2007-03-20: Papa Was Warned, Chiquita


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Guest Starring: Carson Wainwright III, Veronica "Ronnie" Collins, The Heavyset Man from Like A Daffodil who was also mentioned in Two Latinos And A Crispy Office and Immortality

Summary: The consequences of Ramon's defiance to the message delivered to him through Sakura catches up not with him, but his daughter. Unfortunately, Eric gets in the way.

Date It Happened: March 20, 2007

Papa Was Warned, Chiquita

New York University Campus, Greenwich Village

When she leaves the NYU campus, it's very late. A light mist descends over the grounds, and the streetlamps emit a dull, white, ghostly glow all around. It is around eleven at night, and Elena is busily dragging her jacket over her shoulders, shivering as she walks quickly towards the other end of Washington Square. She was exhausted, carrying her backpack and removing her mp3 player's headphones from her ears. "Oh my god I can't believe I lost so much track of time…" she murmurs. She would hail a cab out. But it's too expensive. So she makes her way through campus, trying to mull over her head the quickest way away from campus.

As she looks around, a figure remains seated on one of the park benches, his cap pulled low on his head and glasses perched on his nose. He is dressed in a thick coat, and under the light of the street lamp above, he is reading the day's newspaper. He is at present the only person she sees in the vicinity of campus. But she doesn't pay much heed as she starts consulting her bus schedule, and moves for the direction of the line that takes her the closest to home. If she hurries, she might catch it.

As she leaves, Baseball Cap stands up, tucks the newspaper under his arm, and gradually moves after the young woman.


"…Carson, I keep telling you this just isn't my kind of party?" Eric says for the third or fourth time tonight. "I'm hungry, I'm tired, I wanna go home and sleep…" He grins at his long time friend. "…I don't have your stamina for these things you know." He adds. Its true, he doesn’t have the time or the patience for these things anymore, but still he let Carson drag him to it.

Maybe he just needs to let off a bit of steam.

However as he looks around the frat party, he just shakes his head slightly. It just…doesn’t seem as fun anymore. He's got too much on his mind perhaps.

A can of beer is shaken towards Eric, dangling in front of his nose. "Dude. You're in college," old friend, lacrosse team captain, and trust baby Carson Alexander Wainwright III drawls. "Besides, it's not like you haven't imbibed on alcohol before at the tender age of Not-21." He collapses next to his high school friend on the couch, cracking his own brew open and taking a swig. "Besides, you used to be out with us all the time in high school. What happened that suddenly got you so serious?"

The Phi Kappa Beta frat house is -packed-. It was surprising that Eric could still hear his friend. There's a very Dean Winchester-type mix CD (full of AC/DC, Renegade, Poison, and other classics) blaring from the expensive stereo system the house was fitted in. There are plenty of college boys and its share of good looking college girls roaming around. He even grins and waves to a gaggle of them as they all greet him as they tromp past him and Eric to the beer keg. One of them, a slim red-head Eric would recognize as an NYU cheerleader, gives him a wink.

"Hell you even moved out of the house your first year," Carson grumbles. "You don't like us anymore or what? Did I piss you off? You didn't like Vanessa or whoever her name was last year, did you? Or Mandy? ….Cherise?"

Because…well. Carson slept with -all- of them. But you know how the saying goes. Bros before hos.

"…well this is true…" Eric replies with a laugh, snatching the beer from Carson with a smirk on his face. "Of course my enthusiasm for drinks has been curbed by having to drag your sorry ass out of way too many pass outs and fixes after you get falling down drunk." He replies with a grin towards him and then a soft laugh. "…eh, I don't know. I got responsible I guess. Doctors haven’t found anything to cure that one yet." He adds with a good natured shrug.

The red-head does indeed get eyed back, and a smile flashes towards her. However he was never all that good with the ladies, and the smile is more shy than inviting. Some people like that though. He pauses a moment though at Carson's grumble and claps his friend on the shoulder. "Of course I still like you guys!" He says, finally perking up and cracking the drink he snatched from Carson. "…and yes, I liked all of those names you just mentioned. Even though you had to introduce me to all of them." A shrug again before the young man adds. "Guess I just got a lot on my mind Car, don't worry about it."

