can manage one additional change RELATED TO THE FIRST as well without having to +roll seperately. Mediocre or lower means it just plain doesn't work.
  • She-Hulk - Pamela, when she becomes angered, grows. When she becomes REALLY angered she grows BIG. This means her bones and muscles and skin and everything else grows in size. She takes a +Penalty to Dexterity +rolls when this happens but +rolls for Stamina and Strength are treated as being higher than what is +rolled. This represents her being slower and clumsier but stronger and able to take more punishment with greater mass. A roll of Superb means Stamina and Strength are treated as though they are 3 levels higher than they actually are. A roll of Great means Stamina and Strength are treated as though they are 2 levels higher. A roll of Average or Good means they are treated as 1 level higher. A roll of Mediocre means that they are exactly as rolled. A roll of Poor means the power doesn't activate at all. A roll LESS than Poor means the power works WRONG and Stamina and Strength +rolls take a +Penalty instead of receiving a bonus.


  • "Ooo, is she your girlfriend?"
  • "Touch me again, and I'll break your other arm too."
  • "Whatever you said to snap me out of it… Thanks. I don't want a murder on my conscience."


  • Skilled in four forms of martial arts, and near-fluent in Japanese.
  • Nearly six feet tall, and growing!
  • Can't read a road map to save her life.
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