2007-03-05: Paper Chase


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Summary: Black Pawn To E4.

Date It Happened: March 5th, 2007

Paper Chase

Ling's Penthouse

So..she decided against having D.L. deliver the heads of the two men to Boris. The person who delivered them got killed instead, so it was a good thing she decided against it. Either way, she's asked for him to meet her once again in her penthouse as she looks out the window,sighing a little. This time..she has something else in mind for him.

She wrinkles her nose and idly runs her fingers through her hair before taking a sip of her scotch. Yes, it's just the afternoon, but it's been a stressful past couple of days with a lawyer and some shadow-thief harassing her. So now she waits for D.L….

D.L.'s probably in over his head by this point. But it doesn't matter. He needs money and if the only person in New York that's going to hire him is something of a criminal mastermistress, then he's going to work. Or, well, at least hear her out before he takes the job.

As the elevator opens up, he steps right out of the doors and is already looking around warily. In the slightly familiar penthouse, he makes it a point to see if he can't spot Ling before anything bad happens. He hasn't had much luck lately.

Ling was over by her window right in front of her door, which she left unlocked considering she knew he was going to be prompt. As the door opens, she ahhs and smiles brightly, motioning for him to have a seat on one of the rather plush couches. "D.L…would you care for a drink?" she asks curiously before canting her head to the side as she looks him over. "And is everything all right? You look a little bit..wary.."

"I'm fine." D.L. answers to both questions. He doesn't really want to step too far in, in case he has to make a run for it. He's in the process of slipping his hands into his pockets and leaning up against the wall as he notices Ling and her drink for the first, actually visual, time. "What you need? I gotta' pick up Micah in an hour." A lie, but he doesn't want to spend too much time in a major criminal's place of residence.

"This is out of my own area of expertise, so I want to know about a certain company. Primatech Research.." Ling says matter of factly, as well it's a rather odd request. "My men are known criminals and it would draw too much attention to me, but I want to know about this company. It seems someone thinks they have a shady underbelly, perhaps doing something criminal. I want to know what they do.." she says firmly and resolutely as she doesnt want to have even more competition afterall.

"…" D.L. frowns. He definitely doesn't like the sound of this. Not at all. This could lead to all kind of bad mojo. So this is the part where he's about to see if he can't weasel his way out of this one. "You know I'm a thief right? Not the world's greatest espionage artist." There. Pretending to lack the skills necessary for recon should be good enough.

"Yes, but as a thief, you surely have access to things I dont. I'm merely a mastermind my dear..I dont do my own dirty work, that's why I have asked you here.." Ling says as she idly runs her fingers through her hair once more before flopping down onto her couch. She crosses her legs slowly as she stares at D.L. once more, rather intently. "And speaking of thievery..I want to know something else. It was the strangest thing really..I was taking a shower yesterday only to find my Monet and a few fabrege eggs missing. And what was the cause? A man who can merge with shadows.." she says, staring intently towards D.L. She may not know he has powers, but he is one of the few thieves whom she has let in her penthouse.

"I don't even know what the hell a Monet is. I ain't take your stuff." D.L.'s letting loose with the honesty here. If he's going to be accused, he damn well better be getting a cut from whomever stole whatever. "Look. I'll get you what you want on Primatech. It'll take a couple days. But this is outta' my jurisdiction, so I want more money." He crosses his arms over his chest, as if he's not going to be budged from his deal making and negotiating.

Ling looks skeptical, but well, he didnt even flinch at the mention of someone merging with shadows. "Good, I want informatino on Primatech, but I do have a question. Most would call me insane if I told them that there was a man who merged with the shadows and disappeared. You didnt even flinch..I find that..rather curious, dont you?" she asks, canting her head to the side once more.

"Ain't my business who can turn into shadows or whatever. I'm here to make money. I hear only what I need to hear." D.L. plays it nice and cool. He's not about to have her pinning some theft on him and he hasn't even done anything. Yet. "And it ain't exactly smart of me to tell my employer that I think she's crazy as a damn loon, now is it?"

"True, true..but you have seen what I can do as well, and you didnt much as flinch then either.." Ling admits ruefully as she runs her fingers through her hair once more,keeping her icy cold stare on D.L. "So how much do you want? How much does your family need this time?" she asks curiously.

Stop trying to make him give up information about powers and abilities! D.L. looks down at the floor, folding his hands into his pockets even more. He decides to leave that particular topic alone and move right along to, well, the payment. "I want fifty grand. In cash. Tomorrow. Then give me a week and I'll be back with all the information I could get on the place." He pauses and looks up at Ling, "Then you'll give me another fifty grand." Let's see if that worked.

"You make it seem like this Primatech has something that they're hiding that would be worth one hundred thousand.." Ling says, with her brows raised as she hrmms for a few moments and crosses her legs once more, ala Sharon Stone style. "But, I will only do that if your information is worth one hundred grand. I shall give you twenty five tomorrow..should the information prove be be worthwhile, then I'll give you the rest afterwards.."

"Fine." D.L. never really was the best with negotiating. "I'll be here. Before I drop Micah off. That's like… early." He was going to go for a time, but he never knows what might happen in the crazy ass morning. "Holla' back." That last part, as he's turning to head back towards the exit, is said just to solidify his stereotype.

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