"You're such a great friend, Eric," Carson says with a smirk back. "Sitting there all the time, strong silent type, holding my hair back when I puke. You're like, the best non-girlfriend a guy like me could ever have." He ducks in case Eric palms him in the face like he did the LAST time he got drunk and smartassy. He remembers that night very well. It was his 18th birthday party at the Wainwright estate. Eric had been too nice to throw him in the pool, but he wasn't too nice to judo-palm him in the face - or whatever the hell he did anyway. Probably straight from those Jackie Chan movies he loves so much.

"Well it's not like you were gonna call -any- of them," Carson grumbles under his breath. "I keep trying to hook you up but you just….don't….take the bait. Granted there -was- Sarah. And Irene. But afterwards….fwooosh. Nothing. You're just studying or helping cute lesbians study all the time." He clanks his beer can against Eric's for a toast. "You're missing the best years of your life, buddy." He looks over at Eric. "….look, bro to bro, I do get a little worried about you sometimes. You're like a not-so-little brother to me."

The redhead turns back to chat with her girlfriends, but she does flash a look towards Eric and Carson now and then. A frat brother bounds over to them, and paper cups of beer are passed along.

"You keep that up and I'll /find/ a pool to throw you in this time," The young man finally replies before he just smirks slightly towards his old friend and takes a long drink of the beer in his hand. "You always did get /more/ smartassy when your like this." He adds with a laugh towards Carson.

He rolls his eyes. "Sarah and Irene just wanted me for my money you know," He adds with another drink and a slight smirk coming to his face. A pause then at the mention of cute lesbians. The drink is halfway to his mouth when he gets a long, slow, satisfied smirk on his face. "Lesbian. Yeah." Then polishes off the drink he was working on to smile just a little wider towards the red-head.

…well…maybe he does need a night off…

"…..what's WRONG with you?" Carson remarks, gaping at Eric. "Why the hell ELSE do we have money for? Look, you knew that, I knew that, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun now and then. The Almighty gave us the Almighty Dough for a reason. Lighten up a little." But when Eric's eyes roam away from him to look at the redhead, he grins. "Ah. Veronica. She's bi, you know," he remarks with a wink, taking a guzzle of his beer. "Hey! Ronnie! Get your fine ass over here and stop giving my boy the eye if you're not gonna follow through!" He rolls his eyes. Cheerleaders can be such teases sometimes.

'Ronnie' looks over and lifts her brows a little bit at Carson. "Aren't -you- demanding today, Mr. The Third," she says, taking a sip of her beer and walking over to where they are. Setting the paper cup down, she drops….right on Eric's lap, folding her arms around his neck and smiling at him. "Hi," she murmurs with a coy little smile. Glancing over at the lacrosse captain, she lifts her brows higher. "-Happy-?"

Carson grins, and takes a sip of his drink. "I love being me," he sighs, oh-so-satisfied.

"You Carson," Eric says drolly as he sets his beer to one side. "Are really a true romantic," He would say something else as well however Carson is already raising up a hand to call over said red-head. Eric sputters a moment. "The hell do you think your do—- she is?" Why does the word 'bi' always seem to shut of parts of the brain for young me, the world might never know. "How do you know…wait…nevermind, I already know that answer."

And then she just…plunks down in his lap. All that happy smiles and looks goes /right/ out the window and Eric just blinks once, his eyes wide. He so wasn't expecting that. "I…er…I Veronica," Pause "Hi," He says almost lamely as he starts to turn several shades of red. Though he's still smiling at her though. Now…should he kiss her…or…

"….-what-?" Carson says, giving Eric the green 'What's the Big Problem' eyes that got him out of almost everything. "Look I'm 20 years old. I'm pretty sure I have plenty of time to be a romantic. But right now when I'm just hitting the prime time?" He grins widely. Of course, whenever he gets married, these years of his life are bound to screw him over. But like the typical college jock, he doesn't know that yet. He winks at him when Veronica plops herself on Eric's lap. "Maybe I should go get myself a room. You losers can have the couch."

Veronica rolls her eyes at Carson, but she does smile winningly over at Eric, tweaking his cheek with her fingers and giving his blonde friend a mock pout. "…..where have you been hiding Eric, Carson?" she says with a pout. "I hardly ever see him anymore. And youuuu should get out more often, mister." She turns his face to her and kisses him lightly on the mouth. "I missed seeing you around. I always thought you were cute."

"….someone gag me," Carson says, -blatantly- watching the redhead's skirt that's hitched up a bit at her lap-plopping. Incorrigible? Hell yes.

"Hitting the prime time along with anything else with two legs and a pulse," Eric replies with a laugh as he glances towards Carson. He's lost the can somewhere, and is forces to rest one hand on Veronica's waist and the other on her leg. Its not like he can get up either. He has a hot chick in his lap, and he's not rude enough to just throw her off.

At the smile and the tweak he blinks slightly, not expecting that one. "…well thank you for the complimUUUmmph," His comment broken by the quick and light kiss that distracts him. Its nothing like him and Elena shared though, its not anywhere near that impressive.

Its still pleasant enough though.

Afterwards though, Eric sideglances at Carson. "…weren’t you going somewhere?" He teases for a moment before he blinks a moment…hrmmm…wasn't there something that he needed to do…oh yeah. Check on Elena…


Something was wrong.

Elena stops from her walk, having finally reached the bus stop and checking her watch. She frowns a little bit at the time, and then looks around. The bus….was it late? "Damn…" she mutters, raking a hand through her hair and eyetwitching slightly with irritation. On top of being shamed at Cass's earlier today, probably getting some hot shot CEO firing her from her part time job, and god knows what else, this entire day just sucked. She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes. In a week. Maybe two. She'll be laughing about this. She'll be 19 in a little over a week. She'll get some friends together, and find some place to ghost hunt and scare the crap out of one another. It'll be fun, she…

A dark shape moves from her periphery. She looks over to the side.

Baseball Cap folds his newspaper calmly, and slides it in his back pocket. He was somewhat heavy set, and she can't quite see his face.

"Papa," he murmurs, his dazed voice reaching her ears clearly despite the low tone. "Was a very bad man last week, Ms. Gomez."

She doesn't waste any time. She turns around, and runs.


Carson smirks, and knuckles Eric's shoulder. "You'll be gentle, won't you Ronnie?" he says, batting his lashes at the redhead as he goes.

"Don't be jealous, Carson," Veronica returns without skipping a beat, smirking at him and turning to look at Eric. "Where were we, Mr. Walker?" she murmurs, draping her arms around his neck and nuzzling gently on his cheek. "Where have you been anyway? You don't like hanging out with us anymore…?" She was….so not going to be denied today. She'd been wanting to hook up with Eric for months. And it wasn't just because she wanted to give Carson the proverbial kick in the pants for dumping her. ….until she realized Carson had no soul. But she'll go for it anyway, because Eric was just as handsome, without being an ass about it.

But yes. Carson doesn't have the benefit of having a demon and an angel on his shoulder every time he has to make a decision. That would require a conscience.

Eric just hrmms for a moment, debating. He reaches into his pocket then as she nuzzles against his cheek and he smirks slightly. "One call, tell people I'll be late…and then you can talk me into staying…" The young man replies easily enough, dialing in the quick number for Elena's phone and pressing the send button. "…and yes I still like you guys, I just have a job and school…busy busy busy I am."

"Lame, Walker. So lame," Veronica says, pulling away and crossing her arms over her chest, quirking a brow. "I mean, what if I want to call you and see you, if you're so busy you won't have the time, right?" What the hell? Wasn't Eric her age? Why was he so responsible? Carson told her he was a fun guy. -Something- was going on and she has absolutely no idea what it is, but she's going to find out. Because she's curious like that. And who the hell memorizes someone's number these days? Still, even as he dials, she leans in to nip at his ear and press in a little closer on him. "Well if you're gonna, hurry up, okay?" she murmurs into the shell of his ear.


Click. One would think at first Elena is picking up….but then: 'Hi, it's Elena. You know what to do!' Her voice is cheerful, said in perfect, happy English. …..but a recording.

"Yeah yeah, lame," Eric says with a grin towards her. He turns his attention to the phone though, listening, and then starting to frown as he doesn’t get an answer. That worries him, his brows drawing together in a frown. A thoughtful look then before he slowly looks up towards Veronica. He's worried, that’s obvious from the look in his face. "Sorry Veronica…" He murmurs.

Then he very carefully he slides his arms around her waist and just, picks her up. No apparent effort at all is involved. He just picks her up and slowly stands up along with her. He lets her feet unfold and sets her on the floor. A smirk then, she is attractive, and she can't just leave her with nothing…that wouldn't be right…

And so, he just leans in, and kisses her. Not that soft little kiss she gave him, but something nice and fierce.

When he pulls away finally he grins. "Rain check ya."

And with that he lets her go, and turns to dash out the front door of the frat house.

"………." Veronica stamps her feet on the floor and crosses her arms over her chest. "That…that….that WHORE!"

Carson sets down his beer, watching his friend run off. "HAH! Pay up, suckers!" he says. Did his friend….just put a BETTING POOL on Eric taking Veronica home tonight? Why yes. Yes he did. His frat brothers -groan-, and slap some twenties in his hand. He rolled with the rich crowd. Nothing but twenties or higher. "Better run after him, Ronnie!" he calls out from across the room. "He's red hot, that one!"

"OH SHUT UP, CARSON!" The redhead drops on the couch and glowers, crossing her arms around her chest. But then her eyes find yet -another- good looking frat brother. She was single. In a college party, she smirks, and stands up to head on after him.

Ah, college.


Elena, slinking in through the shadows as she reaches the fringes of campus where she KNOWS there will be people, is looking over her shoulder. She can see it. The NYU buildings. She might have lost him. Thank goodness she was wearing her black jacket otherwise….

And then, her phone? Rings. Loudly. Not just a generic ringtone set on default, but most of her friends have personal ones assigned to them. And this one was…

~I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a—~

Frank Sinatra's 'I Get A Kick Out of You' is killed midway with a fumbled press of a button. Shit shit shit shit shit! What a time for Eric to call! She could hear footsteps stop down the alley…and hurry forward. She runs, tearing out of the darkness to race for campus.

Meanwhile, no even knowing that Carson had taking to betting on Eric's chances for going home by himself tonight. He just frowns and dashes out into the darkness. Pausing a moment though, he narrows his eyes easily enough and they turn from their normal shade of color to a pale grey, and then dark isn't all that dark to him. He glances left and right, and then starts moving at an easy jog towards where his car is parked out by the campus.

He sees nothing, yet. Nothing but the shake of shadows. In Eric's inherently nightvisioned eyes, he would see nothing, for now. But that was because Elena was at the very least a block away still. But she's moving fast, even as he jogs for his car. Movement suddenly -shoots- out of the alley. The young woman is looking over her shoulder as she runs as fast as she can. This is her folly, because she isn't looking out front just as Eric moves for his car. And then…..the imminent collision. She turns around, sees a dark, tall shadow in front of her, and puts on the brakes. Instead of bowling him and her over completely, she just slams against the solid, human wall.

And she screams at the sudden contact, terror in her eyes as she backs away to lift her hands up defensively. She'll fight if she has to. NO ONE takes her down without a fight (even if it probably won‘t be much of one). But she also braces herself for hurt.

Spinning towards the moment Eric blinks slightly, he nearly calls her name before she runs full tilt into his chest. His arms snap out to grab her shoulders. "Elena?!" He says with some surprise, at least once the man gets his breath back from the running into. He coughs lightly then blinks at her, his eyes oddly shining in the darkness. "Elena! It’s me, Eric!"

She's still screaming when he shakes her, especially at the sight of the dark face and the freaky eyes. But when his voice yells out and identifies him, when she realizes his face is familiar, Elena stops. She stares at him mutely from where she stands. "….Eric…?" Her voice chokes, her tongue feeling thick in her mouth. "….Eric?" There are no words. A creature of impulse, especially with adrenaline coursing through her system and relief washing over her, her arms come up to grip onto him tightly, squeezing her eyes shut to keep herself from crying with relief. She….was helping save the world. She can't cry. She had to be tougher than this. God. Why the hell was she raised as a wussy? "Oh god. Oh thank god! Someone…." She takes a deep breath. "Someone chased me. He said something about Papa. I didn't think, I just ran, I—"


….Eric wore perfume?

He was on a date.

Oh my god she was hugging someone out on a date. She was going to get him KILLED. And not just by the guy chasing her.

She pulls away suddenly. "…I…I'm sorry! I didn't know what— I mean….it's late. I didn't mean to —"

"Its alright, its alright now Elena," Eric murmurs towards her, running a hand though her hair and running a soothing hand down her back. "I couldn't get ahold of you, I was…worried," He adds after a moment, slowly and softly, seeming to relax before he blinks. "Followed?" He asks and he frowns. "My car's right here…I'll take you home…"

Then a blink.

"…what the hell are you talking about?" He says, entirely confused now and not understanding just why she pulled away. "Go on, get in the car!" He doesn’t look or sound like he's on the date!

She wanted to stay, to bask in the warmth and the soothing, warm feeling of just being held. It was an entirely new experience for her. Elena wondered if that was the real reason why she'd become so dependent on him in the last few weeks. The whiff of perfume was like a bucketful of much needed cold water in her system. Not like she could begrudge him. They were classmates. -She- herself said they weren't dating. Which meant she had to get out of there before the girl he was with could—

And what about danger? Saving the world? He was genuinely a good guy, no matter what he was doing. He helped others without a thought to himself. He checked on her without needing to. He bought dinner for her fragile friend and didn't care about the cost. And he was there to help rescue his father twice. The danger was real now. Eric had a -life- of his own. No matter what he said, no matter what she heard, he could still turn back.

It hits her with all the crazy, speeding force of a Mack Truck plowing through a Nitroglycerine plant. "I…." she says, taking a step back. "Eric, I disrupted your life enough."

As always like the typical female teenager, it took -one- sign of another girl in the picture to put things in perspective.

She turns around then, and freezes in her tracks.

The messenger was there, the gleam of the black Sig Sauer pointed right at her chest from a few yards away.

"Papa was warned, chiquita," says the glazed, droning voice. The index finger pulls the trigger twice.

"…what the hell are you talking about…" Eric replies with a slightly confused look on his face. He blinks slightly towards her, and takes a step forwards. "Elena, come on get out of here if someone is chasing you we need to be careful and…" And then he notes the new figure standing there.

With a gun.

He pauses, eyes wide, though when the figure makes his statement, in that same droning voice, he hardly thinks and he doesn’t pause at all. "GET DOWN!" He roars and his hands dart forwards to bodily shove and throw Elena out of the way. His hand comes up to point at the figure, throwing his own brand of darkness into the gunman's eyes.

A window on the old mustang behind him shatters from the gunfire, and a blaring car alarm starts bugling its message of warning across the dark of the night.

Grabbed by the shoulders, Elena is suddenly sent sprawling on the grass when Eric leaps forward to engage. Her hair tumbles from her jerked-down hood, her hands finding grass on the edge of the park as she goes down heavily with a grunt. Panic wells in her. What was he going to do?! What was he going to do? She can't see with her hair on her face, so she shoves it back.

"Eric!" No! What the hell was he doing?! The man had a gun! She scrambles forwards. Fear is stomped back by desperation. She had to do something even as a windshield is shattered and a car alarm rings out.

The messenger staggers backwards, clawing at his face at the sudden shroud of darkness thrown over his eyes. His gun turns to the voice of the girl, firing once there. But with the alarms sounding, he had to get out of there. Patrols had increased around the area since the last shooting at this school. Any more will be sending the whirlwind down on his head. He gropes his way around, stumbling and falling back into one of the numerous dark alleys around campus.

Eric growls slightly, and his eyes narrow. When the gun comes back up he steps forwards as well, his hand whipping out to knock it out of line with Elena, trying to dislocate the arm as well. As the assailant retreats though he takes a second step forwards.

Or at least he tries to.

The second step forwards ends with him falling to one knee on the soft grass, a look of confusion on his face, the shadows disappear from the attackers eyes as the young man staggers sideways and then topples right over.

The arm is dislocated, but the assailant is gone. As Eric moves forward to engage, Elena scrambles up to try and stop the madness. Her hand is up to call up her own power. And in a split second, in a blink of an eye, it was over. She saw the hits. She saw the messenger flee. But Eric….

"….no….no….no!" The young woman practically throws herself across the street, running as fast as she could. She feels like in limbo, where everything is numb, and slow, and she can't get to where she needs to be fast enough. "Eric!" She drops down on her knees, rolling him over. "Eric….oh god, what did you do?! What were you thinking?!"

Blood. Blood everywhere.

The white front of Eric's shirt is soaked with it, the grass starting to stain a darker color under him even as she turns him over. His eyes open when she does, the shine gone from them, and he blinks most confusedly up towards her. "…c…couldn't…" His voice is so soft now. "…let hi…m…hurt you…" He murmurs softly, before he gives her a ghost of a smile.

"…w…wasn't…thinking…" He adds after a moment, still awake enough to make the joke and the tease towards her, but then his eyes close again, his breathing ragged as his shirt continues to darken from blood pooling from the pair of holes in him.

There was so much blood. There was too much of it. Elena's hands come down to press hard into the bullet wounds, but she knows no matter what she does, this was beyond her skill at the present moment. She could see it, clear and dark over the nice shirt he was wearing. His following words make things even worse, and she shakes her head frantically. "Shh….don't talk. Don't…just…" Elena lifts and lowers her arms, blood stained hands looking black under the dim moonlight as tears blur her vision. She chokes back sobs. "Oh god…oh god!" She fumbles for the phone, and speed dials 9-1-1. "Hello I'm at NYU at the corner…of….Washington Park and State. My friend's ….please get here my friend's been shot."

"Calm down, ma'am, I need you to—"


She strips her coat off, the only winter coat she has really, yanking strips and strips off the dark fabric as she tries to bind his wounds to at least keep them from bleeding out. "Eric…Eric…listen to me." Tears flow free, but she's trying to work, bloodied hands reaching out to cup his face and turn it around so his closed eyes can be pointed at her face. "I'm going….to try and offset the shock, okay? I need to, otherwise you…you won't make it to the hospital. Just…just stay with me…." She grits her teeth and squeezes her eyes shut to try and focus. "Please stay with me…please…!"

"…fir…st you tell me not to talk," Eric says as he takes a deep ragged breath, his eyes slowly opening again. They don't quite focus on her though. "…then you tell me to wake up. M…make up your mind…" He murmurs softly. He knows enough to not try to raise, to not try to get up and figure out just what is wrong with him. It doesn’t really hurt though, he knows that’s a very bad sign he does.

She stares at him from where she's kneeling, tears dripping down her face as dark eyes gape at him from where she's kneeling. And then…

"….I'm -sobbing all over- your nearly dead carcass and you're -sassing- me?!"

If Eric wasn't running on borrowed time, she would be laughing. That slightly unhinged laughter she tended to release whenever she knew she was being driven crazy by someone, be it Lach, or Jack, or Eric or Drake. She grips his head a little tighter, and shuts her eyes. Peter said biochemistry. She wills the shock to taper off, and she wills adrenaline to go forward, to keep the heart beating a little longer until help comes.

She moves to cradle his body to her. It was cold. If he couldn't feel it anymore, it was a bad sign. If he couldn't feel pain anymore, it's a bad sign. She could practically feel his body shutting down. But she holds him tighter, and she focuses with everything she's got. Her nose was on fire. A drop of blood from it lands on her arm. But she didn't care.

She could hear the ambulance.

Eric's eyes focus on her again and he takes a deep breath. "…well…the alternatives are worse," He replies in that same soft, whispery voice. He coughs once, blood welling up from between his lips. His eyes flutter slightly before he looks back towards her again. He seems though to relax as her powers wash over her. A smile again comes to his face as he looks up towards her, he smiles once more, the look made slightly ghoulish by the blood.

"You have the prettiest eyes," He says idly towards her, his breathing slowing slightly. "…I know that sounds…" His voice gets softer. "…stupid…" He adds after a long moment, the pause between the words increasing. Then one more ragged breath…

And he stops breathing entirely.


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